The YES Factor

When the YES campaign was launched, we were told that if every Independence supporter persuaded one friend to vote YES, we would win the referendum easily.
I wonder how many Independence supporters have take this request to heart?
I know a good number who talk with their fellow Independence supporters in a myriad of groups across the Social networking sites, but that doesn’t really count, for you are simply agreeing with already persuaded.
A few others have discussions and arguments with fervent Better Together supporters and politicians on Twitter, or in newspaper comment sections. That wont do all that much either, these people are wholly committed to the UK and will not change their mind.
So the question I ask everyone, Is what have you done personally, in real life, to persuade the undecided, or the Better Together supporter who is just simply listening to the Better Together Media, Press and Party propagandists?
How is your own personal score coming along? Have you succeeded in persuading someone to vote for Independence?
To date, I have managed to persuade 3 former Union supporters to change their mind, and one undecided. So my personal score is 4
If we cannot persuade people at this moment in time, when the British Parliament in Westminster is doing all it can to help us, by their actions on disability, and their attacks on almost every sector of society, then we will never persuade people that an Independent Scotland can do better than that!
If you aren’t personally doing something about it? Why Not?

So what is your personal score? Have you made your One yet? If you have, don’t stop there..Keep going!
We need as many as possible doing this… Independence wont come by itself…We have to make it happen!
Don’t rely on someone else to do your work for you, as they might be leaving it to you!

Spread This message Far and Wide Please! Thanks.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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13 Responses to The YES Factor

  1. antmcg says:

    I am on 3, but 3 is better than none, I am still trying… the more the merrier, and to coin a phrase the more yes’s we have, the “Better Together” we will be 😛

  2. David McCann says:

    A point very well made. No use talking to the already converted. Another thing we must all do is to wear our Yes badges at all times. I do and it is regularly commented on. BTW I reckon my score is a modest 3 to date.

  3. LisaR says:

    I talk to anyone who listens…the saddest thing of all is the fear factor of Independence. Thanks to the propaganda unionist media it seems this is what many no voters are basing their facts. Folk really need to justopen up a convo about the UKGov then start to talk about McCrone report and how we’ve been conned for years, talk about the fact we’ve been called scroungers and parasites then quote the actual figures we have been putting into the pot. Theres no Scot likes getting conned so their ears open up. I tell them to check out about the McCrone report and also to go to Yes Scotland website for facts over the months. Its not about telling them they should vote Yes but give them enough to be curious about and give them food for thought. As an ex Lab of many years and a unionist,changing party, opinion or both takes time. It was through learning about McCrone Report and realising that the Lab I supported over the years were morphing into Tories. Once folk start to read things, they’ll want to check out all the other things the scaremongers have conned them with and changes will happen within them

    • You are absolutely correct Lisa..You can’t Tell them, but you can persuade them to listen, and to check things out for themselves.
      It is worth pointing out, that We all in Scotland can do far better than what has been fed us…We certainly can’t do any worse…Is that really possible, given the skills, and resources we have, and the social conscience Scotland still ascribes to?
      If all we have in front of us, is years and decades of the much will remaining in this Union still cost us?
      If they keep their minds open, they will soon learn to see who has the real vision for Scotland…It should be themselves! Not Westminster.for sure. .

  4. I’m working on two, at the moment.

    One is English by birth, a radical green. When I asked her if Scotland was an independent country, would she vote “yes” in a referendum to dissolve Parliament and join Westminster, abolishing Scotland as a State. She immediately replied “No!” (Ta, Blair Jenkins!)

    The other is a neighbour and dear friend descended from Irish Catholic stock. She favours the status quo but when I as her if Dublin/Eire should be re-incorporated into the British State she exclaimed “No way!” and is now thinking of the Referendum in a very different manner. (Ta muchly, Mr.Jenkins!)

