Jubilation as Britannia rules the waives

So it has begun, the nightly updates on her Britannic majesty’s broadcasting corporation, as Aunty Beeb subjects us to all things Windsor,photographs of the kiddies from the 1950’s, and a young Queen.
The year of Lizzies Jubilee has kicked off.
There will be all sorts of events, such as a massive pop concert, carriages, a procession, a barge on the Thames decked out in Royal gaudiness, and even a new Royal yacht for us to pay for.
It is going to be epic,
An epic bout of sycophancy that is!

We will see Union Jacks flapping about, loads of mini jacks in peoples hands and of course your national holiday, so that we can all be British and wear the colours with pride, and ooh and ahh over the commentary of the BBC describing events.
Street parties will once again be the Order of the day, and all will be well once more in Old Britannia.And we will have splashed out yet more millions for the privileged.
I am so looking forward to it….Not

A report recently told us once more that Queenie takes a profound interest in her people, and also does her civic duty when called upon.
In order to substantiate this claim, the story went on to say that the Queen on returning back to her pad in her limo,late one night, caught sight of a man caught short by the call of nature, relieving himself in an alleyway. She picked up the phone and had the man arrested for indecent exposure.
Just as well she could no longer say, Off with his head!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a confirmed Republican, nor am I anti Royalist per se, I am fairly ambivalent. I am quite happy for Lizzie to see out her days as Queen of Scots, but after that, it is a different story.
I wouldn’t take all that kindly to the tree hugging eccentric Chook of Rothsay being King of Scots,nor young Willie either. I might accept a new Queen Anne, but she would have to carry on working like the rest of us, and the Royals have more than plenty money to make their own way now. She could keep the tied hoose that goes with the job at Balmoral, but that’s about it.

At which point, I would expect all Royal estates to return to the people, and they can live as best they can on the massive personal wealth they have accumulated.
No more of this nonsense of making hingers oan called Lords, and they can all fend for themselves also.

In the meantime however we will all have to suffer the quaintly english sycophancy which is tied up in the whole caboodle.The bowing and scraping and flag waving and cheering and mass manufactured hysteria.

Later in the year we have more, much more puke inducing jack waving at the Olympics, where Britain welcomes the world and the rich to London, and put on a second hand car display of a show, to show that Britain can still cut it as a power to be reckoned with. Of course the world will turn up as good neighbours, and the rich and powerful will have their designated bus and limousine lanes, to cut through the London traffic without being held up by the serfs.
A warship will be parked in the Thames, and cue lots more Butcher Apron waving by the multitude.

It is no wonder that Cameron et al wanted the referendum held in 2013 after a year long display of such British outpouring of Identity. It makes sense, make them all brainwashed into feeling British and they will fall for all the guff that is thrown at them.
Or so the thinking goes.
It would not have made the slightest bit of difference to me, I will treat it all with disdain, and watch on quietly, if I watch at all?

I am not British.

Ah but, says the geographical pedant…You are British, you were born in the British Isles.
Yes, the geographical land mass may be called that, and I have no objection to it.
However, I am a Scot,I feel Scottish, I was born a Scot, my country Is Scotland, and I will be Scottish when till I die.I have never felt British, don’t consider myself to be British,and want nothing to do with Britishness,whatever that may happen to be? It is a false identity. I am a Scot from Scotland full stop.
Take the Land mass of Europe, now collectively they are all Europeans on that geographical land mass, but ask a German, a Hungarian, a Spaniard, a Dutchman where they come from? They wont say Europe, they will say Germany, Hungary,Spain,Holland.
But we have to say we are British? Sod off!
I long for the day when I can go on a drop down menu on my pc, and scroll down the list of options for countries, and find Scotland.
On that day, I will know we are back where we belong.

