When the Day Dawns

When the day dawns, sometime in October 2014, and the people of Scotland go to vote in the Independence Referendum..What will be your thoughts on that day? Will you look at it as a day of massive opportunity, and promise and hope, for your future, your childrens future and your countries future? Or will you arise that day, full of fear and trepidation, digging your heels in, and completely resistant to change, fearful of what tomorrow might bring,as a grown up adult,in a grown up country?
Will you be saying..YES YES YES! At long last the chance to prove what we Scots can Individually and Collectively achieve together,when once more given the opportunity,the Independence and the freedom to do so?
Or will you be like the child facing their first day in primary school. and shouting NO Mummy!! I don’t want to go!! I am frightened, there are Big people out there…NO NO NO!!! Waaahhh

Only you can know the answer to how you will feel about this historic day when It happens. Only you will know if you are a Big Fearty, or someone who believes, not just in your own self worth, but also your countries. The choice will be yours, and yours alone! But you won’t be alone, we will all be given the same choice.
Independence or Subjugation. YES or NO

But imagine for one moment if you will, that we were once more the Independent Country we were once. Your forbears before you never had the opportunity to decide, only a very select privileged few did, and that parcel of rogues sold us out! Your forebears were up in arms about what they had done. Place yourself now in your forebears shoes, and imagine you actually have the vote that they were denied!
Imagine we are once more that proud Independent people, in that Old Independent Country.
Now ask yourself this question: Do you want to unite with our neighbours, and knowing our vast resources, talents, skills and untapped wealth,and knowing what they are like…Do we give up our Independence to join with them?

Consider the following, in your choice.

If You had the Choice

If you had the chance to go into partnership
With a neighbour who was so indebted
and so negligent
That they were were up past their eyes
In Debt
A Trillion times over
Would you do it?

If they also squandered every penny you ever made
And gave it all away to the Bookies
Before telling the Bookies
That they could have everything you had
and still demanded more
Would you like it?

If these neighbours pulled you into every war
and every squabble going
Press ganged your children into fighting
despite your protestations
then sending them home again
In Body Bags
Would you have it?

When they informed you that the atomic weapons
They had parked in your local pond
with enough capacity to eradicate all life
In your house and land
and enough to create a hundred Hiroshimas
were yours to live with
Would you accept it?

as they took everything you ever owned
earned and produced
and kept on taking and taking
giving less in return
and insisting you tighten your belts
In austerity and promised poverty
would you thank them?

When they promised you all, that they were planning
work for pensioners, and cancer victims
Energy bills so expensive you needed a mortgage
or freeze to death
In the cruel cold winter
While they kept themselves well fed and warm
and partying on your generosity
would you toast them?

when they threatened to take away all compassion
for the poor, the Ill, the aged and infirm
and said its one law for the rich, another for the poor
as your children cried for food and clothes
and you despaired of ever working again
Although you searched and searched every day
would you bless them?

When they wanted to make you pay for being sick
gave all your money to their best pals
when they weren’t stealing it all anyway?
gave your the resources of the Victorian work house
and sneered at your plight
would you drink to their health?

when they said that we are Better Together
What they really meant was
We cannot do without our Northern Cash Cow
We need you to provide for us
Because without you
We are narcissistic corrupt basket cases
and you cannot leave us.

And finally their Best Offer on the table
Every choice made by this partnership
Will be slanted in their favour
And most of your 52 of the 600
In their pocket
You will have no say whatsoever
As all the Big decisions are made
And you can only succeed
as much as they let you

Would you really, without hesitation
With no thought otherwise
go into such an agreement or Union
Till death you do part?
Knowing that they could well be the death
of all that you hold dear
for your children and childrens children

Would you really, could you really
Say YES, we shall join you.

Would You??

Rod Macfarlane

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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9 Responses to When the Day Dawns

  1. Ron says:

    I think this is classic!
    Please gift your poem to Yes Scotland, I’m sure it will chime with the undecideds.

  2. Bill C says:

    Rod you have been sorely missed. I have just read all your most recent posts, you make a very valuable contribution to Scottish independence. Please write as often as you can as every contribution dislodges another brick in the Bitter Together wall of disinformation and distortion.

    • Thanks Bill.. Very appreciative of your comment.
      It is a long haul though, and I do have to pace myself sometimes. But rest assured, I will be keeping my contributions up until Independence Day 🙂

  3. Margaret says:

    Your poem encapsulates the position we are faced with perfectly, thank you. My own offering is based loosely on the FM’s speech at conference

    Is This Whit Ye Want

    Dae ye want tae gang back tae the days in the street
    Whaur the weans wir aye hungry and ran in bare feet
    Whaur yer Granny when auld in this land o’ the brave
    Is described as a pauper as she’s laid in her grave

    Is this whit ye want

    Dae ye want when yer sick, tae hiv tae choose whit tae buy
    Is it pills for yer pain or milk fae the kye
    Oor free education will surely be lost
    And the brightest will suffer if they cann’t meet the cost

    Is this whit ye want

    Dae ye want when the nukes sail off doon the Clyde
    Tae ken if they’re fired there’s nae place tae hide
    If yer on top o’ the Ben or doon at the coast
    We’ll a’ end up the same, like a slice o’ burnt toast

    Is this whit ye want

    Or dae ye see a bright beacon, as oor time is noo near
    Whaur we throw off the cringe and lose a’ the fear
    Let’s go oot and dae this was the rallying cry
    Be the best ye can be no whit money can buy
    So pu’ back yer shooders and rowe up yer sleeves
    Get oan tae yer feet get up off yer knees
    We’re better than that we a’ ken that’s true
    This is my vision for Scotland, how about you?

  4. Bill C says:

    Cheers Rod just what I wanted to hear. All the best.

  5. Dave Smith says:

    I can’t vote as I’m nine miles away from Scotland. However I will have my fingers crossed and it will be a nervous and exciting day for me. It will determine whether I come home in a couple of years to an autonomous, re-born country or whether I defect to Scandinavia before it’s too late to escape the UK.

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