Reasons to be Cheerful…..Whoopeee

For one moment in time…just a moment…let me put myself into the shoes of BBC Scotlands News Editors…and those of the labour leadership in Scotland.

What is that makes them happy, and what is it which upsets them, and what do they ignore?

If good news for Scotland is announced the BBC will either ignore it…report it with a negative tag line, or they will slip it into a ten second slot later in their flagship programme Reporting Scotland, while having acres of space talking about Pandas or such like.

While we see much more of this behaviour in Scotland since the Independence issue has risen to the top of the pile, their reporting in London can sometimes be misleading too on English matters, so we are not quite entirely alone in being the recipients of their behaviour, we just get the most of their dishonest reporting by the length of Sauchiehall street.

Let me give an example from the National 6 0’clock News last night.
They deigned to allow some of the fringe contestants in the London Mayors race a minimum of airtime. These contestants from the Lib Dems, the Greens and UKIP, were all interviewed seemingly on Westminster Bridge in real time.
There was nothing of any controversy in the conducting of these short interviews….But I spotted something else
These candidates were seemingly interviewed on Westminster Bridge at various locations on it. The content of their interview and the camera shots of them speaking were all in perfect order….But what did I spy in the rest of their shots?
The people walking on the bridge were all traveling faster than Olympic runners, and the traffic on the bridge at each location on it was breaking the speed limit and threatening the sound barrier!
A small thing I know…but dishonest!
It is obvious to me that the viewer was being misled, these interviews were not taken on Westminster bridge at all, or if they were not at the same time as the rest of the footage.
Of course we see BBC Scotland at this sort of nonsense on a regular basis…particularly when reporting serious statements in Holyrood.
If someone is making a serious or concerning statement, they will immediately cut to a shot of the First Minister chuckling at it..the impression being that he is not taking it seriously..when in fact if you have been daft enough to watch Holyrood in real time, that shot of the first ministers reaction will have been to something else entirely!
Images impact faster and more permanently than words, and the BBC are masters of news manipulation in this sense. In effect, far from reporting honestly, they report dishonestly.

Now lets take their reporting on their flagship programme Reporting Scotland over the past couple of days into account.
First up, we had the good news which had been released on Wednesday that the figures for those in employment in Scotland had risen in the last quarter by a good amount, and that Scotland was doing better and improving faster than the rest of the UK. Great news!
Yes…They reported it, but did so in a downbeat fashion, saying that this was an improvement, but we were still in a perilous state of affairs. What they did not report,was Scotlands performance in relation to the UK figures. That would have placed the UK in a comparatively poorer light had they done so…so silence on that small matter.

Then yesterday evenings reporting when they went into overdrive on negative stories for Scotland and the Scottish Government.
First up the Doosan controversy where the Scottish Government were accused of not announcing that a project for constructing off shore windturbines had been postponed in December by the company.
The BBC said that they had only just heard of this news, when in fact it can be proven from a previous programme Douglas Fraser was on, that they had known this previously.
The report by Douglas fraser then went on to conclude with the summary that this cancellation cast doubt on Scotlands whole renewables industry. Talk about painting it black!
But lets not let the facts get in the way of the fiction shall we?
This story was broken by a newspaper back in February, so it is old news, and John Swinney commented about it at the time, so the Scottish Government have not tried to hide it.
In the scale of the renewables industry, this is but one project, and many others have come in since Doosan, and many more are coming, including the Japanese who are really enthused by Scotlands leadership in this role, particularly after their terrible nuclear tragedy.
Doosan have not cancelled the project, they have merely postponed it, given the current state of the European economy, and nothing whatsoever to do with Scotlands travel towards independence.

Reporting Scotland also last night, castigated the Scottish Government over the possibility of the bus companies cutting routes, when the bus companies are merely trying it on, because they are running with around 160 million profit each year. They are trying to protect their profit margins, and the cut in real terms of their subsidy from the government is not going to adversely affect them all that much.

The third negative report last night by Reporting Scotland, was actually a piece of really good news turned negative by the reporting of it.
The Scottish Government along with Cosla announced that they would protect the poorest in Scotland from the UK government disgraceful attack on Welfare reform, where they will be cutting the relief of the poorest for Council Tax benefit. The Scottish Government announced that they would take up the 40 million shortfall to ensure that the poorest would not be adversely effected for the next year by UK governments measure.
What did BBC Scotland do? They painted this as a bad thing and accused the SNP of electioneering close to the council elections!
In effect, they and their Unionist party pals all lined up to attack this worthwhile and moral action and called foul!

What the BBC avoided like the plague was the big controversy of the day…The English Historian David Starkeys attack on Alex Salmond by comparing him unfavourably with Hitler! Pretty much as they had mostly avoided the Economist front cover stooshie.

So much for BBC Scotland…..their bias is there for all to see, and no doubts we shall see much much more of it.

But what of Labour?
Given Wednesdays reporting by the BBC on Doosan, just in time for First Ministers Question time, it was no surprise to see Johann Lamont take pleasure in this question. Indeed all the Labour Msps loved this terrible news. They are almost utterly gleeful when bad news strikes Scotland, and they rejoice when they can get some. It doesn’t matter that the facts are dishonest, it just matters that its bad news!
When the first minister announces good news, you would expect them as good Scots to be pleased and to show it. When all you get in actuality in response is rows of sullen faces.
Instead the Labour party along with their Brit Nat pals howl like demented demons, when the poorest are protected by the Scottish Government and call it electioneering….Surely Labour of all parties should have been applauding and agreeing with the SNP over the protection of the poor. Not a bit of it.

