The Religious Evangelism of the Easter Bunny

As we approach the Easter weekend and the most significant time in the Christian calendar, my thoughts have been divided between David Cameron proclaiming to all his Christian faith and the matter of Scots Independence.

It is a strange old mix I grant you, but let me explain why these two seemingly diverse subjects are related.

When David Cameron addressed church leaders in England in his Easter address proclaiming “Jesus invented the Big Society 2,000 years ago; I just want to see more of it,” I very nearly spilled my Laphroig over my shortbread. What on earth was he blethering on about? Comparing himself to Christ, and setting on an evangelical path which mirrored the likes of those Christian warmongers Bush and Blair? In what way could he possibly claim the upper moral ground with his governments policies?

In fact what would Christ make of being associated with such policies as the bedroom tax, sanctions against the unemployed, the treatment of the disabled, the gradual privatisation of the NHS, the benefits for bankers and the rich at the expense of the poor, the need for foodbanks, the massive increase in child poverty in the UK?

I think Jesus Christ would be outraged, he fed the multitude, not ran them into poverty.He healed the sick at no cost, he provided for the lame without need for a medical assessment to prove they were indeed disabled. He castigated the rich for putting monetary gain first, saying that it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man enter the kingdom of heaven. He would not have thanked the government for causing more child poverty through their policies, saying suffer little children to come unto me.Lastly he would not have pandered to the bankers and Wonga, as he threw the money lenders out of the temple courtyard.

In no way can Cameron seriously compare his policies to that of Christ!

All of these government policies, many already previously set up by Labour whilst in government are seen as an absolute anathema to the Scottish electorate,and are by in large playing a huge part in the growth of the call for Independence. As the poll tax did for the Tory party in Scotland during Camerons heroine Margaret Thatchers premiership, so too these policies are at the root of many of the calls within the Independence movement.

So while Cameron may have been playing to an audience of Church of England leaders, he was also unwittingly speaking to a Scottish audience too. He also reminded some Scots of the differences which have long been in place within the Scottish system to that in England and Westminster.
Much like Law,the Scottish NHS,and Education,the Church in Scotland is entirely separate from State and Westminster, whilst Camerons audience of Church of England Bishops sit in the House of Lords and are very much part of the ruling political collective.

While the UK as a whole is increasingly a diverse and multicultural secular society,such ignorance of Christianity whilst claiming authority and indeed discipleship of Christ will not have gone unnoticed with a still significant Scottish church audience,and indeed those who are not religious at all but still claim some sort of identity with religion.

In his effort to claim the moral higher ground Cameron also offends those who have no truck with religion in Scotland, as many Scots of faith or of none do not like being preached to by anyone, whether it be politically or otherwise.

My mother always told me never to mix religion with politics, and she was right. By following down the Christian evangelical fundamentalist path set by Bush and Blair in order to attempt to appease Church leaders complaints, Cameron has unwittingly walked into a minefield which amplifies Scots complaints, through his ignorance and lack of thought for the Scottish audience.

Whilst Cameron may have been playing Jesus Christ, he was more akin to the Easter Bunny or the Mad March Hare.
If his and by extension the Better Together campaign’s intention is to alienate each sector of Scottish society in turn, then they are doing a grand job, and may ultimately be more responsible for bringing about Scottish Independence than the YES campaign itself.

Christ rose on Easter Sunday, but it should not be forgotten that he was crucified on Good Friday. If Camerons example of how he interprets Christianity is followed, he may well have already crucified himself, only for an Independent Scotland to Rise on September the 19th, and that too would be a Good Friday of a different kind.

Happy Easter

Rod Macfarlane

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Thinking about Scotland

As the referendum debate rages on and ramps up towards its conclusion on September 18th, perhaps it would suit us all well to step back from it for a moment and look at Scotland from our own individual perspectives and not that of the media, the politicians or the campaigns.

I therefore invite you, whether you are a YES, No, or one of the Undecided, to pause a while, sit back and relax, take yourself away from the referendum noise, and instead quietly reflect on the Scotland you want to see, the Scotland you want to live in, and the Scotland you wish to see evolve from all of this.

Like the painter who steps back from the details of the vision they wish to portray in order to see more clearly what the whole picture looks like, we too in a sense are the artists who aspire to create this new vision of a modern day Scotland, and we too must step back and try to see the whole picture, not just the policy details or the media spin.

