The Blame Game

I am knackered, Bushed, Exhausted, Drained, Burned Out….You name it….I am absolutely gubbed!
I have given 3 years of my life to write and fight for Scotland to regain it’s Independence..
Why did I do so? Well not for me.. I have lived most of my life now, and I do not expect to live all that much longer.. If I make it to 62, I will have done better than than the male expectancy in some parts of Glasgow!
My mother died at 62, and only saw two years of her pension after grafting and scrubbing away for all her life.
So I have no real expectations for myself…Not because of where I live, but rather the lifestyle that I have led.. I smoke too much and have never really looked after myself…that is my choice,and there is a price to pay some day, and I can’t blame anyone else when my choices come home to roost.
That is reality, that is here and now, and no matter what, it has all been up to me.

Sometimes..there is nobody to blame but ourselves, and we should not go looking for scapegoats, yet this is what happens all too often!

In some ways I have an Idealistic view of Scots and of Scotland, and I guess I always have been that way, and part of me always will be that way.

In general I love my Country, I love my people, and I am proud to belong here.
Scots are in general the very best people in the world in my book,and In general we are very much loved the whole world over. I should know, I have covered the globe and when I have said where I come from, the reaction has been nothing but welcoming and good.
But lets not beat about the bush here, we have our fair share of indulgent bastards of all classes too! (sorry about the language, but its the best way I can express it)

When you look at the two campaigns and compare them, you see the divisions very clearly.
YES was a bloomin Disaster! NO was an absolute Disgrace! And Disgrace was what we have been left with.

If you have read Auld Acquaintance at all, you will see that I very early on had a load of criticism about how they were running it, and to be honest, If It were not for the grassroots taking control we would have been absolutely gubbed!
It is to the vast credit of all the local YES groups and other parties led by the people that we came as close as we did. The positive smiley faced uncritical face of the official campaign HQ was a load of garbage…. We should have had a public media voice which was tearing into all the garbage fear mongering shit that we were being fed, while at the same time really pointing out the very many positives we had to offer, and why we could and would be so much better off by being Independent..
Instead….We had a media entirely against us,without challenge.. We were fed utter dross, and barely whimpered..
Where we should have been hitting them with full barrels, we hung back..

It was left to those of us on Social Media and Blogs to try and get the message across…
Wings and Newsnet and Bella were the most read and shared….But be honest…How many of the millions out there even heard of me or read what I said? Not that many.
I know that I rebuffed most of the main arguments, but I also know that at best I got 1500 views for an article.

I was often sat listening to constructed debates on Tv….almost screaming at politicians on our side to up their game…to really mix things up, to not be constrained by the repetitive questions which simply were a regurgitation of Better Together crap!
Far too often….They played the game set out to them, not actually grabbing the ball and running with it..
If you play by the oppositions rules….You get stuffed… And We were…Well and Truly.

So what now?

Well on the morning of the 19th while being deflated, I thought to myself….NO….I will not accept this! This aint over.
All the energy of the local YES campaigns, RIC, Women for Independence etc, can not just die like this!
Scotland is not the Scotland of 3 years ago…We are Alive, We are Engaged, We are Aware!
No way can we just curl up and die… NO WAY!

Others like myself obviously thought the same way that day, and the 45 were born.
I thought..  Great!!!
Here we have something to hold onto.
But almost as soon as I joined, I left….

Why? Because there was an almost immediate attack on pensioners, who were perceived as being those who denied us our Independence.
No thoughts of the lies told to many of them that their pensions would be at risk! Many pensioners don’t have the resources to the Internet that we have. Many rely on word of mouth and the BBC and the newspapers! Plus many were told out and out lies, not counteracted until far too late.
In any case ….Many pensioners still voted YES!

I then thought about it, and decided the 45 were not for me.
If we are to gain Independence…We need far more than 45% , and much like we might feel justified as the shit hits the fan over war, fracking, nuclear dumping and broken worthless vows…
Making others feel like crap because they got taken in aint going to help us!

I have seen all sorts of blame games going on, and they are not pretty! Not even worthy of the Scotland I know..

Yes …We may be grieving now, but if we get our act together….not for long!

On that day…. 19th September 2014…. YES Alliance was born…

Come and join us….

