Labour no longer left,so now they are right?

First we had Blair and Brown,when Pm’s inviting Thatcher for tea. Then we had Darling as Chancellor declaring that they would have worse cuts than she could ever dream of, and then, Lamonts throwing out the remnants of social policy in Scotland by declaring the Tory maxim of “putting an end to something for nothing culture”.Now to top it all off we have Milliband finally admitting what many of us long suspected, that Labour had turned completely Tory, directly quoted by the Independent newspaper as saying “Think of me as Maggie”
Beyond any shadow of a doubt, Labour nationally,and in their Scottish sub branch, have completely sold out those that they are supposed to be representing. They prefer rather, to be Better Together with those that they once rejected. It is a sad state of affairs. Goodness knows what those who still helplessly cling to them, in the mistaken belief that they are still socialists standing up for the poor and the working class, must make of them?
I have my own thoughts of what has happened, and is happening, but I will hold off from passing comment at the moment.

However, quite by accident I was alerted by a twitter link of something which was going down in Linda Fabiani’s East Kilbride constituency, and upon reading the blog, decided its contents needed further coverage,so I will copy it here.
Make of it what you will…I will leave it up to yourself to consider the exchange.

“The following is the exchange of emails between the Labour MP for East Kilbride and one of his – and my – constituents. It was sent to me for my comments. I was so shocked at the content of the reply that I asked permission of our constituent to publish the exchange along with my comments. My constituent does not wish his identity made public.

Have a read at the exchange and then please read my comments in full here.

This enquiry was sent to the Labour MP following Johann Lamont’s speech on 25 September 2012 , which was widely covered in the press, including this article on the Guardian website.

Original Enquiry:

My name is [name withheld] and I’m one of your constituents living in East Kilbride. I come from a working family, with a strong socialist background, and I’m currently [occupation withheld].

I am horrified by the turn that Labour seems to have taken this week in announcing its intention to bring in tuition fees for students and scrap free bus passes for the elderly. I realise that Labour is the party of opposition in Holyrood, but I had always thought, or hoped, that Labour was a socialist party which supported policies such as these, which help to promote in my view a fairer and more just society.

I realise that financially Scotland is in a difficult position, but so are most other countries around the world, and these policies say something to Scots, and to people around the world, about what our values and principles are. Tuition fees paid for collectively by taxpayers, make it easier for students from more deprived backgrounds to go to University, and bus passes allow older people, such as my retired mother on a tight pension, to get out and about.

Would you vote to abolish these policies? And where exactly would you spend the money instead?

The reply was extraordinary for a Labour MP who represents an area suffering from the effects of the worst economic crisis in at least 60 years.

For me, the phrase “the days of wine and roses are over” stands out as testament to just how detached from the lives of people in East Kilbride Labour has become. It also betrays a complete lack of recognition of Labour’s culpability for the financial bubble over which they presided and whose collapse will blight the lives of Scots for years to come.

Response from Michael McCann MP

Let me now give you a full response.

You must have been listening to a different speech to the one that I was listening to because Joanne Lamont didn’t say the words that you appear to attribute to her.

She said that nothing is ‘free’ and she is 100% correct.

In 2007 when the SNP formed their first minority administration they inherited a budget which was prudently administered by Labour.

Each year the Labour administration had carefully planned it priorities and reserved funds, around £750 million, as an annual contingency.

They had also stored up around £1 billion in HM Treasury for large capital projects.

The SNP came in and they have blown the lot, creating the illusion that we can have everything in Scotland for free.

Free bus passes, free prescriptions , no parking charges at hospitals, no road tolls – you name it.

And you can get all this and pay less tax, so they would have you believe.

Anyone with basic arithmetic can work that out that the prospectus is mendacious.

None of it is free and that is exactly the point that Joanne Lamont made.

She never said anything about taking anything from anyone, she merely pointed out that everything has a price, taxpayers money has been squandered by the SNP, the days of wine and roses are over and we need to make tough choices.

The price we pay for free prescriptions for example is that there are fewer nurses and we can’t afford new drugs to treat cancer.

And as we get older and less healthy the problem will be exacerbated.

Are you happy with that? I’m not. And why should Alex Salmond on a salary well in excess of £100k get free prescriptions?

And while tuition is currently free, would you be happy if Scottish Universities were so deprived of cash and talent as a result of such a policy that Scottish degrees weren’t worth the paper they were printed on?

The politics of socialism [name withheld] is the politics of priorities.

So, if you are, as you say, from a socialist background you should be supporting Labour 100%.

Note: Further to the above exchange Ms Fabiani researched further…

“Mr McCann criticised the SNP for having ‘blown’ a £1 billion Capital Reserve inherited from the previous Scottish Executive.

Figures obtained by Ms Fabiani from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) confirm that no such reserve existed when the SNP took power in 2007.

Indeed, figures obtained from SPICe reveal that the Labour-led Executive accumulated and spent over £500 million of tax-payers’ money in an attempt to win the 2007 Scottish Parliament election.

In his comments on the SNP’s management of the Scottish Resource Budget, Mr McCann appears unaware of the fact that both Wales and Northern Ireland lost over £300 million to the Treasury’s deficit reduction programme.

