Putting down my pen

Having written this blog now since November 2011, I have come to the point where I have nothing new to say that I haven’t already said about the Independence referendum..
Its all a case of following Better Together say No thanks going round in ever diminishing circles.
If you haven’t made up your mind by now which way you are going to vote, then there is not a lot more that I can tell you.

I am mainly giving up writing now because I don’t have the energy to write and work 12 hour night shifts retail merchandising, and as I don’t have the means to financially support myself by writing alone, It’s time to call a halt.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts and opinions over the piece, and thanks to those who have done, I have appreciated it.

There are many more good blogs out there for you to follow, and I recommend you pay particular attention to the large variety available on the referendum.

Roll on September 18th, and please say YES

Thank you and good night.

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Between the Devil and the BBC

Those of us who are following the various debates and news reports, desperately looking for information on the Scottish Independence referendum, find ourselves more often than not trying glean impartiality somewhere between the Devil and the BBC.

Impartiality is something which is in very short supply,but this is fairly understandable as we are asked to firmly come down on either a YES or NO decision.
Given that there is no alternative on offer, even if the NO side are suggesting that there could be, sometime, some place in some alternative universe. Devo Max/Mini or More Devo tomorrow, is more like Devo Not on your Nelly.
The pro union parties conclusively rejected any such thing appearing on the ballot, so forget it, it is not an option.
We are are asked, Yes or NO, and that is what we must decide on.

I make no secret or bones about it, I am pro Independence,and I made up my mind on how I would vote long before we even had the option.
I am Scottish, I regard my country as Scotland, not some region of greater England or Britain.
I have strong regard for our family and neighbours in the British Isles and Ireland,but I don’t want them to make my choices for me, I want Scots to be able to make and be responsible for our own choices and decisions about what is best for us and our children.
It really is as simple as that, irrespective of what political party allegiances we have or what football team we support.

But what of those that are undecided, how do they decide?
Where do they go to find their information, who do they listen to, who can they believe?

If you are one of the undecided, neither I nor anyone else can tell you what you should decide. I do not know your life, your circumstances, your family history, your allegiances, and even if I did, it wouldn’t matter, this is a decision only you can make, and make it for your own reasons.

Whilst I am secure in the knowledge of my own decision, I do feel for you, and I do understand how confusing this debate can all be.

Where can you get reliable information? Who will give impartial accounts? Who should you listen to?

The fact of the matter is that you will not as I have already said, get impartial information in this war of words.

So lets consider a moment who the main players in the daily war of words are?

You have the politicians:
It is very clear which parties are for and which are against,and they all have their own agendas.
On the pro union side, you have the Tories,Labour,Liberal democrats and UKIP
On the pro Independence side, you have the SNP,the Greens,the SSP and the Scottish republicans

You have two campaigns:
YES and Better Together
Allied to these are various smaller groupings on both sides.

What are the political motivations?
For the Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats, retaining over all control of political decision making in Westminster, where Scots have minimal political representation vastly outnumbered by our much larger English counterparts.

Independence is a bad thing as far as our Westminster unionist MPs are concerned,they stand to personally lose a hell of a lot financially, If Scotland gains Independence, as do their counterparts in the House of Lords.

The British state loses its cash cow to the North,a loss of revenue amounting to Billions of pounds every year,whilst faced with souring debts increasing to £1.5 Trillion and more. It also loses influence on the world stage and the loss of its parking facility for Trident Nuclear weapons,which you are sitting right on top of!

So put yourself in their shoes….would you want to lose a very tidy income, perks and benefits,and outside earnings through various directorships? Would you?

On the pro Independence side, The SNP MPs are actually trying to make themselves unemployed for ideological reasons and their belief that Scotland should be able to stand on its own two feet and make its own decisions.

In the Scottish parliament, Labour has most to lose,as Independence cuts off the career progression route for those who want to follow in the likes of Margaret Currans shoes, to the big house of Westminster, and maybe the House of Lords. It also puts their own jobs at jeopardy,with the big hitters who become newly unemployed in Westminster all scrabbling for places in the Scottish parliament.
For the SNP, I would love to say that they are all altruistic, but I suspect that some will by human nature want more power and position.

But be assured, whatever politicians you put your trust in, they all have their own personal stake,and that may not always include putting you first!

It really is not at all about policies,Independence for or against is far more than party or policy.

Politicians would love to make you think that it is all about political issues, but it is not.

