The Enemy Within

When you stand up and speak out, be sure others will try to shoot you down.

I have spent half my life in the public gaze, In some form or another. It has rarely been a place I have sought to be,as I much prefer to be in the background and out of the Spotlight.
I dont seek authority, yet at times authority has been thrust on me.
I don’t wish fame or celebrity, and assiduously avoid even the smallest form of such delusional self grandeur.
But I will stand up for what I believe in, and for those I believe in.
Unfortunately, as soon as one puts themselves in a position of speaking out, you make yourself a legitimate target.

In writing my articles, I automatically Invite criticism of what I say, and what I stand for. It is only right that people may differ, or even entirely disagree with my perspectives and views. It is their right to challenge, and produce a counter argument. I am fully accepting and open to such challenges. I may often have things I can learn from what criticism I receive, and I am entirely open to it. We learn nothing If we close our minds and blindly accept only our own point of view.
If we have open minds, we can learn something from even those who hold directly opposing views to our own. We may entirely disagree with them,but we can still learn, even if that learning is not what they hoped to convey.

When I started up my Blog, I knew fine what I was doing, and why I was doing it. I wanted to add my voice to the voices of others who are in favour of an Independent Scotland.

I wanted to argue firmly and positively the case of why Scotland deserves as its Right and it’s peoples Right,Scotlands ability to stand on its own feet, without being tied to the constraints, and demands of a Union,which in my view has been slowly killing it for Centuries.

As I spoke my own Independent and Individual Truths, I sought to engage and consider with others, our way forward as a Nation.
In developing my argument, In stating my beliefs,In fighting for our Cause,and listening to what was happening around me, I soon came to the conclusion that for us all to move forward, we needed more than narrow partisan party political argument. We the people of Scotland need to have an avenue of expressing our own voice, beyond that of the Politicians, and Business’s, and Lawyers,and Media, and Churches,and Trade Unions. We the People need a Voice.

All of the groups I have mentioned, represent aspects of the Peoples Voice, In the sense that they represent those who voted for them,or are members of their parties,groups and societies,or those that agree with their proclamations.Yet they by no sense speak for all the people, all of the time, or even at all!

You may vote for a party, but other than voting, you have little or no say in what they do with that vote. You may agree with some or even most aspects of what they subsequently do, or you may not agree.However, for most part your voice has lost resonance.

You may belong to a Church or Trade Union, but do they truly represent your will, outside of the basic purposes which they stand for?
You may work for a Big Business, but does that Business leadership speak for you?
You may buy a newspaper or watch a t.v channel, but does their editorial content and production express your opinion? Decidedly not!
All of these organisations may say that they in some sense speak for you, but do they really? And where is your voice to be heard among all the hubbub delivered daily by talking Heads? Not to be heard, I would suggest.

We are shaping up to the most important decision that the people of Scotland will make in their History. Is our voice only to be heard when we finally come to the vote? Are we not allowed voice beforehand?

Politically and Morally, the only true representation we have so far given, Is the unalienable right of the Scottish Government to hold and shape a Referendum at their time of choosing. It is the Governments Right to do so, and without hindrance by any other Government or Legal Body. When we hear and see attempts at Interference with our Will, are we to remain dumb and powerless in our howls of protest? It would seem so! Unless we can find our way to making sure our Voice is heard. The only way to do so is in my view to create a Movement,where we can all express our Voice. Otherwise we allow ourselves to be neutered and silent.

Yes indeed, we can and do express our views in public, with our neighbours and friends or down the pub, or in the gym or in the cafe, but our voice carries nowhere of importance.

We may express our views in party meetings if we happen to be political activists, but that too is barely a voice at all.

We may say what we feel in response to newspaper opinion, by letters to the editor,but will they get read or even published? We may comment on OnLine articles,and make no difference to the editorial slant, if we are not moderated out?

We may speak to our church minister, priest, rabbi or Imam, but our view will not be represented by the Religious Bodies statements.

We may speak to our Boss, or Trade Union Rep, but we may as well be urinating into the wind.

