A Question for Labour,Conservative and Liberal parties.

Here Is a question,and some supplementary questions I would like to ask all supporters of Labour, Conservative and Liberal parties in Scotland.
If Scotland does vote for Independence in the Referendum, and you have to admit that is a possibility, even if you are unlikely to admit it is a probability. How would you like this Country to be shaped in the future? What would you envisage for Scotland, and what would be your hopes for Scotlands post Independence future? Also, what role would you see for yourself and your party in an Independent Scotland?
In what way would you enhance Scotlands future?

Can you even engage with such a discussion, or is it beyond you to think positively of Scotland post Independence?
I suspect from all contributions from these parties up till now, that they are unable to present a positive case for Scotland as a Nation, without it being tied to Westminster, but I am open to change my mind on that, if they have the courage to address these questions, without reverting to why not!

If you are reading this, lets hear from you!

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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14 Responses to A Question for Labour,Conservative and Liberal parties.

  1. Alan Hogg says:

    I believe that the parties will split along familiar lines, slightly left centre, centre, slightly right of centre. The SNP were set up to produce independence and that is most important for us who believe in Scottish independence, however I as a SNP member don’t agree with being in the EU and some of the other policies currently in force.

    • What are the odds that some remain unionists and campaign for reunifiication?

      Lords Forsyth and FFSake, David Steel, Ming Campbell, Charles Kennedy, The Alexander Brothers and Danny Alexander, Gordon Brown and Badger?

  2. Alan Hogg says:

    I will however not leave a comment here again if moderation is in force!

    • Moderation is always in force Alan..Otherwise there would be all sorts of nutters making comments, some distinctly unpleasant for most folk.
      In saying that, I believe in open discussion and debate, irrespective of political stance.
      All initial comments are automatically held in a Que for moderation, thereafter they will automatically appear when posted.
      Only if someone is abusive will they be placed again under automatic moderation, or in hte event of continued abuse, immediately banned.
      I hope that clarifies my moderation policy for you, and thanks for your comments made.

  3. Eddie says:

    I think that they would first need to disassociate themselves from Westminster and form a new party registered here in Scotland, this would enable them to focus on the vision of independence and home rule for Scotland, and not this terrible union..

  4. Tris says:

    The thing is that they should admit that there is at least a possibility of independence and start formulating positive policies for an independent country. That is to say that they should have ideas about defence, foreign affairs, pensions, social security, because suddenly they will be Scotland’s responsibility, and pretty soon after that these people will stand for government. Even in opposition they should have some positive plans.

    Then again, all the opposition parties seem to do is carp and criticise. This is understandable for Labour. Despite what lamentable says, I don’t think there is much talent there, but surely there must be some reasonably bright people in the Tories, somewhere…

    They’ll need to ditch Davidson though.

  5. morris young says:

    Im afraid we have a number of identitites to contend with, There are those who vote Conservative and are happy to see English government imposed upon Scotland because thats the only way they can have a Tory government . They are unlikely to ever see power in Scotland however and some would always favour reunification I would expect.
    Lib Dems have an increasingly English population identity, whilst being deserted by Scots in their thousands, which is one reason why they cannot back the SNP ,or thats how they see it. They think they have a right to impose government on Scotland, but Scotland does not have the right to choose for herself! So much for democracy.
    Labour identify with class or more accurately education level, and see those working class people in more prosperous parts as their brothers ,but they would probably accept independence after it had been achieved, apart from Foulkes who is a drunkern English hypocrite who looks after himself and sod everybody else.
    All too often I hear people saying IM as much a Scot as the next man but Im also British.It usually means theye have Northern Ireland or English grandparents or parents and cant even be honest about it. If they feel English or British fine, Nobody refuses you this right to be what you wish to be. We merely would like to know why you forsake the land you live in in favour of one you were NOT even born in ?
    Im afraid the variation is very much an individual matter, and I doubt many of them would admit to being any of the above. I am an SNP member of course. The questions were asked in good faith, but I doubt many Unionists can give honest answers .If they were honest and knowledgeable they wouldnt be Unionists !

  6. Doug Daniel says:

    They’ll never engage with any such discussion, because to do so would, in their eyes, be implicitly giving independence credibility as an idea, and that simply can’t happen. Independence has to be treated as some nutter pursuit in order to stop it getting a foot in the door. That’s why they talk of “getting the independence question out of the way”, as if it’s just some silly little game that nationalists want to play, before we get back on with the real task of shafting people through a sham democracy.

    Personally, I find it extremely insulting whenever they say “let’s get it out of the way”. They might as well say “yes yes, ask your silly little question then shut up”, because that’s effectively what they’re saying.

  7. I read somewhere cant remember where but the only political parties to be registered in Scotland was the Greens and the SNP,the rest are registered as British parties,as I said I might even have dreamed it but I’m sure I read it somewhere.So the unionist parties would have to rush to register as political parties.It is a well thought out question,it could be used for mischief making,hmm.or stirring up a could conversation on another site.I would not be surprised if they all had some policy already just in case.Things will carry on and get better,when we rule our end of this island.Make it soon oh make it soon.

  8. DaveW says:

    Wow, Imagine a Scottish Labour Party that wasn’t an absent minded afterthought of Millbank. They might even stop being Tories. Well, maybe after a few years. Okay – quite a lot of years.

  9. I too am an SNP member who disagrees with many of the Party’s current policies but will support them as long as they are they only credible Party offering an opportunity to return Scotland to its rightful place as an Independent Sovereign Nation. I don’t want anything to do with the EU preferring membership of EFTA & EEA. I believe we should have our own currency as quickly as possible but will accept a transition period using ¬£ – but only as long as it takes to set up the necessary institutions. I think the SNP will fragment after Independence and new faces like SDA will become more politically active. I believe our Parliament will be much more diverse than it currently is. As for the current Unionist parties? None of them have made any credible case for retaining the Union and all are too arrogant or blind to even countenance an Independent Scotland far less form any policy. None of them operate as Scottish registered parties even now. So good luck in your quest for sensible answers to your questions from any unionist. Saor Alba

  10. DoricBob says:

    Surely somewhere, even in the minds of the most ardent unionists there must be a little doubt. Do they never ask themselves, “What will be my place in an independent Scotland? Especially after years of telling my fellow Scots they’re NOT good enough, or clever enough to run their own affairs. How will the history of my country judge me – will my name be reviled and hated – and is that the way I want to be remembered?”

  11. Roddy MacLeod says:

    It would surprise me greatly if ANY Unionist even replies to your reasonable question.
    As an earlierv poster said to acknowledge the possibility of Independence is beyond Unionist thinking.
    They cannot even articulate anything positive about their union, or why we should remain in it.
    Therefore there is no chance of them saying anything about their place in the New Scotland.
    Personally when I look at the ranks of the Unionists in both Edinburgh and London ,there are very few I would want ot see anywhere near the governance of our new land

    • I didn’t honestly expect any responses from them, but I would have been delighted if any had the guts to respond.
      As we have seen, none has taken up the challenge, and that says all we really need to know about what they think of Scotland.
      Johann Lamont may say all she wishes about being happy to wrap herself in a saltire, and they all may claim to be as Scottish as everybody else. But the lie is evident when none can respond to very simple questions such as those I have posed.

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