They will argue about Europe, Defence, Oil, Welfare, the Economy, and when they are finished, they will go round and round again talking about the same things, as if they are the most important things in the world,and they have all the answers….Again…it is not,and they haven’t got all the answers.

Scotland, In or out of Europe, what will be the state of the Scottish Economy, and how much better off or worse off you might be?
Bunkum… Did they know in 1996 that we would be in the brown smelly stuff? If they did, they sure weren’t telling!
Forecasting the future is for astrologers, and lets face it, the future is always uncertain! Do you know what will happen tomorrow? Will you give a cast iron guarantee that you will be alive next week? If you can, then you too are a politician.

Cameron v Salmond:
It matters not as far as Independence is concerned whether you happen to like or dislike either.
One way or another, their time will be past, and others will take their place. So while their views may be important at this point in time, in the long run they will be footnotes and we shall carry on, but what sort of Scotland will we be living in? That will be up to you and those who follow us. We will either be a region of the British state, or we will be an Independent country.

The Media:
Right now, in the final run in to the referendum, the media is having a field day, and you are being bombarded on a daily basis with issues surrounding Independence.

There is a turf war of sorts going on. The traditional media v new media.

The press is not balanced, it is vastly in favour of the British state, and when you think about it, fairly understandably so. Over 90% of the papers we read are owned outwith Scotland. The Trinity Mirror for instance are the owners of the Daily Record, and where are their owners from? I will give you a clue, it’s not Scotland.

The tie up between the media and the British state and Big Business is incestuous, as we discovered during the Levison inquiry. Politicians, Newspaper editors, Banks and Big Business, all in it together, and certainly Better Together.
But do they represent your interests? They most assuredly do not!
They represent their owners Interests, and the Editors follow their owners instructions, and journalists wont get paid if they produce copy which goes against the editorial grain.

TV: BBC and others.

Are the BBC as impartial as they say they are? They should be, we pay for them, but we also put our money into the bank, and does the bank put our interests first?
Answer that for yourselves.

BBC like CBI which they are a member of and have been for over 30 years without our knowledge until recently, both have something in common, and it is in their name, the word British. Lest we forget too that the CBI, the independent CBI as the BBC like to call them, registered to become officially supporters of Better Together until an outcry by Scottish business put a stop to that. Yet the BBC who is impartial you will remember, refused to suspend their membership. What does that tell you?

BBC Scotland has been found wanting, and in an academic report found to be biased by their news reporting on independence.
Meanwhile, BBC Scotland has gone to extreme measures of firing good journalists, and ditching good programmes, to replace them with high earning presenters from London and elsewhere. They will not report in a balanced fashion, and sometimes will not report at all, if there is a mass protest outside Pacific Quay complaining of their Bias. Nor will anyone else for that matter, you need social media to tell you what is going on!

Social media is not balanced either, nor can it be, not with individuals such as myself promoting for my own personal reasons the cause of Independence. So, sorry, I will place an argument in front of you, but I am firmly on one side of the debate, I am for Independence. At least you don’t pay to read what I write, and you can make up your own mind about how accurate I am. I certainly do not tell you anything but the truth as I see it, and you are rightly able to disagree with me if you wish.

I simply want the best for all of us, and I believe an Independent Scotland allows us an opportunity to have a fairer society, with given our resources the capabilities to better ourselves and create better for our neighbours, friends and children. I cannot see Westminster ever putting our interests first, can you?

whatever you do eventually decide, I wish you well in your choice, and I really hope that you make the right one for you,whatever you happen to decide.

I just hope that you will join me, and vote YES, whatever the uncertain future may hold, let us make it a good one, a fairer one, and a just one. It’s up to you….You decide.

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Dire Warning over Scots Independence

If we didn’t know it before, that England was moving ever increasing rightward politically, we sure do now!

With all the results of the English Council elections still to come in later today, we know already from those that we have had, that UKIP has been running amok within the hen houses of all the main Westminster parties.
They have gained seats and/or taken votes off Labour,Conservatives and the woeful LibDems.

The polls had been predicting quite clearly that UKIP were going to do very well in the English European elections, what was not predicted was how much they were going to impact on the English Council elections, and Impacted on them, they surely have!

With one year to go until the next Westminster election, many would have expected Labour to be making huge gains in order to pose a credible challenge for Westminster. Instead we find that their vote share in England has fallen by between 12 and 15% from 2012.
They have taken Council seats, and the Tories have lost council seats, but nowhere near enough to make a difference to Labour in their efforts to be elected into government again next year.
The Lib Dem support has gone into melt down, and UKIP are riding high on the crest of a wave.
It was expected that UKIP would eat into the Tory vote, and they have, but what was not expected was that they would also be taking huge chunks of support away from Labour, but they have even been taking votes away from them in the Labour stronghold of the North of England.

