Sectarianism (the British Myxomatosis) Part 8 , Conclusion

Finally I come at last full circle to the present.Just in time to see a new Law on Sectarian hate crime come into force in the Scottish parliament.
I maintained from the beginning of these articles that this issue was primarily instigated and kept running by something else other than religion, and that religion was a handy vehicle to hang it all on. But has religion in all reality been the scapegoat? Lets have a look at last at Myxomatosis and what it is.

Myxomatosis (sometimes shortened to “myxi”) is a disease that affects rabbits and is caused by the Myxoma virus. It was first observed in Uruguay in laboratory rabbits in the late 19th century. It was introduced into Australia in 1950 in an attempt to control the rabbit population.
In rabbits of the genus Sylvilagus (cottontail rabbits), myxomatosis only causes localized skin tumors, but the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) is more severely affected. At first, normally the disease is visible by lumps (myxomata) and puffiness around the head and genitals. It then may progress to acute conjunctivitis and possibly blindness; however, this also may be the first indication of the disease. Death usually occurs within 14 days.
There is no treatment for rabbits suffering myxomatosis, other than palliative care to ease the suffering of individual animals, and the treatment for secondary and opportunistic infections, in the hopes the treated animal will survive.Contact with an infected animal, cage, feeding or water dishes, and insects, can also be spread through breeding, specifically infecting the sexual organs of the animal.

The disease reached the UK in 1953, being illegally imported onto an estate in West Sussex. Some in the UK deliberately spread the disease, placing sick rabbits in burrows, while many others deplored the cruelty and suffering. The government refused to legislate to make deliberate spread of the disease illegal. By 1955, about 95% of rabbits in the UK were dead. Rabbits suffering in the last stages of the disease, commonly called “mixy” or “myxie” rabbits, are still a common sight in the UK

So what on earth has any of this got to do with sectarianism and the British?
Myxie was not fatal for the South American rabbit, but when Introduced to the European rabbit it was both highly contagious and fatal.
When James I and VI introduced the Northern English and Southern Scots protestants into Ireland to claim local land for plantations, he was in effect introducing an alien rabbit into the local rabbit population. These Southern Scots were not Gaels and were of a different religion to the Irish. They had neither tongue nor culture in common.Their enforced presence on the Irish was akin to introducing an invasive and destructive foreign virus upon them.
Scots and Irish Gaels had been mixing for centuries and had got on well, as these Gaelic Highland Scots shared the same tongue and the same culture,while these planted Lowland Scots did not.
This colonisation enforced by James was to be the forerunner of the tactics used to later build the British Empire. The British were to become masters of Divide to Rule tactics, and later on In Irish History we see how this tactic worked by using Protestant Factors and Hierarchy to oversee the Irish populace.The rulers of Ireland up to the 19th Century was the English Protestant class.
As I have previously said, there were many protestants who fought for Irish Independence, and there was no animosity over religion in the bulk of Ireland.
We see how the British Introduced Soldiers to the North of Ireland to protect the seized plantations and the Scots Lowland Protestants,and how many of these soldiers settled there after the conflict.These same Scots Ulster men were to fight for Protestant William of Orange against Catholic James II for the British throne after James II had initially fled. This war was a war of Royalty and Power with religion as part of the excuse.
It would have been Fear that would have been the prime motivator for these Ulster Scots to fight on Williams side, Fear of losing their farms and lands, and Fear for their Lives should William have lost.
The Irish Catholics and other Irish Protestants would have been fighting for their country and Independence.

Myxomatosis is highly communicable, and untreatable at any stage and so is Sectarianism highly communicable and resistant to cure.

The use of Fear has been a major factor used down the centuries by the British and subsequently the Americans to control their populaces to do their bidding. Most recently seen hyped in the War on Terror and how Muslims are depicted particularly in America.
Fear is also the factor used by Labour to maintain the immigrant Irish Catholic vote in the West of Scotland, who else was to defend them but Labour against the majority Scottish protestant society? Perhaps once Labour did, but that was all many a long year ago.
This Fear factor has been a corner stone of how sectarianism was engendered In Northern Ireland. How Protestants and Catholics were made to fear each other, and subsequently engender hatred and continual conflict.

