I’m voting NO to Independence

With over two years to go, I have given up the Will to vote for Scotlands Independence.
The last week has convinced me it is utterly futile and a pipe dream.
It is just not going to happen, and If it did happen, we would make an almighty mess of it. We have been part of the Union now for too long, and we just can’t cut it by ourselves any more.

Various things in the past week have caused me to have a rethink, and while they individually don’t add up to much, collectively they are an argument I can’t deny.
The end result is that we would be utterly foolish to try and make it on our own.

Mr Camerons offer yesterday of considering more power to Scotland once this is all over is a good one. A wee bit more power will make a huge difference to us. Ok, it might not go to where some people would want us to go, but it does at least recognise that we do need more say, and the status quo is no longer an option.

Other factors I have taken into account is the capacity for Scots to fight amongst themselves even when they are supposed to be on the same side.
I have been watching online discussions in a number of forums, and everybody seems to have conflicting views. Arguments over all sorts of stuff which have very little to do with Independence and much to do with personal grievances and complaints over how the Scottish government handles things. It has even got rather heated with some exchanges,and this has been people who say they want Independence.
Independence for what exactly?

All these separate groups and blogs all over the Internet, you would think that they could find some way of getting common ground to come together and work together? Not a bit of it, everybody is happy with their own little project or cubbyhole, where like minded people can moan and girn and and complain about all these bad Unionists.
But, to actually get them to talk to each other, to form some sort of common movement …No way.

And how about this Rangers nonsense?
It has taken over a significance greater than Life itself it seems.
The news had little else all week.
And what the heck did Eck think he was playing at getting involved with that little lot..Its none of his business, so keep out!

What did he think he was doing when he said that Rangers and HMRC should sit down and talk to each other to find a way forward?
And why oh why did he even suggest that Celtic could be adversely effected by Rangers going down the tubes?

All he managed to do was stir up the Unionists and Orange men of Rangers who jeered that he and the SNP were separatist scum and were crying crocodile tears over their plight, and to sod off.
Then he managed to upset the Celtic Brotherhood by trying to find ways to save the Orange Scum. But worse, suggest that Celtic would be disadvantaged just proved that Salmond and the SNP were proddy bastards who hated Catholics and Celtic, therefore support withdrawn for Independence because they don’t like Salmond, and they were going back to the default position of supporting their Orange brethern in saving the Union.
Is Eck off his head? He should never have gone near that poisoned chalice. some things are just best not spoken about.

Then I looked at what the Scottish Parliament has to offer, the other parties.
Labour are bunch of self serving vacuous numpties, which make a lot of noise without any substance. They have no suggestions or solutions, just lots of hot air and buzz words, like Separatism 50 times a minute. When it comes to actually getting something positive, they produce hee haw, just more girning about what the SNP are doing.
The Lib Dems are a rump, and just blether away, not knowing what the hell they are for or who they support? They are the lost souls of politics living in a forgotten land.
The Tories are what the Tories are, money grabbing bastards with no social conscience beyond themselves.

They have all convinced me, Independence is a wast e of time and effort.
You are right Mr Cameron, we need the Union, we could theoretically go it alone, but we would make a mess of it.
We can’t as a people decide what we want, and we would rather fight with each other than make progress.
The Old Firm rules our lives and means everything to us,we must choose to support one or the other, not both.
A Scotland of quasi religious bigotry is the only way forward, and it belongs in the Union, at least that is what both sides can agree with.
But most frightening of all, Is that we will be stuck with the same Labour and Liberal and Tory politicians, we will be stuck with the Councillors of Glasgow and elsewhere, they wont go away with Independence, and sometime they will gain power again.
That is a thought which is too frightening for belief.
It is bad enough if they have Westminster to report to, but to actually be responsible for running a Country? Dear God!!

Beyond doubt, the Unionists have won. I can’t in all good conscience carry on supporting Independence for Scotland, we are a hopeless case


Ok, Hands Up…..Who thought I had really jumped the dyke?

