Politics,Sideshows and the Gruesome Twosome

Politics they say can often see strange bedfellows, and certainly the independence referendum is really beginning to throw them up.

Yesterday’s new love match which was announced to the startled world from the House of Lords, was the announcement of the engagement of Mickey Forsythe and Geordie Foulkes. It seems that they were not suddenly thrown together, but had been having loving trysts for some time behind the scenes.

The coming out of this pair almost certainly made a lot of people gag,and caused an anxious majority want to throw up, at the prospect of the forthcoming nuptials of the Gruesome Twosome, in a town near where you live

I and many others watched with a sort of horrible fascination, as this pair of ignoble love birds gushed and cooed at each other, across the the sleepy red benches of the living dead.
At one point I almost shouted out ‘Get a Room!’, but the words stuck fast in my throat at the enormity of the suggestion.

Even the thought of these two together sends me into a state of abhorrent disgust.Individually they are both cretinous bawbags,but together? I am struck with a violent urge to rush out and purchase a stack load of Bibles, Crosses, Silver Bullets and wooden staves.
God preserve us all, if that pair ever manage to revive Margaret Frankenstein Thatcher and scientifically produce a progeny.
Combining Stem cell technology with a bad egg from the wicked witch of Westminster, will leave us not only running screaming for the hills, but throwing ourselves off bridges and rushing lemming like off cliffs!
It is all too unbearable to even contemplate, and now I will never sleep tonight in case the horrors invade my dreams.

Now that I have thoroughly given myself and every sane person the heebie geebies, let me move on to somewhat lesser disturbing thoughts.

The other partnerships and unlikely bedfellows which sprung up on the Unionist campaign yesterday, was the introduction of the BNP hiding behind the ‘Say NO to Scotland group’ They now join their lesser right wing colleagues of The Tories, Labour,and the Lib Dem Orange bookers.

We have known for some time now that the main parties were as one, so that is of little surprise, but add into the Unionist mixing pot, the presence of the BNP, UKIP, Ulster Unionists and some English Communists and you get one hell of a corpulent Social Disease.

Any home based Scots mixing with that lot deserves all that is assuredly coming to them, should there not be enough of us to save them from themselves.
No matter how well protected they may think they are, it will be nowhere near enough to save them from what will follow.

The Victorian Church used to frighten young boys with blindness if they were to engage in the Sin of masturbation, and the Fires of Hell, to young men and women having sexual relationships outwith marriage.As for Divorce or Separation, they bequeathed these words to the Labour party, and they are now permanently afflicted and traumatised by their own Divorce from their once traditional Socialist values, that they have taken to Ermine in their droves and outnumber the Tories in the House of Lords.

The penance they have to pay, is to say 10 Separatists for every one Nationalist they think about. The word Independent makes them come out in Hives and the Demon they are plagued with ,spits forth a torrent of Separation.
These poor deluded lost souls are to be pitied rather than derided, they have no control over themselves and are haunted by the angry Ghosts of Hardie and Bevan when they try to sleep at night.
It does no good however as they were led astray by the false prophet Smiler Blair, who promised them the Promised Land and they sold their Souls to the Thatcherite devil worshipper.Ever since they have been a wandering tribe zombies wearing Tory clothing.

Once they were a workers tribe who followed the path of Social Justice, and they still say the words of its Gospel from time to time, but are incapable of pursuing that noble endeavour now. So it is then, that when they hear or see the doctrine being followed by the Nationalist, they wail and mourn and weep. It is tragic to watch them suffer so. For that reason Nationalists try to stay calm at their provocations and disturbing shouty tourettes style behaviour.

How awful it must be for them, to forever try and prayerfully come up with policies and never find any.
There is an on going Nationalist endeavour to try and save some of these poor souls from themselves,and there has been some successes in recent years. We would not wish them to become as close to extinction as the Scottish Conservatives are, nor the badly blighted Liberals who caught a terrible contagion from them. So efforts will continue with vigour to home them in time for the new country.

It is thus alarming to see all of these Scots politicians aligned on the same side as the likes of the BNP, UKIP,and the rest of that raggle taggle bunch.
It is then no threat, but a dire prediction I make, for those people foolish enough to be taken in by that unholy alliance of racists ,morally corrupt troughers, europhiles ,bullies ,turncoats ,sectarian bigots,Lordlings,Millionaire Bankers,and all round lying,cheating, manipulative bastards.
That a plague of sexually diseased midges may not afflict them, but the blood sucking leeches of Westminster and the dregs of the British Empire will drain the complete lifeblood of our once proud Scottish Nation till we are no more.
In short, If there are still sufficient numbers of people who are still so blind they will not see, or still so deaf they will not hear, or still so dumb that they belong in dumb and dumber? Then we are all truly sunk.

I would never be a Mone and threaten to leave my Country, for I love it and our culture and my Highland homeland far too much. I would never make an oversized udder fool of myself by complaining that there is not enough support to be perky and stand up for ourselves. But my soul would surely sag to the point it could never be uplifted again.

Therefore I am sending out an S.O.S to my people and our Scotland.
We must Save all Our Souls and join together, If we cannot at least find the will to save ourselves from the sinking HMS Brittania Rules the ripples, where the poorest people cry out in despair, and the disabled are left to beg or crawl, by the cruellest of legislation.
A land where those dying of Cancer are now being forced back to work when they are dying. A land where children are crying out for food because their parents cannot afford to feed them properly, and where the Old are left on the breadline, with no heating in winter, because the State will not do its duty and look after them properly.

