Well Done those hardy souls who took part in yesterdays Campaign for Balanced broadcasting Rally, and getting soaking wet in torrential rain for their troubles.
Thanks to everyone who made it along, and who braved the elements to listen to the speeches.
I was last on, and it seems the rain saved its worst to coincide with my speech.
Rather than subject anyone to any more drenching, I effectively threw away the prepared speech I had spent most of Friday putting together, and simply spoke off the cuff for a few minutes.

I have decided to put up some of that speech which I never delivered here, for those that want to read it.

Campaign for balanced broadcasting

BBC are great!!! Yes Really great…. And good old aunty Beeb always tells us so!
They do some fantastic programming…Doctor Who, Crime watch, Beechgrove garden, Strictly, numerous antique shows and cookery programmes…and we just cannot get enough of these can we?

I actually do rate a lot of the programmes that the Beeb produces, and they have been a great source of providing support for new music…which we can be very glad of.

But when It comes to NEWS/ Political programmes……Sorry But they Suck Big Time!!

So much for what they like to call balanced, fair and impartial coverage… particularly when it comes to the Scottish Independence debate!!

They are not alone unfortunately….as the vast majority of national newspapers are every bit as biased..they are all owned out with Scotland. So we don’t expect them to be balanced do we?
But we have a choice….If we don’t like what they say..we don’t need to buy them!
BUT WE DO PAY FOR THE BBC!! SO WE SHOULD EXPECT Fairness…but we don’t get it, do we?


I watched and read what happened when the BBC Head Honchos were Invited to speak to a a Scottish parliament committee recently. THE BBC Scotland Bosses refused to attend!
This sort of disdain is ridiculous…their contempt for the parliament and thus you and I and every Scottish person is disgraceful! They FEEL they are above us…and a Law unto their own selves…that is except when they are doing the BBCs bidding in London!

It took letters to Lord Pattan and the BBC Trust….to Order these jumped up jerks to attend. Before they did so..
Even at that…Pattan wrote that the BBC according to its Royal charter is not answerable to either the British or Scottish Parliaments!
In effect…..They are a Law unto their own selves…and can do what they damn well please…and there is not a damn thing we the people can do about it!

When Kenneth MacQuarrie ..The director of BBC Scotland and John Boothman ..Head of News and Current Affairs , did turn up to answer questions from the Education and Culture committee. They were as slippery and evasive as eels..

but despite their reticence…some startling information was presented to the committee.
They hadn’t made any made any requests from the BBC in London for extra funding to cover

the Commonwealth games nor the Independence referendum …describing these merely as One Off events, and Business as Usual..
The Commonwealth games was to be Networked from MANCHESTER…Not Glasgow!

Indeed Macquarrie had allegedly described the Independence referendum as “The Biggest Blah Blah Blah in 300 years”


when the BBC Bosses were asked to produce the findings of their Staff survey, they subsequently refused! Why?

If we look at a previous survey taken in 2010.. Staff were asked to agree to “ Senior Managers in my division behave in a way that is consistent with BBC values” and 45 % did agree to that.
But the figure for BBC Scotland News staff was a miserly 17%, who agreed that their senior management behaved in such a manner. WOW…. That is not exactly a vote of confidence in John Boothman and Co.

During the 1997 Devolution referendum …BBC news and current affairs output increased by 50% in Scotland..
But for the Independence referendum what is happening?
News and current Affairs have lost 17 posts….while all other departments are only losing up to a maximum of 4 staff, and often just one or two staff.

Now get this…. For those wondering what happens to your licence fees?
Scotland gives the BBC £300million per annum in licence fees..
So you would expect that to be spent in Scotland wouldn’t you?
well if you did..you would be wrong!!! The BBC’s spend in Scotland is £200million
The other £100million is kept by the BBC in London.

Some other startling evidence was provided by the Unions..

There has been representations made by staff to the effect that Staff had strongly made their concerns known that management were targeting their redundancies at certain individuals, who for whatever reason, they didn’t want anymore.
In effect using the redundancies as cover for clearing out people it didn’t want.
In other departments of the BBC, cuts seemed to be made logically, but not in the News and Current Affairs department….
Now I wonder why this would be?

Well lets have a wee look closer at BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs staff shall we?

John Boothman who I mentioned earlier, Head honcho of BBC News and Current Affairs..

His previous history includes being the former Chair of Labour Students! And who is married to Susan Deacon….do you recognise that name? YUP former Labour Scottish Health Spokeswoman and cabinet Minister in the Labour Scottish Government.
Boothman while he was the producer for BBC scotlands parliamentary unit employed Catriona Renton as a reporter…
Catriona Renton being formerly a Labour Councillor, and who also stood for labour in Holyrood elections.

Tom Connor ..BBC Head of Online News … Apart from being the one responsible for allowing the continuation of censorship and blockage of comments to Scottish political blogs, where we cannot dispute the likes of Brian Taylors or Douglas Frasers accounts anymore.. Yet england/wales and Northern Ireland blogs all allow comments..
Tom was along with his boss John Boothman censured a number of years ago for offering Media training to Labour candidates!

Daniel Maxwell: Now Newsnight and Politics Editor for BBC Scotland was the man to have originally shut down blog comments on the Scottish Online Sites.

with these as examples ….It is perhaps no wonder that BBC Scotlands News and Politics reporting all sound like Labour party press releases….Apart from the suspicion that they may well be?

It also perhaps is the reason. Why when every publication in the land reported on the twitter storm caused by Labour activist Ian Smarts racist comments and accusations against independence supporters comparing us to the Ku Klux Klan..and using derogatory language to describe other ethnic groups, while saying that he would rather see us under 100 years of Tory rule than have Independence.. Yet…Still not a whisper of it on BBC News!

Had such a thing been said by an SNP or YES campaigner…we still would not have heard the last of it.

But as I said earlier…It is not just the BBC…. There is a massive imbalance across the board.

Every day there is a steady drip drip drip of Unionist propaganda. But I wonder how much of it you recognise when you see and hear it?

Perhaps it is time to open your eyes and ears to really notice what is going on. The best way to combat this imbalance, is to keep telling others to watch out for it… The more the word is spread from person to person, the less likely that they will be quite so blatant in their bias, and we may even make them think about cleaning up their act.

Keep spreading the News folks!

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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4 Responses to Drooket

  1. I have said for many years that one little piece of wrong information or one derogative remark was nothing really and that is how most see it,but each comment or bad remark is like a little brick,not much on their own but eventually there is enough to build a big wall.

  2. The BBC is oor Berlin Wall.

  3. Turra Loon says:

    I was there on Saturday with my wife. I was really surprised by how few people bothered to turn up. What is wrong with everyone? Are they really happy with their lot or are they so brainwashed that they don,t know or don,t care. The public seemed to have no idea why we were there. I also have a dark room that I go to when this happens. A couple of nippie sweeties later I don,t care either.

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