The Spirit of Independence


The Spirit of Independence is on the road
We’ve fixed her up and given her a new coat
She once seemed done and past it
All her best days left long behind
But now look at her in her majesty
Bringing The Spirit of Independence to our minds

In her youth she saved so many
No danger of disaster would she fear
She doused the Fires of Fear out
when her waters would dry our tears
But somehow we all forgot her
except for those staunch and faithful few
As she laid to rest and rot
while our spirit of Independence grew mildew

But you cannot take away what’s in your soul
though you may bury it so deep in a black hole
You may convince yourself your worthless
Or let others keep you tied in velvet chains
But buried beneath the lies and fears
lies the spirit of Independence in your veins

The centuries may come and pass us by
Succeeding generations all buying the Big Lie
Were too poor, too weak, too stupid
A region cleared for human herds of sheep
but something near forgotten now is stirring
The Spirit of Independence lies so deep

So we’ve dressed her up in finery
And she proudly takes the road
She is coming to our communities
And her Saltire it flies bold
Her pride of worth, is our worth of pride
She calls now believe in me
For the Spirit of Independence shall set us Free!

Rod Macfarlane


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Feel the Love

After last nights second and final tv debate before the referendum, it was announced by the pollsters and just about everybody else that has commented that Alex Salmond clearly won it. It wasn’t so much as a win as a trouncing, but perhaps the clued up audience had something to do with that too, they were not sitting back without a murmur, they challenged and they won! 

So what has been the response today?

The tv companies have been playing it down for all their worth, you wont see a clip of a lady in the audience ripping Darling a new one over his private health care interests. The Naw politicians are still saying that they still don’t know what’s Salmonds Plan B. If they are genuinely that thick, then the UK really do have something to worry about!
We don’t have the answers they bleat, well they do, it is just that no answer would ever satisfy them that amounted to Scotland going it’s own way.

Meanwhile in the newspaper column sections their trolls are in a frenzied overdrive, they obviously see the writing is on the wall.

Here is a selection of how much they love us!

“Please vote “YES”. We in England want to be rid of Scotland once and for all. Just take Alex Salmond with you.”
“Please let Scotland go on their own and stop them infecting England with their banality and profligacy.For God’s sake GO!!!”

“As long as I can still buy M&S haggis, they can take a running jump!”

“Nobody said he can’t use the £. It just won’t be backed by the bank of England. He is correct to state that “it ia all of our currency”- correct. AS LONG AS YOU ARE IN THE UNION YOU NITWIT. When you leave the union, you leave the safety of sterling. And how dare he threaten to renege on Scotland’s debt? David Cameron should tell him that the oil reserves also belong to THE UNION, and if you leave then NO OIL. If you want to fight about it- oh no, you don’t have an Army/Navy/Air Force. Just button it chubby. You lose.”


“The Scots may vote yes but they won’t get independence. The English will not allow an independent country on their border.”
“I hear Salmons resorting to offering a deep fried Mars bar and a bottle of Buckfast to all those who vote for independence.”


“Slimy Salmond, any Scot who listens to this man must be a sandwich short of a picnic basket, as for the pound, well just lets say that the Scottish pound is like Monopoly money south of the border there are not many shopkeepers who will take it, the last time I came home from Scotland I got that fed up of shopkeepers refusing Scottish money I finished up having to go to my bank and changing into real money. Anyway if they do decide to stay with the rest of us then a short sharp lesson on what the rest of us give to them would be in order just to show them what they would be missing if they ever try do this again. stop all subsidy’s that we give them for five years let them stand on there own two feet ,because I am sick to the back teeth of the ever moaning Scots, not all of them admittedly telling everyone that they are not subsidized to high heaven when its clear to a blind man that they are.”

Well there you have it folks, don’t you just feel that Lurve….
The sad thing is that this sort of tripe can be found every single day in all the comments sections of the newspapers, the Mail being one of the worst, but hair curling in all of them,particularly the Scotsman..
Sad isn’t it? Yet this is exactly the sort of divided UK we live in now, and it is not going to get any better.

Time to amicably part ways I think.


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To Live in the Days of a Better Nation

Today I have the pleasure of handing over Auld Acquaintance to a very good acquaintance of mine, Murray Calder.
Murray has very kindly given me permission to reproduce here something he wrote recently.
Given all the activity on Twitter over National Collectives #YesBecause, where people have been galvanised into giving their reasons why they are voting YES, Murray actually wrote this himself before all that took off, and is very worth while reading. So with that said…over to Murray

Murray Calder

I’ve been lucky. I was born, grew up, was educated and have spent the last 25 years working in Scotland, a country I love in all its parts from the wild, wild Highlands to wild nights out in Glasgow basements.

