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I have spoken out quite a bit about how the mainstream media and the BBC in particular, have distorted and misreported the news and political commentary with regards to Scottish Independence.
But lets be clear about something here, If we are to complain with justification about bias and misreporting on the anti-Independence side, we also have to be absolutely sure that we on the social network, blogging and on line news sites, have to exercise balance and correct information too. If we do not ensure that the information we give out to others is correct, we cannot expect to be treated with any less suspicion.

Now I have followed Newsnet Scotland for most of its existence, and despite some of its internal fall outs, I have stuck with it, because of the quality of its output.
I have even been asked for, and gladly contributed a couple of articles to them in the past.

However, I have been having some doubts about its overly severe moderation policy on comments for the past while, where comment contributors are restricted on how much they can say, and they are not allowed to comment again in response or follow up,until a certain amount of time has elapsed.
While this is somewhat of an annoyance, I have broadly accepted their decisions, even when they have appeared to be somewhat too PC for my tastes in deleting comments.
At least they are considerably better than BBC Scotlands banning of comments relating to Scottish political blogs.

Newsnet did finally manage to annoy me today though..
They have been very good at helping promote the Campaign for balance in broadcasting rally, and have put up a couple of articles about it, and even provided a speaker for the event.. All good.
So what have I got to moan about?

In a previous article promoting the event, they listed the speakers who would be in attendance, with one notable exception at the time…Me.
That didn’t bother me too much, I accepted that they might not have known about my involvement at that stage, and that is fair enough.
However last night, they included a post rally article, and video, where they managed to list all of the speakers, bar me….again.
That did annoy me…not so much because they hadn’t mentioned me, but because it was beginning to look like they were quite deliberately omitting my presence for some unknown reason? They were in attendance, so there was no excuse for not knowing I had contributed.

I made a comment to the article along the following lines.. ” I could have sworn that I was speaking at this event, but perhaps I only dreamed that I had got soaking wet in the process.
But Well done to everyone who turned out on such an awful day! You all deserve thanks!”

I checked back later, to see if anyone else had made comments about the event….and guess what? They had only gone and removed the first part of my comment, and all that was left of it was… ” Well done to everyone who turned out on such an awful day! You all deserve thanks!”

I was not happy…and further asked for an explanation from them, as to why they had removed half my comment? I have as yet not had the courtesy of a reply or explanation.

Why Is this annoying me? Quite simply, I put the time and effort to contribute to this event, so the least they could have done was acknowledge my presence when they were mentioning every other speaker there.
But having failed to have done so, and having been reminded of their effort, they do not correct the omission, but rather remove the critical part of my comment, and redact it, to only leave the tail end statement…That is quite frankly dishonest!
It therefore causes me to ask, are they often as economical with the truth when reporting stories? If they are? Then they lose my trust as trusted source of information….and are no better than those which they criticise themselves for the same behaviour.

We on the Independence side of the debate have to make sure that we report accurately, and we get the positive information out there. We have plenty to work with.. what we do not need is doubts being placed on our own veracity..

So please can I ask Newsnet,and indeed any other pro independence site to stick to the facts,and If we make mistakes, then own up to them!

Newsnet Scotland

And proof that I was indeed there…at the end of the following video!

Campaign for Balance in Broadcasting

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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5 Responses to Newsnet Scotland

  1. I have to admit that I’ve been well disappointed in Newsnet for quite a while now myself. It used to be my first port of call online in the morning and I’d read some articles while drinking my first cup of coffee of the day but no more and not for a while. It all seems kind of insipid and lacklustre these days tbh. I’d much rather read something that inspires me a bit, like yourself or WOS!

  2. Macandroid says:

    Pictishbeastie – I agree. It has lost some of its fire and I don’t know what the game is – jealousy ?
    Come on NNS fair play and we are all in this together – er – not ‘better’ together though !

  3. orkers says:

    I stopped posting a while ago due to their repressive moderation policies. Only the most anodyne comments are allowed, leaving it in a state where only those who toe the party line are free to post. I treat it as a blog with the odd interesting story, but it’s definitely not my first port of call of a morning. I’ve contributed twice to WOS, but wouldn’t give a plugged nickel to NNS.

  4. Bob says:

    I’ve not commented on NNS for about a year as my posts were deleted on the sly or never made it in the first place.
    I don’t really trust them to tell you the truth.
    Something fishy with that site.

  5. Douglas Gregory says:

    Hmm…very interesting.

    There are essentially two issues here;

    Resources – as anyone who has attempted to (and you can testify to this Rod) it is extremely hard work to keep going day-in-day-out with making fresh and interesting copy. NNS is made up of volunteers with one person (‘GA Ponsonby) being the driving force and mainstay of all copy. GA works full time elsewhere in an unrelated field. Quite frankly he is a machine (in the best possible way) that just keeps on pumping them out, this means that the content will, eventually, have a familiar feel. Having said that there is no one other person in the Independence blogo-sphere who has made a greater impact than GA. When the dust settles next year and an examination of the force of online media is made there will be, without question, no other online individual to whom the Scots owe a greater debt than GA. Period.

    Moderating – NNS have attempted to err on the side of caution by modding out any sort of commentary that could be interpreted to be even slightly ‘cybernatish’ (for want of a better term) and or trolling. They have the balance wrong. Blogs thrive on debate and interaction – NNS shut this powerful feature down and has no doubt driven people away to more open forums. The idea that everyone can post a debate-value-adding-comment every day and is content to do so just once a day, misunderstands the nature of such blogs. They need to relax their modding – by all means get rid of the trolls and bampots but let the debate go on. The MSM will beat the nationalist alternative media with the ‘out-of-control-nats’ stick regardless of any evidence so NNS’s restraint is pointless

    I, like many other readers, visit more than one blog a day and WOS has become a favourite spot to drop by each morning because they have an attitude of ‘fuck-em, give it back to them’ that so many of us want see. NNS does need to loosen up a bit and be a bit less restrained in my opinion. Something between NNS and Wings with yourself plus others contributing would be ideal if you ask me. There was talk a couple of years ago of the accumulation of output from the leading nationalist blogs and making them centrally available in one spot. Personalities and the defence of petty fiefdoms made it tricky to really get it going one way or another. NNS was open to and receptive to the idea but it seemed to be a non-starter 😦

    Rod as for your snub – I honestly cannot work than one out, my experience of NNS was that they were supportive of anyone pushing in the same direction. These are fast-moving times we live in and perhaps your little sojourn earlier in this year took you off the radar? I honestly cannot understand why your comment was cut in half – it makes no sense and goes back to overly-zealous modding – not good or healthy.

    NNS – sort it out please.

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