Next time….

In fact NOW

We begin again…. YES survives… and we will win..

Take the positives, learn the lessons, and join together…


YES WE CAN! And WE WILL! In Alliance …Parties, People, and Nation. #YES Alliance

Don’t Blame…..Get Even and Win!

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Until the Rocks will melt with the Sun

Its funny how time passes, the more you wait for something, the longer time seems to take. Yet the moment that event passes, time seems to fly at the speed of light.
So soon, we are approaching 4 weeks since the referendum we waited so long to happen.

All the unanswered questions and uncertainty that Better Together never shut up about, have become even more unanswerable and ever more uncertain. The only problem being is that the things that have become increasingly unanswerable and completely uncertain, all belong to  Westminster and its extended British establishment.

Neither did it take long for the faux partnership Better Together to fall completely apart, they are all tearing lumps out of each other! There is no disunity like that of the Union.
Nor has it taken long for those who voted  NO and were suckered for a Vow, to realise what suckers they have been.

Meanwhile Westminster politicians and their media have been trying to put a tin lid on the referendum. They tell us, we voted, we lost, get over it, forget it, and move on..
Oh how they wish that we would, but it aint going to happen,Sorry!
The rocks will melt with the sun before we give in. We got diddled out of devolution in 1979, but claimed it in 1997. We have lost the referendum, but it is not the settled will of the Scottish people, nowhere near it, not with those seeking independence standing just short by 5% of half the Scottish electorate. Does that sound settled to you? It certainly does not to me. It is round 1,or half time, next time we win,and win conclusively.

Nor can Westminster politicians demand that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP drop Independence. It is not in her power, or the SNPs power, or any parties power, to do any such thing! Who do these Westminster chancers think they are? Who do they think we are?
We the people of Scotland, and only us, will decide if, or when, we decide to vote for Independence again…How dare these jumped up parasites dare to attempt to disenfranchise us! We will decide when, not them!

It may all transpire sooner than they would like too. Beginning with getting rid of the betrayers and sycophants and self interested cowards by another ballot in less than 9 months…

In the words of an old song revisited… Labour No More, Tories No More, Lib Dems No More….and that is not a letter from America, that will be a letter from the people of Scotland…

X marks the spot where we give the lot of them their P.45s

And we will do that together, in alliance…. A Yes Alliance!

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YES Alliance (In Unity lies strength)

Who won and who lost? That is a question we might all ask of the Independence referendum? By all accounts the ballot result showed that the negative and fear mongering NO campaign had overcome the positivity of the YES for Independence campaign by a margin of 55% to 45% …far clearer than the polls were latterly suggesting.
History will show that on this occasion Fear won over Hope, Negativity won over Positivity.
So NO won then?
By the reactions of the following day and days, that would not seem to be the case. Apart from the relief and the purring of David Cameron and the Queen, anyone would think from the public reaction that has followed, that the opposite result had been the case.
We have No supporters looking like they have been attacked by a case load of wet fish, and the YES support, other than the initial disappointment, still looking and sounding remarkably upbeat.
It all goes contrary to belief and expectation.Why does winning feel so bad, and losing seem like it is but a minor set back, and really YES won?
The fact of the matter is, and the majority of NO supporters well know this, a battle may have been won, but the war is lost.
I predicted beforehand how many who voted NO would feel the day after, if NO had won.

None of us in our hearts can ever deny the rightfulness of Independence, whether that be individually or collectively. Apart from those who were ideologically opposed to Scottish Independence, the vast majority were driven to voting NO because of Fear.
Fear of loss of Business, fear because of unscrupulous threats to pensions and mortgages, Fear through loss of employment made by employers. Fear through direct threats made by Westminster through its calling in of favours from those who stood to lose out on favourable treatment if the result went the wrong way for them, namely Sir Ian Woods and his Fracking contract warning on Oil depletion, which totally reversed his previous report on Oil. The Likes of Asda, who stand to gain from the new attack on the unemployed by recent measures where benefit recipients have to have a card to buy only what Westminster says they can have, and where from!
Shopping prices UP, Banks moving out, Pensions cut, Mortgages UP, Jobs Lost. You name it, they hit us with it all in the last week. It was the Tsunami of Scare!
Is it any wonder why so many wavered? Is it any wonder that so many believed the BBC and the unionist supporting press, where all but the Sunday Herald looked after their own perceived interests rather than that of the people?

