When is a Union not a Union? When It is the UK!

The Scottish National Bashing Hour and Half, otherwise known as Labour and Unionist Questions, in the Westminster parliament, confirmed something that some of us suspected for quite some time. Scotland is not part of the UK.
You see while the United Kingdom was established by the Union of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England back in 1707, it wasn’t really a Union at all. The Acts of Union(There were 2 not 1) in Scotland 1706,and England 1707, were just made up bits of paper which disguised the fact that England had just bought and paid for some Scots flunkies to hand over Scotland as a region of England.
You think I’m joking? I would too, were some other painful facts not evident.
The gross imbalance between the two kingdoms representation in the UK parliament, right from the very start, meant that the Union could in no way be a balanced representation of the two countries. It remains thus to this very day. But Scots have forever been sold the lie that somehow our country was an equal partner in a perfectly fair arrangement, and after all, we are all British now, right? Aye Right!

We already knew from all the many years that British got called English, and Britain got called England,what the real score was, but we either blithely ignored it, or shouted from the rooftops to absolutely no effect,we may has well have been shouting into the wind,for all the good that did.
Any time we would go abroad into the world, the people would immediately call us English,much as they called Britain, England. Oh yes, we corrected them damn quick on that score! We are Scottish, not English!
But still, while they immediately understood the difference between Scottish and English,and would approve of that, they would still think of Britain as England. Why do you think that they did that?
Quite simply, that was the message which was shoved down their throats,all the way from 1707.
Oh sure they knew of Scots, they approved of Scots, they had not lost their knowledge of us, but Britain would be forever England to them.
The Union, if that is what you can call it? could never take away Scots self identity, although very many attempts have been made to do so. We see that in evidence today, when we hear of those Scots who identify themselves as British. These Scots have forgotten what it is to be Scots, Scotland is merely a region, not a country in their minds. Those who identify as both Scottish and British would be correct, but perhaps not how they would see it? Scotland is their country, and they live on the geographical island land mass called Britain. As Norwegians are similarly, Norwegian and also Scandinavian.
However, we know all this already, don’t we?
But today was proof positive of something else, that UK also means England.So this would be why Labour and Scottish(cough, splutter)Labour,call Scottish nationalists, separatists. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt, and thinking that they just don’t like the word independence, because the opposite of the word is dependence,and they don’t like that simple truth, it is too close to home for them. But it seems that they really do see us as separating from the rightful owners of the UK, that to them,we are but a small insignificant fiefdom which they once owned and lorded over. The Tories are in no doubt that we have no title to the UK,and that is no surprise, while the Libdems merely see us as a federal region of it.
So, I am sorry to be the bearer of such bad news for those of you, who did think we were a partner in a Union, we are not.

why do I say all this? Where do I get my evidence for such an outrageous assertion? Where else but in a Labour called special debate in Westminster, on the subject of Scotland and Europe.(They actually managed to turn up for it this time,having failed to turn up for their own debate last time round)
We learned some starling facts from it. Namely that in one and half hours of repetitive tedium,where 12 Union supporters from Labour,Tory,and one Northern Irish DUP, spoke against Scotland,the SNP were allowed 2, a speech from Pete Wishart(with 6 interruptions) and a small number of comments made by Mike Weir. According to Labour and the Tories, Scotland have no say or rights in the UK!
How do I come to this conclusion from what they were saying? Namely that as far as they are all concerned, the much spoken of rUK will not exist, The UK will remain with the constituent parts of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and with that, all Rights and status and positions the UK currently enjoys will be theirs. Poor Independent vagabond Scotland will be out on its ear,and will have nothing,and will have to start from scratch,and beg UK support.
Quite frankly It is way beyond belief the arrogance of these people.

Pamela Nash (Lab, Airdrie and Shotts)

“Most of the people in this room are here because they share my love and concern for Scotland, when we have a Scottish Government who have repeatedly been caught being dishonest about the facts that will inform voters’ choice in 2014. They simply cannot be trusted. Scotland benefits from being in the UK in the EU, and Scottish people deserve to have laid before them the actual facts, rather than the Scottish Government’s version of them. It is their responsibility to provide clarity and evidence about their proposals for the future, not to waste taxpayers’ money on unnecessary court cases. The First Minister misled the Scottish people, but now we are expected to trust him.

