My Mandate is Bigger than Your Mandate!

And so it goes on…..My mandate is bigger than your mandate, because you have no mandate! Nah Nah Nah NaNa ! So there!!!

I had previously restricted myself from commenting on the appearance and furore caused by the Glasgow Labour Mp and well known Bully Boy, and Chair of Westminsters Scottish Affairs Committee, Ian Davidson, when he made a total Ass of himself, when being Interviewed recently on BBC Scotlands Newsnight programme by Isabel Davidson. Where he directly accused her specifically, and BBC Scotland in general of Bias against Labour, and the Anti Separatist movement.
The whole scenario was just too ludicrous to entertain seriously.
His Bullying and very unpleasant nature was there for all to see.
It overshadowed entirely his reasons for being invited onto the programme, which was to question his committees report that claimed that the Scottish Government had no mandate to call and hold a referendum on Scottish Independence. He claimed that only Westminster had the mandate to run the referendum,and should only pass a Section 30 order under the Scotland Act to allow the Scottish Government permission to do so, If they agreed to certain preconditions set by Westminster. If the Scottish Government refused to do so, they would be acting illegally, and it could be challenged in court.
Although the content of the interview was not lost, it completely took a back seat, as he spectacularly went off on a rant! It is the first time ever, that I have seen a BBC Interviewer asking on air for an immediate apology for unsubstantiated slander!
I am sure most people will have viewed the episode on youtube by now, but If you haven’t, please do so. It really is quite remarkable stuff.

Normally these things tend to get hidden under the carpet very quickly, particularly if it happens to be Labour in Scotland, but this rammy spread out and escalated to the point that the NUJ complained about threats to its membership.The Scottish Labour leadership and in particular, Johann Lamont, who I seemingly went to school with, has been taking Trappist orders over the whole affair. Not a cheep has been heard from Mrs Lamont, no word of censure for Mr Davidson, nor indeed any word at all. She is supposed to be his boss allegedly??

Just when I thought it was all but over, up sprung Mr Davison again, only this time on the other channel,STV, in its Newsnight programme.
On this occasion Mr Davidsons committee, which comprises Labour and Tory Mps, had released yet another report. This time claiming that the Scottish Government had no mandate to consider, never mind Include, a second question on enhanced power, Devo Max as it is commonly called, or Devolution with Viagra. Arguing the case for the other side on this occasion was Linda Fabiani MSp.
Mr Davidson had obviously been paying closer attention to his anger management coach on this occasion, and just about managed to keep the lid on his temper,when faced with not one woman but two.
On this occasion when asked by the female presenter about his all Unionist committee,he stated that there was an SNP member, but she was truanting!
At which point Linda Fabiani put the record straight,and noted that Dr Whiteford was absenting herself from the committee due to previous difficulties with its Chairman (Mr Davidson).
If looks could kill? Linda would have at this point got a Doing!
Which is exactly what Mr Davidson had been found guilty of threatening Dr Whiteford with, but not in a sexual way of course!!
Otherwise, it was a pretty run of the mill programme, with nothing new to enlighten us.

Meanwhile,while all this has been going on, the Scottish Libdem leader Willie Rennie Msp, has been embroiled in a row of his own, where he accused the Scottish Voluntary Councils CEO of being too close to the SNP and conspiring with Alex Salmonds special advisor to promote a question on enhanced powers in the referendum ballot. This according to Rennie is from a leaked email between the two, and as such Mr Rennie considers the CEO, Martin Syme, as using the SCVO as a Front Organisation for the SNP,and should lose his job!

The response from the SCVO’s president to Mr Rennie was both immediate and withering.

“I consider your allegations preposterous, your interpretation of the incidents fanciful and your attempt to interfere in the business of an independent organisation unworthy of a public leader,” she wrote. “I have no intention of asking Martin to resign.”

“Special advisers from all the main political parties, including your own, have been in dialogue with SCVO in recent months; that is their job.

“We welcome these conversations and engage in them vigorously from our perspective as a civil society organisation that has an interest, on behalf of our members, in contributing to policies that shape the environment in which the third sector works.

“SCVO is not a front for anyone, nor will it be told by outsiders what it will or will not debate or how it should conduct its business,”

So what on earth is going on with these people?
Surely Mr Rennie as leader of the LibDems should be supporting enhanced devolution? After all, Home Rule is one of the main cornerstones of LibDem policy? They have even recently, once more, commissioned a new Home Rule policy group, to investigate it yet further.But no, they are four square behind their Labour and Conservative partners in denying the Scottish populace such an option?

Mr Davidsons committee is easier to understand, they are all Unionists determined to protect their cushy jobs and perks at Westminster at all costs! To hell with opinion polls or the views of the Scottish people! They don’t count, except at Westminster General election time of course.
The fact is, Labour, Tory, and LibDems are all in it together,and their Scottish Msps a and parties are only Front Organisations and personnel for the Westminster Bosses.

