Euro…. Vision or lack of?

Over the past few weeks the Scottish populace must have been wondering what the hell all the Euro Vision Screeching Contest was for?
I am quite sure most of the people, must have wondered what on earth all the noise was about? And why were all those angry people shouting?
In Britain as a whole, the NORMAL people do not go about their daily lives pondering the legalities of Europe, nor do they even think all that much about Europe, unless we happen to be going on our Summer Holidays, and have to change our pounds for Euros. Otherwise, Europe doesn’t get a second thought. We are more interested in whether we will have a job, or will get a job. We think about how much money we can afford to spend,and what bills we are going to pay? And we worry if we can afford Christmas this year,and can we get the kids what they want for Christmas? We do not, think about Europe all that much, if at all. Yet Europe is still important to us, very important,because as part of the European Union, we are affected by its Laws, its rules, and its regulations.A portion of our taxes goes to keeping the EU going, and we receive grants and European funds in return.

Europe has a place in our Lives, whether we are concious of it or not.

But there they were….Banging on about whether or not an Independent Scotland would still be part of Europe, or whether it would have to go to the back of the queue.
The shouting, the name calling, the desk thumping,and the foot stamping, of grown adults behaving like a bunch of delinquent toddlers on the rampage in a play pen.
We had the sight of Labour and Tories jointly organising a campaign of disgraceful abuse, and heaping it on the First Minister. We had the the BBC and the press frothing at their mouths. And all over the question of whether Alex Salmond had lied in a BBC tv interview, and did he know for sure that Scotland would be accepted as part of Europe on Independence.
Alex Salmond did know, and yes he is correct, and there is evidence in the public domain to prove that!

But hang on a moment…this week also saw a big vote in Westminster, where Labour along with the Tory Eurosceptics banded together to defeat the Government, and force a rejection of the British contribution to the European Unions budget.
The British Parliament had gone from being Euro sceptic to Euro hostile!
Between some of Labour, half the Tory party and UKIP…There are more and more strident calls for a Referendum to remove the UK from the EU.
So why where the Scottish labour and Tory parties and their leaders making such a Big fuss, about whether the SNP were right enough about their policy of Scotland remaining ,and being part of the European Union…When their bosses in London were busy fighting about remaining in Europe?
The answer is quite simple really…The furore in Holyrood was nothing about Europe at all, it was purely for the purpose of blackening Alex Salmonds name. Nothing more.

But there are serious questions we should be asking, that they should be asking! They are not asking them.

The SNP governments stated policy is for Scotland to remain part of the European Union, and take full part at the big table when deciding common European decisions with all the other EU countries.
I can fully see why the SNP should wish us to remain part of the European Union. There are many benefits and there are also drawbacks in taking such a course of travel. But the main one I suspect is that it allows for much simpler continuity in establishing Scotland’s position in Europe, and also subsequently with organisations such as the United Nations.
It is the simplest,and easiest way to go in the early years of Independence.
Whether it is the right way or not, is a matter for adult discussion.

Not every Independence supporter will agree with the SNP perspective on this,as they may disagree with other stated SNP policies, such as retaining Royalty, sharing the pound, becoming part of NATO.
These are just some of the grown up subjects which we should properly be examining and discussing and debating.But we are entirely being denied the right to do so, by a bunch of destructive nay sayers in the British political and Media establishment.

Scots have always held tightly to our sense of self identity, but we are being continually thwarted in our determining our sense of vision for ourselves and our Countries future.

When we should all be engaging positively and collectively with each other. When we should be considering the vision we have for ourselves, our family, our friends, our communities, our cultures, our fellow Scots and our Nation. We are being force fed a whole load of rank rotten tripe which is of no significance at all, by the political and chattering classes and the press and media.
Frankly, it is nowhere near the planet of Good Enough…It is in a different dimension on which none of us live!

Where are the questions and discussions of what we agree our shared values are? What do we wish to see in a grown up and responsible Scottish Society of the future? What Societal goals do we want to see in place, for our babies, for our children, for their education and opportunities, for those on the edges of society, the mentally ill, the physically disabled, the homeless, the unemployed, the poor,the infirm and the elderly. What sort of caring and sharing Society do we want?
Do we wish to change our political system, to allow more ordinary people to have their say, for our communities to have an input, to allow for proper oversight of our politicians.

There are so many possibilities which can be afforded to us, to make ourselves a better country and a better life. We should be excited at what we can do and achieve, and what we can dream to make all our lives better…But we are being denied….because of people who have no vision or interest in anything but their own self interest.

