It’s My Party and I’ll Say what I want to.

After much of the posturing and party politics of the last week,where faux outrage reached new heights and grandstanding not very grand.
I thought I would take a step back from watching the increasingly infantile displays of some of our politicians and make a comment of a much more personal sort.

I am a Nationalist, and I have been one all my life, even before I knew what being a Nationalist meant.
I am not a politician,and never have aspired to be one. I really can’t be bothered with what I see as playing political chess with peoples lives. I do though admit that they are necessary, in framing measures, and debating what are the right ways of shaping our democracy. Unfortunately I feel many of them in recent years have forgotten what they are there for, and who they are supposed to be representing.
They are not there to represent themselves, nor put party in front of people. They are where they are to represent us. Some are doing an absolutely dreadful job of it.
As for political parties trying to get one over each other, I would say grow up! It is not some fun political game, where the enemy is the opposition. You are all playing with peoples lives, Real people,who are trying to do the best they can to live with the crap you are leaving for them!

I do not belong to any party, I am a member of none. None of you parties represent me, because I vote for none of you!
Some may say that I have effectively disenfranchised myself because I refuse to play the recognised political game.That may or may not be true? I once got into all that stuff, before I realised that really it made no difference to me. It matters not the club, the organisation,the union, the party, the tribe. The Dregs with the loudest voices and the greatest aspiration will jostle themselves to the top of every root and branch in the name of hubris.That is not to say that there are not also very good people doing so too, but I just can’t be bothered with it. I am not a team player.

I will vote in the Independence Referendum, Wild Horses could not stop me from doing that. It is a once in a Lifetime opportunity when it comes.If I lived on the far side of the moon, I would still return to vote for my country and my peoples right to self govern.
Those who have been here through generations and those who have come to be part of us, and add to our traditions and culture. I will lend my vote and support for any party campaigning for that future for Scotland. It doesn’t mean I will agree with them on all matters.
I am not a party animal, but I am a very social one, and the day Scotland finally retains her Independence, I shall party like there is no tomorrow.

I am my own party, and I will say what I want to, shout if I want to, and indeed cry if I want to. But what I will not be is dictated to, or told what to do, or what to think, or what to say, and to follow a party line.
I am completely independent, in every sense of the word, and I will fight vigorously to retain my Independence. I will also work with who I like, talk with who I wish to talk with,in order to maintain and grow my Independence. In the process, I will assist others where I can. My independence is not just about me, I am not Independent just for my own self gratification. I wish everyone else to have the best life possible too. I don’t just think it is all about me, because its surely not!
If we do the best that we can for others,we are also doing the best for ourselves.If we help others to have a better life, then our own surroundings become better too. Hopefully too, they will learn that lesson, and by extension improve their circle of society. Thus the circle grows. Society becomes more tolerant and understanding of differences,and we learn by our interactions with others.

Of course, I am only as Independent as the State and the society I live in lets me be. Inevitably the State impinges on all our lives,and there is no getting away from its interference at times.
The more State interferes rather than assists, the less free we become.
I am not sure about you, but I have seen decades of increasing State interference in all our lives in this country. We have been becoming less independent, and less free since the days of Thatcher,and she was by no means the worst in impinging on our personal freedoms. The Labour Governments of Blair and Brown did far more interference than any government I have ever seen in my life in this country.

Despite all the State imposed interventions, I still retain as much of my personal liberty as I can. I don’t always win, but I try damn hard! I have come into conflict many times with Councils, Government ministers, Social work departments, and police and courts in my time.
On every occasion fighting for the rights of someone elses liberty.
They sure dont make it easy to defend peoples rights at times in this country. Often State structures will be oppressive and controlling.
Thus my continued battle for Liberty and Independence for us all.
Another reason for believing that we Scots can best look after ourselves and our ain folks, as such a social feeling for democracy has never died in our country, despite the best efforts of a British State to drag us down to Monetarist values. My feelings do not make me a Socialist, I am what might be described as a Social Libertarian, if you want to muck about with labels. half the time I have no idea what these labels are anyway.
For me, my values come from my upbringing and culture,and tradition, from our art and music and literature, from an engendering of hospitality to others, but also of self sufficiency.

Because my engaging has always been from outside or on the fringes of the system, I have become exhausted, and near breakdown in the past. You can only bang your head off a brick wall for so long before you cave your own skull in!
But back to the fray I have come, and I have come willingly.
We in Scotland are facing over the next couple of years the fight of our lives. The fight for our right to determine our freedom of Independence. The fight for a right to determine a better Nation more to our choosing. The fight to make our own decisions,and not have them made for us, by those who understand little, and want to know less, of who we are,where we belong, and what we stand for.

I really don’t give a stuff what party someone clings to. I will stand with them, If they believe in Scotlands Independence.
This really should be no issue of party politics,any politician that thinks so, should butt the hell out! Any political party that thinks so, Is a traitor to our people. They are collaborators for a regime, not representative of the Sovereign will of the people of Scotland, and are no better than the self interested rogues of 1707.
They may be Scots, but they are Sell Outs for personal Interest.
If they don’t like me saying so? Tough!
By all means if you genuinely feel that we are better off as part of this unequal Union,have your say,and you are not anti Scottish for it. But the vast number who argue against Scottish Independence, because of monetary gain, status in Westminster,personal power or privilege or rank, or a seat in some Lordlings house. Rogues the lot of you!