All of which brings us to the commendable 45% who stood their ground, despite the Fear.
The 45% who some quickly made into a movement, but in my opinion a movement also which is negative by its name.
There have been understandably reactions made through deep disappointment and despair in the immediate aftermath, who by referring to themselves as the 45, have clung to the expressions of anger and blame and self righteousness… “Now look at what you have done!” ” We told you so” ” We have been diddled because of YOU! “
That is just such a wrong way to go, and one that I most certainly resist.

Yes I know that too late, some who voted No, immediately as the truth dawned on them, on what would happen next… the VOW back peddled, the Austerity and Penalties, we must now face at the hands of Westminster, the attempted lessening of Scottish representation at Westminster, and the cuts in our budget which will effect all our vital services, all at breakneck speed, whilst Devo Nano goes at snail pace.
Reality does not take long to dawn. How does it feel suckers?
The fact of the matter is though, you cannot proceed with 45%, you are stuck. If you want to turn 45% into a drive which ignores blame, and strives for unity and majority, then one must be inclusive, and seek to encourage the remainder to join in, not make them feel worse!

It is by positivity, and understanding, and by seeking a common goal that we win.
That has to be in Alliance, a YES Alliance.

It is an Alliance which encourages people to move from No to YES, that holds those who are YES to hold together in common purpose. It is an Alliance of YES groups, people and parties.
It is an Alliance which will hold the political parties feet to the fire. Not just those of Westminster, Labour, Tories, UKIP, Lib Dems, but also those who have been pro Indy, the SNP, SSP and Greens.
Promises and Vows are simply not good enough… Party political interest is way short.
So no matter who they are, we the people are the ones who elect them, and we expect them to do our bidding.
YES Alliance as a Campaign, can reach over all that. We can be the ones who tell them what to do. It is up now to us to come together and make sure that they listen!
Whether Nationalist, Socialist, Republican, or Green…..We all need to form an Alliance of the people to challenge the system as it stands, and WE Must be heard, or be Damned!

Who Lost, and who won?

We did!


Because there is now no longer going back to the way things were.
We are the people, we are Sovereign, and we will have them do OUR will.

YES won…and YES we can be, YES in Alliance.

Yes Alliance FB Group Page:

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Alex Salmond the Man

It is more than a decade since I and Alex Salmond worked together….I as a minister and him as an MP in Westminster.
These days are long gone now…
Apart from liking each other personally, the main things we had in common back then were our collective belief in Scottish Independence ( Alex asked me to stand for election, I refused)
And an overwhelming desire from both of us to stand up for Social Justice and fighting the corner of those most disadvantaged in society.
I can say now, what I promised not to say then….Alex had given his fees for a newspaper article amounting to thousands of pounds to a charity I was Vice Chair of, and we were going Bust, but he asked that his donation be kept quiet as he didn’t want political capital out of it.
It upsets me deeply when I hear people who have never met him, never had any experience of him, follow a Dog whistle from his opponents decrying him.
He has been called a dictator, compared to Hitler and others, called a Fat Bastard, and numerous other things…
He is none of the above, just an ordinary guy who believes and has fought with his every breath for Scottish Independence and Social Justice.
I am sad to see him step down as Leader of his party, but I believe it the right decision at the right time. He looks tired and exhausted, and needs a rest..
Much like myself…I gave up my full time ministry because I had given all that I could give,. Any more would have meant my mental breakdown and collapse..
Alex and I have traveled together and apart, but we gave everything that we had. I salute him and like him.
Our roads have diverged…He the Leader and Me the Agitator, but we have both served our people, Scotland, with all our hearts.
He will carry on a while as an MSP. Me? Goodness knows?
Two different people, two different stories to tell…One Belief…In Us, The People of Scotland

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Another Referendum to be held next year.

