Caged in a playpen

I have been somewhat lost for words over the past week, namely because there has been so much to comment about that I didn’t know where to start.
I did think of deconstructing David Camerons speech to the Tory conference in Troon, but he spoke so much rubbish I felt I would be going on forever.
I reported the details of the budget, but didn’t really comment all that much about it. Simply to say that it was a budget for the Rich and detrimental to the poor and the elderly.
I could have commented about the ludicrous scenario Lord Strathclyde painted about an Independent Scotland having its airports bombed by the rUK,and the Northern Isles being partitioned Ulster fashion with the nuclear subs moved to Scapa flow, but it just wasn’t worth taking seriously.
I laughed at the announcement made by Ruth Davidson about their website Conservative Friends of the Union being set up, and being so inept that they didn’t even bag the .com or .uk for their URL.
I shook my head at the announcement that the Labour MP Alex Ingram was prepared to join Cameron on the platform of the Tory conference. The Labour party obviously thought the better of that stunt,and he didn’t appear.
I choked on my tea when Tavish Scott suddenly declared his support for the Independence of Shetland. He didn’t see the need for that when he shared power in Holyrood with Labour pre 2007.
The Western Isles has as much Nordic history as the Northern Isles, but no autonomy for them Tavish?
I spat at the British government suddenly escalating the speed and amount of oil removal in scottish waters. Quick, pinch as much as possible before Scotland walks away!
And most recently the resignation of the second chief Tory fundraiser caught out selling dinner in downing street at quarter of a million a pop, while stupidly letting the cat out of the bag that the government was planning to hijack the Independence referendum.
The BBC were also caught out telling lies about what Nicola Sturgeon had said about the banks was high on my agenda, but It was all too much for me.
There is only so much bullshit I can process at any given time, and the Britnats have been in Bullshit overdrive. Might I suggest they hire their services out to farmers for manure spreading.

Instead of writing in detail about any of the above, I will take a quick snapshot of the Tory conference in Troon.
It was announced by Ruth Davidson to the packed hordes of Tories in Troon(approx 300 of them) that the Tories had increased their membership in Scotland since she took over, by around 2000, to just over 11,000 members.
Believe that if you like, but where were they all? The pack in Troon couldn’t even fill one of the overflow halls of the SNP conference.
Even I in my former life as a public speaker have spoken to an audience greater than David Cameron did in Troon, and I am not even well known!
Not only could they not fill a small town hall by the seaside,they felt so threatened that they caged themselves into their playpen surrounded by police, horses,dogs, and helicopters, and this is supposed to be a popular party?
Maybe they felt threatened by the other sort of Unionists marching round the hall in protest at their cuts? Who knows why,because if there was a party of irrelevance in Scotland, they are in a downhill race for that title with their LibDem partners.

Now lets have a quick look at what they had to say? It’s not really worth it, but I will proceed anyway.

A former first minister of Northern Ireland accused Scottish Nationalists of “doing violence” to people’s identity with their bid to take the country out of the United Kingdom.
Lord Trimble said that every Scot had a “British component” in their national identity, and that to “separate that is to do violence to people’s own sense of identity”.

Apart from being absolutely none of David Trimbles business what the people of Scotland decide, it is absolutely despicable to suggest that the decision will have anything to do with violence!
We don’t need the input of Northern Irish troubles into a peaceful debate,and it has no business here.

Meanwhile Lord Strathclyde, Leader of the House of Lords and also leader of the Tory group in the Lords, was another of the politicians who spoke out as the Conservative Friends of the Union group was officially launched at the conference.
He claimed that Scotland, “the country I care passionately about most of all in this world”, was “under threat”.

As if we don’t have enough unelected Lords spouting forth garbage from all sides of the Britnat divide,this idiot bangs on about us being bombed and being under threat. Why all this threat of violence I might ask? When such language is used they have already conceded the argument.

Conservative Party chairman Baroness Sayeeda Warsi said the Tories must “work flat out” to keep the Union together.
She said Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond had been “banging the drum for division” but added: “It’s our job to drown out his separatist rhetoric with a positive case for keeping the Union intact.”

Dear Baroness where is the positivity in this statement? No positive argument has yet to be put for the union other than what Scotland brings to you, not what the Union does for Scotland.
As for this separatist nonsense? We have been hearing this language of separation since the 1930’s. It is neither accurate nor relevant.