So I ask you to put aside your papers, the tv, and whatever politicians or campaigners say, and think for yourself what you want to see, and maybe then this will aid you see a vision you had not even previously thought of. Perhaps it may even aid you to decide how you really want to vote in the referendum, or it may even lead to further questions that you want answered?

First off: What values are most personally important to you for the future of Scotland?

In a recent non scientific study 900 people across Scotland were asked for one word or short phrase that would describe the values which were most important to them when talking about Scotland.

Here are the top 10 of over 400 values they came up with.

Perhaps some of them may chime with you, or maybe you have your own, in which case what would yours be?



The next question we must ask ourselves is this:

How can we make Scotland a better place to be?

When we think on this question, we must broaden out what we perceive as our core values and apply them to issues of society.
We start to look outwith ourselves and begin to view ourselves and our core beliefs in relation to our communities, our area,Scotland, and Scotlands place in the world.
We begin to look at issues such as the media keeps going on about,business, the economy, health, education,defense and international relations with others.

What do we aspire to there? How can we envisage Scotland as being a better place to live, not only for ourselves but for generations that follow.

Whether we wish to vote YES or NO in the referendum is relevant here, because really what we are asking ourselves is this: Given what we perceive as our core values,and these related to our societal values, which do we perceive will suit these values most, remaining in the UK, or being an Independent Scotland? In effect the referendum question; Should Scotland be an Independent Country?

Before we can begin to answer that question, we need to examine the issues, and our aspirations, and how best to put these aspirations into action?

We all have our own issues and aspirations, but how well are they being met, and how best are these aspirations to be served?

Economy and Employment:

What is the right attitude to have about money?

Are we happy that this country has the right attitude to money? Or should we be less materialistic?
Should we see monetary wealth as the ultimate virtue? Or should we seek a more equal distribution of wealth?
Should we castigate the unemployed as scroungers, or should we encourage people to judge our governance and society by the way it treats the poor, the vulnerable and the disempowered?
Are we satisfied that the Law is related to and interconnected with economic fairness?
In effect there is no Law for the rich and another for the poor.

Investing In Work and Valuing every person:

Are we satisfied that enough is being done to encourage full employment through meaningful economic activity?
Encouraging the creation of jobs to match peoples abilities?
More work outwith the public sector?
Decentralization of work opportunities?
Challenges to Zero hour contracts?
Salary caps on the highest earners?
Living wage for all workers?
Encouragement of creativity,invention and entrepreneurial activity?

Is Scotland currently competitive enough?

If not? Why not?

What possible things do we need to see happen, whether as part of the Uk or Independent?

Investment in Business?
Attracting more business to Scotland?
Create a new manufacturing base such as renewables?
Insuring fairer Banking?
Investment in Science and technology where we already excel?
New transport infrastructure?

Education, Health and Defence:

Do we wish to see a continuation of Free education for all?
Or do we think that only those who are prepared and able to pay should benefit from the highest education?

Do we place too little value on manual skills in relation to academic skills?

How crucial is equal opportunity for all?

On Health, are we currently doing enough to meet the challenges placed on our NHS?
Should Health ultimately become something which we pay for like any other service?


Should we be spending less on defence and more on peace?
Should we be encouraging a and pursuing a peace making foreign policy?
How much should we be contributing to humanitarian aid?
How important is a nuclear free Clyde to us?

Welfare State:

Is the welfare state doing enough to ensure no child goes cold and hungry?
Are the elderly and disabled being properly cared for?
Is enough being done to enable people come out of unemployment and Into work?
How difficult is it to escape the benefits trap?

How well does the media actually express your views?

How would you identify yourself?
Are you Scottish, British, Both?
How important is identity to you?
Do you believe in yourself?
Do you have a poor or good image of Scotland?
Do you have confidence that the UK has your best interests at heart?
Does either Scotland or the UK meet up with your expectations?
What would make you feel better about where you stay?

The lists go on, these are just pointers for you to examine.

Essentially, whether you are for Independence, or wish to remain within the union, what you must decide for yourself is what best suits your core values, and how well are they being met?
You then have to ask yourself, which of the two options in the referendum ballot are most likely to meet with your values and aspirations. In effect, what you think is best for the sort of Scotland you want to live in.

