Keep the Heid and follow your heart

Two more days and we finally come to the Biggest political event in Scotlands long history.
There has never been anything like it, and I doubt there ever will be again.
In the process of these near on three years since we started this journey, Scotland has changed, and we too have changed with it.
The people of Scotland have never been as politically engaged as we are now, everyone of all ages, both sexes, the rich and the poor, an of every occupation or none have been talking of little else.
We have shaken off the shackles of apathy, and suddenly discovered that we matter, we all matter, no matter who you are, we all have something to say, something to contribute.
Yes or No,whatever way it turns out on Friday morning, we all now  know, that is we the people of Scotland that matter, not the Bankers, not the Politicians, not the broadcasters, not the newspaper editors and owners. We are more important collectively than all of them,and more powerful.
How we excercise that power is up to us, how we engage is up to us, but when we speak collectively governemnts quake at the knees, Big Business trembles, and broadcasters pray!

This realistion is a powerful thing, because when the people realise that it is us that decides, It is us who govern. We shape the country that we live in.
For far too long people have been in thrall to those they consider more powerful, but no more.
When Better Together say as they have started saying ” If you don’t know, vote No”
What they are in effect doing is telling you not to think, not to educate yourself, remain ignorant, and do as you are told, do as your betters tell you!
Well there are no betters, the empire like the emperor has no clothes, even a small child can see that, even if adults are blinded to the reality of things.

It is not tol late for the don’t knows, you can still find out what you need to know, you can still educate yourself enough to come to a decision. Don’t let them tell you that you can’t, and don’t let them persuade you not to exercise the power you have and not vote.

There have been many people come to me and tell me over the past couple of years that they just didn’t know how they were going to vote. I have tried to answer their questions as fairly as I possibly could. Even now people are unsure, and they have concerns, quite legitimate concerns, because they have not had the straight answers that they deserve and need. A reason for this is because politicians and the media have too often been playing party politics, or putting party first, the media has been hostile to one side over the other and has not made any attempt to properly question, rather than just releasing political soundbites and PR releases without question.
Meanwhile Better Together has actively sought not to engage at all, other than to negatively attack and campaign. It was in their interests, not yours, that they didn’t discuss all the options honestly and truthfully, or to see Scotland in any positive light at all, just a basket case of country who would fair worse than any country in the world ever, should it stray from its masters in Westminster.

So let me do a quick summary for you of some of the concerns which have been expressed to me.
Pensions: Despite what might have been said by those who try to frighten you….You will not lose out, whichever way the vote goes, YES or NO, you will still get your pension, it is safe.

Currency: Scotland will use the pound, whether in a currency union or under our own steam…we own the pound too, it is not the exclusive property of England.

Europe: Under European Law, we all are citizens of Europe, each and every one of us. We have been for 40 odd years. We as citizens cannot have our citizenship revoked, and thus neither can Scotland be thrown out, so Scotland does not need to reapply for membership.
Thrre will need to be negotiations which will allow Scotland’s membership to be recognised in  in our own right, but otherwise, it will be seamless and its down to the politicians do sort through the red tape.

We will not have border posts requiring passports at Carlisle, we will travel as we do currently back and forth, just like they do from the Republic of Ireland to the North, or to Scotland and England and Wales.

We will not become foreigners to our friends and relatives in England…

These are the main sort of questions I have been asked, it really is not the horrendous problems some try to make out, so don’t worry you will be fine.

Many people have said, my heart says yes but my head says no,or don’t know.

Well all I can say is follow your heart,because it knows you better than anyone else, even yourself maybe.
Too often people have been frightened out of following their heart in all sorts of situations and events in life, because other people have bullied them, frightened them, or told them that they were doing something wrong. In almost every occasion, the hurt caused by not following their has just not been worth it,and many have regretted it, some for the rest of their lives, even dying with regret.
Do not let that happen to you, instead follow your heart, it wont lead you astray.
That does not mean to say you don’t use the head, of course you do, and you must!
Use them both together, be guided by them, but let your head follow your heart, and help your heart to find the solutions which will allow your desire, solutuons can always be found for what you really really want.
Do not let fear paralyse you, be bold, be corougeous and be strong…Fear which incapacitates is a terrible thing. Feel the fear, and face it down, and go ahead and do what you want to do anyway.

