The Last Hurrah

When the crowd noise was extinguished, as the last of the crowd went home from the closing Olympic ceremony last night. When the flag was lowered, and the flame put out. I was quietly wondering to myself, if after 17 days of hyped jubilation and perpetual flag waving, we had seen the last Hurrah of what had been continually referred to as Team GB?
These Olympics were the Brit Fest to end all Brit Fests!
From the admittedly excellent but historically flawed opening ceremony, put together by Danny Boyle, through to the decidedly ropey and cringeworthy efforts of the closing ceremony, with all the stars of the show, the athletes, kettled into designated areas, in order to prevent them making a Bolt for it! We had been all been subjected to wall to wall Union Jack waving, numerous renditions of God save the Queen, thanks to the athletes efforts, and over the top commentary for the length and breadth of these games.
The whole year has been one massive Brit Nat fest from the Queens Jubilee through to the Olympics. And what a spectacle they have made of it!

Team GB had even obliged the BritNats by performing way above expectations, finishing 3rd on the medal table.
Scotland, although represented by only 10% of the athletes, provided a quarter of the Gold medals, finishing with 7 Gold,4 Silver and 3 Bronze.
A case of Scotland subsidising the Brits?

One might argue that some of these medals were not entirely Scots,as they were with partners from other parts of these Isles. Such as those medals achieved by Kath Grainger,David Florence,and the gymnastic and the hockey girls.
Indeed if we count only the Scots medals individually won, the figures change somewhat.
Scots would have won.. 2 Gold,1 Silver
So a clear case of Better Together, the Brit Nats would claim!
And lets face it, the Unionist politicians have been having a field day politicising these games!
But even if these were the true medal scores, Scotland would still have finished above Ireland,Canada,and Sweden and would have had parity with Denmark,Norway,Kenya,Poland,Turkey, and Switzerland,
Not bad for only entering 10% of a team!

But even the lower figure would entirely discount the possible effects of Scots being able to team up together!
Andy Murray got silver with Laura Robson, and while the young lass did well, her serve fell to bits twice, in the semi and the final. Andy dug her out of the semi, but couldn’t repeat the effort for the final.
What if he had been paired with Elena Baltacha, The British womens No.1…..Might Elena’s superior experience and serving power, not have claimed a Scottish Gold?
Kath Grainger and Heather Stanning, a rowing Gold?
David Florence and Tim Baillie a Canoe Gold?
Would Chris Hoy have beaten Jason Kenny again, for the Cycling Sprint Gold, had he been allowed to defend his Olympic title?
Conceivably Scotland could have had even more Golds than we got or shared, on the medal table had we competed under our own flag!
Plus instead of only having 10% of the team, we would have had 100% of our own team!

During last nights Dire Closing Ceremony, the CyberBritNats went on a full out offensive on Social Media sites, particularly Twitter!
And Offensive they certainly were!!
National Collective stored a sample of them. If you can stomach to look at them!
Scottish Cybernats get accused of all sorts, and lets face it, we are not all of us choirboys and girls,but on balance we argue our case robustly without being abusive.
But I have NEVER seen anything as contemptible as what the BritNats regularly dish out, and last nights efforts hit new Highs/Lows in their efforts.

As for Team GB?
I have never before seen GB represented in such a way before, in any Olympic or World competition. It has always been plain GB.
It is not hard to figure why the sudden inclusion of the word Team was inserted before GB.
It was a designed effort to make out that we really are all part of the one team in these Isles, that we are in it together,and Better Together. Pure Unionist propaganda.
Despite all their Best/Worst efforts, they just couldn’t make a dent on Scots opinion, as the Sunday Times poll at the end of the games proved.

“The Panelbase survey found that 12% of respondents said that the Olympics had made them more likely to vote in favour of independence, as opposed to just 8% of Scots who say they feel more British because of Team GB’s performance”

“The poll of almost 800 Scots also showed that 29% believe Scottish athletes should compete for Great Britain after independence while double that, 58%, say Scotland should represent itself.”

They tried to get the Olympic Rings over Edinburgh Castle. They tried banning the Saltire from flying over Scotlands national football stadium. They were unsuccessful.
The Saltire was banned from the London events,although someone managed to sneak one into Wimbledon for Andy Murrays Gold Medal match.
Even if poor Andy was handed a Union Flag by an official, he still managed to wear it upside down, which signifies a Distress Signal!

They made the briefest of nods to inclusion in their Opening and Closing ceremonies to Scotland….and for that we can be truly grateful!
But they couldn’t stop English commentators on the BBC and Channel 4 from referring to GB as England on numerous occasions.
Try to disguise it as they might, Scots know full well their tricks,and are wise to them. Scots also know that for the Brits, England and GB are interchangeable. When they say GB, they mean England, and when they have to address the other countries of the British Isles, they see them as Regions of a Greater England.
The English people as a whole are not like that! But their politicians and media certainly are!