However you choose to vote, ask yourself, how can we in Scotland achieve a better country, and how do we help shape it it?

On September 18th you will be the artist that helps shape our future, and your childrens future,and the generations to follow.
You have the greatest responsibility, one never asked of the peoples of Scotland before.
Your choice will help shape the future of our nation, take not your decision lightly. For by history you shall be judged!

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Turning the Tables.

Way back in 1707, a relatively short time span in Scotlands history, the political union with England was born. This union created the British parliament we have today.
Like any union, this took the agreement of two independent partners to join together.
As a minister I have conducted many such unions or marriages by a different name.
In all of them, as the two parties have entered into union, the assumption has been made that they both by their separate agreement or vows agree to an equal partnership.

Such is how a union is supposed to be, but as we all know, not all unions work out that way. Indeed, many such unions have failed, often because in practice they prove to be unequal, where one has sought to control the other, or where one’s concerns have been ignored and not listened to. These unequal partnerships often prove to be deeply unhappy unions which ultimately end up in divorce.

The No campaign, particularly Labour, have sought to depict the Independence referendum as Separation, and call YES supporters Separatists, as if this was a disgraceful thing to be.
How dare those in Scotland who long for Scottish Independence want to end the union which is the United Kingdom.

As a minister, I have often wondered how the couples I am joining together in union will fare, and Indeed will the union last?
Some I have married have fared better than others, some have patently been wrong for each other and ended up in divorce. Some others have gone their separate ways, and still get on together fairly amicably, without recrimination, and in general supportive of each other, even though they never ultimately worked out as a union. They still share much of the good they had achieved together,and still celebrate happy occasions they once had, and have learned to let go of past grievances and be the better for it.

Being divorced or separated,does not automatically make them bad people, indeed they may both still have a lot to offer to each other, without being tied to each other.
Indeed, It may have been much more harmful had they sought to stay together when there was clear differences and possibly acrimony living together.

Sometimes It is more important to be able to let go, and be able to be on good terms, than allow what once worked, and what we once loved, be utterly destroyed in accusations and bitterness.

And so it is with Scotland regaining our Independence, we should be able to celebrate eventually what we did achieve with our union, but we should also be able to do so having gone our own way, as the union no longer works for us. Far better to leave behind what has been an increasingly unequal union, where our views are not properly heard,and where we have only a minority say on where we want our lives to go.

Many scots have in the past falsely believed that because we were one of the signatories to the Acts of Union, that we were joint and equal partners, where in truth we never have been.
As far back as 1714, only 7 years into the union, Scots peers at Westminster unanimously voted to leave the union, only they failed because England who have a far greater representation in parliament refused to let us go. Ever since, at various points, Scots have sought to either get home rule or Independence, each time failing.
The people of Scotland never have had a vote in the matter until now.
Back in 1707 they common people rioted in the streets against it, to no avail.
If anything, this has been a very unequal marriage from the beginning, and indeed could be described as a forced marriage which for many a generation we helped make work as best we could.
It certainly was no marriage based on love, but rather an arranged marriage for political and economic reasons.

The time has now come to separate, divorce, or whatever you want to call it,go our own ways, but that is in no sense a failure or wrong, It is merely recognizing that this union no longer works for us or serves our best interests.

We can still be friends, and we need not be strangers or foreigners to each other.
Instead we can learn to appreciate each other more, and indeed work well together where we recognize we share common interests.

In doing so, if the dissolution of the union is to be properly achieved, there has to be a settlement, and our assets and liabilities properly negotiated.

As in any dissolution of partnership or union, it has to be recognised that neither party owns everything, and the other nothing.

Why for instance should the rUK automatically be seen as the continuing state, where one party retains all, the other nothing. We and England joined the same clubs, why should they retain membership of Europe and us not?
Why do they get to keep all the money, the pound, but us not?
Why must they get to automatically stay in NATO, but we must reapply?

Imagine if this were an actual divorce between two parties, imagine you were actually getting divorced from your marital partner, and they kept the house, the car, the money, and club memberships, and you were to go away with just the clothes you have on your back.
Would you call that fair?

So for a moment, look at all Better Together, Westminster and their media allies are saying, and apply that all to yourself….

Are they right?

You shall have nothing, unless you agree to continue with an unhappy marriage?
If you agree to carry on, they might just, but not for certain, allow you some more housekeeping allowance?