The thing about fear, is that very often it is groundless, and when you actually pass through it, you find it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as you feared it would be. In fact it probably didn’t hurt at all.

Come Friday morning.. Please do not waken up and have that awful feeling in your gut that tells you, you made a massive mistake by not following your heart. You may never recover from it…

SO please please please….Whatever way you want to vote…YAY or Nae
Keep the heid and follow your heart!!

Obviously I dearly hope that you will join me in an Independent Scotland with aspirations to make this country a better place for all us, for our children and grand children and all that follow.

We can DO THIS!!!  To hell with Fear!! Follow your heart! Say YES!

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Together Supressed or Together Inspired

When Better Together go on about being Better Together, they of course mean for themselves, not Scots, not Scotland, and God forbid not the proles.
The past few days as we enter the final week has been a shit storm of warp factor 10 Fear stories. They have thrown not just the Kitchen sink at us, but the whole damn house!
Politicians hot footing up from London, Massive scare stories about how badly off we will be, the banks all leaving us, the supermarkets all rocketing their prices up, the oil running out..Again!!!

I have spent the last couple of days researching all the links between these big multinationals and Westminster, MPs and Lords Interests in private companies, where Gordon Brown and Alastair Darling have been raking it in giving talks to all sorts of Interesting organisations. It all makes very interesting reading, and I was going to concentrate on that, but changed my mind. I would much rather give you a broader picture rather than focus on Individuals.

This whole business of the Banks and Supermarkets and warnings from the likes of Richard Branson is one unholy alliance with Westmisnter, and If we pay any attention to them, more the mugs are we. Do you honestly think for one moment that they give a stuff what happens to you, that somehow they have your best interests at heart? Not for one moment.

Are we going to listen to a Bunch of Bankers telling us what to do?
Funny how their nests are well feathered whilst we sleep in the dirt they left behind them in 2008. Who are these people to tell us what is good for us?

Downing Street has been caught red handed with their fingers in the pie, leaking information illegally and driving market prices down.
They have been caught admitting having the Suoermarket bosses in to get them to tell scare stories.
The links between Westminster and the financial sector and big business and the media are extensive, and they are cajoling and pushing these people to do their bidding now, they are calling in all their favours, and if these companies want subsidies, government money, well they had best play ball!

Are supermarkets really going to drive up prices in an Independent Scotland? No chance, not unless they want run out of business. If Asda put their prices up, people will shop where prices are lower!

Are the banks going to do a runner? No chance, lose out on our money, pigs might fly.

For every scarey story, another company says the opposite. Where gaps are left in the market, andother comes to fill their place.
The banks have not left Ireland, and that was after Ireland over stretched themselves, we are not, and will not be in that position.

What it is all about is control, of the Big guys telling us what to do, and we are to shut up and listen.
Well that is no longer going to happen. We have had enough of being treated like muck!

We are Better Together though, we are better together as an aspirational society in an Independent Scotland, where we can put social justice above casino banking in our priorities.
We are Better Together, taking our place in the world, and welcoming the world to us, not as some insignificant cog in a self interested British State.

We are not going to bow down to their Fear which is used to suppress and intimidate us, not any more.
We have risen above their Fear, and we see a future we can build with our own hands,and we will not be cowed. Just who do they think we Scots are? Scots have never been known for cowardice and we are not about to be cowardly now.

The Time has come, we will as the old song says, be a nation again!

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Twist or Bust

Well well well…..RBS upping sticks! Good news for Scotland then… All these scare stories of how would an Independent Scotland manage to bail out the banks made by Westminster, really hit the buffers….Its their baby now…..they had best hope there is not another banking crisis!! RBS has been state owned for some time now, and is still limping along like an injured beast….