The people of Scotland have never been allowed their rightful say in whether they wanted the union. We are going to have our say now. Its only taken us 305 years so far, to get to this point!
I don’t give a damn about the politicians wrangling about process. I give even less of a damn about their arguing about legality or illegality to call and run a referendum, and who’s right it is to call the shots. It is all totally irrelevant.
We the people of Scotland have the inalienable right to decide our Countries future. By voting overwhelmingly for an SNP government last May, we gave them our blessing to call such referendum. We expect them now to deliver on that promise. We never asked Westminster, the Government there is not representative of the will of the people of Scotland, we never voted for them to be.
We care even less about the politicking and games you wish to play.
We only want and expect and demand that the referendum takes place, and we get to have our voice on the matter. It is in the Scottish Governments hands, but it is by our Will!
If we do not have our will recognised, or if Westminster seeks to interfere with our will, we shall take this matter into our own hands, and International Law will stand with us. Stick your Westminster law where you like! You shall Not Deny Us.

Politicians of all ilks. For once, listen to the people.
Stop your silly games, and argue your case fairly. We will listen.
Let us have the facts, not your made up ones, the real facts!
Once we have the facts at our disposal, we will then decide. Not you!
Argue your case as a matter of conscience, on what you truly believe to be true. Not some made up party line, or any other self Interest.
We dont want your tribalism or your petty politics. We deserve the Real respect which is our due, to your best endeavours on our behalf.
But most of All, We are Sovereign.Not a Party,Not a Church, Not a Queen, Not a Parliament. But we the people,and We shall decide.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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7 Responses to It’s My Party and I’ll Say what I want to.

  1. I too am not a member of the SNP but agree with what they do and say.

    If I had money I would give it to them to hasten independence but I still would not join.

    I take a Marxian view on party politics, Groucho not Karl.

    I cannot join any political party willing to have me as a member. (I paraphrase)

    I am being economical with the truth as I have a confession to make. During Freshers’ Week I joined the SNP for 2/- and then Tories!, for 2/6d

    Both offered all the beer I could drink that night, good buy that was, but the Tories had classier totty and I ahd my share of that too, all those Hutchie Girls and Park School fragrant flowers.

  2. Stevie says:

    You stand outside the political party of the SNP – as long as people are pro-independence I respect that. I will say though that without the SNP all this would have been dreams in the ether. The SNP has given Scotland its voice for the first time in her political history in the union.

    It seems odd that you will support everything they’re doing for independence but won’t join. That is without doubt you’re right – Salmond would support you 100% but I find in counter intuitive myself.

    • I do stand outwith the SNP Stevie, and yes I know Alex would have no problem with that. I agree with much hte Scottish Green party says too,and some of what the SSP stands for. I wouldn’t put anybody off joining any party in support of Scottish Independence. Its just not for me.
      Yes I agree, the SNP have been by far the most successful electorally out of all of them, and have done the most to get us to this point,and I am most thankful for that.
      I do have very good reasons for not joining, and keeping myself separate, but these reasons are specific to me and my way of thinking.
      Politically, I cross various boundaries and certainly the SNP are as good a fit as any,and more than most. However, I really don’t fit well at all with party structures,and I have tried that route in the past. Being Independent of any party doesn’t stop me from adding my own contribution to the Independence debate as you can see. If you stop to think about it, it is indeed best that If I am contributing to the debate in the way I am, my being affiliated to the SNP may not be a good thing. Indeed it could very easily,very quickly become a hindrance rather than a help to their efforts. All it would take is for something I said to be picked up negatively by the media, and hey presto…SNP blogger causes …fill in the blanks….It all lands at the SNPs doorstep,and they wouldn’t be the only ones upset by such as that.

  3. Jeannie says:

    You talk a lot of sense and that’s all that matters. People just want to hear down to earth language without all the political mumbo jumbo and one upmanship. Politicians spreading fear and confusion are only serving to put people off adding to the growing apathy in this country as to what we can do to actually control our fate.

    • Thanks Jeannie. I think that folk will be heartedly sick of all the politicking if they intend to keep going as they are,all the way to Autumn 2014. It doesn’t help matters when one side is more concerned about sowing misinformation and confusion rather than addressing the issues people really want to talk about.
      Although people will be pig sick about it all, by the time 2014 comes round. I do not think they will be apathetic about it. In fact, the very opposite, they will be absolutely desperate to vote and get it all done and dusted, so that we can move on to something else.
      The Unionist side may be wanting to have the referendum sooner rather than later, and folk would probably agree with that. However, the only reason they want an early referendum, is because they want folk voting without having all the information at hand. They are certainly not wanting it early for the peoples benefit.
      This is too great an issue to play politics with, but unfortunately they can’t help themselves.
      It is going to take every bit as much time as we need to educate everybody as they should be educated, and eventually some sort of structure will take place where that will happen. I suspect once the Nationalist side lay out their argument, the British Nationalist side will be forced to present their counter argument.
      Then we will actually be getting somewhere. But right now, its just stupid political sabre rattling.

  4. Stevie says:

    Fair enough – three great blogs now in my opinion: Moridura, Uni of Cheese ans yourself.

    Keep it up – we need this internet voice more than any of imagined – people are dropping paper news – I haven’t bought a newpaper myself in 12 years (approximately).

    The Brit nats are confused – they aren’t used to an underground fight – they prefer a behind closed doors fight.

    Strength and courage

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