Does that seem a good and fair deal to you?

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Polls with a pinch of Salt.

After the seismic events over the weekend when Better Together did their impression of committing hari kari by suicidally blowing their own scare stories on currency and ship building out of the water, by utilizing what the Americans described as friendly fire in the Iraq war, I am sure that both YES and No sides will be examining the next lot of polls with a fine tooth comb, to see what damage has been done.

Every political party and campaign always look to the polls to try and gather ammunition to throw at their opponents,but increasingly they prefer to do their own internal polling for a better picture of what is actually going on.

The polls make for grand headlines for the media, and often they are credited with far more reverence than they actually deserve, and provide a nice earner for opinion seekers and the likes of “The truth is” John Curtice on the BBC, making pronouncements like a prophet of old.

In a previous article I explained how polling is done, but to come back to that briefly, I would like to share something else about them that I hadn’t mentioned.
As most of you will know, In order for a poll to gain credibility, it needs to be of a reasonable sample size of the constituency it is examining, so most political polls are in the region of 1000 participants. This provides a snap shot on peoples opinions by having an equal measure of class sizes. So in your 1000 strong poll, it is split into A, B,C1,C2,D and E, with AB’s being the highest earners, C class is divided into C1 and C2, lets say the middle classes, upper middle and lower middle, D is unskilled workers, E the unemployed.
In order to achieve balance, they then make sure that each class has equal representation, so your 1000 is approximately split 6 ways evenly, this gives a cross section of opinion across all strata of class in society.
Further more the polls split by age group and gender.
Once each target number has been reached for these groups, say female group D under 24 years as an example, they cannot take any further opinion from that group for that particular poll, even if it is offered to them, such views would not be counted.

Now here is where it gets interesting as far as the referendum is concerned.

The polls have consistently told us that most group C2,D,and E are in favour of Independence, with groups A,B against independence. From their sampling they consistently tell us that men are more in favour, while women have yet to be convinced.
Over all they have consistently told us that NO are ahead, and Yes are behind, by various margins, depending on which pollster you favour.
But recently they have all also consistently said that the gap is closing, and that the NO lead has almost halved since last September.

Given that the No side is still relatively comfortably ahead according to most polls with six months to go, why then have the No side been going into meltdown like headless chickens, and even debunking their own scare stories?
Yes the trend of the polls is showing the gap shortening, but not by huge leaps,just very slowly and gradually, so surely that should not in itself cause them to have crisis meetings, and start panicking? Yet what we are seeing is the political equivalent of a nervous breakdown. What is frightening them so badly?

They have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Scots, they have tried scare, they have tried threatening, they have tried bully, and its all failed, the polls just keep shortening.
They have tried a woeful attempt of love bombing using Bowie and Izzard and Camerons fine speech from the Olympic stadium.
They have had all their mates in Financial services threatening to desert us.

Their pals in the BBC and the press have hit us day upon day with bad news.

Nothing Works!

In fact the opposite of what they want is happening, Scots just aren’t buying it.

Yet…..The polls still tell them they are going to win, or do they?

I would say that “The Truth of the matter is” John Curtis, and his polling mates have got it wrong, and the anti Independence brigade know this fine well from their own private personal polling.

Why do I think the polls are wrong too?

The evidence is out there, it is increasingly clear that Better Together cannot get the numbers of people supporting them on the ground, the few poor souls they do get cast very lonely figures on their stalls and they cannot give away their wares, the public do not want to know. Yes stalls are full of support, and people queue up to chat, ignoring Better Together.

People in their droves across the country turn up for Yes events, a mere handful turn up for Better Together.

There are debates regularly taking place in schools, universities,village halls and consistently YES wins, by larger and larger margins, when was the last time you heard of NO winning one?
In fact the exit votes increase from the entry votes on every occasion, no wonder Better Together have pulled out of increasing number of these debates, they cannot even get a No supporting comedian to go up against a YES supporting comedian in a comedy event, despite desperate pleas by the organisers.

Yes campaigners and Radical Independence have been doing their own polling, and the results are nearly all positive in the favour of YES.

Yet still the polls show NO ahead? Why?

Quite simple I would wager, and its all to do with poll sampling.

The polling companies by taking equal numbers from each of the class bands have this wrong.