Standard and Poors last year gave an Independent Scotland the thumbs up with a top credit rating, but in the process said “should banks leave it
could bring benefits in terms of reducing the size of the Scottish economy’s external balance sheet, normalizing the size
of its financial sector, and reducing contingent liabilities for the state. “

In effect, we would not have their humungous liabilities to contend with or account for.. They already do over 90% of their commercial banking in London, so let them keep them..

If anyone after 2008 trusts the Banks to run the country, and serve our interests, they must be gullible to the extreme…

Meanwhile the love bombing and threats frantically continue to be thrown at us, it is akin to having an abusive and needy estranged spouse stalking us.

As RBS and the Llloyds owned HBOS do a runner with their brass plaques, normal services will continue with branches and staffing for us ordinary folks, it will have zero impact on us.

It has been many a long year since these banks could be called Scottish in any case, so yes take your huge debts and brass plaques, and don’t leave the door open behind you!

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Achy Breaky Heart

Today in utter desperation David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband all ditched Prime Ministers Question time in Westminster in order to hastily campaign in Scotland, for that to happen, something extraordinary must be happening, YES have them petrified and on the run!
Extroadinary as that event was, it was only part of the onslaught the British establisment threw at Scotland. We had experts in Oil Sir Ian Woods, recently awarded a Fracking contract by Westminster regurtitating the negative stuff he put out barely two weeks ago…The Oil is running out fast, there is less than they thought, and it is volatile!

We had Standard Life revisiting their previous threat that they would leave Scotland
The wall to wall negative coverage from the BBC continued for the whole day.
BP warned against Independence, it is not conducive their business.
Another business said that the uncertainty over Europe would mean them laying their staff off and relocating.
The BBC manged to find 3 undecided voters in Dundee(The most pro YES City) and remarkably they were all so feart that they all leaned to NO.
Hundreds of thousands of jobs would be lost across Scotland
We couldn’t afford pensions or mortgages.
Nuclear weapons were an imperative against lone suicide bombers
An energy dependent rUK would not buy or share our power
China was against Independence because they feared separation in their own country
The Bank of England Chairman did a volte face and said a currrency union would not work, and Scotland was a threat to financial stability

All of the above was said or repeated today.

With all the crying, wailing and gnashing of teeth going on, it would seem self explanatory that an Independent Scotland would be a total basket case, uniquely incapable of running its own affairs in the world

But honestly, can you possibly view all of the above as credible?
Yeh, one or two of the already discredited and rebuffed scare stories may be debateable…..But ALL of it? C’mon, you would really have to be utterly gullible or thick to believe all the junk they have repeatedly thrown at us for the past two years! Or even a portion of it.

Yet seemingly, there is still a sizeable portion of our populace who appear to be taken in… That is depressing.

This time round, Cameron who has repeatedly said that he is staying out of the debate, and thus wont debate with Salmond, has proved that he and his government are bare faced liars, yet again refused to even engage with the public or answer questions from the populace, while most certainly campaigning against Independence. If that is not participating in the debate, what is?

He didn’t repeat all those scare stories today, the media did that for him, particularly the propaganda machine that is the BBC.. 
He instead raised went for the emotional argument, raising the saltire above downing street, talking of this great country of ours(meaning the UK) when it is not a country, nor are we a region(we are countries)

He said that Scotland going Independent would break his heart, and even called the Tories Effin Tories! WOW.

The supposed don’t knows the BBC wheeled out, all said that they wanted an Independence for Scotland in their hearts, but were not convinced in their heads and were doubtful so voting NO.

Whenever anyone in their life goes against their heart, they will always regret it! The reason for this is that what we call our heart, is our deepest feelings, any decision for monetary or other reasons will only lead eventually to a dreadful sorrow.
We go with what we truly feel, not what others try to put in our heads. To do otherwise only leads to self recrimination. Regret is an awful feeling.
As for David Cameron and co, all they are truly interested in is themselves, not you or I.
His heart would be broken not because of an Independent Scotland, but because he would lose his job. That would be his only regret….He was impassioned not for us, or even the Uk, but for what history would say of him,

So please do not lose heart, be not scared, and If you want to break anyones heart, let it not be yours, but let it be Cameron and his parasitical Ilk!