There is actually a mutual feed going on between the Unionist parties and their think tanks with the BBC, and it cuts both ways.
If the Unionist parties and the likes of the CBI release a press release dishing Scotland or the Scottish Government, the BBC immediately runs with it, without checking out its reliability.
The BBC runs with a negative Scottish Story, it is immediately picked up on and run with by the Unionists in Holyrood.
If the Scottish government or the SNP release good news, it is either ignored, or it is placed with a negative spin, or given the barest possible coverage.

It is a terrible state of affairs when BBC Scotland and Scottish politicians conspire to degrade their own country, and to talk Scotland and its people down. But there we have it, and I guess all we ordinary Scots can do is point out to all and sundry their actions when they are traitors to their own.

And they can howl as much as they like about my traitor comment, I will gladly retract when they ever actually prove that they are otherwise! Right now, I cant see any of them acting positively for Scotland and our people.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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15 Responses to Reasons to be Cheerful…..Whoopeee

  1. OK its not so early that somebody else could have commented!One of the unionist bloggers from one of the unionist “newspapers” commented that the STV helped the SNP by reporting how good they were and how much they were doing for Scotland,called them biased?Honest I think he was called macciver although I do read several blogs and get confused.

  2. Tris says:

    A smart Scottish Labour party (huh!) would have welcomed the government’s news about protecting the poor from the London executive, and said that they would have done a similar thing and that if economic conditions allowed, they would continue to do it should they be re-elected.

    There is no weakness in agreeing sometimes. Only a fool thinks that opposition means opposing everything, always. Annabel Goldie managed to see that, but then she is one of the few that are not fools.

    You can’t help but be a little suspicious of a party that immediately assumes that the government has done something decent for political gain, rather than the fact that they wanted to do something decent for the very poorest people.

    Says a lot about Labour doesn’t it.

    I’ve stopped watching the BBC Scottish news, and for that matter, the BBC English news, because that is what the News at 6 is. Yes, I know that England is bigger, and so it has more stories, more crime, more hospitals, more everything… but for example, an estate agent is murdered in Bristol and it’s headlines every night, including the arrest and vilification of the wrong man. Then when the trial comes along, it’s headlines again. In the meantime there have been countless murders in Scotland which weren’t even mentioned on the news, never mind at the top of it.

    Sad though the whole thing was in Bristol, it didn’t really involve or interest us. We might have been slightly more engaged by something which was happening locally.

    And finally, Jackie Bird’s face when she has to mention something good about the SNP gives the whole game away. She is such an amateur (although I believe she thinks of herself as something a bit special). I read somewhere she’s another one of these people who gets her money paid into a private production company.

    • The real fun thing was watching and listening to them all at the time of the Scottish Elections….I thought I was about to witness collective Hara Kiri .

      As far as the BBC 6 O’clock news is concerned…Everything outwith London and England is Regional dontcha know?

  3. Dave says:

    Briiliant article, Rod. Only wish every household in Scotland could see it.


  4. I have only recently started to read this blog, but so far I have not been disappointed. Well done on covering these issues without any hint of bias. Cold, hard facts are hard to beat

  5. Tartanfever says:

    Incredible. Labour now think it is the job of government to report on specific business matters. Since when was that agreed ?

    I can’t ever recall Brown or Darling standing up in Westminster to announce to MP’s ‘sorry guys, but RBS have just announced another 2,000 job cuts.’

    The job of reporting this kind of news is down to opposition parties and the media and then ask the government or hold them to account. That’s completely fair. In respect of my little analogy, you would have the opposition of the day make such comments as ‘through Labour policy we have seen the devastation of the financial sector’ or ‘ the complete mis-management’ and so on. These remarks are mostly directed to government policy, which is very different to what we have going on with Doosan.

    Labour and the media are using it to smear Alex Salmond personally, the whole idea is to paint him as ‘untrustworthy’ or ‘economical with the truth’. It is not to attack SNP policy, which is by and large trying it’s level best to attract new business to the renewables market – and it would backfire on them if they did so’. However, they have attempted to ignore much of the actual information on the deal and use selective fact picking to make their accusations seem all the more plausible.

    More often than not Labour get away with being selective with the facts because of our compliant media that refuse to put questions forward. Ask yourselves this. When was the last time you actually heard a BBC Reporting Scotland journalist ask a difficult question to a politician on camera ?

  6. Ronald Henderson says:

    BBC Scotland isn’t only guilty of being biased, their reporters are also guilty of being thick, or of treating their audience as thick. Just the other morning on Good Morning Scotland (Good Moaning Scotland?) they reported a little story about an archaeological dig that had taken place in the north of England. They told how the skeleton of an unknown Bishop had been discovered along with a staff shaped ”like a shepherd’s crook”. Do they really think we are so stupid that we don’t know what a Bishop’s crozier looks like? How insulting can you get?

  7. Macart says:

    There is no BBC Scotland, there’s only the BBC.

  8. allymax says:

    The British 6 O’ clock news is ‘cultish’ in fashion; just like everything about Westminster, (houses of parliament exact replica of Solomon’s palace). Every new day begins at 6 o” clock pm, thus, what we are being ‘given’, as news, is exactly what they want us to know as todays, news, but infact is yesterday’s news. There’s lots of ‘cultish’ happenings like that ‘about’ Westminster.

  9. Dave says:

    I stuck a link to this page on Newsnet Scotland under their recent BBC Doosan story – I thought somebody might get a wee laugh out of it as it was highly relevant to the subject of BBC bias. However, they just yanked it – no comment from the online mods, no response to 2 queries as to why… nothing. Strange.

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