We may complain to the BBC for its editorial policies and the opinions it allows to be favoured, forget it! Our effort is effectively blandly responded to and placed in the appropriate receptacle.

We may gather together in our facebook groups and talk and argue amongst ourselves, but independently there is no voice that matters, other than causing some annoyance to the political partisans of opposing view.

Am I shouting Loud Enough?

It all remains to be seen, all I can do is try and facilitate support,and try and get everybody together of all individuals,all parties, all religions, all groups, all bodies, in support of Independence and Unite as a Movement. To say Aye4Scotland and don’t go messing with us, because we the people believe in it!

In doing so, I said I expected criticism, and I accept it.
What I did not expect was where my first source of criticism would come from. My first Real Dislike Mail so to speak.
It came not from a Unionist, but from a Nationalist!

Here it is:

‘The history of the quest for Scottish independence is littered with the self indulgent who refused to accept that only a disciplined political party could carry us there.
We are here because of the SNP. Fact.
And we will only prevail because of the SNP. I suggest you join it.
Disparate voices, no matter how interesting or informed, will make no real difference to our progress whatsovever (and it wouldn’t be the first time that silver tongued individualists have come among us talking independence and creating division in the national movement in the same breath) ‘

This type of view in my opinion is the sort of thing which does our Cause for Independence no good whatsoever!

I wont for one moment belittle or discount what the SNP has done as a political force. They have done remarkably well on all our behalf’s, otherwise they would not have received the Mandate which they did back in May. I fully support their endeavours to deliver that Mandate, and I will vote for Independence beyond doubt. I know and am friends with many in the party, and have worked closely with some of them in the past and I am glad to have done so.

I am sure the gentleman concerned did not read my article on Alex Salmond, and if he had, he may have stilled his tongue. Or maybe not?

There are many supporters of Independence in other parties, have they no right to a say? Have they no right to support Independence?
Most people that I know within the SNP would most asuredly agree they had every right, and would want to join with them in promoting Independence.

There are many people who cannot give a rats posterior about politics or causes or anything else, but dearly want Independence, they just dont want to be card carrying members of any party. Do they not have a right to express their views? Can they not support Independence because some closed minded political bigot says so?

Far be it for me to create division in the National Movement!
Such a thing is completely at Odds with what I am suggesting.
In fact such narrow minded views as expressed by this gentleman is surely designed to create the division he says he doesn’t want!

What is so wrong with having an Individual Independent view?
Is that not what we are fighting for, for our Country? Scotlands Right to be an Individual nation, to express the views of Scotland.
These views are Diverse and Inclusive, not Insular and Exclusive.

All of which roundly explains why we must be United, and have our Voices heard, both Individually and Collectively. Not as Parties, Not as Organisations,Not as Groups, but collectively All of them,and including all our Voices to become ONE VOICE, the VOICE of the People of Scotland. What is so hard about that?


About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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11 Responses to The Enemy Within

  1. Tom says:

    The Indy movement needs a big tent and I expect that the Government’s consultation paper on Wednesday will be a good place to start to find common ground. Those who say that only the SNP will deliver independence are underestimating the way the winds are shifting. Those who a year ago were dismissing Salmond’s “smug” persona and using it as an excuse not to support the SNP, are now seeing that the movement is a sum of its parts, not one man or a few politicians. Their opinions are changing as the debate proceeds and the half truths, lies and bare faced attempts at keeping a Westminster job are revealed for what they are.

  2. “The honest man, tho’ e’er sae poor, is king o’ men for a’ that. ”
    “The man o’ independent mind, he looks an’ laughs at a’ that.”
    “But an honest man’s abon his might, gude faith, he maunna fa’ that! ”
    All lines taken from Robert Burns ” A mans a ma for a that”

    They could all apply to you my good friend. We must have all on board united for one cause INDEPENDENCE.
    I salute you. Your message should be broadcast far and wide and will be if I have anything to do with it.

  3. Pat McClay says:

    I’m in total agreement that we need to persuade people that a vote for independence is not a vote for the SNP per se. Are we to have only one party in an independent Scotland? I think not. This idea of a vote for independence being a “vote for SNP” is one that has to be challenged because if people think that way we’re less likely, not more likely, to get the result we don’t want, i.e. a NO vote. Think on people!