Most Scots enjoyed the games without worrying about the desperate political shenanigans being played by the Brit Nats as they vainly tried to politicise them.
The majority of Scots are now secure in their own worth and sense of self identity, to have been able to quite happily applaud the efforts of the athletes,wherever they were from. We cheered wildly as Mo Farrah the former refugee won the 5000 and 10000 metres, We heartily applauded Jessica Ennis, we gave credit where it was due, while supporting our own lads and lassies to the hilt.

But In the end, it is all over. The Olympics have been and gone, the Brit Nats have done their best flag waving, made the most noise,and had their Last Hurrah!
Between now and autumn 2014,GB now comes back down to stark economic reality. The fantasy is over. The cold light of day replaces the fantastical dream.
There are no more Brit Nat festivals to come. No more Union Jack waving and stage management.

It was perhaps symbolic, that in the closing ceremony, that nearly all the Blue had been taken out of their Union Flag.
The Blue of the Saltire was already making its way homewards,as it prepared to stand proud among all the nations of the worlds flags in Rio 2016, where there will no longer be a team GB, for it has had its last Hurrah!

Brit NAt Abuse :

Times Poll article in Newsnet Scotland:

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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7 Responses to The Last Hurrah

  1. Ever wonder why they wanted to force the date of our referendum to this year?

    and yet as a tactic, the Empire Loyalist Boakfest, is doomed to failure. They gave it their last nostalgic best, it has failed and the ball is now at our feet.

    Scotland has changed. We need to accentuate that and the prize is surely ours.

  2. Ian Sanderson says:

    Can in all honesty say that I have seen NONE of the Olympics and I feel no different – I’ll still vote “Yes” in 2014…

  3. Scottish republic says:

    I watched the rather odd opening festival designed to expound the idea of British nationalism (its intended audience being Scotland) with growing feelings of blandness and ironic scoffs; hardly watched a single event because the ludicrous British nationalism of spectators with their Union flags became chauvanistic and too much early on. Stopped watching it early on and certainly wasn’t onterested in the closing ceremony.
    Bullish British nationalism is tired, old, weak, empty, unreal, false and silly but it’s also dangerous : nukes, war, market forces first and foremost etc; etc. etc.

    Thank heck it’s over — though we still have the New Year’s honours list to suffer.

  4. Tris says:

    It was sad that they used the Olympics so very obviously to promote TEAM GB.

    I haven’t seen a single race, or dive or jump, simply for that reason. They turned the whole thing into a propaganda exercise, and yes, I can imagine that they would think that about now would be a great time to have a referendum.

    They have spoiled sport in their efforts, though, and that is unfortunate. They have, for some people at least, done what the Eastern Block used to do: conflated politics and sport. The two are, of course, poles apart.

    The opening ceremony, from what I heard celebrated English/British history in the most incredibly selective way. They even emphasised the celebration of an institution that the government is, in England, dismantling, brick by brick. The opening ceremony was a bit of a lie really.

    From all accounts the closing ceremony was an embarrassment of Brtipop, most of which never performs outside a studio, and lip-synchs everything on stage. Someone likened it to plugging in to an abandoned iPod found on the Northern Line.

    I can’t help but wonder what they can give Seb Coe now that he has put on the greatest show on Earth ever, in the history of, well, …everything. He already has the obligatory British Empire stuff, a knighthood, membership of the Privy Council, and a seat in the Lords… An Earldom seems the only possibility now, or maybe they will marry him off to one of Andrew’s spare “blood” princesses and call him a royal highness.

    They will, however, doubtless, further degrade the honours system by using it to Britify Scots athletes who performed well in the games. I image that, from their weird perspective (having never lived in the real world) they think that Andy Murray having a knightood will make us all want to live under Tory or pretend Tory governments for the next 40 years, playing second fiddle to England.

    Pffff, and they say Eton and Oxford is the best education in the world… If it is, heaven help the world.

  5. Pa_broon says:

    Now that its finished, I would say the sport was probably ok (I don’t really watch sport on the telly) but the rest was an over-done, over-bloated and over-hyped exercise in British Nationalism- Sorry, I meant ‘patriotism’, according to some, its only nationalism if its Scottish.

    Above all, the biggest turn-off for me was, essentially being told I must enjoy this, you must have fun, this is a cheerful time and if you’re not going to be cheerful then you are odd.

    Odd? Ok, if I’m odd wtf was that opening ceremony all about? That was odd. Also, the closing ceremony, I quite like a bit of brit-cheese-pop but it stretched even my tolerance levels. I can think of one thing that would’ve enhanced the closing ceremony: cobwebs.

    Bottom line is, in the UK today, you cannot have something like the olympics or the various royal crap we’ve had with all the Union Flag waving and say its not political. The flag represents a political situation a great many people all over the UK have serious issues with, how then can it not be political, its unavoidable.

    I’m just glad its over, not wishing to provide any one with horrid mental imagery, but for the past 17 days (feels like months) what we’ve seen is the British state (call it what you will) basically having sex with itself, for the next few weeks it will sit smoking a fag telling itself how wonderful it was until eventually, it’ll have to start replying to those emails its been getting for cheap viagra and penis enlargements because, contrary to its own hype; even sex with itself was a bit crap.

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