When it comes to the Westminster election, I very much doubt that they will win many first past the post seats, but what they will do is make it an almost certainty that the UK will be heading for another coalition government with no overall party majority for anyone.
This in conjunction with the LibDem melt down increases the likelihood of a Tory/UKIP coalition. The Tories have already been making quiet noises to that effect.

The thought of such a coalition is frightening!
Whatever Better Together, or Project Fear have thrown at Scots to frighten us off Independence, pales into insignificance in comparison to what would happen for Scots if we said NO, and landed ourselves with that lot calling the shots over us! That is letting the monster loonies loose in the asylum!

Anything we have had to face and suffer under the ConLib coalition up till now is but a mere taste of what Scotland will find with a Cameron/Farage partnership lording it over us!
Thatcherism will be but a scary childrens tale next to the Nightmare in Downing street which will be unleashed.

The Yes campaign has sought to be positive and aspirational in its approach up till now, but with clear warning we have been given from these elections, we need to have a good shake to ourselves and face up to what are the real dangers of voting NO are, and the potential destruction and mayhem that a No vote might bring!

Wake up Scotland!!! And run for the hills!!!
Vote for your Independence.Say YES!

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The Anti Democracy Parties

It strikes me that there is more at stake for the anti independence parties of Labour,Conservative and Liberal Democrats than the matter of Independence itself.
Not only are they against the intrinsic right of the people of Scotland to have Independence, they are also against them having any real contribution and discussion on the matter too.

Peculiarly for politicians they are also against themselves having any further powers, and the ability to actually make substantial change in the countries progress.

Can you imagine any set of politicians anywhere else in the world saying “No we don’t want to have any control over welfare, pensions, national defense, taxation, or the economy”?
Yet this is exactly what the Scottish MSPs of these parties are arguing against having.
Johann Lamont, Willie Rennie, and Ruth Davidson are all vehemently arguing against themselves having any more say in governing Scotland. Now when you think on it that way, actually they have a very good point! The very thought of any of that lot running our government is almost enough to make even me want to vote against Independence!

They all want to have the appearance of power without actually having responsibility for the real aspects of it, and they would rather just hand over that responsibility to their London masters, hence why you never see any real contribution from any of them when it comes to constitutional issues. They wait and rely on the Cleggs, Millibands and Camerons to make token visits up here to make proclamations and announcements about why we should not be Independent instead, before sodding off back to London on the next available flight out.

Have you ever in your life seen so many visits to Scotland from Westminster politicians?
Not to worry though, once they have their NO vote, we wont see them taking day trips here again, unless it is to go shooting on a grouse moor.

These quasi leaders and their MSPs in Scotland meanwhile carry on with the real weighty issues of government here. Arguing over how many blankets is the stipulated amount for each hospital bed, or how many rivets should be used the new Forth Road crossing.
Sod the idea of actually deciding on getting rid of trident, making a fairer tax system, boosting jobs, making representations over fishing quotas in Europe,or ridding the country of the bedroom tax.

Billy Connolly was right when he called Holyrood a wee prentendy parliament. For a prentendy parliament was all that it was ever meant to be initially, hence why it was called an Executive not a Government by Labour. It was devised to give an appearance of some limited power, but actually just a talking shop for all the little things in life.

The real power lies not here, but In Westminster, and what they give they can also take away. The aspirations of these MSPs who have wanted to better themselves has been to make it to the next step of being a real MP in the big smoke, and from there to the ermine of the House of Lords.

All of this changed however when the SNP managed to get a foothold and ran with a minority government. They proved that we can have effective government, and they could and do stand up to Westminster. The people of Scotland took note, and even those who were not natural supporters of the SNP gave them an absolute mandate to govern and to have this referendum.

This campaign has been educational though, because what it has done is allow peoples eyes to be opened about what has been going on, what the issues are, and it has blown away the apathy that people felt over politics because they had been deliberately disengaged from it. That apathy will not return again once the referendum is over for the people have now had a taste of partaking in the decision making process and like it! They realise now that they do matter, that their voice does count, and can see more clearly what they want their country to aspire to. There will be no turning back, no matter how the vote goes.