The British Throne and Empire used Fear, but was not immune to Fear itself. Hence why the banning of any Catholic ascending the Throne. We would not have Lizzie now,if it were not for that sectarian rule.
There are also the tools used to spread contagion,these tools include propaganda, Lies. or Spin as they call it now. Such as the implication and false allegations of Parnell in terrorist activities.
Division is another tool also used to propagate sectarianism.
The Conservatives fiercely campaigned to have the Unionist north east of Ireland treated separately from the rest of the island. They argued that the Protestants of Ulster constituted a separate Irish nation. They hoped this argument would stop Home Rule being introduced, since it would, they believed, result in a volatile Ireland containing two national identities.
This dividing tactic was uncommonly successful In Northern Ireland itself, not only dividing it from the rest of Ireland, but the division between Catholic and Protestant and even whole cities like Belfast divided into sectarian ghettos.
Much of what transpired in the Troubles further inflamed this sectarianism and fed the bigotry found in Rangers v Celtic matches in Scotland, where both sides hold more allegiance to their toxic divisions than for the country of Scotland which nurtures them.
They have become infected blindly bigoted diseased rabbits in themselves, some transplanted back to where there forebears had come from.

Even today, there have been very voluble protests against the new Sectarian Law, for neither side wish to let go of their tribal sectarian animosities. Some will even forgo Scottish Independence and vote to stay under the control of the British State than support Independence under a Legislature that tells them to stop their historical baiting and chanting of each other, for a religion which has become a minority in an increasingly secular country. Which has got to be a very strange position for the republican supporting Celtic supporter to take.

As Some in the UK deliberately spread myxomatosis, placing sick rabbits in burrows, while many others deplored the cruelty and suffering. The government refused to legislate to make deliberate spread of the disease illegal.
So has the British Government deliberately encouraged sectarianism in Northern Ireland by secretly using illegal protestant organisations and feeding them information during the Troubles, whilst appearing to condemn them.
As the Nationalist Government in Scotland has acted to do something about the Sectarianism amongst the Old Firm and in society, the Westminster Unionist parties played lip service initially saying something had to be done, but then refused to constructively engage thereafter, before finally coming out as a block against the legislation. Leaving the Nationalists to carry the wrath of the Sectarian footballing Brotherhood alone. Yet more Divide to Rule, with supporters of both sides United in decrying the despairing attempts to end their bigotry, rather than forgo their age old animosity of each other.

Neither side sees how they have both been used and abused for centuries, and put to war against each other for the benefit of Rule, by those In power in the British State.
One side pledging undying allegiance to their Abusers, the other side still fighting to reclaim their forebears unified country.
Neither side caring to give their support for the fight for Independence of their own country.
With the Red white and Blue and Union Jacks flying in one corner, and the Green and White and Irish Tricolours in the other corner, and no sign of the Blue and White Saltire in either one.

This Sectarian divide belongs not to Scotland, nor does it belong to religion. It Belongs squarely with the politics of the British State and manufactured and nurtured by the British State, in order to ensure the continuation of British Rule. A Sectarianism carried along in the virulent toxic disguise of a religion, which bears little or no resemblance to any tolerable form of Christianity.

Wherever did Christ say to Hate one another? Whenever did Christ replace love thy neighbour with , kick the shit out of the Orange/Fenian little bastard? Whenever did Christ replace Do unto others what you would have them to unto you with, Give the Proddy/Tim a doing? Whenever did singing praise unto the Lord become, Chanting expletives in the name of one Christian Leader against another One?
If this Poisonous Rubbish masquerading under the guise of Christianity is even to be recognised as a Religion, it is a Religion which is utterly diseased,blinded and mangled beyond all recogniton like a Myxied Rabbit,and the only humane thing you can do with that, Is put it Down.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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4 Responses to Sectarianism (the British Myxomatosis) Part 8 , Conclusion

  1. Robert Mac says:

    A very well written piece
    Have said all along that i don’t think these new laws are necessary
    It’s not just a british disease ; it’s world wide
    particulary prominent in eastern europe
    Other european countries have rascist football fans much worse than any old firm fans
    It’s all over Scotland Hibs n Hearts fans are tainted by this too !
    Ultras in Italy , History of Spanish rascist fans , similair in France
    Skinhead rascists in Germany , Sweden
    Italian league disrupted because of football related murder
    Think new laws in Scotland were not needed at all ; the existing laws were not applied much
    The authorities consistently done nothing about this problem
    Why should these new laws apply to only football fans
    What about the sectarian bile of the orange order ?
    The orange parades deliberately target catholic churches
    Why is that allowed ?

    New Labour ; passed around 3.000 laws when they were in power
    The misuse of so called anti-terrorist laws has been prolific amongst town councils
    The new legislation curtails freedom of speech & is another example of Orwelian insanity
    That those in power are obsessed with
    I do support independence for Scotland
    Don’t want it to be a police state though ; it’s already more than half way there
    In my lifetime every government i’ve ever witnessed has done nothing much for ordinary people
    All they do is support the money men even when they faill so much
    It’s quite clear that governments don’t actually run things
    Sincerely hope an independent Scotland will be different

    P.S. forgive spelling mistakes ill health at least partly to blame

  2. John says:

    I enjoyed reading your article.

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