In contrast, the UK Government have made it clear that they have received legal advice. They have stated that, in the event of Scotland separating from the UK, the residual UK would be considered by the EU to be the continuing state; and Scotland would legally be a seceded, new state and therefore not a member state. I would appreciate it if the Minister confirmed that he agrees with the President and vice-president of the European Commission that a new state wanting to join the EU has to apply like any other.”

Pete Wishart:
Two new states.

Pamela Nash:
No, not the residual UK.”

Foreign Office Minister Hugo Swire said Scotland would start life afresh.””The fact is that if Scotland became independent, everything would change.

” … it is a fundamental change, a definitive split from the rest of the UK an irreversible step,” he said.

“England, Northern Ireland and Wales would continue the international legal personality of the UK; Scotland having decided to leave the UK would start afresh.”

In effect, what you and I and all the Scots before us thought, that Scotland was as a founding member of the United Kingdom,a partner in it, was entirely wrong. We simply became a serfdom, as Alistair Darling recently said we would become if we regained our Independence.

Given that this Government Cabinet minister and every Labour MP(nine representing Scottish constituencies) who spoke in this debate are all in accord in this matter that Scotland retain no UK rights, and the full status of the current UK remains with England, from the original treaties of Union.
Then by those Labour MPS taking such agreement gladly, without a murmur of dissent, and all their colleagues who are in agreement here in Scotland, are even greater traitors to their own country than even the original parcel of rogues were.

Furthermore they have been found recently having secretive meetings with right wing Spanish politicians,with a further reported meeting scheduled with the Spanish,the Scottish Tories and Labour to discuss common ground to prevent Scotlands EU membership continuing.

I respect their right to argue their case for Scotland remaining in the Union. They have every right to do so. But to do so, whilst taking a position which agrees that If the people of Scotland vote for Independence, that we should also give up our countries rights to its rightful share of the UK,and be cast off with nothing of it,is utterly perverse, and they are selling their constituents and the people of Scotland,(and every Scot before and after them), down the river and all for their personal gain.

These are harsh words, but they are acting and allying continuously against Scotlands potential interests,so therefore being traitorous!

Note: Incredible as it may seem another excellent article in the Herald today, this time from Ian MacWhirter (Has Gardham been on holiday?) well worth the read

Ian MacWhirter..Herald

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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11 Responses to When is a Union not a Union? When It is the UK!

  1. Britain (Britannia) = England
    England (Britannia) + Scotland (Caledonia) = Great Britain i.e. Greater England

    • MacWard says:

      Britain is named after Britannia but doesn’t refer to directly to the geographical area of the island the Romans once occupied (England, Wales and Lowland Scotland). As Caledonia was only the Scottish Highlands north of the forth. Great Britain got the term ‘Great’ to distinguish it from Britain Minor what is now Brittany, France.

      • Adam Fox says:

        Caledonia was the name of everything north of Hadrian’s Wall, so yes, even a little bit of what is now england is able to claim the name.
        This Idea that it was just the Highlands, is romantic nonsense that the Highlands cooked up to make themselves feel important.

  2. rya says:

    I can almost forgive those that live in the UK outside Scotland for their ignorance of Scottish matters if this is what they are presented with. Almost.

  3. David Robertson says:

    I assume that when we gain independence, we will, as a new state not inherit any of the UKs debt or responsibilities to organisations such as NATO. Instead we will be able to make new treaties and pacts in Scotland’s favour.

    • And there their nonsense falls flat on it face in a pile of cow dung..
      If we are to be totally disinherited, and walk away with nothing, we also owe nothing..Completely Debt free, having no responsibility whatsoever for our share of the UKs national debt..which is through the roof..
      It could actually suit us much better!!
      But by crikey…they would be Royally screwed!

    • MacWard says:

      Yea we walk away with 90% of the oil fields and 0 debt. The United Kingdom of England and Northern Ireland however inherits our 8.6% of the debt and keeps 10% of the north sea. They really setting themselves up for that one?

  4. MacWard says:

    All Labour do in Scotland is run down the SNP repeatedly over the same things and attack the first minister personally. All Labour do in England (Sorry the UK) is run down the Con-Libs repeatedly over the same things and attack the prime minister personally. They NEVER have anything positive to say about their own party or any ideas of how to fix any the problems they find/invent.

  5. In the event of a NO vote, what will happen if I renounce my UK citizenship?I

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