Believe in yourself,believe in your children,and believe in Scotland…. Say YES!!

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On the Border

Here I am today, sitting close to the border between Northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland digesting yesterdays news of a YouGov poll for the Times which has caused tremors throughout the whole British establishment by telling us that YES have taken the lead in the referendum debate.
The alarm and panic shown by the responses coming through the media outlets has been palpable.

In response to this news, Westminster immediately broke electioneering rules at this stage of engagement by promising even more more powers if Scotland votes NO… Not that it has done them any good because we Scots recognise that for what it is, pure desperation and they will now promise us anything to keep us tied to the union. It wont work.
They tell us that they will give us more powers, but that is a promise not in their possession to give, even if they were at all likely to actually honour them, which they are not! They cannot offer us something which is not rightfully theirs to give.
On the 18th of September Scots will be Independent at the time when we go the ballot box, all the power is firmly held in our own hands, and we can then choose to retain it, or give it away to Westminster. We can choose to vote YES to retain our  country, our future,and our destiny in our own hands, or vote NO to give our Independence and sovereignty away to a Westminster government and yet again be dependent on what they decide is best for us in London.
Frankly I think we would be stark raving bonkers to give it away, but that is just my opinion based on what I have seen them do to Scotland in my own 56 years of life.

I don’t want to give the whole cake into their hands for them to squander, and give us back as little of it as they can get away with. I want us to have ALL of our cake, and we can then decide who to share it with, and for what purpose.
I do not want the healthy cake being used to maintain nuclear weapons, nor to see an increasing number of our children being impoverished and families reliant on food banks, when we have the resources to improve all of our lives.
I do not want that cake being used to furnish foreign wars which are none of our business, and so many of our countries young men being killed and disabled in the process.

But for the moment with 9 days to go I sit on the border.

I have been here for a family wedding, my Northern Irish niece has been married, and I have family all around me. Some of them Irish, and some Scottish.
On a straw poll taken between us, I and my partner are YES, my brother who has no vote because he has been here for 40 plus years is also a YES, my brother in law who was a No is reconsidering, and my sister remains undecided, but is listening intently.

The main concerns expressed by my sister and brother in law has been about their pensions, they have been terrified by the scare mongering of the Naws that they would lose the pension.
i have assured them, and this has been confirmed by the DWP and the Scottish government that their pensions will remain as they are either way…So vote YES or NO, they will still get their pension.
The despicable scaremonegering of the elderly by the better together mob has been utterly disgraceful and they should be ashamed of themselves.
The currency we use will be the pound, whether in a currency union or independently, much like the republic of Ireland did when they became independent. But even if we chose the shortbread or unicorn, currency is but a trading mechanism.
The other day I crossed the border from North to South, and such is the border that I didn’t even notice it, the only thing that alerted me was the different road signs.
Whilst in the south, I didn’t have any euros on me, but no problem, the petrol stations and pub still quite happily took my pounds.

People come and go every day to work between north and south, people trade happily across the border, and the people do not regard their neighbours as foreigners. So yet more scare stories put to bed.

If you want to see how life goes on for folks after Independence, come to Ireland.

My brother showed me an article in the Belfast Telegraph which said that thousands of Orange men were planning on going over to Scotland to march against our Independence in Edinburgh.. Well let them, but frankly it is none of their business, any more than Northern Irish politics is none of mine.
But if they want to march in their monkey suits well let them, we Scots are perfectly able to let go of the past, we look to the here and now, and to the future of our country, and making it a better place, perhaps they should do likewise for their own.

Scots will decide, and we will do so without fear of coercion and false promises based on historical illusion.
My family will still be family, my friends will remain my friends, and my country will choose as it will what is best for it.
Roll on our Independence to choose on the 18th.