However, If all else fails, and neither Queenie nor the London Olympics work in making us all feel we are all Brits together, English stiff upper lip, and pigeon toed, singing Rule Britannia,Britannia Rules sod all. They still have one more card to play. I call it the Maggie Card. Lets have another wee war down in the Falklands, and lets cheer the working class lads off as they act as cannon fodder,and we can all mourn their coffins draped in Union Jacks when they return. For we are all in it together, and that should remove another few votes for Scots Independence while we are at it.. And Dave will be a Hero….Three Cheers..Hip Hip, Hip Hip, Hip Hip …….Hooray.

A note for those who do Identify with being British. I wont hold it against you, we all identify in different ways. I don’t dislike you or like you for it, it is how you see yourself, and that is fine.
What I do intensely dislike is politically manufactured Britishness, and I do not believe there is anything that can be described as being Culturally British. What identity markers there are, tend to be borrowed from the English Identity, and subsuming Englishness does the English no good either.
Union Jack waving and Rule Britannia hearken back to British Imperialism, The Queen of Scots tends to be called the Queen of England, not the Queen of Britain.
Whatever you Identify with,you are.
I am a Scot,therefore Scottish, Scotland is in the British Isles, the British Isles are part of the European Continent, The European Continent is part of the World.
And we will brithers be for a that.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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17 Responses to Jubilation as Britannia rules the waives

  1. gedguy2 says:

    I kind of agree with you about the royal family. I may even agree with you about the Princess Royal but I would have to pull you up about being British. I am British, after being Scots, then European. That does not mean that I support the UK government but I will always support my British cousins over and above the rest of the Europeans. In that respect, and that respect only, I will still feel British after independence, but Scottish first and foremost.

    • Fair do’s we all see our identity differently.
      I have nothing against those who see themselves as being British. That is their, and your prerogative.
      I do however have plenty dislike for manufactured cultural Britishness. The sort which is almost impossible to define, and really is only a cover name for England.
      I don’t think it does the English any favours either, because their identity is being subsumed in hte process.
      As I said, I will accept British as a geographical marker, as much as I accept European,
      But my cultural Identity and traditions and language is Scots.

      • gedguy2 says:

        You will not get me disagreeing with that. The UK’s not so subtle encroaching upon how the different nationalities in these islands see themselves, are an abomination to democratic principles.

      • I have tagged a note onto my article, just to clarify my position.
        Thanks for your comment, it helped me to refine the article and hopefully remove dubiety over my meaning.

  2. gedguy2 says:

    Sounds good to me AA.

  3. bigbuachaille says:

    Hi all,
    I, along with many Scots share your view that the designation ‘British’ is unacceptable. I have, in the past,, taken much time to explain to my Palestinian colleagues that because I, of necessity, must carry a UK Passport does not mean that I am British, in the same way that because a Palestinian must, for the time being, carry a Jordanian passport does not mean the bearer is Jordanian.
    And just a wee point – The Queen, according to Andy Wightman, does not own Balmoral. A potted version of his thesis can be read here:

  4. The Queen own no Palaces in Scotland. They are the property and estate of the people.

    In fact, I always thought she actually owned Balmoral but bigbuachaille’s link to Bella Caledonia’s article of 2007 (?) makes it clear it belongs to a trust set up by Albert her consort. That way no death duties are extracted from it.

    I must do that myself someday.

  5. Penderyn says:

    Britishness only became a false identity once the english state corrupted it.

    I am a proud brython/ briton and proudly speak one of its current languages (welsh)
    Manufactured Britishness was/is a money making scheme from the days we were all united in invading and stealing from others peoples lands including the perihperies of the british isles.

    I hope one day the welsh and cornish and other cultural supporters can claim back the name british, but I doubt that will ever happen….Great Britain/Prydain fawr (in welsh) was once all brythonic including the picts, the identity was just stolen by a strange imperialist anglo-norman/european elite

  6. Tris says:

    I agree about the nonsense of the royal party in this year of hell for ordinary people.