I’ve been lucky. I’ve had a successful and rewarding career which has taken me around the world while living and working in Scotland.

I’ve been lucky. I met and married a wonderful woman with whom I have an amazing daughter who I want to have the same opportunities I did, and more.

I’ve been lucky.

Lots of people across the country have not been so lucky. Through no fault of their own, they have not had the benefit of a free higher education, they have been unable to find work, they have fallen ill, been born or through some accident become disabled, have brought up children on their own, have had to deal with prejudice and abuse, have entered old age alone and in poverty.

I don’t want to live in a country where my daughter, or anyone else’s, happiness and contribution to society is dependent on how lucky she is. I want to live in a country where all children, regardless of their background and upbringing have the help and support they need to become happy and productive members of a socially just society. I want to live in a country which looks after the most vulnerable and helps the poorest out of poverty.

I have come to believe the only way to secure this future is to vote Yes on September 18th.

In the last few weeks, I’ve watched the No campaign and the Westminster government lie with impunity on an almost daily basis and have those lies reported without critique in newspapers and on television. Lies designed to make us afraid of change, to make us fear the future, to make us distrust our own thoughts and feelings, to make us believe we are incapable of governing ourselves.

I watched a former Prime Minister lie to pensioners that their pensions wouldn’t be safe in the event of Independence. The DWP confirmed that pensions would continue to be paid as they are presently, even if those are amongst the lowest state pensions in Europe.

I watched the same former Prime Minister lie that sick children wouldn’t have access to specialist care in English hospitals. Great Ormond Street confirmed that these services would continue to be available to Scots as they are to people across Europe through the reciprocal arrangements that are already in place.

I watched Labour politicians lie that the SNP were scaremongering over threats to the funding of the Scottish NHS in the event of a No vote. I also watched Labour politicians tell us that the NHS was in grave danger in England. The Barnett formula means reduced funding in Scotland as English welfare state budgets are reduced.

I watched as statements from EU and NATO officials were taken out of context and spun to create the impression that we would be excluded from both. And I watched as those EU and NATO officials refuted the spin that was put upon their comments.

I watched as a Cabinet re-shuffle populated our current government with even more reactionary, anti-EU, anti-Gay Marriage, anti-Barnett Formula politicians, 75% of them male and 75% privately educated with some calling for the repeal of Devolution and massive cuts to the Scottish budget. You’ll see in today’s press how this prevailing attitude in government has translated into the ongoing fallacy amongst English voters that Scots are net recipients, rather than net contributors to the UK treasury.

I watched as the prospect of a UKIP/Tory coalition at the 2016 general election became more likely as Labour still seem incapable of forging a socially just path to more votes in the rest of the UK. And I see no evidence of a grassroots desire for radical change in the rest of the UK and too many vested interests in the current system to make change at Westminster likely in my lifetime.

I watched as DRIP legislation was rushed through parliament to enable even further erosion of our civil liberties with the promise that a future Tory government would withdraw the UK from the European Convention on Human Rights and repeal our own Human Rights Act.

I watched as the establishment closed ranks to cover up of institutionalised child abuse at the highest levels and granted the Royal Family the right to absolute secrecy.

And I watched as millionaire celebrities entreated us to stay in a Union that is broken, that does the exact opposite of what David Cameron promised in his 2010 election campaign, that does not look after the weakest and most vulnerable but demonises them and blames them for the ills brought upon us by the richest and most privileged.

I will not take lectures on pensions from the people who stole the pension pot. I will not take lectures on the future of our oil and shipbuilding industries from the people who de-industrialised Scotland and lied to us about our reserves. I will not take lectures on the economy from the people who presided over the worst banking crash since the 1920’s. I will not take lectures on austerity from those who have doubled the national debt in 4 years to finance their assault on the poor and to enrich their donors. I will not take lectures on security from the people whose foreign policy brought terror to our shores. I will not take lectures on the NHS from those who would see it privatised. I will not take lectures on care for the elderly and disabled by the first government to be inspected by the UN on disability rights violations. I will not take lectures on nuclear weapons from those who don’t live with them in their back yard.

I will NOT be scared into voting No and neither should you.

I will vote Yes.


