A Grown Nation is Deserving of Grown Politics

The people of Scotland are adults, and deserve to be treated and respected as such. Scotland is an Ancient Nation in it’s own right,and the signing of some treaty of Union with England 305 years ago, does not mean that Scots or Scotland became infants. As such we the people of Scotland deserve as our right, honesty and grown up politics from our politicians, both in our own parliament in Holyrood,and in that of the British Governments parliament in Westminster.
What we do not need, nor deserve, is to be treated as idiots, or children,reliant on the words of politicians to tell us what we can or cannot do. They represent us,at our behest and sanction, we do not elect them to rule over us, but to serve our interests.
These interests are not best served when they indulge in petty party political posturing, and throwing tantrums, and playing silly games.
And they are certainly not served at all, when these same individuals and parties, put their own selfish interests before their peoples interest. Particularly at such a time as this, when we as the people of Scotland are expected to decide our countries future in two years time.
We demand that no matter which side of the debate our individually elected representatives fall on, with regards to the question of Independence, that they show maturity of debate,and desist from personal attacks on each others character, by the usage of words like Bare Faced Liar, Snake Oil Salesman and comparisons to historical dictators like Hitler and Mussolini when referring to our constitutionally elected First Minister. Adult debate has no place for name calling, that is not debate, that is Abuse!
Those who are in a position of respect, which all our elected representatives should be, should behave with respect,and not spoiled children who have thrown their toys out of the pram,because they are not getting it all their own way.

In much the same way, we demand our other State institutions, including the BBC, who we pay for, and pay its staff wages, start behaving properly in their reportage of news, and discussion of important issues. We do not expect the personal views of its senior management and reporters to interfere with their judgement of issues, nor for those issues to be dealt with by omission, when it doesn’t suit them personally, or commission where they artificially inflate one side of an argument of another. Nor should they be unduly influenced in their character and compliment, by either government nor previous party affiliations.
Indeed, for the BBC to be tenable in the future, either as serving the British people, or in an Independent Scotland, they have to put their house in order from top to bottom. There also has to be a proper Independent body to ensure that they are held to account, and which the people can have confidence in. The BBC policing itself, and a BBC Trust which we can’t trust, is no answer.

As far as our dear departed fourth estate, the Press is concerned, we expect little of,and receive even less. Journalism has got lazy, and proper investigative journalism, a sadly missed thing of the past.
All Scotlands major newspapers are owned elsewhere, and with editorial control which, often as not, is not in Scots Interest.
The demise of the printed press in Scotland,can be directly correlated with the press pushing their own agendas, rather than reporting the news with unjaundiced unprejudiced eyes,as they should do. Clear, hard factual reporting and investigating,is no more. We are served instead with opinion pieces,sensationalism and trivia.
As long as their editorial motivation is political,and power seeking, and working hand in fist with political spin doctors, we cannot expect honesty,and we cannot trust.

It is the lack of trust, In self serving politicians,political parties, television media and the press, which has a rapid and marked decline of respect for all of them, from the people of Scotland.
As long as they continue as they have been doing, serving other masters,and other interests, which are not primarily in Scots Interest.They will decline till they reach extinction, and they will be replaced.
you only need to look at the fortunes of the Unionist political parties in Scotland, to see the results in action. The Conservatives, who were the only party ever to achieve more than half the Scottish electorates vote, many years ago..are now a Rump.
when they ceased to be a Scottish Conservative party and united with their British brethren, that is where their fall began.
The Labour party then ran the roost for many years, until their own disdain,and loss of their traditional values degenerated to pure self interest, and a move to the territory held by the conservatives, along with complete incompetence, finally has reduced them to a party which has no sense of putting the people of Scotland first.
As for the Lib dems, their poison chalice has been much more rapid,and again earned, by their ditching of Liberal democratic values for ministerial mondeos.

The question all of these people and organisations must ask, Is do they embrace the chance offered by Scottish Independence to slowly restore their reputations, or do they like the lemmings they appear to be, continue to throw themselves off the cliffs, by disregarding the very people they owe their continued existence to?

Whatever happens… Scots and Scotland, deserve far more truthfulness, honesty, and the proper examination of facts and choices, than we are getting.
We need to be properly informed, we need proper debate, and we need proper balance of reporting and facts.
Not only do we need these things, to make our honest informed choice, we Demand and Expect it.
If we do not get what we rightfully deserve, upon Independence or not.
Those who have dealt us badly will not be forgotten, and eventually the very reputations they wish to have, will be trashed forever.
Much like those who sold us out in 1707 have been forever remembered as the parcel of rogues.
so shall those who follow their own self-perpetuating Interest over those of the people, also be remembered .

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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4 Responses to A Grown Nation is Deserving of Grown Politics

  1. Pall Thormod Morrisson says:

    Hear, hear. Well put.

  2. Well said. I think we will only get a decent debate in The Scottish Parliament when the leader of the opposition takes her nose out of her script and actually listens to what is being said by others, and then makes a believable attempt at a reply bearing some kind of resemblance to the topic being discussed.

  3. Egg on face time and no comments allowed from Magnus Gardham in today’s Herald.

    Scotland would be “fast tracked into EU”



    • What I would like to know is..What form of insanity or pressure gripped the proprietors of an already struggling Herald,, which had for an altogether brief period of time started to make progress in the right direction, to commit Hara kiri by appointing Gardham from the Record as political editor?

      Ill judged, simply does not cover that decision.

      As for the article itself…Note that he gives the views of a junior vice president with nowhere near the experience and speciality and knowledge presidence over that of Avery,who he merely describes as an academic Brussels Policy advisor., neglecting of course to mention the Avery Is a vice president of the European Commission, with 40 years direct involvement in the specific area of presiding over the inclusion of new State applicants, and applying the European laws for doing so. .
      With the final word in the article going to the esteemed knowledgeable authority on European affairs ”
      Patricia Ferguson, Scottish Labour’s constitutional spokeswoman, said: “There are clearly a whole range of weighty and authoritative views about whether an independent Scotland would remain in the EU and it is dishonest of the Yes Scotland campaign to hand-pick the ones that suit their argument.

      “The people of Scotland have to be a given a definitive guarantee what voting Yes means, for better or worse, but Alex Salmond would rather people just took a leap of faith.”

      Gardham at his disingenuous best.

      The YES campaign have to give a definite guarantee on everything in an uncertain world, while the No camp have no guarantees to give whatsoever?
      If you are running down a mountainside at full pelt of a runaway train which is picking up speed,with its brakes having totally failed,do you take the opportunity of jumping into a pile of bushes by the side of the track, or do you hold on until the train gathers far more momentum and speed, before it crashes at the bottom with all the impact of scattered debris and bodies everywhere, or do you take a leap of faith,knowing you have a chance of survival, if you act now?

      The act if not allowing comments,whether on this article in the Herald, or the BBC political pages, merely means that it is one way propaganda, with the authors unable to stand their arguments up to public scrutiny. and them not being able to justify their case.
      Even for my simple blog…I allow for contrary views, and welcome them..
      But there again, I am confident in what I argue.

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