All Ado About Tom

Tom Harris, one of the leadership candidates for the Labour party in Scotland has certainly been busy in the last day or so, giving his opinions and deepest thoughts(not that deep!) to all who will pay him any attention whatsoever.

He has been talking to the Herald newspaper, and reported as blaming the Scots MSP’s for the abject failure of their last campaign. Then he was twittering later that he had said nothing to that effect, when he clearly had!
It is no surprise that he is not best buddies with the MSP’s as only one of them thought it worthwhile to nominate him. Not exactly Mr Popular round Holyrood way Is our Tom.

The other interviews he has had, have been with the Holyrood Magazine and the Fabian Society.

In an interview with Holyrood magazine, the Glasgow South MP suggests there will be “nothing remotely democratic” in the SNP’s plans for the referendum, and that it is in Alex Salmond’s nature to put a dishonest question to the Scottish electorate.

“He will change any rule – literally any rule – in order to get the result he wants. There’s nothing remotely democratic in that.”

What rules Alex Salmond will change, he doesn’t clarify, never mind what this affront to democracy might be?
The last I knew was that the SNP having secured a massive democratic mandate in the last election, have every right to place a referendum in front of the people,and as the Government they have the right to call it when they said they would, the second half of this parliamentary session, and to choose the wording of it. What is undemocratic about that I fail to see.

The article continues ‘Harris also suggested that SNP officials were aware of party members who he accused of spreading “vitriol” on the internet.

Harris said: “The level of vitriol on the internet from Nats who believe that by disagreeing with them you are a traitor, or a quisling, or you are a bad person; most of them do believe that. They tend to cover it up.

“The SNP [as an] organisation always says, ‘nothing to do with us’ – of course they are, they just used pseudonyms so you can’t prove whether they’re SNP members or not. There’s a lot of bullying on the internet, and that kind of bullying is being used to a huge extent by the Nationalists.

I know people say, ‘there’s just as much antagonism on the Labour side’ and ‘Labour people are just as nasty’ – that’s a lie, that’s wrong, and it’s demonstrably wrong.”

He really is getting paranoid the poor man. It is very rare to see Cybernats making the sort of personal comments that Harris is attributing to them. Most are are handy enough at debunking all the myths and lies and scare stories,without having to resort to personal abuse. Of course it goes on to a very minimalist extent, but such is life on the internet.
But to say that having made this accusation, he has no evidence to back his claims up,just his own skewed beliefs, Is frankly preposterous.
But not only that, Labour people are angels who can do no wrong and to suggest that their vitriolic attacks in the pages of the scotsman and such are imaginary, is bonkers.
We don’t need to know who these people are when you can have Labour MPs who accuse the SNP of being Nazis, and Lords who compare Alex Salmond to Mussolini!

But dear precious Tom is absolutely wonderful with his interviw with the Fabian Society.
The following are some of the questions, and my response to his answers.

What does politics mean to you?

Politics is an obsession to me, probably to an unhealthy extent. But that’s because nothing is more important than a debate that leads to one party or another gaining control of government and being able to affect people’s lives, I hope for the better.

Ahh…So Tom, there is nothing more important in politics than debate which leads to one party gaining of control of Government and ruling peoples lives?
Should it not be the other way round, that you and your party should be doing your best to represent the peoples wishes,and to carry these out. Are you not supposed to be at their service, not them at yours?

Why Labour?
The Labour Party drives me nuts much of the time, but there’s no doubt in my mind that its instincts and history define it as the best vehicle for progressive reform in our country.

Why not the Tories?

Why not the Lib Dems?
Oh, where to start, where to start…? I acknowledge that many LibDems have their hearts in the right place. But why does that place always have to be on their sleeves? Pious self-righteousness leaves me cold, especially when I know that that sanctimony, as expressed by the likes of Clegg, has no moral foundation. We all know that politics is occasionally and necessarily cynical. So just accept that and get on with the job, don’t wring your hands about it and bemoan others for not being as perfect as you.

No question of asking you Tom, Why not the SNP?
Its alright, I will let you away with avoiding that one, we know you don’t like the idea of Scots being Independent, you much prefer Uniomnist servitude.

But ‘We all know that politics is occasionally and necessarily cynical. So just accept that and get on with the job, don’t wring your hands about it and bemoan others for not being as perfect as you.’ Oh Come on, you have been all over the press and media bemoaning your face off about these vile Nationalists! The pious self righteousness of the Liberals would surely suit you down to a T.

What was the best thing Labour achieved in Government?
The Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish parliament existed for many centuries before Labour,Tom.
Surely you mean Devolution? But what of the real policies of note in Labours long distant past? You know, the Health Service, The Welfare State. Ahh but these belonged to the real Labour party, the ones that actually fought for the working man to have representation. The ones that really did care for ordinary workers conditions, In fact the ones who had Socialist policies! But that was a different Labour party wasn’t it?


What’s been your biggest achievement?
I was the railway minister who saved the Blackpool tram.

AHH..wonderful. You are just the man we need Tom. Your Unionist Pals all foisted the Edinburgh Tram on us. The one which hasn’t gone anywhere yet, and has cost an absolute mint for no return fare.
Now we know why you really want to be Labours Leader in Scotland, you loved playing with train sets as a boy! You can get to play with a real live Tram Set!! OOh..Call Santa!!!!