    My approach has been – imagine after oil was discovered, Scotland reverted to a nation state, with the wealth of Norway and developed along Scandanavian lines in the early 1970’s. Would you want to give that up? Do you think Norway should become part of the British State? Sweden? Denmark? Finland? If not, then why stay in the Union of Parliaments?

    • Yup..that works too…The task is to make them think…not about whatever guff is being spouted that particular day by the Brit Nats… but rather, looking at things from their own individual perspective, and letting them see it from there.

    • It’s good to keep sharing what you works too…because shared knowledge can help others in how they address things, and what suits.
      A wee bit of education like pointing them in the direction of newsnet scotland, wings over scotland, and other resources that we have,is a good thing too.
      and if they like a bit of satire..BBC Scotlandshire.

  5. Tris says:

    I don’t know. I can definitely count 2. I continue to bog in the hopes that something that I say, or one of the blog’s respondents will say, may make someone who is reading it, think again.

    There are other people who are ideologically opposed, neighbours, colleagues, friends, with whom you have to quietly, unobtrusively point out examples of how much better we could be as an independent country.

    Things are not good for unionists at the moment. As long as it is done the right way, you can quite easily destroy the arguments for the union, after all it’s not like things are even vaguely starting to get better. (Thank you Osborne and Cameron et al for making a daily hash of everything they touch.)

    I find that when someone complains about something,that is happening, or not happening in Scotland, it can often be attributed to London, even if it is an indirect link. Slowly drip by drip you associate, quite rightly, so many bad things with decisions made in, by and for London, which impact unfavourably on the rest of us.

    It’s a matter of making sure that people understand how much London rule impacts on our lives, even in matters devolved to Edinburgh, because of the complexities of funding.And the weird rules that they (London) make up to support this

    It never hurts to remind people, for example, that although Scotland is obliged to pay for the Commonwealth Games out of its own budget, it was also obliged to contribute 10% of the cost of the Olympic Games, although it benefited hardly at all from them. But, according to them, London is our capital and so we all benefited from the multi billions spent there.

    I won’t stop till referendum evening when the polls close!

  6. Well here is me glad that some have taken up the slack for people like me who cant get out,and all the people I know are already convinced of independence.So preaching to choir is all I could do,but getting them to persuade more is the route I have taken.Branch meeting tonight.

  7. Calum Findlay says:

    My personal score is 2….. I’ve failed, sometimes very badly, on others.

    My college tutor particularly had a very strong reaction against…. She managed to say the SNP would deport English people (including her son who was born in England), and the people of Catalonia are pathetic, and “they all kill people”. Makes me feel very sad that this is what we are up against. She seems to be of the impression that anything that is not the status quo is fascist.

    • Sounds as if she is mars bar short of picnic!
      deport English people?? Think she has her Catalans mixed up with her Basque terrorists, and is sadly lacking in her political education…
      Unfortunately, I think the more extreme Unionists are deliberately misinformed, and refuse to be informed.
      Never mind..Well done on two so far…Good on ya…Keep up the good work..You won’t persuade everyone, but you don’t need to. Just as many as you can.

    • LisaR says:

      I’d be having a word with her to check her facts, if this is the sort of scaremongering she could be passing on to other students she shouldn’t really be a college tutor teaching facts. This is so wrong of her on many levels, she has her opinion which is either she is very uninformed or is intentionally trying to paint an anti English picture which neither SNP or Independence is about.

  8. LisaR says:

    I think once more and more facts come to light of what an Independent Scotland will offer that is far more beneficial to folk living in Scotland,these should be printed off, wouldn’t do us any harm in making the facts into booklets that whenever we are in a situation where Independence v Union crops up we can give our reasons for voting Indy then hand them a booklet out of our bags or pockets(carrys a few;)) and say “have a read for yourself,its always good to have that knowledge to hand. Yes Stalls are set up now and again in areas but having booklets with you/on you and handing them to folk you know that are no or unsure could be a more regular way of passing positive info on to folk.

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