Something Borrowed(According to a university study, Scotland and the Basque Country would do well to take their independence)

According to a university study, Scotland and the Basque Country would do well to take their independence

Scotland and the Basque Country are the nations that would benefit the most part

24/11/2011 – 11:00 MADRID (Novopress Breizh) – According to the findings of a study by a team of Spanish, French, Russian and U.S., Scotland and the Basque Country are the nations in Europe would benefit most – at least economically – to separate the countries to which they belong now. An original investigation, both in purpose and in its method, which could affect many other regions in France and in Europe – starting with Britain.

According to a university study, Scotland and the Basque Country would do well to take their independence

Revealed by the Express, this study was conducted under the direction of Ignacio Ortuño Ortin of the Carlos III University of Madrid, in collaboration with the New School of Economics Moscow (Russia), Southern Methodist University in Dallas (United States) and “Toulouse School of Economics” – in French “the Toulouse School of Economics” – one of the best schools in Europe in economics.

From a mathematical model that evaluates the economic benefits for countries to join together or to separate the contrary, researchers at these universities have come to the conclusion that the Basque Country would do well to leave Spain and the Scotland UK. The model is based not only on the economic potential of countries – not surprising – but also their cultural identity, which is more original.

Cultural identity is difficult to accurately assess the academic team has had the idea to assess this factor, to be based on population genetics, arguing rightly that the genetic distance of nations is a reliable indicator of greater or lesser cultural proximity. Approach can be seen very innovative, very far from the dominant ideological conformism, even if the assumptions do not take into account that the only economic interest of countries, including geopolitical aspects are excluded.

On this basis, the study considered the best alliances such as the European countries should be concluded between them if the European Union would break. In this scheme, such as Austria should join forces with Switzerland, Denmark with Norway – which is not very surprising – and France … with the United Kingdom – which seems more original. According to researchers, there are also cases where the benefits between countries would not be reciprocal: it would include that of Spain, which could take advantage to join with France, while the reverse is not true.

Finally, according to Ignacio Ortuño Ortin, if the EU were to adopt and maintain a common economic and fiscal governance, four countries would benefit: Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Finland, which should benefit the most with increases in wealth of 13%, 11.9%, 8.9% and 8%. As against Germany, France and Italy could be the big losers.

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