I have a very strong suspicion that Mr Davidsons intemperate outburst against Izzy fraser and the BBC was a pre planned Labour move, to take the attention away from the growing protests of many Independence supporters, of perceived bias against Independence and the SNP, by the BBC. But perhaps I am allowing myself to be Infected by a Labour type paranoia?

As for the issue over whose mandate is it anyway? I have previously covered this subject at length, and my view has not altered.
The Scottish populace gave the SNP government an unparalleled and massive mandate to call and implement a referendum at their time of choosing in May 2011, that mandate remains in force. The SNP stood for election promising they would hold such a referendum,and the Scottish populace voted them in with a large overall majority, in a system designed to prevent any singular majority at all. The voice and will of the Scottish people could not have been any clearer!
The Claim of Right, signed previously by one Mr Ian Davidson MP amongst many others, states quite clearly and unequivocally the sovereignty of the Scottish people over their government. That Sovereignty has been in place since the signed Declaration of Arbroath, and is ensconced in Scots Law, and it had never been rescinded. In fact the Claim of Right itself was rededicated and agreed again recently by a vast majority in the Scottish Parliament where only the Torys abstained.
It Is the written Scots Constitution. The Westminster parliament has no written constitution of any kind, and even if it did so, it would still be inferior to the will of the Scottish people, and could not be forced on them without agreement.

So Mr Davidson and his Tory pals can yammer on indefinitely, it will do no good. It is nothing but distraction and hot air. Their attempt to hijack the form and timing and control of the referendum will come to nothing. This very referendum that they continuously fought against taking place, will take place,and there is not a damn thing they can do to stop it.
Of course they already know this full well!
Their petty arguing has a different reason entirely. The reason for this continuous noise and petty squabbling about detail, is designed to prevent real discussion taking place amongst the Scots electorate.
By filling as many minutes of every day with such nonsense, they are trying to drown out any thoughts of the serious matters at hand.
They don’t want Scots to be educated, to think for themselves, to know the real issues involved with Independence, to think of their aspirations for their country, or to weigh the balance of which is better for them and their children.
That is the real purpose for their buffoonery and intransigence.

As for the question of the second question?
Well they don’t want that either, because it would mean coming up with a new agreement which would hand Holyrood real extended powers which would fall just short of Independence.
Mr Davidson and his ilk will just keep repeating parrot fashion and childishly the word Separation, as if it is something to be ashamed of. It has worked before for them, so they hope it will work again, because they have very little else.
They hate the word Independence because it frightens them so much. It probably wakes them up with night sweats and nightmares.
The Bogie man Salmond is coming to get them!!! Wooooo

The fact is, that Scotland will not be separating from anything, in fact the opposite, Scotland will be joining all the other Countries of the world on equal terms.
Scotland will be Independent, and dependent on nobody but ourselves.
We will no longer have to go cap in hand to the British State, and we will not be beholden to them for the small mercies of block grants which only return to us part of what we have paid in.
But mostly, Scotland will be free to make the decisions we want for ourselves,and free to rebuild a nation our children and children’s children can be proud of and thrive in.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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2 Responses to My Mandate is Bigger than Your Mandate!

  1. gedguy2 says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head. I can see no other reason for Davidson’s rottweiler attacks on these two women (Dr. Whiteford & Isobel Fraser not Davidson [6th line down]) apart from using these threats and outbursts to halt any in-depth probing into the particulars relating to the grand strategy of the ‘Better together’ campaign. This is not only a double digit gesture to the Scottish voting public but it is also an affront to democracy.

    • Davidson has got previous for being a nasty piece of work….So it is hard to tell.
      But certainly his outburst was extraordinary even for him, given there was no provocation other than normal journalistic questioning, and nothing in it,which in any way warranted such a response. Which makes me think that it was pre planned.
      The behaviour towards Dr Whiteford, and the ludicrous statement made about her last night, is just part of an ongoing dislike and incident which took place a wee while back….so I wouldn’t read anything more into that.
      But the attack on Izzy Fraser and the accusations of favourable Bias towards the Independence movement by the BBC is just totally surreal, and unexplainable except in order to put the allegations already made against them for their negative and unbalanced handling of Independence parties thus far……often having pro Independence guests outnumbered 3-1 or more by Unionist ones. or not having any Independence supporting guests at all.
      By claiming Bias against Labour and/or Unionists, they are trying to create doubt in viewers minds….if both sides are claiming unfair treatment.
      It has already worked as a ploy, if that is what it was….because those who were protesting about the BBCs anti Independence balance, have announced that they are now ceasing to protest against it…
      Job done!!!

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