The SNP Government prevented this happening to Scotland and was able to use the accumulated resource funding to deliver public services.”

Think of me as Maggie…Ed Milliband

Days of Wine and Roses

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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14 Responses to Labour no longer left,so now they are right?

  1. antmcg says:

    I read and re-read, then went away to think, came back and re-read again. Does that really say what I am reading it to say?
    Essentially, to my limited view, it is saying we don’t care what you say, or you think, just make sure that you vote Labour no matter the outcome, never mind the way we treat you. Scotland is ours, and as such you should always vote Labour.

    I must have misread that somewhere along the way.

    It makes me wonder what party those poor souls in England should vote for. You have Labour on one Side, Conservative on the same side, and the Lib-Dem’s seemingly prepared to stand with whom ever as long as they are somewhere in the corridors of Whitehall.

    No wonder there is such a low turnout down south.

    Roll on 2014 and a Yes, please let there be a Yes, for you, me and our next generations to follow us.

  2. Tris says:

    And there was me thinking that Lamont had said all this of her own accord and MPs and MSPs didn’t’ agree with her. But it seems that there are no socialist left in Labour. They see the poor as scroungers. They agree with what Atos is doing. We’ve heard no complaints from them over it.

    They seem to have no problems that in England in April there will be people living on the streets because they cannot afford their rent/council tax. Some will have to move to cheaper cities to live.

    The SNP has found money to help Scots faced with that problem, and Lamont has made nothing of it at all.

    Nor have the Scottish Labour Press.

    I’m beginning to hate this country with a passion.

  3. Boorach says:

    Kier Hardy must be spinning in his grave!

    Having left school at 15 I had no need of FE but don’t begrudge those who have the ability to better themselves.

    I haven’t visited a doctor since 1986 when I had my (army) discharge medical but don’t begrudge (indeed I sympathise with) those who make use of a ‘free at point of need’

    Although well past qualifying age I haven’t yet applied for a bus pass but don’t begrudge those who are able to make use ou them.

    I am in the fortunate position of being reasonably healthy, mobile and…… oh well, two out of three isn’t bad!

    For all of these reasons I am content to pay a little tax on my pension so that those less fortunate than me can improve their lot.

    Nothing costs nothing but the labour party of old would be more likely to agree with my mindset than with their Nero-capitalist successors.

  4. Scottish republic says:

    There’s no Labour left, right?

    Flippant but true.

  5. Scottish republic says:

    I will add, something that seems to have gone by largely ignored is that Ed Miliband made a speech the same day, or thereabouts, with the same ‘something for nothing’ statement and the same rhetoric of Johann Lamont. It was an orchestrated BritNat middle-Engalnd love-in. Basically, it was telling middle-England that those annoying Jocks can just forget about all the ‘freebies’ that the English tax-payer is subsidising (no, we’re not subsidising anything but that’s what the Brit nats have to the English).

    That expression (from the US) was used by David Cameron a couple of months earlier — although DC had a different audience in mind (the poor and every other person using up the little he pays to tax) to that od Milliband/Lamont. Miliband/Lamont were telling the poor, tough titty you lot. The rally poor might get some stuff from tax but the rest of the population on incomes that are already difficult can just bend over.

    Curiously, Magnus Gardham(new political editor of the Herald) awarded J-Low the ‘Brave’ decision award for all this prattle. That fellow is Big Chief Britting Nat in his little circle of Herald colonialism. Brave in politics usually means stupid but in truth from the perspective of winning over England back to Labour, it makes perfect sense?

    This does mark a new boundary crossed though — prior to this the devolved governments were to be left alone but not any more since Labour has actually decided to impose Tory party austerity on Scotland should it be elected.

    People, ought to realise what Ed Mili and J-Low already realise is that the Scottish contingent of MPs is irrelevant to the colour of Westminster parliaments and always has been. This SfN attack is simply the first step in Labour’s becomming out and out Tories and their honest assessment that they are now de facto Tories.

  6. “So, if you are, as you say, from a socialist background you should be supporting Labour 100%.”

    Reading this, I see absolutely no reason FOR supporting Labour. I know what they are AGAINST, but struggling to see what they are FOR. Their inability, or unwillingness to learn from 2007 has reminded ex Labour voters why they defected in the first place, and this constituent’s tough questions deserved some honest answers. Tribal politics at it’s worst.

    • Labour nowadays can’t do simple questions, so what chance them doing tough ones?
      They are an absolute disgrace to their roots. Bevan and Hardie must be birling in their graves.

      Absolute total disrespect shown by the Labour MP to his constituent by the reply given. Surprising that they have supporters left.
      But one thing for certain, same mob will be canvassing round the doors expecting their votes again, come next election as per usual.

  7. Steve says:

    Can this be made public in every newspaper comments page. Especially in the East Kilbride area.

    Shocking beyond belief, it is as if they truly believe the own Scotland… How dare they.

  8. bigedd74 says:

    Reblogged this on Independence for Scotland, The only way forward and commented:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  9. Bruce Hosie says:

    The Labour Party has died and been gone a while ago. The new Red Tories just haven’t told the members that their real leader is David Cameron.

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