Are Scots too Independent to be Independent?

Someone once said, and don’t ask me who, for I don’t know, that the Irish could start a fight amongst themselves without any provocation, but the Scots needed an enemy to fight against!

I don’t actually believe that statement is actually factually true.
Both the Scots and the Irish will fight for what they believe to be right, even if it means fighting amongst themselves, even if they be right or wrong!
If it were not for that case, both Scotland and Ireland would have been free to go their own way in this world a long long time ago.

Even till this day Ireland is not United, and Scotland is still divided in opinion.
The Irish have fought amongst themselves,Border Scots got introduced into that dispute, creating Ulster, and Irish/Scots from both sides were subsequently Introduced into Scotland, creating the Sectarianism of Rangers and Celtic.

In amongst that whole damn awful mess, created by British Aristocracy and British Imperialism, we have seen two solid Nations driven to the point of Sociological disorder.
The whole damn thing has been about Power. The power of one self appointed class/race of people above another. The power of one Religion above another.
That is what it all boils down to.

How has it been done? It’s been down to Divide and Rule.
If you can keep the natives divided, If you can insert division amongst them, then you can easily rule over them.

What people Believe or don’t Believe carries an awesome power.
If I could be persuaded that Wrong is Right,or that Black is White, and Believe it absolutely, then It would take an awesome power of persuasion to make me believe otherwise!

That is the Instrument which has been used going back to Roman times, to keep the people of these Islands under control.
Why do you think Celtic Christians replaced Pictish beliefs in Scotland?
Why do you think Roman Catholicism replaced Celtic Christianity?
Why do you think Protestantism replaced Roman Catholicism in Scotland?
Why Do you think that Anglicanism replaced Roman Catholicism in England?
Why do you think that Tories replaced the Whigs, to be be replaced by the Liberals,to be replaced by Tories, to be replaced by Labour, to be replaced by the Tories again?
It is All about Belief!

As a former Church Minister, I know all about the power of Belief!
I know very well how much a difference belief can make to a person.
It can help someone live, when by rights they should die.
Loss of belief can kill others.
To change one strong held belief is nigh on impossible.
If you have been taught to believe that Catholic is bad, Protestant is good or vice versa, you will continue to believe that is true, and you wont question it. You would be wrong, but you wont disbelieve it!

Everything that Royalty, The British Empire, The British State, Politics and Politicians learned, they learned from Religion.
You don’t need to persuade All of the people All of the time, you just need to persuade enough of them.
If you can divide them,If you can cause them to doubt themselves, if you can persuade them that they are inferior, If you can place some of their own people among them, who will be rewarded for their efforts,If you can create discord among them, you win!

Think about it!
Protestant Scots foisted on Roman Catholic Ireland, taking land off the people in the Kings name, War ensues when a disposed Catholic Monarchy comes back to fight. Dutch Protestant King wins, dodgy situation for minority Scots and Northern English Protestants, attacks by Catholic population to reclaim lost land,Enforcements sent in by King to hold land.
Irish Famine ensues, British State refuses aid, Irish fight for Independence, Independence achieved at cost of Partition of Ulster, British know that Ulster holds Industrial wealth,Majority of Ulster being former Scots Protestants, fearing for Lives in Catholic Ireland, Famine causes exodus of Irish Catholics to Scotland, followed by Ulster Protestants, creating Rangers and Celtic, Labour party created with help of badly treated Irish Catholic vote,Labour stands for working man in unfair British Society, Labour holds vote in Scotland playing one side against the other, Labour turns Conservative, Conservative Protestant Unionist in Scotland align with English party, Labour gain power but need to confirm Conservative credentials to win England, Sell out Scotland and their principles . Lords and London power is far more important.The Kilbrandon report plus decision by Labour to let Tories in last time, rather than work with Nationalists says something about Values.

To this day…. Ireland is still divided by the Irish and former Scots. By Sectarian divide in the North. The West of Scotland suffers from the same disease.
Labour still live by the myth that they are Socialist and for the working man In Scotland, despite selling out their credentials long ago. ~
Many Scots have been imbued with the Belief that we are too wee, too poor and too ineffectual to stand on our own feet, and believe utterly in the lies they have been told from their mummies knee.
Some are still caught up in a long dead war on Derrys Walls.