I will vote Yes for the opportunity it will give my and all of our children. I will vote Yes for the opportunity to create a progressive and socially just country. I will vote Yes for the opportunity to make a positive difference to the community, society, country and world we live in.

I will vote Yes.

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Just Say Naw tae the Can’ts

Are you fed up with the Project Fear scaremongering?
Are you peed off with the media not giving you the proper facts?
Are you mega scunnered at the BBC propaganda machine?
Are you fed up being told that we cannae do by Westminster?
Are you raging at all the lies being spun to you by Labourites and Tories?

Well you know what to do…

On September 18th…..Say AYE …and just say Naw tae the Can’ts!

and tell this lot where to get off!

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As the Independence Referendum debate(can you really call it that?) heads into its last few weeks, the headlines and the attacks are getting ever more frantic.
Why on earth is this, aren’t the Say Naws winning this? The polls tell us so, the newspapers tell us so, Better to Worse tells us so,the BBC tells us so. So why are they so frantic?

We have had a million and one scare stories of what might happen to us if Scotland dared to become Independent, we have had all the union jack waving events of the Queens jubilee and the London Olympics, and finally the hearkening back to World War one when we together beat off the Hun, we have had the meaningless Love bombing by has been celebrities. What more could we possibly ask for?

All we ever hoped for and never got, was sensible adult debate and discussion,but that was just a stretch too far for our Better Together supporting media, they wanted blood sport, but thankfully never got it. We just got repeated nonsense about things they said we could never have, or we would pay a heavy price for.

At no time have we had any sense of aspiration, of why we are better together, of how things could be better for Scotland as part of the union. It has just been a case of vote no and get the same old same old, but we promise we might think about giving you a few wee baubles…It’s a bit like the British colonialists of Empire offering up beads to the Indians in exchange for Gold, only in our case it has been negligible tax raising powers for Black Gold.

We should just be good natives and stick quietly to our reservation in rags while the frack our land.

We are DOOMED they tell us, but now they tell us we will be DOOMED if we don’t, because we will be punished for even thinking about Independence and a better way of doing things if we vote NO. They tell us we will suffer, the Barnett formula will be scrapped, our MPs will not take a full part in voting in Westminster, we will have to raise our own extra taxes to pay for the services we already get, while still giving them the tax we already send them,plus our Black Gold of course.

So we are Doomed if we DO and Doomed if we don’t.

We are All Doomed!!!

Sod that!!!

Lets grab this Independence thing in both hands….and lets make a Better Country for ourselves, Together…. A Better Scotland.

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If you are a bigot
If you are a racist
If you are a homophobe
If you are a Lord
If you are a UK newspaper editor
If you are a BBC executive
If you are a UK Conservative
If you are a Scottish Labour or Libdem MP

VOTE NO for:
Punishing the poorest in society
Making Homeless Spikes in doorways
Sanctioning the unemployed
Food banks
Selling off the NHS in portions
Taxing the less well off for having one bedroom too many
In favour of Austerity measures for the less well off
Want shot of the Human Rights Act
Dont want to take responsibility for your decisions
Keeping Nuclear Warheads
Fighting foreign conflicts
Selling Arms to Despots
Punishing the Chronically Ill and Disabled
Increasing Debt past £1.3 Trillion
Giving away All your countries resources
High Further Education Fees
Pay Rises for MPs
Subsided Food and Drink for the same
Removal of rights to protest
to Allow Fracking under your house
If you don’t want to share
If you don’t want your vote to really matter

YOU Keep good Company, see who your friends are!

Backing the NO Campaign are Holocaust deniers, The BNP, Britain First, UKIP, Orange Order, The EDL….and of course The Coalition of Labour,Conservatives,and Liberal Democrats……All Putting themselves First!

I hope you feel proud of yourself for your principled stance.
Ahh But your a Proud Scot Butt!

Heres a quid…


you probably need it more than I

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Sell By Date

The sell by date for the union is 17th September 2014….Do not buy after this date, as you never know what nasty virus you will catch from it.

18th September 2014, sees the launch of a brand new updated product, iScotland,this promises to revolutionise you lives over time, and is much improved from what we currently have on offer.

Beware fake imposters being offered by Britain PLC though, Devo Whatsits name is highly dubious in content, and previous fake offers by this bunch of cowboys, like their infamous JamTomorrow have proven to be utterly worthless, expect any other upgrade on this to be potentially even more harmful to your health and well being.

Say YES on September 18th, and we wont look back…onwards and upwards we go.

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