    • Pat McClay says:

      Actually, I think I mucked up that last sentence! I meant we want a YES vote but I confused myself by rushing to post it!

    • Indeed so Pat, On Independence the whole political system and parties will change. I don’t know who or what they will be yet, but they will be Scottish, not most of them being Westminster orientated as they are now.
      Indeed, we may even see big changes In how we do politics. The adversarial tribal handbags just will not do!

  4. Bill Cruickshank says:

    Speaking as a lifelong Nationalist and member of the SNP since 1968 I find the comments from another member of the SNP very disappointing. The SNP does not, will not and cannot speak for all who would see our country free. Many nationalists are not party members but that does not mean that they love their country any the less. I have said it before and I will say it again, to achieve Independence we will need more than the SNP, we will need a People’s Movement akin to the Arab Spring. I fully support the March for Independence in Edinburgh 22nd September 2012 and I fully support any democratic, peaceful, Nationalist Movement that lets Westminster know that Scotland is awake. Saor Alba

  5. independentscot2014 says:

    Hello. I have only recently decided to contribute to the cyber arena, thus this is lengthier as a long time due offload,I will keep future contributions brief,although I have enjoyed reading the discussions for many years now, being outside standing in the rain with other activists held more appeal, I will put that down to passion and a questionable choice of peers.Treasured memories all the same.
    However with the ever increasing forces of evil stirring and the misguided creating division, it is important we all throw our tuppence worth in. This is even more important now as it appears some no doubt well intentioned, assume being a card carrying SNP member equates to some special status in nationalist circles and is exclusively why we are here today. I say to them behave and get out more.
    When we meet the force of the British State in the coming years, trust me the card will perhaps make a good roach for those of that taste. You will require thousands marching and standing strong together, this will be no straightforward transition. They are not going to let us go easily. Yes by all means add to the membership but never ever forget that the progress we have made has come from many quarters both within and outwith our National party.
    I through my work and travels take every opportunity to put the positive case for Scottish Independence to the young and old of Scotland and internationally. Like many I have debated with peers and been mocked, I remember it like yesterday, often a lone voice, I have had successes and paid some professional penalties (chanced a few black eyes too hehe) due to my politics ie Scottish Nationalist in West Scotland Unionist/Labour/Sectarian heartlands.
    My political education and resolve has continued, I quickly learned so much about the Scottish political and cultural underbelly and was fortunate enough to campaign with and count as friends, inspirational individuals from across the political spectrum. I also know of their personal sacrifices, which are many. I highlight because they wont….anti-nuclear and anti-war, anti-capitalists and environmentalists, Socialists, anti-sectarian campaigners, Scottish Republican Socialists, Cultural and fraternal organisations and many others…you know who you are.
    Therefore it really tests my patience when the eneducated who do not represent majority SNP viewpoint ,claim that the aforementioned pro independence activists are self indulgent. If only we could have been my friend, maybe we would have pensions to look forward to having played the political game in public sector authorities or private sector companies or even bypassed passport control to visit the diaspora without minor political criminal records hindering us.
    Many people managed to make a significant impact and contribution to the self determination story whilst inside and/or outside party political membership, a few senior SNP MSP’s past and present can testify to that, having been in and out themselves, no bad thing in a ‘disciplined’ party and furthermore whoever you are this ‘disparate voice’ found ensuring the tick went in the right box every few years was …well my friend…. the easy part.
    Although that is part of why we are ‘here’ and because of all of us ‘disparate, interesting and informed’ we can prevail. And you better hope we in ‘fact’ do mobilise in our hundreds of thousands more as that will ‘make a real difference’ in what lies ahead. I will be on Calton hill and wherever, whenever. We will require many high profile peaceful statements of intent and significant solidarity. We must outmatch the NO campaign, surpass their celebs with our own, expose their propaganda lies, be above reproach ourselves,but most importantly we need to convince our countrymen and women. This will best be acheived by enlightening some of our own.


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