Is YES going off the rails?

Right now I am beginning to wonder if the YES campaign a wee bit wobbly?
Ok the Better Not mob are probably worse, but they don’t need to be any better in order to convince people of their argument. The fact that they are entirely negative is only par for their course.

But my worry is where the SNP led YES campaign is going, or rather where it is yet not gone.
We hear of the SNP trying to play a safe game, trying to be everything to all people. Unfortunately, you can please some of the people, some of the time, but you will never please all of the people, all of the time. Yet this is what the SNP seem to be trying to do.

They want to retain the monarchy, they want to share sterling, they want to share armed forces, In fact the way that they are playing it, is that in not wanting to scare the horses, and really not a lot will change, they are defeating their own goal! The people of Scotland certainly do not want more of the same, else what is the point of being Independent, if not much changes?

They need to get away from responding to the charges of the Better Not mob, and start actually making the running, and really start to engage with the people of Scotland, about what our hopes and dreams and visions are for an Independent Scotland.

Why are they even bothering to get bogged down with issues like the monarchy? Why are they stuck in the mire of shared currency and the levers of the economy? That is not what we need to hear right now.

If we do find ourselves voting for Independence, all these technicalities can be argued out and discussed as we disengage ourselves from the UK. Sure we need our government to have a plan on how they are going to go about things, its what they are there for, but the ordinary people need to know what real difference it will make to their lives!

Where is the real vision, and where are the aspirations for the people, and for our country? I am not seeing any, and If I am not seeing any,as a dedicated supporter of Scottish Independence all my days, how are those who don’t even think about it going to have a vision to inspire them?

The Better Not campaign don’t need people to come out and vote for them, as much as they need people not to vote at all! So far, they are ahead on that score, because the YES campaign is not really engaging where it matters.

When I initially started this blog, I wrote about giving the people voice, and not allowing this to be done as a party political campaign. It is the people of Scotland that need to speak and to be heard, and right now the political chattering classes are hogging the lime light and going round and round in ever decreasing circles, with the help of the media.

In short, The YES campaign needs to start really engaging people and get a head of steam up, get them talking about it, and what it will mean to them, in order to get them enthused about the prospect.
Take a look at the huge amount of ordinary people talking about the farce which is Scottish football at present. Look how they are getting passionate about it, and not being prepared to just let the administrators have their own way,as they have been accustomed to. Supporters are really giving their club chairmen it in the neck, and demanding to be heard!
This is what needs to happen with the Independence campaign, and it is a far more important thing than Scottish football by a long chalk! People need to really get their teeth into this, and really make their feelings heard, but thats not ever going to happen unless you fire them up!

When I started this blog, another of my earliest article was about how the Icelandic people had made their voice heard, dismissed a government, got themselves organised and changed their whole electoral and government system, so that they would always have a voice, and have their concerns met. I suggested something similar should take place in Scotland post Independence, because surely we can’t go on with the same old political structures once we run our own country again. People have to be part of the political process, and to own it.

The SNP may be the governing party, and as such they do need to take a lead in the Independence campaign, but lets make this absolutely clear…It is not the SNPs campaign, It is not Alex Salmonds campaign, It is the peoples campaign, it is our campaign!

An Independent Scotland will not be run by the SNP in perpetuity, It will be shaped and changed to our wishes. It is not going to be just more of the same, we will aspire to better things, and we will shape our country the way we want our country to be.
So lets have much more of the Vision, and get people talking about what they want to see Scotland being like. Let them discuss their ambitions, how they want to see their country, what they want to happen. Get them thinking about it now.

Stuff this wasting time responding to the negativity of the Better together mob, and lets take the lead on how we want people to aspire, and what our visions are.
If I am getting heartily sick of the political chattering classes, then goodness knows what most other people are thinking, if they even think at all about it?

Lets have real talk, and lets really engage, and lets make this YES campaign for everyone, equally!
Lets get enthused!!

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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14 Responses to Is YES going off the rails?

  1. Ian Sanderson says:

    I agree with all you’ve said ma man…. especially about the Icelandic changes… We have got to start making the running ….

    Do you get many / any responses from the SNP high heid yins?

    • I never hear anything from the SNP high heid yins, unless I chase them up! Although one or two have retweeted some of my blogs in the past…Not sure they will be doing likewise with this one? 😉

  2. I see it differently,I see all the furore as by design,and the SNP,is playing it so well.OK some of us are fed up with all the Devo-Max stuff,but its the Bitter mob that have stirred it up by claiming that the SNP,want it in as a parachute,but no its all for independence the Bitter Mob will get the full blame as the bits of truth come out,they refuse to listen (as usual) to the people the SNP are listening but are getting blocked,not all the people realise this.The consultation has not yet been analysed and the SNP cant do anything until its been done.Patience please all shall be revealed,and I await the revalations like a virgin bride, all a treamor.The YES campaign is also waiting for the results of the consultation as was stated at the start.The SNP are like was suggested by so many blogs to get some distance from the YES campaign,and let them do the job.Me I think if the Devo-Max campaign is wasted,but that as the unionists keep on saying NO,then people will go for independence not as a trick or smoke and mirrors,but as proof that the unionists only care about the elite few in London.The SNP will have made a gallant effort as to include the people (and that is true) people will also see that we can run our country better than the bitter mob,and we are listening.Too many mistakes are made in a rush.

    • I am fully aware of the consultation Charles,and certainly they have to wait for its outcomes re the devo maxplus whatever question…
      I don’t even think its a question within the Scottish Governments hands to deliver, so therefore is only a needless distraction.