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The Spirit of Independence


The Spirit of Independence is on the road
We’ve fixed her up and given her a new coat
She once seemed done and past it
All her best days left long behind
But now look at her in her majesty
Bringing The Spirit of Independence to our minds

In her youth she saved so many
No danger of disaster would she fear
She doused the Fires of Fear out
when her waters would dry our tears
But somehow we all forgot her
except for those staunch and faithful few
As she laid to rest and rot
while our spirit of Independence grew mildew

But you cannot take away what’s in your soul
though you may bury it so deep in a black hole
You may convince yourself your worthless
Or let others keep you tied in velvet chains
But buried beneath the lies and fears
lies the spirit of Independence in your veins

The centuries may come and pass us by
Succeeding generations all buying the Big Lie
Were too poor, too weak, too stupid
A region cleared for human herds of sheep
but something near forgotten now is stirring
The Spirit of Independence lies so deep

So we’ve dressed her up in finery
And she proudly takes the road
She is coming to our communities
And her Saltire it flies bold
Her pride of worth, is our worth of pride
She calls now believe in me
For the Spirit of Independence shall set us Free!

Rod Macfarlane


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Feel the Love

After last nights second and final tv debate before the referendum, it was announced by the pollsters and just about everybody else that has commented that Alex Salmond clearly won it. It wasn’t so much as a win as a trouncing, but perhaps the clued up audience had something to do with that too, they were not sitting back without a murmur, they challenged and they won! 

So what has been the response today?

The tv companies have been playing it down for all their worth, you wont see a clip of a lady in the audience ripping Darling a new one over his private health care interests. The Naw politicians are still saying that they still don’t know what’s Salmonds Plan B. If they are genuinely that thick, then the UK really do have something to worry about!
We don’t have the answers they bleat, well they do, it is just that no answer would ever satisfy them that amounted to Scotland going it’s own way.

Meanwhile in the newspaper column sections their trolls are in a frenzied overdrive, they obviously see the writing is on the wall.

Here is a selection of how much they love us!

“Please vote “YES”. We in England want to be rid of Scotland once and for all. Just take Alex Salmond with you.”
“Please let Scotland go on their own and stop them infecting England with their banality and profligacy.For God’s sake GO!!!”

“As long as I can still buy M&S haggis, they can take a running jump!”

“Nobody said he can’t use the £. It just won’t be backed by the bank of England. He is correct to state that “it ia all of our currency”- correct. AS LONG AS YOU ARE IN THE UNION YOU NITWIT. When you leave the union, you leave the safety of sterling. And how dare he threaten to renege on Scotland’s debt? David Cameron should tell him that the oil reserves also belong to THE UNION, and if you leave then NO OIL. If you want to fight about it- oh no, you don’t have an Army/Navy/Air Force. Just button it chubby. You lose.”


“The Scots may vote yes but they won’t get independence. The English will not allow an independent country on their border.”
“I hear Salmons resorting to offering a deep fried Mars bar and a bottle of Buckfast to all those who vote for independence.”


“Slimy Salmond, any Scot who listens to this man must be a sandwich short of a picnic basket, as for the pound, well just lets say that the Scottish pound is like Monopoly money south of the border there are not many shopkeepers who will take it, the last time I came home from Scotland I got that fed up of shopkeepers refusing Scottish money I finished up having to go to my bank and changing into real money. Anyway if they do decide to stay with the rest of us then a short sharp lesson on what the rest of us give to them would be in order just to show them what they would be missing if they ever try do this again. stop all subsidy’s that we give them for five years let them stand on there own two feet ,because I am sick to the back teeth of the ever moaning Scots, not all of them admittedly telling everyone that they are not subsidized to high heaven when its clear to a blind man that they are.”

Well there you have it folks, don’t you just feel that Lurve….
The sad thing is that this sort of tripe can be found every single day in all the comments sections of the newspapers, the Mail being one of the worst, but hair curling in all of them,particularly the Scotsman..
Sad isn’t it? Yet this is exactly the sort of divided UK we live in now, and it is not going to get any better.

Time to amicably part ways I think.


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