So You Don’t like THAT SNP policy?

On a number of occasions I have seen or heard comments from a minority of people, claiming that because they don’t like a SNP Government policy, or because of something Alex Salmond has said or been accused of, that they will not vote for Scottish Independence.
There may even be a few reports or actual issues or consultations which will get some people hot and bothered, and if they don’t like the perceived direction of an agenda they immediately trash the idea of Independence. I have even seen the odd one creeping into my blog comments.
The fact of the matter is, these people are not generally in favour of Independence in the first place, or they wouldn’t be throwing their rattles out of the pram at every small opportunity.

I may not like Alex Salmond, or be an SNP supporter, (I do actually, but lets say I didn’t) but why should that preclude me from, or Influence me against supporting Scottish Independence? Independence is a basic human right, It is an Ideal, not a policy or an issue.
Alex Salmond is not the only person who supports Independence
The SNP do not have a Copyrite on the Ideal.
Not all so called Cybernats belong to the SNP,many do not.

When Independence does happen, as I believe it will, the SNP will not be the Scottish Government forever. In fact our whole political system will most likely change, including the current SNP itself.
There may well be big changes in how this country does politics, and I for one hope that happens, giving our people more of a direct say in how this country is run.
There will be new political parties grown from the ones we have at the moment, and perhaps groups we have no inkling of at the moment.

Whatever the current big issues are, will become history and new ones pertaining to an Independent Scotland will take their place.
We will have a brand new slate to work from, and it will be up to us how we fill that slate, and what with, for it will be our slate.

Our current state of being is Dependence rather than Independence. It is a diametrically opposite concept, where we are Dependent on a UK Government in our neighbouring Country deciding what we can or cannot do, how we live and how prosperous or poor that we are. It centralises all major decisions in London, and demands all our revenue goes there before it decides how much we can have back. We are at the mercy of its decisions on our economy, nations health, warfare,welfare, and all major aspects of our lives, other than that which it allows us to do for ourselves.

We have little representation in its parliament at any time,irrespective if some of our politicians become Government ministers or even Prime Ministers, we have a small fraction of its membership in what is supposed to be an equal union, because we are a much less populated country.
But even should we choose to exercise the same rights of Independence which almost every other country takes as a matter of course, It does not mean we will suddenly become remarkably wealthy,or even even worse off,we will be whatever we achieve and create for ourselves, much like what we make of our own personal lives normally.Our success or failures will be of our own efforts and designs as it should be. It is called taking responsibility.

According to calculations we have had an abundance on natural resources for many years, which we were told we did not have. We can expect that these natural resources will continue for a good many years yet, our oil has as much again as what has been taken out so far, but even after that eventually goes between 50 and a hundred years time, we have many more resources to develop which will provide for us. Very few countries in the world have the resources or potential we have.

Even if we didn’t have all we have, we would do reasonably well on a Global scale. It will never be the Land of Milk and Honey, but it will be our land to shape how we wish, to create the society we wish, to allow us to create confidence and opportunities for our children once more, without going with a begging bowl to London and struggling to defend the health, rights,laws,Education and social welfare of the youngest to our eldest in our Scottish society.

Independence gives us the basic human right to choose how we will, without the dependence on those who have different values, goals and distribution of societal wealth than ourselves over ruling us.

The SNP may say that an Independent Scotland will retain the monarchy, be part of Nato, share a currency agreement with England, or whatever they like, but it need not remain so.
Once we are Independent, we may decide that none of these are to our liking, and therefore change them.
But we have to become Independent first!

There will have to be initial plans set in place before we become Independent, and the SNP Government is the vehicle of choice for most Scots Nationalists to do so, and thus we let them get on with it, and like them or not, like Alex Salmond or not, we get behind them to achieve what is our major Ideal and goal.

Once we have our Independence, we the people of Scotland can do with it what we will, and it will be our choice, nobody elses, to make.

The Unionists, particularly Labour, will continue with their hot air, faux outrage, and personal attacks of no substance on Alex Salmond and the SNP…..But lets remind them that the majority of people in Scotland do not belong to their party, nor any political party, and we will not have them telling us who we can or cannot vote for, nor that Scotlands Independence belongs to anyone else other than the people of Scotland. So if they attack those that wish it, they are attacking a large proportion of who matter most.

Independence is Ours, not any political party.
Deny our Right and our Sovereignty at your peril.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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20 Responses to So You Don’t like THAT SNP policy?

  1. Nicely put,I’ll try and remember all of it if not I’ll just have to message you for a reprint!

  2. Gaz says:

    It has been very telling during this campaign how defensive and aggressive some Labour supporters are. I had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting one who told me she could never vote SNP because Billy Wolfe reported her to the ward matron for something (she can’t even remember what) when he was one of her patients in Bangour Hospital. For those that are not familiar with Bangour, it closed something like 30 years ago.

    Labour seem to be beyond the point of relying on their core vote and are now relying on their apologist vote.

  3. Morag says:

    Ian Bell is one of the worst. If he can’t have a republic on Day One, he’s not interested. For goodness sake, which is more likely to deliver a republic – the UK, or an independent Scotland.