The Westminster General Election is in under a .years time
Although I am not a member of the SNP, can I suggest that every single YES supporter votes for them, and no other Independence supporting party stands.
In effect,lend them your vote. The others can ensure their distinctive voices are heard if the SNP stand in the election under the banner SNP(YES ALLIANCE)

The result of such action would ensure the SNP are elected to every seat, and in the process this would create a constitutional crisis
If the SNP stand on an Independence only ticket, then in effect this would mean turning the General Election into another referendum!
This time, New Lab, Tories and Lib Dems could not forge their false alliance as they would be fighting each other for the only thing that matters to them, power in Westminster…

Meanwhile, if we can get the 45 established as a genuine political movement, encompassing all the YES groups, Radical Independence etc, with their experience and organisation….The SNP for this one off election would have the biggest canvassing operation in British history.

This aint over by a long chalk… YES for Scotlands peaceful peoples revolution  as we take control.

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Keep the Heid and follow your heart

Two more days and we finally come to the Biggest political event in Scotlands long history.
There has never been anything like it, and I doubt there ever will be again.
In the process of these near on three years since we started this journey, Scotland has changed, and we too have changed with it.
The people of Scotland have never been as politically engaged as we are now, everyone of all ages, both sexes, the rich and the poor, an of every occupation or none have been talking of little else.
We have shaken off the shackles of apathy, and suddenly discovered that we matter, we all matter, no matter who you are, we all have something to say, something to contribute.
Yes or No,whatever way it turns out on Friday morning, we all now  know, that is we the people of Scotland that matter, not the Bankers, not the Politicians, not the broadcasters, not the newspaper editors and owners. We are more important collectively than all of them,and more powerful.
How we excercise that power is up to us, how we engage is up to us, but when we speak collectively governemnts quake at the knees, Big Business trembles, and broadcasters pray!

This realistion is a powerful thing, because when the people realise that it is us that decides, It is us who govern. We shape the country that we live in.
For far too long people have been in thrall to those they consider more powerful, but no more.
When Better Together say as they have started saying ” If you don’t know, vote No”
What they are in effect doing is telling you not to think, not to educate yourself, remain ignorant, and do as you are told, do as your betters tell you!
Well there are no betters, the empire like the emperor has no clothes, even a small child can see that, even if adults are blinded to the reality of things.

It is not tol late for the don’t knows, you can still find out what you need to know, you can still educate yourself enough to come to a decision. Don’t let them tell you that you can’t, and don’t let them persuade you not to exercise the power you have and not vote.

There have been many people come to me and tell me over the past couple of years that they just didn’t know how they were going to vote. I have tried to answer their questions as fairly as I possibly could. Even now people are unsure, and they have concerns, quite legitimate concerns, because they have not had the straight answers that they deserve and need. A reason for this is because politicians and the media have too often been playing party politics, or putting party first, the media has been hostile to one side over the other and has not made any attempt to properly question, rather than just releasing political soundbites and PR releases without question.
Meanwhile Better Together has actively sought not to engage at all, other than to negatively attack and campaign. It was in their interests, not yours, that they didn’t discuss all the options honestly and truthfully, or to see Scotland in any positive light at all, just a basket case of country who would fair worse than any country in the world ever, should it stray from its masters in Westminster.

So let me do a quick summary for you of some of the concerns which have been expressed to me.
Pensions: Despite what might have been said by those who try to frighten you….You will not lose out, whichever way the vote goes, YES or NO, you will still get your pension, it is safe.

Currency: Scotland will use the pound, whether in a currency union or under our own steam…we own the pound too, it is not the exclusive property of England.

Europe: Under European Law, we all are citizens of Europe, each and every one of us. We have been for 40 odd years. We as citizens cannot have our citizenship revoked, and thus neither can Scotland be thrown out, so Scotland does not need to reapply for membership.
Thrre will need to be negotiations which will allow Scotland’s membership to be recognised in  in our own right, but otherwise, it will be seamless and its down to the politicians do sort through the red tape.

We will not have border posts requiring passports at Carlisle, we will travel as we do currently back and forth, just like they do from the Republic of Ireland to the North, or to Scotland and England and Wales.

We will not become foreigners to our friends and relatives in England…

These are the main sort of questions I have been asked, it really is not the horrendous problems some try to make out, so don’t worry you will be fine.

Many people have said, my heart says yes but my head says no,or don’t know.