Theresa May, just months after allowing thousands of immigrants into the Uk by botching rules over customs checks had the cheek to threaten Scotland with border checks and passports when we are all part of the Common Travel Area in the British Isles and Ireland.
You can fly to Dublin without a passport, and there are no border checks between the Republic and Northern Ireland.
She then threatened us with terrorists!! We have only ever had one terrorist attack at Glasgow airport, and our baggage handlers gave them a good kick in the goolies for their troubles. We are more under threat by being part of the UKs misadventures than anything an Independent Scottish Government would ever get involved in.
As for Mass Immigration? The only mass Immigration we are likely to see is an escalation of people from the the North of the Watford Gap escaping Tory policies of all shades…Blue, Red or Orange.

David Cameron said the First Minister was scared of what the result of the referendum would be and accusing Alex Salmond of dithering said: “I thought we were going to be watching the movie Braveheart, it turns out it’s more like Chicken Run.”

Did nobody tell him that Chicken Run was all about an escape from Tyranny? Even in trying to make a lame joke the hapless fool manages to make the case for Scottish Independence.

Ruth Davidson meanwhile stressed the importance of the independence vote.
“The next thousand days could determine the future of the country we love for the next thousand years,”
“It is that important. The next thousand days could decide which passport we hold, which currency we spend, which army protects us. It is that important.”
Ms Davidson added: “This is a big decision – it’s not like an election where you can change your mind five years later.
“The decision we make here and now could change the face of our country forever.”

Now here we have at last something of interest, but not as Ruth intended it.
Between what Alex Ferguson the former presiding officer in the Scottish parliament said about a No vote ending the argument over independence, not for a generation or two generations, but for over a century!
Ruth trumps him by saying a No vote will end Independence for a thousand years or forever!

What this tells us is this….If we are daft enough to vote No, then we will never have another crack at it! The Westmister parties will take it as a signal to strip our country and clamp down harder than they ever have before. As far as the jam tomorrow of Hume, and Cameron, or the taking stock of Thatcher….forget it!

If you have any doubts whatsoever what this vote means to the people of Scotland, and the possible repercussions of voting against independence means, you have it spelled out clearly here.
Vote Yes..and our future is in our hands…Vote No…and we will be condemned for our own cowardice by our own children and grandchildren and great grandchildren..We will have joined in Scottish History the parcel of rogues.

But I will leave the last comment to a very unlikely personage not present at the Tory conference. I never thought I would see the day when I agreed with him, but here we are…The most astute and reasonable comment I have seen from a Unionist outwith Scotland, and far more sensible than the likes of Forsythe or Foulkes or Trimble has managed.

Rev Dr Ian Paisley :
“The Scottish people are a canny lot, I should know, my mother was Scottish! I fail to see what all the angst is concerning the question to be put in the upcoming referendum. The Scots know exactly what they want, know how to get it, and probably would greatly appreciate it if we left them alone to make their own decision.”

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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9 Responses to Caged in a playpen

  1. Well blow me down with a feather: I agree with the Rev. Paisley too.

    It shows how feart the Unionists are when that Titan of Unionism can be pragmatic!

    Great site, btw. Added it to my RSS reader last month.


  2. duncancclark says:

    So enjoy reading your blog! :-)) D

  3. Good piece of writing as usual,I have one thought “How do we get the general public to read these pieces of journalism?”I think it needs some form of newspaper that is in the wider public,as those that are like myself means your preaching to the choir ,so to say. Just wish there was a big congregation,there to listen.Sorry if that sounded like a moan,its not meant to be.

    • It is not easy to get any of our mainstream newspapers to take articles supporting independence. The best read of our online news comes from newsnetscotland,which has a redership of around 9000 a month. They have published two or three of my articles in the past. Otherwise my articles tend to be spread on the social networks of facebook and twitter.

  4. longshanker says:

    You say you couldn’t be bothered to deconstruct what Bullingdon Dave had to say at the conference. Here’s a link to what an ALS Interpreter Bunny acting for the Ministry of Justice had to say:

    For a quick jump to the gist of Theresa May’s babblings, how about this:

    Both tongue in cheek of course. Apologies if you consider the supply of two links as spam – I’ll understand if you moderate this comment out.

    You’re right about the numbers attending though. The Scotsman reported it as 400 – the reporter must have had double vision. I actually thought about attending as Troon isn’t too far away from me. But on reflection, the idea of being mistaken for a Tory was just too much to ask.

    I like your take on Chicken Run, the best comedy turns usually are unintentional utterances.

    A 1000 year reign. Where have I heard that number before?

  5. John.F says:

    I enjoyed the quote from Rev Dr Ian Paisley :

  6. Macart says:

    WOW! The Rev said that? I must have nursey bring bring some more of those pills.

    Fun article again AA and keep up the good work. 🙂

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