Salmond hunting.

I commented yesterday about the lack of any evidence of Alex Salmond behaving inappropriately or corresponding improperly with Murdoch.
Assumption and allegation of impropriety based on nothing but speculation are worthless, particularly when there is concrete evidence of endeavors to promote Scotland and Scottish jobs in hte form of the letter written by Alex Salmond to James Murdoch on the 25th of January 2011, two weeks prior to the internal emails of News International advisor revealed yesterday.

Today, for anyone who cared to watch, Johann Lamont made a total mess of her accusations against the First Minister, and she was seen off accordingly. Ruth Davidson chose Trump rather than Murdoch for her subject, and we are still trying to work out what was the purpose of her question?

BBC News tonight, again went completely over the top in reporting events in a manner which bore no semblance of truth to the actuality of the real events.
Anyone watching would have thought that Alex was getting a pasting, and there was serious accusation of wrong doing on his part.

Rupert Murdoch admitted yesterday that he liked Salmond, he found him a humorous guy, but had barely ever met him.
This of course is unlike his knowledge of Labour and Conservative leaders, and the number of occasions he had meetings and social events and dealings with them. He even has Tony Blair as God father to one of his children.

So lets make this Labour and Unionist hypocrisy clear for all to see. What follows is a list of meetings between Murdoch and Labour and Conservative prime ministers

Tony Blair
June 1 1997 – Meeting
September 2 1997 – Meeting
November 13 1997 – Lunch
January 29 1998 – Meeting
May 12 1998 – Meeting
January 21 1999 – Lunch
January 21 1999 – Dinner with Gordon Brown and then-News International executive chairman Les Hinton
May 25 1999 – Dinner
June 10 1999 – Reception
August 6 1999 – Chequers
October 12 1999 – Meeting
October 21 1999 – Lunch with Cherie Blair
January 17 2000 – Dinner
October 30 2000 – Dinner
January 17 2002 – Dinner with Les Hinton and Lachlan and James Murdoch
March 13 2002 – Breakfast
June 4 2002 – Dinner with Wendi Murdoch, Cherie Blair, and Les and Mary Hinton
February 13 2003 – Meeting with Les Hinton and James Murdoch
August 18 2003 – Dinner with Lachlan Murdoch, Les Hinton and others
November 13 2003 – Meeting
September 15 2004 – Meeting
April 7 2005 – Meeting with Gordon Brown and Michael Howard
April 7 2005 – Dinner
June 18 2005 – Lunch
September 15 2005 – Breakfast
January 22 2006 – Meeting
June 14 2006 – Dinner
January 28 2007 – Dinner
January 31 2007 – Tea
June 8 2007 – Dinner with Cherie Blair
September 27 2007 – Lunch

Gordon Brown
October 6 2007 – Meeting
October 6 2007 – Dinner with Sarah Brown and JK Rowling
October 29 2007 – Lunch
January 22 2008 – Lunch
April 16 2008 – Meeting
June 6 2008 – Dinner with Wendi Murdoch and Sarah Brown
June 15 2008 – Dinner for around 36 people, including Wendi Murdoch, then-president George Bush and Laura Bush
June 16 2008 – News Corporation summer party and dinner afterwards with Murdoch family members and Sarah Brown
September 25 2008 – Dinner hosted by New York mayor Michael Bloomberg
September 26 2008 – Meeting
November 13 2008 – Meeting
January 13 2009 – Breakfast
June 13 2009 – Wedding of Rebekah Wade and Charlie Brooks
June 22 2009 – Reception for Labour peer Lord Paul
June 26 2009 – Dinner with Sarah Brown and Lord Paul
September 23 2009 – Dinner with others
December 14 2009 – Breakfast

David Cameron
May 18 2010 – Meeting
July 21 2010 – Michael Bloomberg dinner with Wendi Murdoch and others
July 21 2010 – Early evening meeting (proposed)
June 16 2011 – News Corporation summer party
June 20 2011 – Breakfast (possible)
June 20 2011 – Times CEO Summit dinner

This is a list of Rupert Murdoch’s meetings with opposition leaders since 1988, provided to the Leveson Inquiry