      I just don’t think that the YES campaign is being handled well at the moment, and neither do I think that ordinary people are being engaged in the debate.
      Sure you will find the likes of those like ourselves taking an interest, because we are committed to the cause…but the vast majority of people are not that interested at present. That has to change, and I feel that the SNP in particular is heading off on tangents, rather than inspiring folks and getting them owning the debate.
      Ok, there is still plenty of time, but the momentum needs to be built and sustained,with a huge push in 2014. What we don’t want is starting 2014 from way back in the race.
      Certainly from what I am picking up, there is concern at the moment at how its going, and something needs to be done to encourage the support and give it a lift and impetus.

      • Aye I think we are in sort of agreement here,except I think that its like fly fishing (no licence) outsmart the Gamekeeper.Its the timing and who will get it right? me I hope we do,but there is that wee bit fear that we might delay too long,but treading water maybe just what is needed just now,we need to see something from the no campaign as well.I’ll be off FB,for a wee while a couple of hours,

  3. Brian Hill says:

    I find myself agreeing with this post almost in its entirety. As an campaigner of old I would like to see more public meetings, indoor and out with thousands of simple, colourful explanatory leaflets posted through doors and being handed out at meetings, car stickers, window posters etc. Sounds familiar? It should, I based it on the SCOTLAND’S OIL CAMPAIGN in which I played my part fully and highly successful it was too.

    We used to be brilliants at political Campaigns from large circular dayglo posters proclaiming WOLF COUNTRY in the West Lothian by election to the Dundee East by election with Gordon Wilson to the Govan elections with Margo and later Jim Sillars.

    Speaker amps with 8 hour battery power now exist which allow outdoor speaking anywhere. I’ll happily lend mine to any outdoor activity in Edinburgh e.g. the Plaza at the National Art Galleries on the Mound.

    As it is we have a March and Rally in Edinburgh on September 22nd (see advt on Home Page of NewsNetScotland) and that should be and I’m sure will be emulated all over the country especially as we move into 2013.

  4. Stevie says:

    I agree with what you’re saying and I don’t. I agree because your points are valid; I disagree because the ONE single element that will decide on a YES win or a NO win is the economy — to date (with the exception of an Irishman living in Edinburgh who works in finance) NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON even knows that Scotland is funded on a block grant basis w.r.t. Scottish parliament’s responsibilities.

    If we don’t get the AUSTERITY or PROSPERITY across then everything else is just talking.

    I do notice that I, you and a whole bunch of Scot nats online are growing more and more concerned daily at the lack of progress.

    • I agree with what you are saying Stevie. Its not that we shouldn’t be talking about the block grant and the economy,and who is responsible for it..because we should.
      It’s just that we need to get people engaged,and listening first. They sure as hell are going to switch right off, if they are faced with arguments of the likes of economics first off…which has what has been happening thus far.
      To my mind, the YES campaign, from its launch, has not had the best of starts. How twee was having all these celebrities and first minister on stage clapping along to a song and grinning like idiots?
      The vast majority of Scots might be mildly interested in what celebrities are in favour of Independence, or what Business people…but their views are taken with a pinch of salt, because its not really talking of the aspirations and desires of the people, and what it all will mean for them!

      The other aspect I disagree with, is the YES campaign being entirely positive….I think we should be sticking the boot into the failure which is the Union…and saying why we don’t want any more of that either!
      By all means be upbeat, but don’t stage comes across as false and desperate.
      And don’t be forever the smiling nationalist…”oh look at me I am so positive” That’s crap!
      We want change, not just because of what we can do when we can make our own decisions….We also want change because we are sick fed up of the garbage which is the UK government, with all its corruption and ineptitude and mismanagement.

      The YES campaign..needs to get REAL !!

  5. Stevie says:

    NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON that I’ve talked to *

  6. peter says:

    the SNP should stop pussy-footing around. name the date of the referendum and say: here’s the question. and if the uk gov., disnnae like it; fuckem!

  7. Bruce Hosie says:

    I agree with some of what you say but where I tend to not agree is that the SNP should come out and say the Scottish people will decide on the monarchy, and that we will consider our own currency. People I speak to don’t see any differences, they want a debate on the monarchy, they want their own currency. if the YES argument is as you say more of the same we have lost now. There has go to start being statements about a constitution, about the benefits system. Right now the SNP , in my opinion, are playing the NO campaigns game. I recently emailed my local MSP regarding the FOI notion that the Royal Family will be exempt when all of us will have to endure the Tories snooping charter. I eventually got an email from an aide saying sorry it took us 3 weeks to get back and we will get back to you later. Now being pro yes I am totally dillusioned with that, the SNP need to up their game. Politicians are just not working well enough, I’ll vote yes but I am sick of all of them and the elitist system we have allowed them to create.

  8. Bruce says:

    I feel this article is merely helping to muddy the water, ” but lets make this absolutely clear…It is not the SNPs campaign, It is not Alex Salmonds campaign, It is the peoples campaign, it is our campaign!”

    This is probably why you won’t hear from anyone in the SNP. Good luck anyway with your positive contribution to the Yes campaign 😉

  9. Excellent post, the Yes campaign needs to be on the front foot with the big picture, always referring back to the difference sovereignty will make in order to get things done.
    I’m looking for the FM to make the speech of his life at SNP conference & get a firecracker under this campaign.

  10. jock says:

    does alex know of the facebook campiagn and the support from the diff YES groups… seems to be more going on here than in holyrood

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