Yet those parties, those sub branches of Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems, whose leadership has balked at us even having this vote, have effectively striven to deprive us all of the ability to engage in the debate. The media has been highly complicit in endeavoring to stop us educating ourselves too, while giving the impression that they really do want debate. No they do not. They want to direct the debate, Westmisnter wants us to just focus on what they want to talk about, not what we want to discuss.

The round of subjects they will allow goes like this… Europe, Currency,Separation, NATO membership,borders,and of course the theme of uncertainty.
What they do not want us discussing is aspiration, vision, autonomy, self determination, comparative wealth, constitutional change.

These parties of Better Together who cannot even agree amongst themselves what is better, have sought to deprive us of debate. They have refused on numerous occasions to send representatives to debate with the YES campaign, mainly because they keep getting their arses handed to them on a plate when the audience votes at the end of each debate.
They have continuously complained about YES stalls giving out information and local events, and have prevented some by kicking them out. They have moaned that if they refuse to be present, because they can’t get the support to man their stalls, that the YES side shouldn’t be present either.

Democracy is not something they want to see happen. They dont want people to have access to choices or information. They are against political education. Keep the people dumb.

Labour have steadfastly refused to allow its membership to vote on whether or not the party should be for or against Independence. Some Trade Unions have declared against Independence without a proper ballot of their membership. The Lib Dems who allegedly and famously call for all sorts of referendums, for membership views, have been neither liberal nor democratic by refusing their membership a vote on the matter. Although not expected of them, the Tories in Scotland have had no membership view either.

Everything of these supposedly Scottish parties, Scottish labour, Scottish Conservative and Scottish Lib Dems, is decided by London, they do not even have independence in theor own parties, so why should they want Independence for their country.

The mantra is …..Do as you are told and do your masters bidding, you have no say.

No wonder they are against proper democracy and Independence. They do not understand the meaning of either, and want it even less for themselves.

We the people of Scotland will just have to have our debate without them. We will decide what we want, not what someone tells us we want. for we already have the power of independence should we choose to exercise it.

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SHOCK and AWE as Westminster do Behind the Scenes deal to facilitate Scots Independence!

Did you enjoy that heading, or did it alarm you?

Well it might give you a great deal of disappointment or relief, depending on where you stand with regards the referendum, but this article has only the most tenuous link to that spectacular heading.

I have merely copied the tactics used by so many newspapers to grab your attention and make you maybe want to read more and buy the paper.
This tactic is extremely successful whether you buy the paper or not? Even if you don’t buy the paper and only take in the headline, you head off convinced that the headline must be true, and so go spreading the word. Result!! The political message it was trying to impart has sunk in, and an element of belief is then fixed in your head, even if you have some doubts about it.

Time and Time again during this referendum campaign we have seen this tactic employed, Big Headline, article heading off in another direction but slanted towards giving the headline some credibility, and then if the newspaper is particularly on message, coverage of it at the end of Newsnight Scotland on the BBC, giving it even more credibility for the unthinking all accepting dupes who buy that stuff.

It hits the newspaper stands in the shops the next day, and hey bingo, lots of passers by read the headline too, without buying the paper and reading the article.

So if Headline says ” Alex Salmond makes a curry of using the pound” Sub heading ” SNP heading to lose referendum”

That sort of thing makes Salmond a figure of fun by linking it to his fondness of curry, hence allusion to his weight, hence fat gobby lying bastard accusations by the uneducated. And guess what? An Independent Scotland will never happen because it cannae use the pound!
And further more, Scottish Independence is really all about the SNP!

Final result, confirmation for the unionist that they were right all along, and persuasion for the undecided that this Independence lark is just too chancy and uncertain, so best stick with what we have. It has to be better than nothing. right?
Wrong….You have not checked out the facts, and you have been taken hook line and sinker.
See that wee sign on your forehead when you look in the mirror? It says GUM!

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To Hell and Back in a Handcart

I increasingly wonder about the standard of journalism in this country today. If you want to find out what is really going on, most times in the tabloids and the media all you will get is a whole pile of Spin, not any real examination of the facts.
At this time more than ever the public is crying out for proper investigative journalism, a clear examination of the facts, and not the incredible amount of manure which is political press releases.

It all seems to be Spin, Spin, Spin,which is just a polite word for Lies!

The public are presented constantly with the same stuff, and to be fair, they are only too happy to buy it if It makes them feel righteous or superior to others.

While I wouldn’t go as far as saying that the press colludes with Government, It is certainly influenced by them, and by the rich and powerful.