  4. Jim Brown says:

    I come across this many times from old people especially women. “I dont like that man Salmon. I’m not voting SNP”. All I can say to them is, “You vote for the Party, not the person. Look at what the SNP has done for you”. I tell them, but it is no use. I just cant change them.

  5. I totally agree- not only that, but I believer right now that SNP are the only people capable of looking after the Scottish budget, –wouldnt trust Labour -and as far as Con/Dems -well that is the right way to describe them.

  6. Wayne Brown says:

    You are absolutely right AA but, like so many others who have yet to see this disconnection, you are a bit slow off the mark. It has always seemed obvious to me that their is no connection between how well or badly the SNP run the country and the argument for independence. Surely all we need to know is that we, like any other nation, produce enough people with the political, business, legal etc ability to run our country – and can there be any doubt of that.

    Our problem in this respect, at the moment, is that many of our most able people go to where there are bigger fish to fry. This will not be completely solved by independence but it will certainly make a difference.

    I have posted these thoughts before on Newsnet Scotland but with little response.

    I think it’s time we took a bit of weight off the SNP’s shoulders.

  7. Susan McCrae says:

    Well done! Just linked to this on my fb page with the following:
    Please read this. 2014 will be the biggest year in Scottish history for over 300 years.
    Don’t ignore it because you’re “not into politics”.
    This is about OUR FUTURE AS A COUNTRY, OUR FUTURE AS A NATION, OUR FUTURE AS THE PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND – not political parties nor how much you like/dislike certain politicians.
    So please, take the time to read up on the FACTS before you dismiss the idea of independence.

  8. I was a “so called Cybernat” who was not a member of the SNP until London’s bullying interventions of January this year. I (along with my family) was one of the many who swelled the Scottish National Party membership list and coffers through outrage at the Unionist Parties, the BBC Burns Night Big Debate Special (which they dare never repeat) and Westminster’s unelected Law Lords telling Scots that they may not decide their own fate. That are banned from holding referendums. That London law is supreme and that London will attack and bomb Scotland just as Serbia attacked Kosovo because it too dared to seek the Human right and dignity of independence and democracy?
    PS thanks for yet another excellent article and read.

  9. Fantastic piece of writing, fair brings a tear to the eye, so many quotable sections I can use in conversation with unionists and condescending Englishmen offshore, thanks very much

  10. Steve Bell says:

    My thoughts exactly AA.

  11. IndependenceFighter says:

    Some excellent points, agree with you when you said we can make Scotland what we want, its up to us to do with this country whatever we wish. I for one cannot wait for the opportunity!

  12. Stevie says:

    The other night a young woman said she’d heard Salmond was ‘horrible’ and ‘mean’ to people.

    I asked, “Who said that? Who?”

    I heard it, to which I asked, “From where?”

    No reply. The point being it’s a case of people hearing what they want to hear — they’re either for you or against you sometimes and reasoning fails.

    • Think she must be mixing him up with Gordon Brown or somebody…
      Unless of course its the fact that he shows up the Unionists ineptitude at every turn… Horrible Nasty man

      • ESkinner says:

        Knowing Gordon personally I can assure you he is not a horrible man, am surprised at any Scot believing the propaganda of the English media. Whatever you think of his politics as far as who he is, a lovely kind and generous man who is a great MP for my town! I may no longer vote Labour but he is one of the few honest Labour men around.

  13. Fergie says:

    Good article. I find it frustrating when people (often republicants or socialists) say things like “what’s the point of independence it we’re still going to have the queen, Sterling, NATO?” etc. There is just so much about independence that is normal, natuaral, vital. Not least the ability to change all of these things. They seem to be insisting Scotland must be exactly the way they want it right off or they won’t vote for independence at all.

    If it takes another generation to become a republic, so what? Gaining independence itself will be a huge step and keep us and a load of lawyers busy for a generation. There will be more than enough to do and enough change. And you know what? The next generation, who spend their time and energy campaigning for a republic will probably come up with a far better blueprint for a new republic than we would now, trying to do it while also creating an independent state.

    There is plenty of space for all the arguments about what we want to be when we’re independent. But the foundation all of them rest on is that Yes vote in 2014. That’s what we need to work for and secure, the rest follows on naturally from that.

  14. Fergie says:

    Incidentally, I don’t think it *will* take a generation to become a repubic – think it’ll happen quite fast after indy. The changes and pace of them that could happen post indy are massive and very exciting. As are the new politics that could develop. Just no need to hurry them and expect everything to be sorted on day one, or even year one or decade. one.

  15. ESkinner says:

    I’m a big supporter of Independence now! I wasnt when I had been a Labour voter for many years but opinions and how I see the world now has changed. I like a lot of what SNP stand for but my decision for Independence is not a party one but a choice of mine for whats best for my country and its people. If Scotland got Independence..or should I say when Scotland gets its Independence then its very much up to this Scot Gov to work for the people of Scotland. If SNP doesn’t rise to the challenge then the people of the country of Scotland will chose a new Scot Government. We do most definitely need to rub Scottish Labour out and start again with fresh blood, the Labour MSPs who dodn’t always stand for all the union stuff rammed down theirs and ours throats. We get rid of the likes of Lamont, Darling, Murphy,Harris and Dougie Alexander…….any members of the main Labour who never put the interests of the people of Scotland first! Theres no place for them in a new Scotland.

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