What’s been your biggest disappointment?
Being sacked by Gordon Brown as a transport minister.

Big Bully! Nasty Man took away your train set! But not as Nasty as these awful Nats.. Oh NO..They want to take away your whole railway!

What is your favourite political moment?
Being appointed by Tony Blair as a transport minister.

OOH GOODY!!! You got your Trainset back…CHooChoo WOO WOO Puff Puff

What is your favourite political quote?
Mario Cuomo: “We campaign in poetry but we govern in prose.” True and perfectly put.

No,Please No,Tom!
We really don’t want to hear your poetry, your prose is dire enough!

Who is your political villain?
Alex Salmond.

Watch out, He’s Behind You!! BOO HISSS!!!

What do you most dislike about British politics?
Virtually nothing. It’s wonderful.

Really? All the Scandals, The Cash for Questions, The Great Expense Fiddle, The Whole Dire Mess of things. Nothing? Really Nothing? Of course you like your London Trough, why are you up here again?

What do you most like about British politics?
Probably the House of Commons: a much misunderstood and unjustifiably denigrated institution.

Yehh Right!! Pull the other one, its got Bells on! Ohh your answer is meant as a joke?? Haha

How can Labour win the next election?
By appealing to every voter who supported us in 97 and by giving them a reason to support us again. You could do worse than ask Tony . .

Cracker Tom!!! Leave them laughing as you go!! What a trooper!

As a Late addition to this wee article. I have just seen the following Twit on Twitter!!

Tom Harris
Tom4Scotland Tom Harris
‘Oh dear. My train hasn’t moved in ages and now all the lights have gone out. I wonder if @VirginTrains know what’s going on?’

Says it All really!!
About Toms train set, Labour, The Unionists and Britain!

The Gravy Train has Stopped, The Lights have all gone out, and The British Government have not got a clue what’s going on!
Meanwhile, us Scots who have been fuelling this train are All now Disembarking.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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8 Responses to All Ado About Tom

  1. Love it. Beautifully summed up..

    Oh, deary me. Poor Tom. Or perhaps we should call him The Poor Uncle Tom – of Scottish Politics and Scotland, one has the feeling he hasn’t really recovered from the Cringe. Or am I just being a nasty, bullying Scottish Patriot ( seeing as he dislikes Nationalists)?

  2. What words are there available to describe this New Labour clone (or is it clown? I can never decide) . Where are all these SNP internet wizzards that are controlling the 62,000 odd unique computers that log on to Newsnet Scotland every month?

    That is while the SNP internet wizzards control all those other nasty cybernats who log onto the main stream media and rip the likes of a Harris or a Cochrane an extra arsehole.

    Why are Labour not up in arms about all the ‘cyberfawkes’ who routinely call Labour and their supporters far nastier things in extreme foul language (the c**t word is routinely used as both and adjective and a noun to describe Labour) by the thousands each day? Where is the faux rage that Tom Watson leaked Alistair Campbell’s testimony to his Labour lovie blogging pals only to have it copied, pasted then taken to bits by the Guido Fawkes blog. Labour’s big supporters Trinity Mirror accused of hacking Cherie Blair’s phone – surely Harris could have expectorated some spleen on the Mirror and Record – they would have appeared to conducted something that was illegal.

    That is where Uncle Tom Harris has lost the plot along with the rest of the non autonomous Scottish region of the Labour Party (registered HQ’s in Newcastle and London). He really believes that by repeating all the mistakes the very MSP’s he so derides have already made in their dealing with the SNP and the Scottish electorate but with his louder shouty Westminster ‘voice’ will make it work this time around. Somehow he believes the leadership Scotland is looking for is from an angry, loud hailer style Labour person whose ego and voice are bigger than his brain. If only they shout more and louder at us Scots we will believe we are too poor, too small and too stupid to be a nation state again then Labour’s policy of obstruction of the majority of active electors in Scotland whishes will work.

    One of us mad here; given my moniker and psychiatric history, Rod, surprisingly I know it is not me.


    Oh well, back to the padded cell…..

  3. david says:

    Oh how true but is Lamont better. Better in the sense she will lead us to an Independent country unintentionally.?

  4. Bob Leslie says:

    I am, in fact, the “Wizzard” (it’s embroidered that way on my hat) responsible for all you 62,000 odd (sometimes, very odd) cybernats who login to Newsnet. Every night, I mix my potion (eye of Cochran, bile of Curran, snot of Murphy, a sprinkling of juniper berries, etc.) and proceed to brainwash you all (on setting 2, 30ºC, followed by the dry wit program). Alas! It is ineffective against ostriches – something to do with sand in the ears – but I’m working on that with my friend the Librarian (another SNP supporter – he has strong connections with Fyffe and is always ready to lend the Party a hand, or, indeed, a foot).
    Rincewind MacMage
    Ankh Macpork
    PS You’re doing a grand job, Rod. Just cut back a wee bit on the exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve got me so excited, by the time I’ve got to the end of the blog, I’m a wet rag!!!!!!!!

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