September 13 1994 – Dinner with Tony Blair, at which Mr Blair’s political views and thoughts about where the Labour party was headed were discussed
May 25 1995 – Possible dinner with Tony Blair and former News International executive chairman Les Hinton
June 17 1995 – Tony Blair attended the News Corporation annual conference on Hayman Island off Australia
September 11 1995 – Possible breakfast with Tony Blair and Les Hinton
February 14 1996 – Possible breakfast with Tony Blair
September 26 1996 – Possible breakfast with Tony Blair
November 8 1996 – Breakfast with Tony Blair and Elisabeth Murdoch
February 3 1997 – Mid-afternoon meeting with Tony Blair at which the upcoming election campaign was discussed
March 31 1997 – Dinner with Tony Blair and Les and Mary Hinton
January 19 1998 – Possible meeting with William Hague, Conservative MP Alan Duncan and Les Hinton
October 15 1999 – Meeting with William Hague and Sebastian Coe
December 2 1999 – Reception with William Hague
March 12 2002 – Meeting with Iain Duncan Smith and Les Hinton
June 2002 – Iain Duncan Smith attended the News Corporation summer party
November 12 2003 – Lunch meeting with Michael Howard and Les Hinton at News International’s offices
May 12 2004 – Possible breakfast meeting with Michael Howard and Les Hinton
February 3 2005 – Dinner with Michael Howard and Les Hinton
June 15 2005 – Michael Howard attended the News Corporation summer party
January 18 2006 – Lunch with David Cameron, George Osborne, Les Hinton, Rebekah Brooks and Sun associate editor Trevor Kavanagh
June 15 2006 – Breakfast with David Cameron, Les Hinton and News International editors
February 1 2007 – Possible breakfast with David Cameron
June 23 2007 – David Cameron attended the News Corporation summer party
January 22 2008 – Breakfast with David Cameron, James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks
June 16 2008 – David Cameron attended the News Corporation summer party
January 29 2009 – Lunch with David Cameron
June 13 2009 – David Cameron attended the wedding of Rebekah and Charlie Brooks
June 16 2009 – Possible lunch with David Cameron
June 17 2009 – David Cameron attended the News Corporation summer party
December 15 2009 – Breakfast with David Cameron
December 19 2009 – Dinner organised by Rebekah and Charlie Brooks with David and Samantha Cameron, George and Frances Osborne, James and Kathryn Murdoch This was a social event, although politics and policy may have been discussed
January 28 2010 – Meeting with David Cameron
January 29 2010 – Meeting with David Cameron at a British business leaders’ lunch at Davos
January 29 2010 – News International dinner with David Cameron at Davos
June 16 2011 – Ed Miliband attended the News Corporation summer party

There is a massive about of hypocrisy by these Unionists and the BBC, time to really subject them to the spotlight.
Salmond was chasing the protection of 6000 jobs, and the recent announcement of an expansion of 900 jobs has been awarded. there was nothing that he could personally gain or give in return which woulkd have benefited Murdoch. Unlike Blair, Brown, or Cameron.

Lets have some Honesty, and lets have it from Labour the Conservatives and the BBC ….Alex has no case to answer, unless someone proves differently.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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5 Responses to Salmond hunting.

  1. They are just flinging mud around hoping it sticks, only going to get worse by 2014. Its only really bad just now because of the real fear of a massive wipeout for unionist parties at local level

  2. Tris says:

    Lamont was pathetic and ridiculous today. I was embarrassed for her.

    Every single thing that she said was explained or rebutted AND examples of Labour doing it were given (not difficult seeing that they did it in spades). As usual Johann was reading from a script and was once again made errors in her reading. Now, if I had done that and the FM had pointed it out to me just once, I would have made sure that I no longer read (and sometimes misread) a script. I would learn to ad lib and to ask questions with only a few words of guidance, but not her… On she goes giving the same amateur performance week after week, like year 7 debating society.

    Just one addition to my comments. The questions from Lamont took 16 minutes today. A lot of it was Lamont or Salmond jawing for the sake of it. Why doesn’t the presiding officer have them in and tell them to speed it up. Ordinary members have honest questions they want aired in parliament and brought to Alex’s attention. A party political broadcast for Labour, or the SNP is not what these questions are supposed to be about.

    • Parnel Applesquire says:

      While Johan Lamont was acting like a ‘wee neb’ with Nicola Sturgeon on Newsnight this evening, husband, Archie Graham (Labour keep this relationship quiet) , sat in his shorts in the ‘Old Smiddy’ on Old castle road in Cathcart. I merely mention this as a reason to introduce another example of the self-servimg hypocrisy of ‘Scottish Labour’. Archie Graham, deputy leader of the Labour administration of Glasgow, is so desperate to keep his seat in his Langside ward that there is no second labour candidate for Langside, thus giving the snp a shoe-in for two council councillors in the coming election. Labour “The Peoples’ Party”, er. yes…but only when the people are part of the labour political clique which has developed such a sense of entitlement during its fity -odd years in control of Glasgow. Roll on the 3rd of May and an end to this self-serving nepotism!

  3. Bill Cruickshank says:

    Another brilliant and very informative article Rod, please keep up the good work; it is writers like you who do so much to redress the anti-independence bias of the unionist media. It is quite obvious that the gloves are well and truly off in the fight for self-determination and that our unionist opponents will stoop to any level to smear the nationalist cause. However, that is not the only problem that independent minded Scots are facing, there is a far greater and much more sinister agenda afoot. What we are starting to experience is an all out attack on the very heart of our democracy, when virtually every media outlet is conspiring to subvert the cause of self determination, using every foul trick in their armoury, every democrat, nationalist or unionist should be aware that the democratic process that we all cherish is under attack. I do not fear the rantings of Lamont etc. the real threat is the contstant use of the “Big Lie”, the drip feed of smear and the slanted, skewed, subliminal reporting of the BBC. Nationalist democrats in Scotland are under attack, I can see a time in the not too distant future when we might have to look to other countries for support in preserving our right to a democracy. More power to your pc!

  4. Flojo says:

    Excellent, and thanks for nailing the hypocrisy and the top nutted heavy BBC still backing a poor flogged horse i.e. Labour in Scotland

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