Will The Real Alex Salmond please Stand Up?

I have observed,heard,noted, and read many people giving their opinion of Alex Salmond.
None of what I have heard or seen, has in any way,actually come close to describing the man, or even what he thinks or stands for.
Yet at the same time, it is amazing how many people think they know him.
I have heard ordinary people being influenced by his demeanour and how he comes across to them. With the help of course of political commentators in the media. They follow the likes of people who do not know him at all. Alan Cochrane in the Telegraph is a prime example, but by no means alone! The likes of he, calls Alex a Dictator, Smug, A mini Hitler etc. It Is all of course nonsense, it is all a reaction to the fear they have of him. Alex and the SNP threaten their very lifestyle. Where would the likes of Cochrane be, working for an English paper, if Alex and the SNP ever achieved their goal of Independence for Scotland? Out of a job,that’s where!
Speaking to ordinary people influenced by the likes of him, both for English and Scottish papers, I hear comments which are derogatory of him. I also note the same from their reactions to reports on BBC Scotland.He is a sort of Anti Christ!!
None of the above is True! He Is not that at all. But you try persuading people differently if that is what they are led to Believe! It is not an easy matter to convince them otherwise.

When people do see Alex get a fair crack of the whip, they are Impressed, and rightly so.
Many English people seeing him on the One Show, or other UK National programmes are left with a feeling of common sense, and a longing that He was their Prime Minister.Why? Because he knows what he is talking about, and he speaks with a knowledge of where the people are coming from.
Irrespective of how much common sense Alex speaks,many people at home in Scotland only see the Smug face, corresponding with the attitude of ‘I know better than You’
His wide smile is plastered everywhere!
Anyone that knows Scots people, also knows, how we as a people will gladly knock someone who thinks they they are above themselves down a peg or two! Hence this impression of Smart Alex, or Smart Alec!
It is here that Alex’s public persona actually plays against itself in the Scots Psyche.
But In reality, the mistake is misconstruing confidence for smugness! Alex is supremely confident, but not Smug!
If I were to dare give Alex advice on how he should present himself, it would be the advice of learning to cut down on smiling so much!

Whilst many commentators and people make their own deluded judgements of the man, based on the above impressions.Other commentators and journalists make hay with the fact that they do not know him at all. They comment on the fact that he is a very private individual who does not speak about his private life. They note that his wife Moira is so much Older than him, and that they have no children. All as if this was some sort of sin!
In a World of Media and Celebrity, this privacy does not do! He must therefore be hiding something, Right? Wrong!
If I were Alex,and I am not! I would keep my own personal life as far away from the media as I could manage. Personally I have been there to a degree, and It is not a nice place to be!
We All have a right to privacy, irrespective of what position we hold, and we should not be accountable for that privacy in our private lives, no matter what position we hold. Public is Public, Private is Private.
From a Media perspective, they do not like Alex’s privacy one bit! They expect to know every last little detail of your life. Alex thinks otherwise,and quite rightly too!

Without going into much detail,let me tell you something about Alex Salmond the Man.
He is confident, and so he should be! He has learned through trial and error to be the Master of his craft.
None of us achieve any manner of success in whatever field we might be in, without a confidence in our abilities. We only learn to be confident through practice,success and failure. It is thus that we learn.
I once was a rookie minister. I shook at the thought of speaking to a mass of people, I had no confidence that I could deliver a talk in public. To begin with, I shook to by toes, I needed notes, I didn’t want to face people!
Now, I no longer fear. I am no longer a minister either, but that is besides the point! If asked, I could stand in front of thousands of people today. I could deliver a speech without notes, I could perform how I felt. You try that! Many think they can, but when they actually try it? It is trying!
Such is Alex’s Art, he has needed to learn to be more than just a thinker, he has had to be a performer too. Not just an occasional performer in Question Time, but forever on Stage.

So where is Alex Salmond the Man? He is amongst us all the time.
Ok, his speeches are written for him sometimes, that is politics!
Ok,he puts on a persona. That too is politics!
The thing is, Alex actually Believes in what he says!
A politician Believing in what they say? How Extraordinary!
But Alex Does!! Hence the difference between him and other lesser models.

I actually worked in the same area as Alex in the North East of Scotland for a few years. In that time I actually got to know Alex reasonably well.
Yes he is confident, is that a sin?
No he is not Smug!
I like Moira,she is lovely, and helps keep Alex on the right track,quietly!
I am fairly sure that without Moira in his life, Alex would be a scruffy sod like me! She also keeps him in check! In effect, pulls him down a peg or two when he needs it.
Alex himself is one of the most caring Individuals I have ever met.
He is naturally friendly, naturally cheerful, naturally humorous.
What is more, I can say with certainty that he does his absolute very best for everyone,without caring where they come from,or how they have got there.
I know, and he wont appreciate me divulging it, that he has given many many thousands of pounds for good causes from his own money.
I also know that whenever the poorest or sickest have needed him, he has done all he could and asked no publicity. There lies the measure of the Man!
A Politician shunning publicity for his Good Deeds, Surely Not?!
Imagine a 14 year old boy dying of cancer. His parents shell out thousands of pounds to take him to Disney World. He falls too Ill to go. They cant get their money back!!
I ask Alex for help…He shames the company into giving the money back!

