Taking the Proverbial

Alan Cockrain of the Telegraph has been talking pish again!
In fact he rarely does otherwise in his embittered column in that paper.
The Bearded one shows all the irrational fixation, bitterness, malice,and hostile stalking behaviour of a rejected unrequited lover.
Goodness knows, he may be utterly distraught and broken hearted over Alex Salmond, but the poor sad fixated Cochers needs urgent help, before the men in white coats drag him ranting and raving away, as they take him to a safe secure place.

Here are some of his most recent samples from his last article.

Less to celebrate after vote than smug Salmond thinks
Shouting ‘we won’ does not mask fact that his obsession with separation put off many at local elections”

What evidence does Cochers have that Independence had any part to play in the Local elections? What evidence does he provide that Independence put anybody off voting for the SNP, never mind that it put MANY off? None whatsoever.

“As all the party leaders engaged in a bit of public post-election inquests yesterday, Mr Salmond just kept on repeating: “We won, we won, we won.” And in terms of share of the vote and number of councillors elected, he was right. But modest gains such as happened on Thursday are not what our walk-on-water First Minister has led us to expect. ”

Cochers actually admits that Alex Salmond was correct to assert that the SNP had won it. But he endeavours to suggest that it was ONLY in terms of share of the vote, and the number of councillors elected.
He suggests that the SNP only made modest gains, well I suppose a gain of 62 seats is pretty small stuff in comparison to Labours 46 Gains, and when you take all the Unionists combined Labour/Conservative/Lib Dem , the Unionist parties actually managed to achieve the superb result of Losing collectively 78 seats.

“And it is certainly nothing like enough to help him achieve his heart’s desire – the break up of Britain. His 4.46 per cent increase, as compared with the 2007 results, wasn’t even as high as the 5 per cent that this column had anticipated on Saturday and at around 33 per cent, it is a long way short of the 45 per cent he won in last year’s Holyrood elections”

He complains that the 4.46 per cent increase, is short of his own predictions, and as we know, he is the sole arbitrer of what acceptable targets should be.
Isn’t it absolutely dreadful too that the SNP were the largest party on 33 percent of the vote, how dismal is that? To be the largest party and not achieve the heights of the Holyrood election, which was run under an entirely different voting system,to the local elections where 70% of the electorate never bothered their bahookies turning out for. A massive FAIL in anybodies book.

“But, of course, Mr Salmond cannot possibly admit to the reason for Thursday’s stalled advance because the reason is him and his total obsession with separation. When SNP candidates said that a vote for them on Thursday would hasten what they’d call Independence Day, but the rest of us would call the End of Britain Day, many voters who’d plumped for the Nats last year said a resounding: “No thanks.”

And most voters Alan, said no thanks to even turning up, so goodness knows how Alex Salmonds obsession with Independence put them off, more so considering that the Nationalist parties were the only parties not to even mention a word about Independence during the campaign.
But I must admit to liking the sound of ” End of Britain Day” , that would suit just dandy, Thanks for that one old beardy bean.

“It just goes to show how universally unpopular separation is. Voters can be fed up of the Coalition and, as they showed in last year’s Holyrood election, they can admire the chutzpah of Alex Salmond when he’s up against lacklustre opponents. But when he’s seen to behave badly, as he has over, for instance, Rupert Murdoch, and when he’s got a reasonable opponent, as he has in Mrs Lamont, then he’s nothing like the invincible being that he and his party like to suggest. ”

Independence is universally unpopular? Its not even unpopular in this world Alan, never mind in the Universe. In fact most people, and most countries want to be Independent. We are not quite so different as you would like in Scotland.
Lamont described as a reasonable opponent is sheer desperation, and Alan certain is a desperate writer. The lack luster tag would even be a compliment to her, given the performances witnessed in Holyrood during First Ministers Question Time. She cannae even read a script for goodness sakes.
And where Is your evidence Alan, that Alex Salmond has at all behaved badly over Rupert Murdoch? All we have seen and heard thus far has been groundless insinuation and allegations, with absolutely nothing of substance behind any of them, unless touting for Scottish Jobs is construed as Bad Behaviour?

“And so, with Mr Salmond launching his separation campaign on May 25 and the combined Unionist camp launching their “Say Yes to Britain” bid a couple of weeks later, the real battle is at last about to be joined.

I’m sure that many will now agree with me when I say: Bring it on. ”

At the very last we find something to agree on…Yes, Bring it On indeed!

Such is the quality of superb analytical writing that Alan subjects the Telegraph to. Wonderfully enlightening stuff it is too.
If anyone ever notices his adverts on Twitter, he nearly always puts a positive SNP or Alex Salmond comment, then adds a link which is the complete opposite, to the likes of the stuff above.

The more outrage he can cause, the more online comments he can get, the more advertising revenue the Telegraph gets.Thus his wages of sin are ensured for another while.
Save yourself from his Bile, and as the saying goes, don’t feed the Troll.

His Twitter Comment:

Telegraph Scotland ‏ @AlanCochraneSez

Mr Salmond: “We won.” “And in terms of share of the vote and number of councillors elected, he was right”

And this actual Article In Full :


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  1. Well saves me reading the Telegraph,and honestly never liked it that much,my preferred papers were ,the Herald,the Express,and the rest just as balanced view,now I’m back to just the Express,I like the crosswords!Its easy reading and it does give a bit of support to the SNP,on occasions.Now my wife says its about £10. a week less on papers,good Greggs mmm.

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