David Cameron came to our country yesterday, he had his porridge to make him seem more Scottish, he had a wee photo with Ruthy Baby overlooking the Forth Road Bridge, then a wee blether with the TV folks overlooking Edinburgh castle with the Union Jack flying limply above the Saltire which had a little more starch in it.

Then we got a nice speech about what Scots had contributed to the Union, and how we would be missed if we left.
But just to let us know how important we are , and how much he cares, he told us all that he would Consider giving us more powers if we decided not to go.

I believe his consideration and may I be equally as considerate in saying that I too will Consider voting NO to Independence with equal sincerity .
I know he really means well, and I know how much he really can’t live without us.
We Love you too Dave, of course we do. Now lets have a hug.

Love and Kisses

Rod xox

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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18 Responses to I’m voting NO to Independence

  1. David Robertson says:


    There are time when I look at the nonsense around the debate and I wonder if it is worth it. If the opposition parties represent the best they have what would happen if they ever did govern an independent Scotland, would they try to turn us into a mini version of the UK that they are so fond of.

    The use of a game as the foundation for your existence harking back to a battle between the armies of two people who couldn’t care a jot for their loyal followers.

    Then I think that if we keep going the way it is it’ll never change, Scotland needs a kick up the arse and it’ll no get it by hiding behind the UK.

    So I shake my head at the so called debate and look forward to the time when the grown ups will get involved. Perhaps the inclusion of and the 16 yr and 17yr olds in the debate will put many of us to shame

  2. If they ever thought that Scots don’t do irony, I doff mon chapeau to you, unless of course you have had some sort of breakdown.

    In the latter case, get well soon.

  3. Bob Leslie says:

    The Jura is out! Rod, m’lad, there’s just too much irony here for the wee BritNats to take on board. Next time, try not to confuse them!

  4. A H McMorrin (Snr) says:

    Causing some confusion over on twitter However I do love the irony

  5. bigbuachaille says:

    Just what flavour of jam is it to be? And how many tomorrows constitute one unit of time?

  6. Rab o' Ruglen says:

    Hi Rod,

    Yes, you did have me going there for a bit until I got to the – “Mr Cameron’s offer yesterday of considering more power to Scotland once this is all over is a good one”. Then I thought naw, even if he’s flipped his lid he’s still no likely to have gone that daft. He must be takin’ the piss.

    If you did flip your lid, its nice to have you back.


    • All neatly planned I assure you. 🙂

      The Cameron line was meant as a dead give away…but I managed to disguise it well enough with what followed, that it should not have been too obvious.. 🙂

      Now just working on a further idea, but everyone can relax, I wont be pulling the same stunt twice! 😉
      Well, not for quite a while……

  7. Algieboy says:

    You bugger you had me Hook line and sinker

  8. Ok, you got me there! 😉 Took me a moment to see that tongue firmly wedged in cheek! 🙂

  9. Breandán says:

    I never truly understood the meaning of the word ‘Sarcasm’ until I read this article/blog. Therefore; for future reference I will know exactly the right time to be ‘sarcastic’ when I decide its relevant and just.
    (lol) I think is more appropriate.

    • It is said that sarcasm is the lowest form of humour and the highest form of wit. 🙂
      But this piece was really a mixture of serious irony mixed with sarcastic humour….A hybrid if you like 🙂
      I doubt I will get away with the likes again very soon 😉

  10. Andy Auchterlonie says:

    Ha ha. We Cybernats can see the irony in this, but I reckon it will finally flip a few of the Unionists. Irony is too complex and intellectual for them. I can just see them now in their wee moaning sheds with their union jack tee shirts, slurping Darjeeling giving it arrff arrff, toodle pip what what. Their heids biling wondering what the hell this piece is all about. They might work it out one day, hopefully after 2014 when they will wake up to see a rich Scotland and a poor rUK. Oh how we’ll be merry eating our porridge and drinking our Bucky that morning….

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