If you take the AB’s as being NO, and the DE’s as being YES, on first sight that would seem a fair balance, would you not?
You would be wrong, because in Scottish society the actual numbers of people in class AB, are dwarfed by the numbers of people in classes DE. The UK is a deeply divided society between the rich and the poor, and Scotland similarly, but to a somewhat ,lesser degree.
The numbers of those who are the poorest far outweigh by a large margin those who are high court judges etc. So if the DE’s are in favour of YES by a large margin, they far outweigh the NO’s in the self interested AB’s. If this is not taken into proper account in the calculations, then the actual polling is way out,and we could actually be looking at real figures of say 60% Yes 40% No, or something similar.

For this reason and this reason only, it is absolutely vital for YES to get as many people as possible who have previously taken themselves off the voters rolls, back on!

Despite all Better Togethers best worst efforts, where they have used everything they have used before, the media, scare stories, divisive tactics of using old fashioned bias amongst religious, football, and other strands of Scottish society, pleas to old fashioned Labour values from a neo conservative new Labour to their core support, and all the rest, they are failing badly.

What they have sorely misjudged is the people of Scotland. Historically and presently.
The people rioted in Edinburgh and Glasgow in 1707 when they had no say in the matter when Lords sold us into the union.

After the Highland Clearances, the people of Sutherland were called upon to go to war for Britain against Russia in Crimea, and they told him to get stuffed!

There are many other other examples, but the fact of the matter is Scots are thrawn!
The more they tell us, Ye Cannae Dae! The more we turn round and say we damn well can!!!

It will not be the politicians nor the media who win this referendum, it will be you and I and the people of Scotland, and day by day we are proving that.

Better Together, Westminster and all their pals have us all wrong, and so do the polls!

Yes WE Can!!

If you reall

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BBC go to Holyrood

Today was the day that the BBC Scotland top brass deigned to go to Holyrood to answer questions on their reporting bias on the Independence referendum.

First up before the MSPs was not the BBC, but rather professor Robertson of the University of the West of Scotland who had recently stuck a thorn into the BBCs complacency by publishing an interim report of his findings on Independence broadcasting coverage by BBC and STV news.

For those of you haven’t seen his report, and why should you have done if you rely on BBC and STV news or rely on newspaper reports, none of which have thought it worthwhile to report it to you, other than an early morning slot on BBC Radio Scotlands “Good Morning Scotland” programme, tucked away on a Saturday morning. Then you wont know how it absolutely hammered both BBC and STV main news contributions for bias against the YES campaign.

Professor Robertson had subsequently been trashed by the BBC in their response to him by email, and his professional dignity and ability called into question by them.
They had sought to bully him by copying in his superior in their response.

The professor was in no mood to take this academic and professional slander into account, and let the BBC have both barrels in his opening statement to the committee of MSPs.
Unfortunately some of the unionist MSPs sought to defame him and attack him personally.
Professor Robertson was not about to have his academic credentials trashed, and he left them in no doubt, that this biased reporting which he had highlighted in his report and the attacks the BBC and others had subjected him to had turned him from being being an impartial bystander into now supporting Independence. This did not in any way impinge on his previously impartial and neutral study at the time of undertaking it.

Next up….The BBC big wigs

Not much was to be learned from their attendance, other than they considered the professors study to be flawed and inaccurate, despite never having had access to his methodology. The rest of the time it was like a BBC advertising campaign.

They nit picked over some small data and were able to point to some small errors in the report which the professor had since corrected, and thus maintained that the whole year long study must be faulty.

A few questions of them by the MSPs stood out.

Mr Maxwell the committees chairman had previously asked and been refused a Freedom of Information request on the number of complaints the BBC had received over their Independence coverage from Ken McQuarrie the BBC Scotland Controller. He took this opportunity to ask him again, only to be rebuffed, the BBC were not telling!
All we do know is that the the number of complaints had risen, and that the BBC always approached these complaints in the same manner.. A short standard response, with information on how to proceed to appeal to the BBC Trust, who would then address it (kick it into the long grass as the BBC can do no wrong)

The only method of judging their own fairness was by their own rules of what they consider to be fair and impartial,. Well we do have OfCom, but they are just part of the same establishment really.

When they were picked up on the order that they reported Independence news, as highlighted by Professor Roberson, that they always either reported a positive YES message followed by a NO debunking of it, or non reporting of it at all.

