EU have got to be kidding!

Just as I was finished writing my article last night about the Chancellors Autumn statement and it’s catasrtophic effects, and the BBC’s Newsnight Scotland quite incredible blatant bias and misinformation about it. I woke up this morning to find that the BBC Scotland morning radio show, Good Morning Scotland were actually leading with another Anti SNP/Scottish Government piece entirely.
What was this remarkable story which pushed the Chancellors Autumn Statement off the top? It was in fact yet another of the very many stories propagated by the Better Together political parties and Unionist Press and Media,about Scotland not being allowed to remain in Europe.
This time it was that most Scottish supporting papers, The Scotsman, who had unearthed, got leaked the story.
The gist of it being that the Scotsman had caught sight of a letter sent from Brussels to a sub select committee in the House of Lords, officially responding to their request for President Baros to advise them of what the European Unions views would be with regards to an Independent Scotland seeking to remain in membership of the EU.
Considering David Maddox of the Scotsman had already had sight of this letter(much in the way that Brian Taylor had seen evidence that Ian Gray of Labour once had against the SNP) It gave the story added credence.
In effect this letter purportedly said that Scotland would not remain in EU but would have to reapply and renegotiate membership.
Personally speaking, I have no idea what the fuss is for, as in my limited knowledge, I would have thought that Scotland would be better off joining Norway and Switzerland in EFTA, the European Free trade Association, rather than remain in the EU.
However, they do like to spout a whole load of hot air over this matter,and the SNP seem to be for it, so they reckoned that they had evidence to cast doubt over the viability of Scotlands independence,and also a huge point score against the SNP.
And here at last was the evidence…So the BBC ran with it, on their radio programmes and website.

Only one little snag…after all their fuss, it all turned into a pig in the poke.
Newsnet Scotland made a direct enquiry to Brussels…and guess what? No letter has ever been sent,and no opinion made.
Which caused the BBC some embarrassment I suppose,and they altered their story on the website 10times throughout today as a result.
But questions remain…Was there ever a letter form anyone at all? If so, who sent it? It sounds like a political ploy from someone, assuming of course that the letter was not a complete figment of David Maddox’s imagination?
But much more obvious, is how stories are fabricated, reported as news,and none of the unionist press and media have any qualms about reporting inaccuracies and fiction as fact!
Unknown politial source leaks fabricated story or political press release to friendly press. Friendly press take information as gospel, don’t check its accuracy or validity and run it, BBC sees union friendly story in newspaper and naturally headline it, again without checking its validity, main purpose is to damage or cast doubt on Scottish government or independence cause. They in effect, are not reporting news at all, but reporting what is being reported,again without checking if its true or not.
The fabricated story makes its way in print, picked up by other unionist papers like the daily mail, and throughout the media networks via radio and television…SO the Scottish public believe what is being spouted.
It doesn’t matter of the the story turns out to be a piece of utter hogwash, they will not retract,,and the damage is done…objective of deceiving the populace has been achieved.

Update: From this mornings Scotsman…They are now spinning about trying to cover their tracks.
I guess nobody taught them the old expression”When you are in a hole stop digging”

Their article this morning is entitled:” Scotland will be made to reapply for EU membership after independence, says EU chief ”

It turns out that they have admitted the letter they were talking about didn’t come from President Baros after all in response to the House of Lords Committee.
But you would never guess that by the way they have written the article, the section in hand appears half way down the article, where they eventually admit the following.

“The publication of Mr Barroso’s views come with him being asked by the Lords economic affairs committee to state his view on Scotland’s position in the EU after independence. Mr Barroso has yet to respond to the Lords committee.”

So if Mr Barros has not responded to the Lords Committee, what on earth is this letter that they are talking about?

It turns out to be a response to Mr David Martin MEP, husband of Lorraine Davidson(formerly Scottish Labour Spin Doctor,now political commentator for the Times)
Mr Martin had asked for confirmation of a statement made in 2004 by former President Romano Prodi

“Mr Martin’s full question asked him to confirm a conclusion given by former commission president Romano Prodi in 2004, who had declared then that “when a part of the territory of a member state ceases to be a part of that state, eg because that territory becomes an independent state, the treaties will no longer apply to that territory. In other words, a newly independent region would, by the fact of its independence, become a third country with respect to the Union and the treaties would, from the day of its independence, not apply any more on its territory”.

Asked whether this was still the EC’s view, Mr Barroso replied: “Yes. The legal context has not changed since 2004, as the Lisbon Treaty has not introduced any change in this respect. Therefore the commission can confirm its position as expressed in 2004.”

Ok…So now we know who asked this question…David Martin Labour…and this was spun, possibly with the help of his wife to Maddox in the Scotsman.
The specific question and response has no bearing whatsoever on Scotland.
Namely…Scotland is not a territory of the United Kingdom, it is a separate country in its own right, which in partnership with the rest of the countries of the United Kingdom, so this ruling is entirely irrelevant to Scotlands case.
For a case bearing some sort of similarity, we have to look back to when Greenland became independent of Denmark. Greenland had to argue for 2 years to be allowed to leave the EU after their independence.
They were a country in their own right,and not a territory of the Danish State, yet were still regareded as being full memebers of the EU when they went their separate way.
I would contend, that it would be more difficult for Scotland to leave the EU if we so wished, than we would be to continue our membership.

As I said earlier …Political spin—tame newspaper….BBC reporting as fact!!! Its how they work.
Only this time they have been found with their fingers in the cookie jar!!

Call me an old cynic if you like…but don’t you find it slightly more than coincidental, that this nonsense is being used to distract and divert from the horrors that the British Government are imposing, the attacks on the poor, the putting the disabled into work slavery stacking shelves for free, and the catastrophic disaster which is the British management of the economy?

Maybe not…give them the benefit of the doubt shall I??

Scotsman article

BBC Website

Newsnet Scotland

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2 Responses to EU have got to be kidding!

  1. Macart says:

    Oh dear, serious egg on face for both the Scotsman and the Beeb. I’m trying really hard not to smirk. No really…… 😀

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