After the 2008 crash, what we have seen very clearly is that while the public were made to pay off the debts of the financiers and bankers,whilst society in Britain suffers from job losses, increasing poverty and powerlessness, the rich and powerful have been grabbing everything they can.

Where the Bankers were seen very clearly as the villains, they were not by any means alone, they were encouraged and enabled by government,and by large corporations.
What was a financial disaster soon turned out to be a means for trampling down the masses.

The villains now are not the MPs who stole over a million pounds in fraudulent expense claims, nor is it even the Bankers and the Banks who we still pay for, nor is it the large corporations who avoid paying Billions of pounds worth of taxes, no the villains now are the chronically sick and disabled, the unemployed and the working poor.

Austerity does not apply to the rich and powerful, it is a cruel method to punish the poor and weak.

A visitor from a far off galaxy would see this, but somehow many of the public don’t, as newspaper headlines scream about Scroungers, Foreigners, and Benefit Fraudsters.

So let us pause a moment to examine where the fraud and abuse lies.

Back in 2010 Westminster MPs falsely claimed for in excess of £1 million in expenses, a handful of the worst offenders were selected as sacrificial goats and found guilty of fraud, the others didn’t even have to pay back the full amount of what they had wrongly stolen from us.
Recently Maria Miller the now former government cabinet minister fraudulently claimed for £45,000, only she never got charged with fraud, and indeed David Cameron was very reluctant to lose her from her post of Culture Secretary, and she has only been asked to repay £5,800. If this had been a jobless benefit claimant they would be locked up!

The HMRC let Bernie Eccleston the Formula 1 boss off with £2Billion whilst doing a secret deal with him to only pay £10million, a mere fraction of the tax sum avoided, had that been a small business man or company, they would have hounded him into bankrupty and he would have lost everything!

Vodaphone and Starbucks between them were let off with Tax of £8.2 Billion! Goodness alone knows what the total figures for all those big business’s are? Yet they chased me for £300 which If I had been savvy enough to know their rules and do my paperwork properly, I would not have owed at all.

All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg, In the UK state which has the 3rd worst record in the developed world in the gap between the rich and the poor. It is an increasingly corrupt and unjust country. Morality has been shredded up and thrown out of a passing train.

Yesterday saw the introduction by Westminster of the new benefit laws.
The jobless will now have to report to their unemployment offices every day or face sanction. Alternatively they can do forced voluntary work for 6months. The government also announced that there are no reasons for anyone to be out of work as here are 600,000 jobs available.

On the face of it that may seem fair to some, in realty it is not! People, including myself last year, have been sanctioned unfairly in up to 80% of cases gone to appeal.
This means no money for 4 weeks, which in reality is actually 6 weeks. This forces further and further pressure on foodbanks.

The new rules will mean that more and more people will fall into the sanctions trap, as you may be sanctioned for being 5 minutes late for an interview. So by having to sign on every day, they will be 10 times as likely to fall foul of sanction.
They have to pay their own travel expenses to go and sign on, so for a £3 bus fare to sign on previously, they will now have to fork out £30 a fortnight, this comes off their £71 a week, leaving even less to spend on food, clothing and heating and other bills.

if there are 600,000 jobs available, how many of these are they qualified to actually do?
How many are zero hour contracts where you are not guaranteed to work at all. I have worked for a company since January, and received 6 hours work from them in that time!
I have applied for hundreds or even thousands of jobs, and got nowhere, despite having 3 degrees, and despite going for anything and everything from portering to cleansing, to call center work to research. Yehh, no excuse right?

But the real sickener for me was the announcement highlighted by the single parent group Gingerbread, that mothers with children under the age of 5 face sanctions, and can be sanctioned even if their child is unwell and can’t make the appointment.

So lets have a look at stats provided by Citizens Advice:

“The UK government estimates that total fraud across the whole of the economy amounts to £73 billion a year. UK government figures for 2012 estimate benefits overpaid due to fraud is £1.2 billion and tax credit fraud is £380 million. So just under £1.6 billion in total; less than 1% of the overall benefits and tax credits expenditure and less than benefits underpaid and overpaid due to error.

“So to get some perspective, benefit fraud represents 2% of the estimated total annual fraud in the UK”

“Public sector fraud, which includes benefit fraud, is £20.3 billion a year, so within this category it accounts for just under 8%.”

“The majority of this £20 billion is tax fraud which costs the economy £14 billion annually, or 69%.”