Well all I can say is follow your heart,because it knows you better than anyone else, even yourself maybe.
Too often people have been frightened out of following their heart in all sorts of situations and events in life, because other people have bullied them, frightened them, or told them that they were doing something wrong. In almost every occasion, the hurt caused by not following their has just not been worth it,and many have regretted it, some for the rest of their lives, even dying with regret.
Do not let that happen to you, instead follow your heart, it wont lead you astray.
That does not mean to say you don’t use the head, of course you do, and you must!
Use them both together, be guided by them, but let your head follow your heart, and help your heart to find the solutions which will allow your desire, solutuons can always be found for what you really really want.
Do not let fear paralyse you, be bold, be corougeous and be strong…Fear which incapacitates is a terrible thing. Feel the fear, and face it down, and go ahead and do what you want to do anyway.

The thing about fear, is that very often it is groundless, and when you actually pass through it, you find it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as you feared it would be. In fact it probably didn’t hurt at all.

Come Friday morning.. Please do not waken up and have that awful feeling in your gut that tells you, you made a massive mistake by not following your heart. You may never recover from it…

SO please please please….Whatever way you want to vote…YAY or Nae
Keep the heid and follow your heart!!

Obviously I dearly hope that you will join me in an Independent Scotland with aspirations to make this country a better place for all us, for our children and grand children and all that follow.

We can DO THIS!!!  To hell with Fear!! Follow your heart! Say YES!

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Together Supressed or Together Inspired

When Better Together go on about being Better Together, they of course mean for themselves, not Scots, not Scotland, and God forbid not the proles.
The past few days as we enter the final week has been a shit storm of warp factor 10 Fear stories. They have thrown not just the Kitchen sink at us, but the whole damn house!
Politicians hot footing up from London, Massive scare stories about how badly off we will be, the banks all leaving us, the supermarkets all rocketing their prices up, the oil running out..Again!!!

I have spent the last couple of days researching all the links between these big multinationals and Westminster, MPs and Lords Interests in private companies, where Gordon Brown and Alastair Darling have been raking it in giving talks to all sorts of Interesting organisations. It all makes very interesting reading, and I was going to concentrate on that, but changed my mind. I would much rather give you a broader picture rather than focus on Individuals.

This whole business of the Banks and Supermarkets and warnings from the likes of Richard Branson is one unholy alliance with Westmisnter, and If we pay any attention to them, more the mugs are we. Do you honestly think for one moment that they give a stuff what happens to you, that somehow they have your best interests at heart? Not for one moment.

Are we going to listen to a Bunch of Bankers telling us what to do?
Funny how their nests are well feathered whilst we sleep in the dirt they left behind them in 2008. Who are these people to tell us what is good for us?

Downing Street has been caught red handed with their fingers in the pie, leaking information illegally and driving market prices down.
They have been caught admitting having the Suoermarket bosses in to get them to tell scare stories.
The links between Westminster and the financial sector and big business and the media are extensive, and they are cajoling and pushing these people to do their bidding now, they are calling in all their favours, and if these companies want subsidies, government money, well they had best play ball!

Are supermarkets really going to drive up prices in an Independent Scotland? No chance, not unless they want run out of business. If Asda put their prices up, people will shop where prices are lower!

Are the banks going to do a runner? No chance, lose out on our money, pigs might fly.

For every scarey story, another company says the opposite. Where gaps are left in the market, andother comes to fill their place.
The banks have not left Ireland, and that was after Ireland over stretched themselves, we are not, and will not be in that position.

What it is all about is control, of the Big guys telling us what to do, and we are to shut up and listen.
Well that is no longer going to happen. We have had enough of being treated like muck!

We are Better Together though, we are better together as an aspirational society in an Independent Scotland, where we can put social justice above casino banking in our priorities.
We are Better Together, taking our place in the world, and welcoming the world to us, not as some insignificant cog in a self interested British State.

We are not going to bow down to their Fear which is used to suppress and intimidate us, not any more.
We have risen above their Fear, and we see a future we can build with our own hands,and we will not be cowed. Just who do they think we Scots are? Scots have never been known for cowardice and we are not about to be cowardly now.

The Time has come, we will as the old song says, be a nation again!

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