It shouldn’t matter a bloody damn if you are Scottish Liberal, Scottish Tory, Scottish Labour, Scottish Nationalist, Scottish Socialist, Scottish Republican, Scottish Green or any other party out there.
It shouldn’t matter if you are Male or female, Old or Young, Coloured or White, Gay or straight, Catholic or Protestant,Muslim or Jew,Rangers or Celtic, Immigrant Scot or Native Scot, or any number of things we might be… If we live here,If we have made our home here, it is our country ,and Scotland is our Nation.

We should all, be properly discussing what is really important to us, debating the best way forward, looking at possible visions of our future, and what myriad of opportunities we have, to shape it the way we want to see our HOME to be.

enough of the garbage…lets get on with the real discussion of the decision, and the questions, and opportunities which lie before us…and let us do so without stupid preconceptions, political or otherwise…We have a Future to Build…Let us get to it!

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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12 Responses to Euro…. Vision or lack of?

  1. antmcg says:

    Just out of interest, could the real reason the UK is so eager to get out of the EU, is to make it harder for Scotland to make its own way. Do they hate us that much, they would rather pull out, than see as us equal within the EU, let alone elsewhere?
    In my view, there are as many upsides to being in, as there are to being out… But if the roles were reversed, I do not see Scotland ever pulling the same “power plays” that the current UK is/are doing.

    • No…They genuinely do have a different perspective and attitude to the EU down there, than most Scots do..So no, its not some Machiavellian tactic they are pulling.

      I think that Scotlands attitude and relationship with the EU and everywhere else for that matter, would be much more consensual and convivial, than the British attitude…But then again Scots have always historically been more Internationalist in perspective and attitude and have been welcomed for it.

      • antmcg says:

        OK, thanks for taking the time to reply. I guess I have become more cynical over the years, watching the various twists that have been applied to different things šŸ™‚

    • fynesider says:

      I am in two minds on the EU question, part of me thinks the membership of EFTA and outside NATO would be a good start. Additionally I haven’t yet made up my mind about the Royals at all, never mind FoI secrecy..!

      • fynesider says:

        PS I am sure that we need our Independence – not necessarily for myself but for future generations….

      • antmcg says:

        I totally agree we NEED Independence, both for us, and those that come after us in time to come. How can it possibly be in this day and age, a once autonomous proud nation can still be subject to the whim of (regardless what they say) a foreign country, and having successive governments foisted upon us. The last time Scotland voted Tory in any meaningful way, to the best of my knowledge, was in 1955!
        Saor Alba!

  2. Rab o' Ruglen says:

    Hi antmcg,

    I agree with the auldyin. As with so much else, I don’t think the “Scotland dimension” even registers on the English nationalists’ radar when they consider “Europe”.


  3. Jim says:

    You guys all seem to have realised that we have a totally perspective on Europe than Westminster. Try adding in the fact that they apply the same criteria to the Scottish Parliament.

    Remember ! Europe might threaten their autonomy BUT an independent Scotland is guarenteed to get rid of WMD, nuclear subs and remove the over 10% of the income that Westminster gets from controlling Scottish revenues.

    WOW! And think of “the loss of face” if you can’t sit at the nuclear table with the big boys, or having no way of fiddling the money to buy Boris his new sewer system, or a fast track train system that will never reach north of the border.


  4. beachthistle says:

    I agree that the whole EU thing was only a distraction/straw man of the Unionist mainstream media’s making, with their sole aim being to create a stick to hit/undermine Salmond with. To some extent, no surprises there, but I was perturbed that the most left of centre (ok, not saying much I know) of the UK press, the Guardian, not only joined in but tried to keep it going after others gave up. Not sure if their Scotland correspondent has joined the bitter together media pack of his own accord, or if instructed to by Guardian HQ in London, but whatever the case it looks like for the forseeable future the Yes campaign is going to have 100% hostile treatment by mainstream media. As well as trying to challenge this/them via social network channels, I think we should see it as a challenge, something to beat, something to bring out the best of Scottish grit and fighting spirit aligned with the desire to prove our ‘betters’/the ‘Man’ wrong….and, from what I know and have experienced of my fellow Scots, I think we can!

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  6. Achronos (Alness) says:

    I could almost have cried, with relief at having found your inspirational blog. You appear calm, applying reasoned responses to the blatant aggro that has been my experience of reading and responding to the postings in The Herald Blogsite. I have – until recently – found the Herald to be fairly balanced in its willingness to adopt a balanced view of The Country’s Views (compared to the blatant poison purveyed by the Unionist Redtops). But my enthusiasm for participating in proselytising Scottish Independence is being Ground Down. I appreciate how Alex Salmond must feel.
    Thank you for your positive inspiration.

    • I am glad you like my efforts, and I much appreciate your saying so. Its a long haul, and as I have said is not going to be pretty at times..But if we can keep at it..we will get there eventually.And it really is amazing how quickly 2 years go , in retrospect .
      But do try to keep your spirits up….And hopefully in a day in late autumn 2104…we can all party šŸ™‚

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