Jesus votes YES!

Now how about that for a controversial headline statement!

It would certainly get the hackles up of those who are Christians who support the Better Together anti Independence Campaign. How dare I make such a preposterous claim that Christ would support an Independent Scotland over remaining within the UK, after all is Britain still not at least nominally a Christian State?
I possibly might have the Atheists having a fit about bringing the Sky Fairy and son into the equation.

But bear with me as I endeavour to explain why I think that it is the responsibility of every Scottish Christian, including those who never darken the churches doorstep except for weddings, baptisms and deaths, or when asked their denomination when attending hospital as “Christian” .

As a theologian and former full time Church Minister, I know my beans when it comes to this particular subject.
So for the very first time in over five years, I am exclusively giving this one off sermon,and as JC would have have said ” For those who have ears let them hear” and as for those who want to mouth off about my audacity…Shut yer face!

The atheists and agnostics can relax, I am not going to bring God into this, just JC .

What do we know about what Jesus’s views would have been?
Well to find out, you just need to examine the mans words and deeds.

For starters…He wouldn’t have allowed the Bankers to ruin the economy in the first place!
He would have kicked to whole blasted lot of them out, as he did with the money changers back in the day when he overturned their tables and chased them! So he may have taken the Icelandic attitude and jailed some of them for fraud.

He was all for helping the poorest in society, he healed people left right and centre,and fed the multitudes with loves and fish, he helped those with chronic disabilities,and stood up for socially excluded.. All of which says that he would have been entirely against the attacks against the welfare state begun by Labours reform bill and carried out with a vengeance by the new coalition.

He was entirely for universality of benefits, and nobody should be disadvantaged or left to suffer, and under no circumstance would he have permitted how the disabled and ill have been treated under the Labour introduced ATOS run scheme.

No way whatsoever would he have agreed with all the lives wasted In Iraq and Afghanistan, and he would have been demanding the removal of Trident Subs and their nuclear arms from the Holy Loch!

He had no problem with business or being personally wealthy, that was ok, but that there are far more important things in life that come first, Social justice being high on the list. Having lack of compassion was definite no-no,and if you behaved that way, you deserved everything that is coming to you!
So the likes of suspending a claimants benefits for being late for an appointment, for a month, or some other minor transgression, leaving them to seek charity or starve, as the British State is doing to the multitudes it has caused to be unemployed, would not have been countenanced.

In his opinion the rule of a leader was to serve and to look after the people not just to rule, so therefore he would be wishing a government that served the people they are meant to represent, not do as British politicians have been doing for generations, fleecing the people and serving themselves, and their big business and banking chums.

So there can be no doubt doubt whatsoever that JC would have been utterly screaming out against the British States dramatic increase in the rich poor divide encouraged by successive British Governments since the Thatcher era, where the rich have got richer and the poor poorer, with the increase of those living beneath the poverty line from 12% to nearly 25%. He would be kicking up a fuss about allowing Trident, never mind ordering billions more spent on it’s replacement, and would be utterly livid about children from poor backgrounds going starving and inadequately clothed, educated and cared for because of government policies.

In the most recent report United Nations Human development report, it now states that the United Kingdom is the most unequal society in the Western World.

Independent : UK most unequal society

Given the choice between a Scottish society which does believe in social justice, community and personal attainment in a fair society and The better together mob…he would say Yes to Yes , and get thee behind me to the British state…as he said…Who is not for for me is against me!

He also said that a Kingdom divided cannot stand,and beyond any doubt the division in political opinion between Scotland and the rUk is striking to witness, irrespective of what colour of British government we have,as they all follow an increasingly right wing philosophy competing for votes of the wealthy and big business interests above the common good.

We are already long been divided about these matters,and so the United Kingdom shall not stand.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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7 Responses to Jesus votes YES!

  1. I always reckoned that JC was the first great socialist and a great man.

  2. Barontorc says:

    He was the Man and many things done in politics have absolutely no association with the values Jesus espoused. Those who work against the weakest and then try to make “for the greater good” excuses are plain wrong. The UK is in a man-made mess – whatever it was caused by, would not have been countenanced by him and that’s the litmus test.

    Tell me, is there one thing in the objective to become an independent country that seeks to harm others? It will be claimed that rUK will be worse off by any measure, but should they really expect to be carried by a country one tenth of its size and a country at that, which is being made to suffer through that same association?

    Jesus would have been an internationalist and one thing’s for sure, he could not have been a unionist and that’s something to think about.

  3. Macart says:

    Being a natural fence sitter and agnostic (ahem 🙂 ), I still like the cut of this Jesus fellas jib. I’d like to think he’d wander into Westminster one day on his second coming and still feel hacked off enough at what he saw to start turning over the tables of the moneylenders and the unjust.

    A chap can dream.

    • it wouldn’t jut be Westminster that would have something to be concerned about that happening…I suspect the majority of Christian church denominations and groups would be on the receiving end!! 😉

  4. Macart says:

    Aye there’s a few out there who could stand some old fashioned biblical wrath coming their way. 😉

  5. Boorach says:

    I’ve tried the ‘your faith must tell you to vote YES’ with a ‘Reader’ (of English origin)…… she just couldn’t see it. There’s none so blind who WILL not see!!!

    Mind you, to my mind, some of her opinions on other subjects leaves he a long way from any view I have of social justice.

    • That is exactly the point…Some Christians, who will swear blind they are Christians, have actually no earthly conception what Christianity is, because they don’t actually follow or believe in it!
      What they believe is actually an Institutionally bastardised version of Christianity, filled up with a whole load of other guff….Which they have indoctrinated into in different degrees depending on denomination, group or sect.
      Christianity in itself( As in what Christ actually said, did, taught and lived by) is very clear, very straightforward and very simple.Only incredibly tough to actually live by.
      So what you say does not in the slightest surprise me, sadly.

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