“So we can see that both in absolute and percentage terms tax fraud is a much bigger issue than benefit fraud. In fact, out of all the categories of fraud calculated by the UK Government, benefit fraud is the second lowest. Only identity fraud which costs individuals £1.4billion a year comes below it.”

The Immorality, criminality, and abuse of privelidge in the UK has been going on for years,under one government or another, this has now turned to absolute Abuse and injustice, for the poor, the weak and the helpless, plus a whole host of others in work and struggling by.

That, if no other reason alone, is enough for me to vote for Scottish Independence, as we cannot surely allow such injustices to continue, and while we cannot be certain of our own rogues of which we have our share too, at least they can be more answerable to us.
We cannot allow this travesty of a supposed union carry on any longer and be part of it.

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Living in the Land of Fear

I am all of a tremble, I am quivering in my boots, I am turning into a gibbering nervous wreck and overcome with FEAR!

Better Together or Project FEAR as they privately named themselves have me almost hiding in a cupboard under the stairs sucking my thumb and whimpering, Mummy please don’t let these nasty separatists get me!

At least that is what Better Together would seem to want me to be like.

They keep telling us, over and over again in fearsome mantra:

We wont have the pound.
We will have no defence
We will be kicked out of Europe
All our neighbours will be foreigners
All our family living in England, Northern Ireland or Wales will be aliens
We will lose all our business
We will be an economic basket case
We will have border controls imposed on us
The banks will all go bust, err they haven’t done so?
We will not be allowed in NATO
We will individually poorer and prices will shoot up!
We will not get pensions
We will not afford welfare
In short….We will be bloody knackered and up the Clyde minus paddle.

I am so frightened!

Well actually I should or would be, If I actually believed for one moment that we would leave that dysfunctional lot in charge, now that really does scare me.

Other than their repeated mantras of FEAR, we are seeing something else about them, and it is not at all pleasant.

It is not just that they are scaremongering at warp speed with their stories, it is what is going on behind the scenes that the real fear they are trying to install lies.

It began with threats to our shipyards, that they wouldn’t get orders and would be shut down. As if they hadn’t decimated our ship building industry enough?
Then all the behind the scenes letters to foreign governments to get them to line up against us.

Westminster government departments have been applying pressure on business’s that they deal with to warn us against Independence.
Standard Life privately sent letters to their staff suggesting they would lose their jobs as Standard Life would be moving operations South.
Some Big Trade Unions from their London base have been publicly stating that their membership will be supporting Better Together, without having a vote of their Scottish members.
The CWU being the latest, who took a ballot of 8000 of their number, In Bournmouth! Yet their Scottish Branches have been saying YES!
More sinister yet, someone told me that RBS have told his ex wife that her job will be heading South in the event of a YES vote, meaning that he wont be able to see his beloved daughter. This is too much to bear, and he will most likely be voting NO! I don’t blame him, what is he to do?
A Barrhead Travel director sent out warning letters about Independence to their workers, saying jobs would be lost.
Aberdeens Labour run Council sent out scary Better Together litrature to its council tax payers with their bills.

The List goes on and on.

Most recently we have had the CBI debacle where CBI Scotland registered with the Electoral Commission as a formal Better Together supporter claiming that It’s membership had been consulted, only to have a spate of Scottish Business and Institutions resign or suspend their membership, forcing CBI to say that it was all a big mistake, they were really independent.
While that was all going on, it transpired that the BBC are a member of this secretive organisation, and they decided to merely suspend their membership, but not until May 30th, meaning that they supported CBI’s stance in the meantime, and would only suspend once the campaign was officially under way. This from a supposedly impartial broadcaster?

For all the FEAR though, for all Better Togethers and Westminsters efforts, I refuse to be scared.
What if we couldn’t have the pound?(we can) We would still have to use currency.
What if we weren’t allowed to remain in the EU? We would join EFTA and maybe have a better deal alongside others who don’t want to be part of the full EU.
What if NATO didn’t let us in because we wouldn’t keep Trident? Why are they desperate to have non nuclear Sweden on board, and have as their new head someone from non nuclear Norway? NATO wouldn’t keep us out and leave the North Atlantic exposed.

We have nothing to fear except Fear itself, everything else can be sorted out, and very easily once all the silly games stop.

Well actually, I do have something that scares me….

UKIP being top of the polls for the European elections, and the Labour lead over the Tories has shrunk for Westminster… A UKIP/Tory coalition after a NO vote…

Yikes!!!! Where do I sign to get the hell out of here!!

Rod Macfarlane

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