A Charity going down the tubes? I ask Alex for help…He helps…He gives thousands of pounds paid by a magazine for an interview with him..The Total Sum he received!!! He saves the Charity!

The Man should be judged by his Worth, not by how others misjudge his personae.

Alex, if you read this article, Happy Birthday!
P.s I don’t need paid! You are a very lovely person, and Thank You!!

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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7 Responses to Will The Real Alex Salmond please Stand Up?

  1. Andrew H McMorrin says:

    An excellent, positive tribute to a Great man and just the day after his birthday.

  2. Mike Cunningham says:

    2 Words you never see in the MSM in reference to The Man, integrity and stewardship.

    Strange that … just saying!
    Happy New Year to one and all!

  3. Scottish republic says:

    I met Alex once 20 years ago – he was a great man then and he’s a great man now.

    The Brit nats call him ‘smug’ because they have nothing else to say (actually they say that very little now) – their own leaders have infinitely more disagreable and grotesque traits than so called smugness.

    I do not detect smugness in the slightest in his demeanor, behaviour or his words. It is the measure of his success and their failure that ‘smug’ is their attack.

    He is a bit too overweight – it should be noted that Scotland elected the man for his demeanor, behaviour, words and actions – being overweight normally kills electoral success for a party leader but it didn’t with him. Not one little bit – people know who they’re getting.

    Auld Aquaintance – 20,000 – join the party again. One has to drop the past (whatever it is) and think of the future.

    Good article – visited your blog already, enjoying what you write.

    Happy New Year AA

  4. Andy Auchterlonie says:

    The Brit Nuts have only one tactic. Personal attacks on the man who will go down in history with the likes of Wallace and Robert the Bruce as fighters of Scotland’s freedom. It is interesting to note that when he does make a wee booboo like the other week when he ‘mislead’ parliament, he apologised at the earliest possible time when it became clear to him that his ‘facts’ were not quite right. The man is confident enough and honourable enough to do so. On the other hand, look at the Brit Nut puppet ‘leader’ of the ‘Scottish’ Labour party, Joanne Lamont who disgustingly misled parliament regarding a made up rape case. We still await an apology, and we are more likely to see blue snow. More power to your elbow Alex Salmond. Saor Alba.

  5. I can tell you when I became an admirer of your First Minister. It was after the release of al-Megrahi when there were howls to throw the Justice Minister to the wolves. How many politicians would have stood behind him the way Alex Salmond did? (My admiration for the Justice Minister is another topic) It would have been very easy for the FM to reduce any political damage to himself by selling out Mr. Macaskill. He didn’t do so. He stood behind Nicola Sturgeon when she was viciously attacked. He is what is sometimes referred to as a “conscience politician” which is such a rarity in this world that I am truly stuck with envy. I don’t think we in the US have even one of that ilk. I suppose he does seem smug at times. It’s hard not to be, I suspect, when you can debate rings around your opponents.

  6. Morag says:

    Well, if the pair of them weren’t so smugly insistent that they have no doubt about the safety of Megrahi’s conviction, when the SCCRC itself reported on six points by which it appeared to be a miscarriage of justice, and even a cursory reading of the court judgement reveals the biggest stitch-up in the Scottish criminal justice system since the trial of James of the Glen in 1752 – THEN I’d be more impressed.

  7. Morag says:

    I remember once, ages ago, Winnie Ewing saying she had advised Alex to smile more. He started giving slightly nervous little grins, that weren’t necessarily very effective. Even then, I wondered if her advice was so good, as a bit of gravitas isn’t bad for a young politician. Now, the bonhomie seems real, and it’s part of the persona. Overall, people probably like it.

    The thing is, if we do get independence, it will largely be down to him. Sure, he couldn’t have done it without the SNP as a vehicle, building on its past labours. But the SNP couldn’t have done it without an outstanding leader. And yes, he is going to go down as the Father of the Nation – not a bad legacy for a childless man. He’s going to be our Lincoln, our Washington, our Havel, our Walesa. There will be statues and books and songs and poems. All for a tubby, middle-aged guy with a grin. And the unionists hate this idea so much they have developed a smear that Salmond is doing all this simply because he wants to be so lauded.

    Yes, he’s going to stand beside Wallace and Bruce. He’s going to be the redemption of Fletcher of Saltoun. And some people will just have to get over it.

    One man with a dream, at pleasure shall go forth and conquer a crown
    And three with a new song’s measure can trample a kingdom down.

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