I will let the world into a guilty secret of mine.
Once long ago I was a member of the Labour party.
This was at a time before I really knew all that much about politics,and my membership lasted for only one year, but in reality,I had removed myself after only three months.

What was it that attracted me to Labour,all those many years ago?
It all happened back in the day when I believed their rhetoric,and I believed they really did support Social Justice. The values they espoused about fairness and standing up for the working man, I completely believed in.
I also believed that they were in politics for the right reasons, to stand up for their constituents rights, to be truly representative of the people and their communities, to stand up for the principle of free education, a free health service,of defending the underdog against a corrupt system, to stand up for the weak against the strong, to abolish poverty and fight corruption.

But I also believed that they stood for Scotland, because of the likes of Gordon Chisholm, Dennis Canavan and John McAllion who were a member of Scottish Labour Action, which put them on the Scottish-nationalist wing of the Labour Party, and as befitted members of the Scottish Labour Action group strongly favoured home rule for Scotland, and was often outspoken in their defence of civic-minded Scottish nationalism.
Only Gordon Chisholm remains in the triumvirate I mentioned,as a member of Labour today.

It was with these Rosy pink spectacles on, that I made the decision to join Labour.
Within three months, and after attending some meetings, I quickly rescinded that decision and all I had previously imagined about Labour.
I was horrified to discover that they did not in the slightest support the concept of an Independent Scotland,and Indeed their idea of home rule, was their Rule.
What I witnessed and heard, only spoke of self interest and self aggrandizement. I walked out, never to be seen again.
One of that group was Des Browne a local solicitor,the same Mr Browne is now Lord Browne. How have the mighty fallen.

A few years later I spoke to one or two of the old guard in these days. One of them, who had been a staunch Trade Unionist and District Councillor, shook his head in disgust at what Tony Blair had led Labour to become. In his view, New Labour had sold out their values for personal greed. He never voted for them again.
Another old chap I met, was doing the rounds leafleting at election time, and I stopped to speak to him. He also was sad at what Labour had become, but he carried on just the same, because It was what he always supported. He could bear to break those ties, and only wished for the wheel to turn once more,and become the party he knew.
He is dead now, and I thank God he is, for he would have been broken hearted by his parties moral demise.

What either of these gentlemen would have made of the carryings on of Labour in Glasgow City Council today, I shudder to think.

I followed some of the events taking place over twitter, and watched on as reports came in of defections, disgraceful language bordering on Slander from the Labour leader as they bullied and pressured dissenting former colleagues to vote with them,even stooping to hint at threaten a woman councillor over her sons livliehood working for the the council, if she did not vote with them.
BBC reported Labour sending Taxi’s to take ill councillors out of their sick beds to vote.
It reminded me more of the Kremlin than Glasgow City Chambers. Or perhaps have Labour retained the worst of Soviet Socialism as they embraced Conservative Market Capitalism?

The Labour party in Scotland has become a horror to behold.
The corruption, the Lying, the deceit, the threatening behaviour, the bullying of their own people, is all quite sickening.
How has it all come to this sorry pass. And I am truly sorry it has, because I have known some truly great Labour people and they have been wonderful friends, but the party machine is corrupt to its core and no longer represents them, or the people, only themselves.
Power at any cost is their new motto.

I want with every fibre of my being to see an Independent Scotland, but we need to look beyond Independence.
It cannot be healthy to begin again as a Natiion, and find that there is no party fit for opposition, never mind aspiring to government, to challenge the SNP. It is unhealthy for a democracy to have such a state.
Those of Socialist Labour, Liberal and Conservative values need to get their acts together, those within these parties who support Independence need to speak out. I know they are all there, be brave and stand up to be counted, for it is with such as those that our democracy survives.
What price Independence if half our countries political parties are held to be toxic?

We only need listen to our other news today, that Scots men have the highest suicide rate in the UK, 80% higher than England and Wales, to know that something is dreadfully wrong with how this countries health is.
50 years ago, we were in better shape in our mental health than England and Wales, now look at us!
For all our sakes we need to bring Hope and Aspiration back to Scotland, and the only way to get out of this damn awful mess, is to regain our confidence and pride and ambition, for ourselves and for our country.
Independence will give us that boost. Staying where we are in this unequal disproportionate Union will drown us all.
The Union is poisonous to our health.

Choose Life, Choose Scotland.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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7 Responses to #Lowerthanasnakesbelly

  1. Bob Leslie says:

    That’s got to be Labour’s death-knell in Glasgow. When even the media start reporting they’ve blackmailed councillors, what hope can there be for them?

  2. Jen says:

    Good article.

    I was brought up to believe that independence was the only thing worth voting for and voting for any other Party until then was a wasted vote. I think Labour are a party in crisis. They use words they no longer believe in and their actions speak volumes. I truly believe that one day, another party will arise and take over the vanguard of social justice and wipe Labour out forever.

