Power to the People

I spoke in my previous article ‘The Lion is Rampant’, about the absolute Sovereignty of the people of Scotland.
We Scots introduced the concept of popular sovereignty to the world in 1320. We spoke then also of Liberty and Independence. We have never given up that right at any time in all the intervening years, we merely have not exercised it. It is long past time that we did.

Entertaining as the political manoeuvrings may be for the likes of me, it is something which makes many in our country feel disenfranchised and disillusioned with the whole process. Many feel that they have no say in what takes place, beyond actually voting at elections. Many have voted in a different way entirely, by not bothering to vote at all. When less than 50% vote in elections, they are effectively saying that the result is of no interest to them.
Why do they feel this way? Quite simply that it matters not how they vote they never get the governing which they were promised or which they asked for.

Take the constitutional conundrum of Westminster elections. We in Scotland turned our backs on the Tories, yet there they are, running the UK once more with the help of the LibDems. One Tory Mp in Scotland,and yet they govern us.
How does this sorry situation come to pass? It comes to pass because while we are a founding partner in the formation of the UK, we are not equal. If every single Scottish member of the Westminster parliament voted together on an Issue which the English members rejected, we would lose the vote on every occasion by a very large margin. The number of Scots Mps are about to be reduced once more. So how can they ever hope to speak for the people of Scotland and carry the day, and they certainly cannot do so now, even if Labour were not tied to the Tory coat tails.
It is no small wonder then that the people are so disillusioned over the whole politically engineered fix.

How can such a travesty be corrected? How can the people once more become engaged with the political process? How can your voice be heard above the yammerings of political jackdaws?
The answer lies with Scotlands popular sovereignty. All the people of Scotland need do, is assert the Sovereignty which is ours.
To see how this may be applied, we need to look Northwards to our Northerly brethren, Iceland.

Icelands people are a mix of Norse and Irish and Scots, they are also host to the oldest parliament in the world,the Althingi (Alþingi), created in 930AD.

In the event of the World Banking collapse, they alone stood up against the Banks and fraudulent politicians. The people of Iceland stood as one body in an exercise of Direct Democracy and sacked their Government, and prosecuted senior politicians and the Banks, and they let them fall. Through Communal Community will, they exercised their own popular Sovereignty. They held new elections and elected among themselves 25 representatives of the people to liaise and work with the parliament. With a populace of only just over 300,000 they told the World to back off,they were not about to be ruled by the International Bankers of the IMF or anybody else. The Worlds ruling class backed off!

You rarely hear much about Iceland in the news now, it does not suit the power brokers to advertise what Iceland did. They are terrified others might take the same path. Unlike poor Greece who capitulated to the bullying,and are now a worse basket case than they were to begin with.

In terms of debt in relation to Gross Dometic product, the UK is worse than all the countries of Europe combined. The UK holds 70% of Europes Debt, you don’t hear that story crowed about by our dear Unionists when they slag off other nations. Nor do you hear that while the UKs economy is in a stagnant pond,with next to zero growth, that Irelands and Icelands economies are starting to recover,and in Icelands case are now standing at 5.9% annual growth.
We in Scotland are tied to the worst economy in the whole world in terms of debt. Yet we don’t need to be,and we need to get quite a few home truths out to our people.
While Iceland may have formed the first Direct Democracy of the people of this kind,we too can do likewise,and improve on it.

By creating our own Direct Democracy movement we can directly take control and apply our Sovereignty to recreate our own Independence.
We need not leave it in the hands of our politicians, good as the SNP are at representing our Interests, it should not be up to them alone to do so. If we truly want our Independence back, we have to grasp it in both hands and claim it. Not leave it to others to lay claim to it for us.We need to take our power out of the hands of party politicians, and lend it where we feel it will do the most good, my suggestion would be the SNP as our mandated government.
But we must also come together as a people and as a movement, we need to drive forward our own independence and include all parties and none in it.The only requirement being that you are Scottish and/or of Scottish domicile,and that you believe in Scots Autonomy.

We see that the SNP government has encouraged Civic Scotland to create their thinking on Devo Max. Much as I may appreciate the bodies involved and their debate.None of that movement represent me or many others. They are talking heads in the shape of the Constitutional Convention of the 1980’s. They are Old Hat, we have moved on since then. In my view the people need to have their voice heard,and they can indeed so if enabled. Let the people speak for themselves, let your voice be heard. Let every person speak as they wish,and let not their tongue be silenced by the constraints of a limited political system.

If we create such a movement,by using the Icelandic model as a base to work with, we will in all coming together as the peoples democratic movement shape events, and not be held hostage to them.
We can look not only at achieving Independence, but look to what we as a people might do with it,once it is finally in our possession.
We can make it be, that all our people will have access to government at all levels on a daily basis, and we can change the very way that politics is done. No more politicians elected and doing as they please, but openly and directly accountable to the people at all times. Open and directly accountable to You!

If we do such a thing now, it will make the World sit up and notice, and it will shake Westminster to its absolute corpulent core.We will end all argument once and for all,as to who is sovereign, and they can argue Westminster Legalise all they like, they will be utterly incompetent and irrelevant. We will have spoken and we the people shall be heard, and they will have no option but to do our will.

For all those who wish to develop and reclaim our sovereignty, please get in touch with me at rodmacf@gmail.com. We all need to get this ball rolling, and we will need every talent and ability that all of us possess, and the more of us the better.
We have much to do, so best we get started.

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About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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3 Responses to Power to the People

  1. Well done, yet again. I do not know how non-politicos will take to the suggestion. However it has many appeals and the problem is how to communicate with the electorate.


    • Ha..Yes I know you might think I was going too fast Andrew, but there was a very good reason for it today. I really wanted both these articles to come out at the same time.
      How to engage with the electorate? It is not too hard to do. If you look at the Icelandic model, they did so by creating a website where people could express their views then created a movement from it.
      We already have various non aligned groups on FB, there are more again on twitter. So creating a group and page on FB, and a twitter account gets news out there. A website where people can express their views, put issues up for voting on and make arrangements also gives voice, and the message starts to really come to tipping point once enough support is there, giving it media and political attention.
      It all can be done relatively quickly, all it needs is the initial support to make it succeed. Think snowballs creating an avalanche. Think panic by Westminster if it becomes reality.

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