An example being what should have been headline news of Standard and Poors positive report on the credit rating of an Independent Scotland being AAA not appearing. They gave the excuse that it was probably too late in the day to report it, so didn’t.

They said that the numerous reporting of Alex Salmond being personalised negatively was probably down to their reporting of First Ministers question time, but that was just a theory. The lack of comparative personalisation of anyone in the NO campaign was simply inexplicable.

The one thing I would have liked the MSPs to ask, but wasn’t asked, was what is BBC Scotlands reason for denying comments on their political on line blogs in Scotland, but comparable political blogs in Northern Ireland, England and Wales are all open for comment. What is that but bias?

The other things I would have asked them are, why do they always highlight newspaper reports which show an Independence bias, when there are no headlines in the predominately anti independence press to counter them.

Why do they use their own journalists to discuss among themselves their own personal opinions and call that news?

and finally, why did the MSPs not chin them with Professor Robertsons comments that the BBC used experts and think thanks which were not politically neutral but aligned to the unionist side, and state that they were independent?

BBC go to Holyrood, and swan off again, untouched.

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Pie in the Sky

Here we go again! Yet another round of Devo Plus Max utopia. The media are spinning the rubbish coming from the Westminster parties like it is at all likely to happen, and is a serious option. It’s not!
We have Gordon Brown as the warm up man for the Labour conference where they will seemingly report on more powers that they are willing to concede for Scotland, but only if we vote No.
We have Menzies Campbell spouting the Liberal version of more taxes, and the Tories are still to report back with their version.
There is one huge fly in the ointment, none of them can agree on what they will possibly be prepared to concede, and Labour cannot even agree with themselves. Labour MPs are trashing their Holyrood counterparts ideas big style.

We are somehow to believe them?

The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter what pipe dreams these parties Scotlandshire branches come up with, no matter how minimal, they will be overruled by their Westminster masters. The British state will concede nothing, give up nothing, care nothing, for what the locals think. Power is not conceded but retained.

If Scotland votes NO, Nothing is what it gets!

Remind yourself of this…. If Westminster was at all serious about Devo whatever, then the Westminster parties would have been perfectly happy to accept a further powers option on the ballot paper, the option was offered to them, and they shouted NO!

So do you really think that they are serious about further devolution?

If these Westminster parties are serious about further devolution, federalism or whatever, then let them put up or shut up.

Let them sit down together if they really are Better Together, and put definite proposals on the table now…Not thirty days after a No vote, Now!
Lets see the colour of their money, lets see what they have to offer.
If they cannot or will not do that, then forget further devolution, it is a dead parrot!

We had Jam tomorrow promised in the 1970′s by Sir Alec Douglas Holm, what did we get…Thatcher.
We had threats of disaster should we vote for devolution in 1997, what did we get..disaster but not of our doing, Labours mess of 2008.

Gordon Brown and Alastair Darling, both in government for over a decade, where were their bright ideas for further devolution then, when they could have implemented them?

Fool us once, shame on them. Fool us twice, shame on us, but fool us three times? we will deserve all that we ultimately get, and it wont be jam!

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400 miles

Given that Johann Lamont murdered the lyrics of a Proclaimers song in Holyrood yesterday….when she said” Standard Life No more, Royal Bank No more, Shipbuilding No more, Scotland No more”

I thought I would do a wee parody of her parody of the Proclaimers, only a different song.

400 Miles

When I wake up, well, I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the lackey who’s screeching over you
When I go out, yeah, I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the bizzim who’s bawling “ye cannae do”
If I get stuck, well, I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the fishwife that is stickin it to you
And if I haver, hey, I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be Millipedes puppet doing whit ahm telt to do…

But I would walk four hundred miles
And I would walk four hundred more
Just to be the slave who walked a thousand miles
To reach up to Westminsters door

When I’m working, yes, I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the bitch ,who’s working against you
And when the money comes in for all the work that Ithers do
I’ll squander every penny, with nane for you
When I come home (When I come home), oh, I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the muppet who’s taking yours from you
And when I grow up, well, I know I’m gonna be
I’m gonna be the serf who’s genetically programmed whit to do.

But I would walk four hundred miles
And I would walk four hundred more
Just to be the slave who walked a thousand miles
To reach up to Westminsters door

Rod Macfarlane

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