Using an Alleged Smear to Smear

The following article was written in the Herald:

“Smear campaign links Better Together to far right
Robbie Dinwoodie
Chief Scottish Political Correspondent

POLICE have been asked to investigate a smear campaign linking the pro-Union Better Together to far-right parties.

A four-page letter purporting to come from Better Together sent out to politicians and known supporters of the Union put the logos of the National Front and British National Party on the letterhead alongside the mainstream parties who actually comprise the campaign, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.

UKIP and the Scottish Unionist Party logos were also used on the letter which becomes a satirical attack on the pro-Union case which one recipient said he found offensive and threatening. The envelope in this case was posted through a specific pre-paid business account, which The Herald has established belongs to a major UK firm.

The hoax mixes known facts, smears and obviously humorous material. It gives as its address the United and Cecil Club in Sussex, a genuine Tory fund-raising operation.

The letter opens: “Dear fellow Unionist, Your name has been forwarded to us as a true British patriot” and speaks of the coming “Battle for Britain”. But it then repeatedly uses the word Scotch to describe Scots interests, attacks Alistair Darling over his Westminster expenses and political record, smears former LibDem leader Charles Kennedy and criticises Ruth Davidson for her private life and support for same-sex marriage. It is signed Better Together (The Unionist Campaign).

Doug Maughan, a critic of independence, said: “I assume I received this because I’ve had letters published in The Herald, arguing that Scotland’s future is best served by remaining as part of the UK.

“Someone’s obviously put a significant amount of time and effort into producing the letter, and I wonder what else they might be capable of. I’m sufficiently alarmed that I’ve discussed it with the police and will be making a formal complaint with them.”

Better Together said: “This ridiculous fake letter, coupled with a co-ordinated effort by an extreme SNP group to disrupt public events is an affront to democracy.”

The SNP said: “This is to be deplored, and it’s obviously got nothing to do with the No or the Yes campaign.”

Yes Scotland responded: “We have no knowledge of this. Yes Scotland will always run a clean and honest campaign.”

Is this Really a Smear? Or are the Herald using an alleged smear to smear? It’s all rather blurry.
Robbie Dunwoody the Heralds Chief Political correspondent reports a number of assumptions in this article,and mixes them up with what he purports are facts…Should I be offended,and should I be alarmed,and if so should I file a formal complaint to the police to investigate this Dunwoody chappy and the major UK company he works for,for spreading this stuff,and the Better Together Campaign for their disgraceful assertion that the SNP have an extreme wing doing their dirty business?

Lets examine this propaganda piece more closely.

Mr Dinwoody begins his piece with the following words: “POLICE have been asked to investigate a smear campaign linking the pro-Union Better Together to far-right parties.”

Help ma Boab… He has capitalised the whole word “Police”…This is serious!!We had better pay attention, there is serious criminality involved here.

This 4 page letter, from person or persons unknown was sent out exclusively to Unionist politicians and some of their active supporters. It was taking the form of a Better Together Letterhead, but added the logos of the BNP,UKIP,and the National Front to it. This immediately informs these very clever Unionist recipients that this is not a genuine letter…
Dinwoody says thst the people who sent this letter included BNP and National Front alongside the mainstream parties who actually make up Better Together, The Conservatives,Labour and the Liberal Democrats….I have news for Dunwoody…The BNP and National Front are now mainstream parties in England…They both trounced the Conservatives and the Lib Dems in Rotherham and other by elections recently, with the Lib Dems in 8th place in Rotherham.
His Headline of “Smear Campaign links Better Together to Far Right” …Well actually you don’t need UKIP,BNP, National Front to link Better Together to the Far Right..Last I looked the policies all of them are espousing are Far Right! Unless you consider unpaid slave labour for the Disabled in order to continue receiving their benefits Liberal policies?

He reports that the letter itself becomes a satirical attack….When was Satire a smear? It’s taking the pish!

(For the use of some nice satire, may I highly recommend BBC Scotlandshire)

Dinwoody then says that the letter was mailed from a pre- paid business account of a major UK Firm…Oooh err

He goes on to say that the hoax then mixes known facts, smears and obviously humorous material…
And……So?? What is your point caller?, as radio phone in presenters are apt to say…It was not a hoax..a hoax endeavours to seriously pass itself off as the real thing…This is a Spoof,and It’s taking the Mickey, an entirely different thing altogether…not to be taken seriously! I haven’t seen the letter myself, so I cannot say that smears were involved, we have already seen how this lot mix up smear and satire.