I of all people cannot tell you what to Believe or not Believe, that is up to you.
I do not even ask you to Believe, I only ask you to Believe in yourself.
I will however ask you to use the grey cells in your brain that you were born with.
I will ask you to consider the evidence, like the McCrone Report.
I will ask you to consider why this poor poor country of ours which has produced 11% of the Nobel Prize winners from 0.01 of the worlds population with the vast majority of Europe’s Natural Resources, should be so poor?
I will ask why you should Believe in factions, In party’s, In religions, when you should be thinking for yourselves?
I will ask you why we have free education, free prescriptions, a free health service, free care for the elderly, free council tax, free bus passes for OAPs, when our neighbours do not. Yet we are penalised for bailing out the Banks while Rich Bankers get Billions every year in bonuses In London.

I will also ask, do you Believe so much in this Union that you are happy with the Billions spent every year On War?
Are you happy with the regular news reports of yet another death in Helmand Province in Afghanistan of another young Scottish life?
I will ask, are you happy in spending Billions on maintaining a nuclear time bomb a few miles away from our biggest City? Think Japan!

I will ask,if all that money could not be better used in service of Scotlands chronic health problems, and I would ask why our health has been so bad in our enforced poverty, that we have not been able to do something about it?

I will ask of other things beyond our current control.
Are you happy to see those dying from Cancer and other terminal diseases having to sign on for work while they are dying?
I will ask, Beyond 2014 when none of this Independence nonsense matters, that if we have voted to remain, you will be happy to pay for the water you drink, to pay BUPA for health Insurance and to spend your hard earned savings at the rate of 9000 plus a year for your child to have a higher education?

I really don’t want to be negative, and I don’t want to spread scare stories. I feel I don’t need to in order to further a case.
It is enough for me, just as an ordinary everyday Scot with no political party affiliations, just to say…..Think about it!
Don’t listen to the dross, there is more than plenty of it.
Don’t take the press or the BBC for granted, they have their own agendas.
Instead, examine the evidence, think about what it will mean to YOU.
Don’t listen to what I might say. I have already made up my mind.
I would like you to think for yourself.
The power of Belief is a Powerful thing, and it has been used for negative purposes in the past.
Scots do not always need a foe to fight against, we have been fighting since the day Scotland existed and before.
Tribe against Tribe, Clan against Clan, Religion against Religion, Secularism against Religion,Rangers against Celtic, Labour versus SNP, Powerful against Impoverished,Scotland against England.
All of it matters and None of it matters.

But what matters most, is what do you Believe?
What do you know? What do you aspire to? What do you want?
Can you accept that you don’t matter? Can you accept that what you wish means little? Can you accept that you can never do any better?Can you accept that you are too poor and insignificant?
Because that is what you are being told to Believe in Scotland, your Country, and by extension….YOU!

Thatcherism proclaimed there is no such thing as Society, only the individual matters.
Since then, Blair and Brown embraced Thatcher and invited her for tea. Now we have Cameron, not voted for by Scots. We have no say in what happens to our Society next.

We all in 2104 will be facing the Biggest decision this Country has ever had to make, we the people of Scotland have never been afforded such a choice before, and It will be historic,with its result living on past when we will Live.

All I ask is for you to make that choice wisely, our childrens and grandchildrens and great grandchildrens lives rest on the choice we make.
Lets not have any petty factionalism be part of our choice in what we choose.
The issue is not Economical or Religious, nor Political, The Issue is …
What Do You Believe?

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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6 Responses to Are Scots too Independent to be Independent?

  1. norrie says:

    Excellent time to take personal resposibility and stop blaming everyone else.

  2. Tris says:

    I wrote a long reply to this, but it was sounding a bit too much like a rant…again!

    So I scrapped it, and I’ll just say that I enjoyed your piece.

    I’ve often wondered why people in this country, given how clever we are, given how rich in resources we are and how enterprising we are, are so damned poor.

    It’s about self confidence. It is completely beyond me to understand why people still think we couldn’t manage on our own when Norway, Finland, Denmark, Malta, Iceland, Luxembourg re all doing better than we are.

    Believe in yourselves Scots.

  3. bigbuachaille says:

    It’s all about the self-respect we gain from self-determination.

  4. Bill Cruickshank says:

    I have belief in myself and the ability of my fellow Scots to govern ourselves. As bigbuachaille says above independence is about self respect.

  5. Great article Auld Aquaintance! I ‘ditto’ everything Tris has said. We Scots have been batted down for too long now. We need to rise up and ‘be a nation again’. And I hope we can also get the message out there to all Scottish people that when they vote in 2014, they are NOT voting for the SNP! They are voting for an Independent Scotland! with whichever Scottish party ends up in place.

    Keep up the good work!

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