The Best Advocates for Scottish Independence

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the best advocates for Scottish Independence are those who are supposedly contesting it. Every time that Cameron, Hague, Osbourne, Milliband, Balls and Co. open their mouths, more are convinced that Independence for Scotland is the correct way to go.
The most recent visitor to Scotland to press their case for Scottish Independence was wee Willie Hague.
Here is some of what he had to tell us.

The enthusiasm for pulling Scotland out of the UK leaves people in the rest of the world scratching their heads, according to Foreign Secretary William Hague.

Mr Hague said: “Travelling from Afghanistan to Brazil, and from Canada to Australia, I encounter bafflement that anyone would try to break up a union that has been so resilient, so successful and so admired as ours.

Funny that….For all the years I have travelled the world, the reaction to our identity has uniformly been rather cool,when they have made the mistake of thinking me to be English, some were even openly hostile.
The reaction changed markedly when they were corrected, on hearing I was Scots, not English, their faces have lit up and I was given a very warm welcome indeed!
There can be no doubt about it, Scots are loved the world over, the English less so.
There is no doubt in my mind that the equation of British and English is seen as one and the same for people in other countries. It is also extremely evident that they recognise Scotland as a country in its own right,and Scots as a different people.
I am not sure that they are as capable of distinguishing between different regions of England, and often I suspect that what their reaction to Englishness is, is rather based on a xenophobic British imperial stereotype.
But one thing for sure…They can Identify Scots well enough! Perhaps we get a better press than some of us might necessarily deserve?

So Hagues comment that he receives bafflement abroad that Scotland might decide to go our own way, just doesn’t add up. Most would find it utterly baffling if Scotland turned its back on Independence!

Mr Hague said the remainder of the United Kingdom would be “hindered” in its ability to lead on major international efforts promoting human rights or campaigning against sexual violence in war zones.

The UK would keep hold of its permanent seat on the UN Security Council, he said, but the “total sum” of what the nation could achieve would be reduced.

His comments follow a warning by the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee last year that the UK’s influence as a member of global top table would wane if Scotland voted to go its own way.

That is no argument for Scots to remain in the union, but rather an argument that the British state would be weakened without us,and that they need us to carry on with their jollys to the UN and NATO and reduces their ability to play at war games and interfering in other countries matters.

“It is of course up to people in Scotland to decide in 2014 which way they want to go. It is my sincerest hope that Scotland votes to remain in the United Kingdom. But I am not here to make dire predictions or to issue dark warnings. However I do believe that this decision involves a clear choice in foreign policy:

“On the one hand, is continued membership of the world’s sixth largest economy, represented at the G7, G8 and G20, with a permanent seat of the UN Security Council, and an established, influential and growing diplomatic network that is increasingly focused on trade and building up links with the Commonwealth and the fastest-growing parts of the world economy.

“On the other is an uncertain future where Scots would have to face the inconvenience and tremendous burden of having to start again in world affairs, with a different passport for future generations, without that global network and enviable diplomatic position in the world, and without automatic entry to NATO and the EU.”

What he omits to say is that Scotlands economy would be stronger than the rUKs economy on Independence. I very much doubt that most Scots would give a stuff if we didn’t have a permanent seat in the UN security council, we can do very well without that.
It has been proved very well in recent times that the Scottish Governments own efforts have proved more successful in securing partnerships all over the globe, and many countries keen to invest and partner Scots in many areas of trade. Rather than being a hindrance to us, it has proved to be a positive bonus instead, and recent figures showing the rise of inward investment in Scotland bears that out.
He also makes the patronising assumption that we have no right to a share in UK assets, embassies and other resources…
To use their own language of separation or divorce against them… Can you imagine the assets in any marriage,partnership or union settlement all belonging to one partner, but the liabilities and debts being shared?
if they want to hold onto all the assets, then they had better be prepared to have to stump up for all their debts too! Which actually would be quite an attractive settlement as far as Scotland is concerned…I somehow think the amount of painful squealing coming from Westminster would be fairly tortuous in such an event….But if that is what they want, I am sure Scotland will be very happy to be debt free!

After independence, he insisted that the UK “wouldn’t be hostile” to Scotland’s interests, but he added that Scotland would be in a “difficult position” as regards membership of both the EU and Nato, given that applicants require unanimous backing from existing members.

He said that Scotland would have to apply for membership of NATO. “I think that would then be complicated, putting it mildly, by the SNP’s position, if that was the position of the Scottish Government, on nuclear weapons. The possession by NATO of nuclear weapons is part of the strategic concept by which all NATO members abide and support. So there would be, at the least, a complication.”

On the EU, he pointed to the potential objections of countries such as Spain, which is presently resisting a growing independence movement in Catalonia. He said: “There are other countries (within the EU) who are very concerned about their own national unity and would have their own interest in demonstrating that it is not easy to join the EU if you leave one of the member states. Don’t under-estimate how anxious they are about that and how determined they would be to prove that point”.

So NATO is going to be happy to have the North Atlantic unprotected by leaving Scotland out of it? I don’t think so!
There are many countries in NATO who do not have nor agree with nuclear weapons, but are perfectly happy to play their part.

Scotland would be quite happy to play its part such as Norway and Sweden do, but we will also make it clear we do not wish nuclear weapons on our doorstep!

As far as the EU is concerned, It would be totally nuts for any of the EU to try and kick us out… Spain and Portugal rely strongly on access to our North Atlantic fishing grounds….are they going to cut off their noses to spite their face? I think not! Scotland and Norway sow up the vast amount of fishing grounds in Europe between them, and Norway is not an EU member but part of European Trade association.
We currently are the largest Oil and Gas producer in the EU and we have the bulk of Europes Tidal and wind energy resources, which will become even more important as the new technology develops.
The EU would be nuts not to have us, and indeed really very concerned should we start to play hard ball!

Welcome back any time Willie, and bring your pals Cameron, Osbourne and Milliband with you more often….The more you speak the more ludicrous you appear, and we take another step closer to Independence.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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6 Responses to The Best Advocates for Scottish Independence

  1. Ian Sanderson says:

    Now that’s more like the Rod I’ve come to know & like ( a lot!)

  2. Welcome back in the saddle

  3. Boorach says:

    Can’t disagree with a single word and have shared your experiences whilst travelling the world

  4. Can anybody think of any ‘UK’ assets that would actually be worth having? No share of the worthless assets and no debt sounds like a good outcome to me. Let’s not waste the Mekon’s offer!!!!

  5. Hen Broon says:

    Just to say “UK aka English state.” Fixed that.

  6. Caadfael says:

    “The reaction changed markedly when they were corrected, on hearing I was Scots, not English, their faces have lit up and I was given a very warm welcome indeed!”
    Whilst in BAOR, I was stationed at Hohne, next door to the former concentration camp of Belsen, and got fed up with the company of my fellow squaddies so I found a nice wee pub a few miles away, out in the sticks where I spoke only German and thus my learning and use of the language accellerated markedly.
    Only the owners and the cheif casheir of the bank on camp knew I was forces, but didnt let on until one evening, playing dice with two or three others, I was “unmasked” when a young lad who worked on camp said in halting English “I saw you yesterday in uniform …so you are English?”
    I “Nein mein freund, Ich bin ein Schottlander” Big smiles all round!
    Result, I was even more warmly welcomed, just as you say!

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