The letter gives its address as the “United and Cecil Club” seemingly according to Dinwoody this place actually exists and is actually a genuine Conservative Fund-raising organisation!
I suppose that figures with name like that.
Could this also be a wee dig at the known fact that Tories in the South of England have been bankrolling Better Together?

The letter seemingly attacks Darling for his Expenses and record, Smears(that word again!) Charles Kennedy(hmmmm maybe having a wee mention about Charlies well known and factual like of a dram or two?) and criticises Ruth Davidson about her personal life(well known liking for Kick Boxing?) and her support of same sex marriage.

Better Together are quoted meantime as saying “This ridiculous fake letter, coupled with a co-ordinated effort by an extreme SNP group to disrupt public events is an affront to democracy.”

Oh really, Is it?
In which case what does this lot call the slanderous attacks by Ruth Davidson and Johann Lamont every week in Holyrood, and Unionist presses and Media on a regular basis; Where they show no understanding of humour and call Alex Salmond and the SNP all sorts of names..Liar, Pol Pot, Mussolini so on and so forth..
As far as the seemingly nasty SNP extremists are concerned…If standing up in a row silently in front of an audience listening to Alistair Darling, bearing letters on T.Shirts is extreme, before quietly sitting down is extreme.. And getting evicted for wearing a Saltire in a public meeting is extreme..they have a very strange idea of extreme..

Not withstanding the fact, that these people were not members of the SNP!

To taint the SNP or any other known Independence supporting parties or groups and many Individuals such as myself, as extremists… Is indeed a Smear, and If I say that I find this statement of Better Together as Offensive, and Alarming…The POLICE will investigate their Smear campaign?
See you later…..I am off to police station….
Now report that Dunwoody and the Herald!
Suggested Headline ” POLICE to Investigate SMEAR by Pro Unionist group Better Together”

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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5 Responses to Using an Alleged Smear to Smear

  1. Arbroath1320 says:

    Amazing, utterly amazing. Supporters (are there REALLY supporters of Better Together?) of Better Together received letters with BT,BNP,NF logos and Better Together immediately attack the SNP? Are they for REAL? Better Together had better get together and figure what what REALITY really looks like. For Better Together to immediately start attackinf the SNP for this “smear” is outrageous. Yet again Better Together fall flat on their face. They have only ONE reason to be in existance to OPPOSE the SNP. Unfortunately for them the Independence debate has moved on and they have been left wallying in the trail as the YES campaign takes off and flies away. Whilst the YES camp continues with its POSITIVE campaign we are left with the BT squad and their NEGATIVE campaign.(Doubt BT squadactually know what a POSITIVE campaign even looks like) This is yet another clear example of what the BT squad is all about. Thye have NO answers as to why we’re better together so they attack the SNP this is ALL they can do along with the wholly complicit media. No one in BT or the media has the slightest idea of how to approach or even debate (if Darling ever turns up) Scottish Independence they only know how to attack the SNP. PATHETIC.

  2. Brian Hill says:

    This really is BITTER Together in action. If it’s a spoof letter from our side of the fence it’s a bit naughty, but then so was That Was The Week That Was when it first came out in the 60s, naughty but fun, making some real political points through humour.

    If on the other hand it actually came from the Bitter Together side then that makes it a bit more nasty that nice because it’s like one of those so called fouls where the ‘injured’ player rolls about as if dying from a non existent hit (tap at worst) in order to get his opponent sent off.

    That we could well believe from B.T. but what is really deplorable – wherever the letter came from – is the Herald blowing it up and trying to sell newspapers on the back of what at worst is a harmless prank by turning it into a nasty dangerous piece of work.


  3. Arbroath1320 says:

    To be honest this smells MORE like a BT initiated piece of garbage in a VERY clumsy attempt to try and smear the SNP. They are running so scared and frightened that they don’t know which way to turn. They are just causing more and more problems for themselves. At the end of the day they are just making one HELL of rod for their own back and no one will be there to help them recover.

  4. caadfael says:

    Trying to play a “deeper black” ploy and tripping themselves up over it mayhap?

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