    I’m a republican, which doesn’t mean to say that I particularly dislike the Queen as a woman; just as the Queen of England (as I have always accepted, she is known throughout the world, even although she is also Queen of Canada, and New Zealand and Papua New Guinea…etc and Queen of Scots). We don’t need all this nonsense, and I’m damned if I know why WE should pay for it.

    The problem with not having a royal head of state is that you end up with some elderly politician, and frankly I’ve yet to come across one that I would want either. Still the Charlie and Camilla situation might make someone like Iain Gray, or Jack McConnell quite enticing.

    I don’t feel British. I consider England to be as foreign a country as France. I genuinely feel abroad when I’m in England. We are all in the European Union, and part of a joined-up island off the cost of that huge land mass.

    That siad I rather like England, particularly the southern bit with it’s beautiful villages and rolling downs. But I object to being though of as English, which is what always happens.

    “Vous etes anglais, m’sieur?”
    “Non, j’suis eccosais.”
    “Ah oui, au nord d’Angleterre?”
    “Non, DU nord d’Angleterre!!

    I’m no more interested in their sport than I am in that of Norway’s, or Germany’s or Iceland’s. I don’t care any more, nor do I care any less if they have bad weather, or a train disaster or a murder. I do get annoyed that English regional news is the meat and veg of the UK news bulletins on the tv service that I am obliged by law to pay for.

    I object to the fact that virtually all our “ways”; our way of life, has been adopted from England. You pointed out in your article that we bow and scrape to our royals. I suppose all people do this to their royals, but not to the idiotic extent that we do. Scots people, in common with the continentals, never treated their kings with that kind of deference.

    I was once invited to a garden party, because of work I have done with the Prince’s Trust. I was instructed what I should wear and what I should do if the Prince deigned to address himself to me. The list was endless. I was in fact not going to be “me”. I was going to be a manufactured person. I declined the invitation on the basis that if I met him, I’d treat him the same way as I’d treat you if I met you. But this would have let my company down, so it was better if I didn’t go.

    This subservience is just another piece of Englishness forced upon us. But it’s only a tiny part of our lives that have been dictated by London. Countless other, more important things are “Anglified”. I noticed that you used Scots in part of your piece. We all would have done so 300 years ago, before they forced English upon us. Now when we speak our own language we are though uneducated and common.


  7. Tris says:

    …And I agree that all of this is being used to wave the butcher’s apron at us. God save the Queen, followed by the greatest show on earth, which despite the austerity we are suffering, has had budgets for the showbiz part, more than doubled, by order of the prime minister. In order that Britain will look splendid and majestic, and able to put on a better show than China.

    We have better dancers than China everyone. If Scotland was on it’s own it could never have put on such a splendid show.

    And if all else fails, our money has paid for a super-duper warship that can blow up every aeroplane in South America. Aren’t we absolutely fabulous? We can kill more people than Argentina.

    If any of that is supposed to make me proud to be British then all I can say is that they have a weird idea of pride at Eton.

    I’d be proud if we made sure that our old people had decent places to live; if we ensured that none of them ever had to spend another day worrying about how cold they were, or how hungry, or how they couldn’t afford to have a bath.

    I’d be proud if none of our kids lived in poverty; if none of them had empty stomachs when they went to bed; if none of them were dropping off to sleep in school because they’d only had a packet of crisps for breakfast.

    Id be proud if we hadn’t got a third world railway system and if I didn’t have to drive down the roads looking out for potholes that will break my springs. And I’d be proud if we could guarantee that going to hospital wouldn’t involve getting some horrific bug, because our staff are too busy or to lazy to keep the place clean.

    They can stuff their jubilee, their Olympics and their war, all of which make me shudder with shame, because we spend billions on show, while we allow society to fall apart for want of money… and compassion.

    Britain is a first class example of ‘Fur Coats and nae knickers’.

  8. paul H. says:

    I was going to say all that!!! Home run dude…that’s exactly it, spot on!! Scotland!!!!!

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