If we cannot find the will to fight for ourselves, for a better way of doing things, for a more socially just society, for the chance to make all our lives better, then let us do it for those who need us to make it happen most.

Let Scotland stand on her own feet, and let us make it a place where we can be proud to live, and to make the World at home with us.
Let us prove to the World that we are once more part of the family of Nations in our own right, and we can help to make this World a better more peaceful place, once we remove the shackles of a State enforced dependency, which we have had to live with for so long.
And a State which has for Centuries sent our young men to be its cannon fodder, fighting its never ending wars of conquest and control.
Enough is Enough Is Enough!

Let us get off our knees and our sick beds and let us learn to walk upright once more by our own efforts. Answerable only to ourselves, and responsible for our own successes and failings,as the proud Nation we once were, and we can be again.

No more Carping, No More Complaining, No more Blaming others for what we allow them to inflict upon us.No more Dickensian Olivers pleading for more, and no more Burns’s Honest Poverty when we need not be poor at all, but honestly wealthy in our Social Justice and Business endeavours and innovation and creativity.
We have much to proud of, if only we will learn to trust ourselves.

The Nations of the World are waiting and watching and hoping to welcome us back into their fold with open arms. They have not forgotten us, if we have sometimes forgotten who we are.

But for us to retake our place among the Nations, we will be subjected to constant scorn, incessant lies, continual belittling. We will have appeals made to our sense of charity to our neighbours, as a form of moral blackmail, we will be shouted down,we will be told we are stupid to think we can be independent, that we will simply be swapping one dependency for another, we will not be, but they will tell us so.
We may even be threatened, some threats have already been made on trade, and borders and currency, none true!
We will be bombarded by media,press, and government propaganda.
The list will go on and on, and it will get much worse the closer we get to referendum day.
We only need the truth and we know the truth, we simply have to have confidence in ourselves and in it!

The Empire has no clothes, but we have, and our armour is our own sense of self worth. We only need to realise that when our self worth is added to our neighbours self worth, our Nation begins to have confidence in itself. There is no good reason why it should belittle itself or we our own selves and it!
Would you willingly let someone talk you down? No? Well don’t let them do it to your Country.
The ones that belittle your country most, speak with your own tongue and with your own accent.
They take umbrage when told they do, that is sham!
Think about it! Are you on 40,60,80, 100 grand a year? Do you sit in Aleos, Boards, Committees, are an executive of a company? Do you have massive food and drinks allowances, and do you get £300 a day for turning up and signing a book in the House of Lords, and then walk out the other door?
If you had that sort of lifestyle wouldn’t you want to keep it?
If you could have a nice London pad, have it kitted out and travel by taxi, wouldn’t that be nice, you can even claim for the tiniest things like potato peelers or wide screen tv sets.

Now, when you hear these same people tell you that there is no money to pay for better health and housing and education, does that not make you a wee bit angry? When you have to slave to pay for your mortgage, and never have any time for your family, or don’t have any money for nice things because the economy has been stuffed up by those who are supposed to be serving you, do you not get a wee but miffed?
When they spend Billions and Trillions on Nuclear weapons, fighting wars abroad, when that money could be better spent at home, on health and social conditions and education.
When they chop your pension that you have been working hard for all these years, and they get huge pensions beyond your wildest dreams,does that make you happy?

They tell you, that Scotland is poor and weak, while a Billion pounds has already flowed past your house in Oil taxes this year already, but we don’t see it. When whisky alone is bringing in millions to London, when all your taxes, and vat and every other tax goes to London,when tourism rakes in a fortune every year, computer industry, light technology, engineering, the list goes on and on.

Scotland owns almost 10% of the UK assets, The Armed forces,The Bank of England, The Gold Reserves, or whats left of them after Gordie Brown sold a lot off at knock down prices. The Embassies, Westminster Itself. Everything.
That all needs to be settled up. We get 90% of the Oil Fields, they were on our property before the Union, so are not shared assets.
All the New energy which the World is crying out for, we will be Europes biggest provider.
We have the largest white fish fleet in Europe, and most goes to export.

So when you get told crap like we cant be in the pound, of course we can, we will have our say with the private Institution which is the Bank of England, we have none now, we are not allowed.
We will not be forced to join the Euro, and yes they will gladly keep us. I could go on forever, but you get it? I hope so.

So when you see and hear the lies and misinformation spouted, think why? And think who has to gain? And what have they to Lose?

But lets get back to the positive. We have a lot going for us. We have all the resources any Independent country could ever need. We are chock full of Ideas and ability. Scotland has provided 11% of the Worlds Nobel Prize winners with less than 0.1% of the Worlds population in the past 100 years.
As we go forwards, let us do so with confidence,let us place our trust firmly In ourselves, let us appreciate ourselves, and let us be confident, but Let us not forget our past,yet let us not dwell in it either.
Instead, let us believe in ourselves, for in doing so, we can again believe in our Nation once more.


About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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2 Responses to Politics,Sideshows and the Gruesome Twosome

  1. Siôn Jones says:

    I’ve just seen them at it in the HoL, and I have to say that I think they are the dream ticket! Who better to embark on a tour of Scotland drumming up support for independence than this pair of Cretaceous fossils? Their lack of self awareness is astounding, as is their complete absence of political nous. I’ll be happy to contribute £5 for the battle bus if they want. Where do I pay?

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