Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond (Hurricane Sandy)

As the Global news goes right over the top, with all the fuss about Hurricane Sandy…A somewhat scaled down version of Scotlands own Hurricane Bawbag..which Scots had great fun with earlier in the year.
The fuss has probably reached epic proportions, with Sandy having even had the temerity of interfering with the American Presidential election for a few days…effectively shutting up a few more blawbag bawbags for a short while.
Not much has been said of the devastation caused and lives lost to it in the Caribbean….but there again..they are too insignificant in the grand scheme of newsworthiness and importance,are they not??

Meanwhile another Sandy has been at the centre of another localised manufactured storm. With the BBC kindly leading the way in its Strictly Dancing standard of judgement and interpretation of events. Impartiality,balance and truthfulness, is a byword for the BBCs mantra of described news coverage.

It was announced last Wednesday that The BBC’s coverage of religion, immigration and Europe is to be scrutinised in an independent review.

Lord Patten, the BBC Trust chairman, said on Wednesday that the review – first announced in August – was prompted by complaints that the corporation’s coverage of world and religious events is not always impartial.

Perhaps we should suggest that they include their coverage of Scotland and Scottish politics into this Independent review.
Their Impartiality and balance as far as Scottish politics is concerned, has almost become a standing joke…Well it would be..if it were at all funny!

Lord Patten, the BBC Trust chairman, said the review was an acknowledgement of “real and interesting” concerns from some quarters about the impartiality of the BBC’s news coverage.

The corporation has long faced accusations of liberal and leftwing bias, but perhaps we should also include British/English bias into that equation…How many times have they let comments by commentators and presenters and invited guests on their nationally networked programmes, referring to Britain as England, or English, without correction, or doing anything to curtail such utterances?
Far too many over the years to even contemplate.
But that sort of unconsciousness pales into insignificance when compared to the very Real and barely disguised disdain and dislike of many of their news and political reporters and editors for Scottish Independence.
Given that a very significant number of their news and political Senior management managers and staff have had live connections with the Labour party in the past, It should come as no surprise as to where their natural political leanings are, nor why their antipathy for everything Scottish Nationalist should permeate through to their coverage and presentation political news.
It also explains very readily, why all Scottish BBC political blogs are shut down from comment, when their other UK blogs are not censored.

In effect, we cannot at all depend on the British Broadcasting State Broadcaster to be at all impartial at this important time in our history..Despite the fact that we in Scotland are forced to pay for their force fed Bias.

Presenter Andrew Marr admitted in 2003 that the BBC held liberal preoccupations, but claimed the rest of the media was similarly guilty of bias. Mark Thompson, who stepped down as BBC director general in August, told the New Statesman in 2010 that the BBC had a “massive bias to the left” when he joined 30 years ago.
Might I suggest that nothing has changed since!
Aunty Beeb is more Uncle Dick when it comes to impartiality and reporting on Scottish Nationalism.
The only real significant difference, is that their political masters have all moved over to the Right wing of politics,so all British National party perspectives get kind treatment in their hideous attacks on Independence.

We can complain as much as we like about press coverage, when all our papers are owned outwith Scotland, but we are not forced to pay for them! We are forced to pay for the BBC if we want to watch television.

Meanwhile as Hurricane Sandy has been capturing the global news over the past few days.. BBC Scotland have gone into warp speed overdrive reporting and commentating about another political storm in a tea cup, manufactured by their political masters Scottish Labour,in close partnership with their political buddies the Condems….Code named Hurricane Sandy.

Using BBC footage, they endeavoured to mislead the Scottish public by claiming Alex Salmond had been caught out in a bare faced lie on the subject of Europe.. Nome of their allegations have stood up to scrutiny once the facts were all known..Yet still they persist in their scurrilous accusations, calling for a Judicial Inquiry today into the First Minister..
Why do they want to waste a colossal amount of money in this way?
Because having acceded to their demand for an Investigation into whether he broke the ministerial code by Lying..They know that the Independent panel will exonerate him for the sixth time,against their unfounded accusations.
They know fine well the result, so are trying to make out that his refusing of a Judicial enquiry, which should only be used for matters like examining the Iraq war and such like serious allegations of wrong doing of similar scale, would be refused. Thus making the allegation that Alex Salmond is ducking the issue, and has something to hide. Which of course is utter nonsense, but the vast majority of Scots couldn’t give a rats arse about politics, and may be taken in by their allegations.

The BBC Scottish Branch …have devoted hours and hours of unbalanced support and coverage for the Brit Nats all week. And if you don’t believe how incredibly biased and damaging they have been, I will leave you a link to a Newsnet Scotland article to judge for yourselves.

Its a very sad conclusion to come to, but the BBC in Scotland are as trustworthy as Jimmy Saville and Gary Glitter with a pack of Brownies…and they have been successfully hiding the extent of their political interests and activities for years…and all in plain sight. A day of reckoning has to come!
It is a Brutal thing to say,and I don’t like saying it one bit!
But this incestuous politically paedophile ring,cannot be at all trusted to be left spreading their poison to the politically naive, without serious challenge.
But who to report their activities to for investigation? They Investigate themselves! And when seemingly having an Independent Investigation into their activities, they make sure that someone else from the British Independent Tv network investigates. Thereby they exonerate themselves.
This matter has to go to Europe to oversee. The British establishment, both state and media, cannot to be trusted to do it.

However, I shall end by lightening up a bit.
Here is poem for the Brit Nats to enjoy.
Alex is short for Alexander…But another common name in Scotland for Alexander is Sandy!

We Hate Sandy

We think Sandy is a Bawbag
Not just a Scrotum but a Windbag
On Twitter he’s a #hashtag
while all our smears just sag

That git Sandy is a Hurricane
driving us all half insane
When we pass Wind without a brain
All greetin faced in oor pouring rain

That Grease monkey hits the headlines
Ooooh Saaaanndy…In Travolta time
That posing git has got a deadline
To make all the News at primetime

Oor mejia pals all spread oor story
To paint us all, in all oor glory
And make political programmes called Jackanory
Watch with Auntie,our political Balamory

As we shout out all oor drivel
Along comes Sandy to make us quivver
He says Independence He’ll Deliver
And we Howl and Howl..Nae Nivver!!

Rod Macfarlane

Lying and Lying Liars

NUJ attack BBC Scotlands Referendum Coverage

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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5 Responses to Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond (Hurricane Sandy)

  1. cynicalHighlander says:

    Your links aren’t working.

    • Thank you much Sir!!
      They should be sorted now.

      • cynicalHighlander says:

        I heard you the first time thanks. don’t do smilies in case I offend by putting the wrong one up.

        The BBC is the establishment and as you infer rich Americans or whites take precedence over any other life on this planet including us plebs on these small isles so they can carry on raping and pillaging at hearts content with no consciences.

      • I wondered what you meant by you heard me the first time? It was only now that I realised my initial reply had posted itself three times. Ahh back to the good old days..when official correspondence was all done in triplicate πŸ™‚

  2. Douglas Gregory says:

    Absolutely spot on

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