Happy Birthday Auld Acquaintance

The day snuck up on me without my notice, but here we are. My Auld Acquaintance Blog is one year old today.
It has certainly been an eventful year for the blog. It began like all new borns are, full of enthusiasm,and Hello World type of attitude. In the early days I was churning out two or three articles a day. I had a lot to say,and desperate to get on saying it.That sort of pace could not be kept up though,and I settled into some sort of a stride.
Mid year, from June to September I hit a slump, for a number of reasons. Holiday,other life events,and a feeling of discouragement as the constant negativity of the Unionists started to bite,and the YES campaign didn’t seem to be starting.
However, I eventually managed to shake that feeling of being in doldrums out of my system,and I buckled down once more, but this time reminding myself that my reactions were only to be expected. The reason for this blog is tied to achieving Scotlands Independence,and this was going to be long haul over the two remaining year. There would be ups as well as downs, it was going to be a slog, and the only way I could expect myself to approach it,if I wanted to see it through,would be to tackle like a long distance runner would. If I kept running too fast, I would burn myself out,and not get going again.I had to learn to pace myself. For sure I would hit a wall along the way, but when I came to it, I would just have to grit my teeth and keep going.
So here we are today, One year old. No longer bright eyed and bush tailed, but chuntering along at my own pace. If I hit a spell when I don’t have anything to write about for a few days, so what,and good. There will be something else along shortly. My eyes are firmly fixed at that finishing line in the distance.
I will get there, as will we all, and what comes after that? Who knows,Not I.
Perhaps Auld Acquaintance may give it up then, job done, race run, mission complete. Or possibly, a new direction and purpose will be found? I don’t know.
But in the meantime, let me thank all who have contributed throughout the past year, for all your worthy comments. Thanks too, for those who possibly don’t comment, but subscribed to the blog, Thank You!
A writer is no use without a reader, and the written word is but talking to itself, if nobody reads it.
Thanks too, for all those who have shared out my articles on your social websites, news papers, other blogs,and elsewhere. I am honoured you done so.

So Happy Birthday Auld Acquaintance Is not me just saying happy birthday to myself, It is a Happy Birthday to All of You.

As the Americans say….Have a Nice Day Y’all. Happy Birthday to Ya!!

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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16 Responses to Happy Birthday Auld Acquaintance

  1. Stevie says:

    A year already… crap, it goes by quick.

    The YES campaign still hasn’t started and doesn’t look as if it will – this I find ironic considering the SNP is the biggest party in Scotland.

    The people running it need their bottoms whacked. It is not apparent as a campaign, silent almost; on the net we hear little of it and less and less.

    Happ birthday

    • I don’t think the YES campaign has got going yet either. I also think that there is a reason for that though.
      In all probability they are just marshalling the troops at present.
      I suspect that it will be next year sometime before you really start to see them begin to up the pace, before really going hard at it through 2014.
      It would not do for them to use up the heavy artillerly this early..It would be spent and done by the time Autumn 2014 comes around.
      So I am relaxed about that.
      I am however very concerned that the SNP government are performing below par, and slipping on too many banana skins of their own making. That is not good for morale or confidence. They do need to up their game and get their eye back on the ball!

  2. antmcg says:

    Congrats on the year mark, and look forward to the next 🙂

  3. jr1969mr says:

    Congratulations and thanks for all your interesting reads.

    I attended a meeting on Sunday in Galashiels for the YES Scotland campaign kick off in the Borders, we must all keep in mind there is 23 months to the vote and getting the structures in place is most important. I think the NO Campaign (let’s not call them Better Together) want to pressurise for answers now, they are the one’s who will run out of steam, I’m completely happy with the timescale .

    • Morag says:

      I was at the meeting in Gala on Sunday also. It’s all going according to plan. We have to expect periods that feel like the blues, and better now than in 2012.

      I was the unpopular one who suggested we leave off our SNP badges and come over in public as Yes Scotland people. It went down like a lead balloon, but I still think it’s the thing to do for those who can. This is what I joined the SNP for, and putting over a positive message is more important that overt party loyalty. Too many people think the referendum is all about the SNP, and that only SNP people are in favour. The more they see ordinary people just supporting “YES”, the more this will break down. Wearing both badges might get you a “well, he would say that wouldn’t he” from some people, while just the one might make the same people think.

      Jings, you’d think I’d said I was going to resign or something!

      Here, wasn’t that great that a Polish builder turned up! We need more of him, I hope he has a lot of mates.

      • For YES campaign events…All party political accoutrements should be put aside…We are all on the same side on this…And that is where our focus needs to be.

      • Morag says:

        Obviously, I meant better now in 2012 than in 2014!

      • Morag says:

        Auldacquaintance, I’m going to stop wearing SNP badges or colours completely, except at actual SNP events. I started in September, by deliberately not wearing yellow or an SNP badge on the independence march. I wore blue, and carried a small saltire flag only. I see myself as an ordinary Scot who joined the SNP purely because it was our independence movement, and now want to identify with our wider independence movement despite 20 years of friendships and loyalties.

        On Sunday a lot of people were standing up to speak and prefacing their remarks by announcing which SNP branch they were from and how many years they’d been a member, and I think this is a mindset we need to lose for the next two years. There will be plenty well-known SNP faces in the campaign. What we need are ordinary people for a YES vote. (I thought my branch convenor was going to throttle me, but I still think I’m right in this.)

        I can keep my SNP badge and my membership card in my pocket. I know who I am. I don’t need to tell everyone.

      • I absolutely agree with you…Party politics should have no part in this, from either side. In fact party politics is a huge obstacle in my opinion…It creates divisions where there should be none. And indeed, far more people in Scotland are not members of any party, than there are party members of all parties. We need reach out to them. We cannot do so, by putting party first.
        Indeed, I deliberately refuse to be a member of any party these days.Doesn’t mean I wont support those who share the same Ideals as me, but I am not constrained by party politics either.

  4. Morag says:

    Happy birthday from another birthday girl! I didn’t realise we shared the same day. Hope it’s all happily redundant by your third anniversary.

    • In which case..A very Happy Birthday to you Morag.
      I somehow suspect that come my third anniversary I may well be blogging much more of vision and direction in an Independent Scotland..I hope so anyway 🙂

  5. peter says:

    may i take this opportunity to congratulate you on yer first birthday. auldacquaintance is one of my regular port of calls to find enlightenment in the political smog. keep up the good wok.

  6. peter says:

    obviously, that is a chinese wok!! 🙂

  7. Brian Hill says:


    Could I suggest more short fact filled articles rather than fewer but longer articles?


    • I never have been one to say something in 140characters when 1000 words would do 🙂
      Hence I am hopeless in Twitter world.
      Coming from the old school scottish story telling tradition of the Western Isles..I tend to want to paint a picture with my words, rather than just the bare bones.
      Perhaps it would be better for some If I did more short and punchy articles..but it is just not me.
      I will try and keep your suggestion in mind though.

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