    In scotland tho we have indy to look forward to and lets hope labour never get in. Can you imagine how they would build the road to London again? I can. It’s Scotlands worse nightmare. Many generations must pass before this ever happens.

    • Labour in their current form, and with their current leadership, no certainly not!
      Unless there is a grass roots revolt, chucking out all the toxic lot they have representing them, or unless we have something like the SLP which Jim Sillars and John McAllion were members of, taking up the mantle.
      But certainly, whatever happens to them, no opposition to challenge government positively, is a bad democratic situation to be in.
      I am broadly sympathetic to most SNP policies, but I don’t always agree with them. Therefore there has to be a realistic opposition to policies which may not be in our best interests.
      Without such a credible opposition, the governing party gets too complacent,and that is to the whole countries detriment if that happens.
      There always has to be checks and balances in a democratic electoral system.

      But first things first, we need Independence before it all becomes relevant.
      Only then, can we really look at what we want to achieve with it. But it is worth the while thinking about.

  3. Tris says:

    Tony Blair made them electable in the South East of England, where around 39 million people (or half the UK’s population) live. It is, with some exceptional areas, a Conservative dominated region.

    It has also no real connection with the North of England, Wales or Scotland, and of course, Northern Ireland is a world away.

    The policies that are fit for the SE of England are not even vaguely suitable for Scotland. That, in reality, is why, more than anything else, we need independence.

    A millionaire leader, educated at Oxford and the LSE, simply doesn’t understand what goes on in post industrial lowland towns in Scotland, despite his qualifications in Economics. He’s never really seen it. It’s all ‘connaisance du livre’.

    Joanne Lamont, now leader of all she surveys (allegedly) is, of course, nothing of the sort. I really can’t imagine her ordering her MPs to vote for a privatized health service in England.

    At the moment the only party with any vision for our country is the SNP. And I agree that that is not a good place for democracy to be. but, in an independent Scotland, once the Labour party and the Conservatives shake off the ties to London and a world that bears no relevance or connection to Scotland, I think that they will develop a uniquely Scottish version of their political philosophies. The Liberals, on the other hand, may well retreat to Shetland, curl up and die.

    It is a hope at least that our country will be saved by this.

  4. forfar-loon says:

    Interesting stuff AA. Hopefully there will be a few more “sinners” repenting their Labour ways in the days, weeks and years ahead!

    PS Did you mean Malcolm Chisholm as opposed to former footy coach Gordon Chisholm? :o)

  5. bigbuachaille says:

    Well stated. There is no doubt that what now underpins Labour is power for the Party, not policies for the betterment of Scotland. What else could possibly explain the constant negativity which is displayed towards any SNP initiative, no matter how beneficial to the people of Scotland? What is at the kernel of all this is an all-consuming hatred of the SNP, a hatred which is so deeply rooted that the main focus of Scottish Labour is to concentrate on, ridicule and demonize the person that is Alex Salmond in the hope that this will restore them to power in Scotland. Such is the paucity of their debate that they now hope to terrify the people by presenting a monstrous picture of the man who is Alex Salmond. They are prepared to put Devo Max out of sight for the foreseeable future, destroy the idea of an Independent Nation, prolong the undemocratic nightmare of further Westminster rule and to undermine the will of the Scottish people, all in their party’s lust for power.
    You have alluded to the many good men who must now be nauseated by a party which is so bereft of positive ideas and which has conducted itself with shamefully corrupt practices. There are, however, many good souls still in the Labour Party, many of whom DO support Independence for our country. These folks will still have a role to play in an Independent Scotland, for a vote for Independence is not a vote for a Scotland to be ruled by the SNP. It is a vote which says we aspire to the self-respect which Independence brings. We need to hear these voices now.
    We will not make the mistake of deluding ourselves as the East Germans did when exchanging the Ostmark for the Deutsche Mark. We do not expect untold riches and a new Mercedes for each citizen.
    What we will have in an Independent Scotland is almost certainly a rainbow coalition government, where the views and aspirations of all citizens will be reflected, The fundamental consideration when we vote for Independence will be what is good for the people of Scotland, not for the party.

  6. Bruce says:

    I too used to vote Labour, the very first time I voted I trusted Kinnock. I then took an interest in politics and started to loath the Labour Party as much as the Conservatives. The Labour Party ceased to be a socialist party many many years ago, if it ever was. They talk the talk, or used to, now they can’t even do that. When I look at Alexander, lamond, Murphy etc all I see is naked personal ambition. They don’t care about me and mine, they only care about theirs and the position they aspire to. I think it is great what is taking place in Scotland, we are seeing the Labour party for exactly what it is, a self serving association of selfish and greedy individuals who care nothing for their City or their Country. Long may it continue if it opens the eyes of the people of Glasgow who have suffered enought at the hands of those fakes, and the rest of us nationally who have seen their lies but had to suffer also.

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