The Bloodless War of Independence

When Margo MacDonald MSP wrote in a letter to MI5’s director general: “I will be obliged if you can give me an assurance that UK Security Services will not be used in any respect in the lead-up to the Scottish referendum on sovereignty” I bet more than a few shook their heads at the seeming paranoia of the independent MSP.
Margo was convinced from her experiences of fighting the 1979 Devolution referendum that the security services had infiltrated and interfered with the democratic process back then, and were currently doing the same today, with agents and provocateurs in the SNP and the YES campaign.
It’s all a bit far fetched, even if such occurred back in the day,as was indicated in the BBC ALBA documentary Diomhair (Secret), surely not now?

Just as we had settled down from this startling and seemingly paranoid intervention, when more currently worrying news started to filter through. On June the 6th Scotlands Lord Advocate ordered a probe into new claims CIA planes landed at Scottish airports as part of an “extraordinary rendition” programme.
A study conducted by two academics at UK universities claims 13 flights used Aberdeen, Wick and Inverness airports in the US security service’s “war on terror”..

Extraordinary rendition was used by the US Government in the years after the September 11 attacks. It involved the secret kidnapping, detention and transfer of terror suspects to other countries for interrogation and alleged torture.

A few days later on June 9th the worldwide news networks were buzzing with the startling revelations of the former CIA worker Edward Snowden, that Americas Spy agencies routinely spy and gather through their PRISM programme, and with the cooperation of the major Internet and Social network companies all our Facebook messages, emails, and online communications, including phone calls on a daily basis, and our GCHQ spy centre circumvents British Legislation by getting the American NSA to pass this information onto them.
The British Foreign Secretary William Hague, when confronted with this, refused to confirm or deny these facts, even though the American government had been forced to confirm this was indeed the case. Instead he came out with statement that ” law abiding citizens had “nothing to fear” from intelligence agencies’ activities.”

suddenly Margo MacDonalds letter to the Head of MI5 doesn’t seem so paranoid and daft after all!

I am sure that many of you will have watched the excellent STV series written by Ian MacWhirter, “Road to Referendum” which gave a potted history post 2nd World war to the current day, of Scotlands travel to next years referendum. If you did, I have a further must watch documentaries for you today, these documentaries by John Pilger and Naomi Klein cover much the same time period, but focus on International events. Scotland has never lived in a parochial backward goldfish bowl, and the events and policies highlighted in these documentaries will perhaps give you a far broader view to consider. But I warn you now…They are extremely disturbing and may leave you with nightmares!

The first documentary film “The War You Don’t See” by the award winning investigative journalist Pilger, explains how the media is used and compliant with the State, in order to spread their propaganda to us the masses, and how this is used to retain their control over what we see, what we hear, and what we know, or don’t want us to know.
During one point in the film Pilger interviews the BBC’s Head of News gathering, and forces her into the following revelation ” What the BBC have the duty to do, is to Report what Government and their representatives are saying”
In effect the Government tells the BBC what it wants it broadcast, and without question they spread the propaganda to us. This will come as no surprise to Scottish Independence campaigners who have been shouting in the streets and anywhere that people can hear, that the BBC is not to be trusted in reporting the Scottish referendum. In fact there is no point in us asking them to be balanced, they will not be….end of story!

Pilger speaks to journalists and former British and American Foreign office officials ,and questions journalists in particular why they report news that they know themselves not to be true. In effect he questions why no real journalism or investigative reporting takes place, and he discovers that many are obligated to report what government tells them, or tells their editors to report.
Taking this in relation to Scotland, it is no big surprise that the current Scottish government and the YES campaign have such a hard time getting their story across, when they are up against such a machine.

Here is Pilgers award winning documentary on Channel 4

The other documentary is by award winning author Naomi Klein and it is called “The Shock Doctrine”
And if you were disturbed by Pilgers documentary, this one will leave you whimpering under your beds!
Again it covers the same period of history, and it is a Brutal history indeed.
There can be no other conclusion that I could arrive at after viewing it than that Britain is a corrupt Rogue Terrorist State, and that the British….i.e Us…have been creating and participating in war and conflicts the world over, every year since 1945.
To the victor the spoils, and the retelling of history.

If we have radicalised young men in Englands Back yard, it is hardly surprising after viewing this award winning documentary. The only surprise is that there haven’t been far more attacks on the scale of London 7/7
The war on terror is a total Con, In fact as David Cameron sells arms across the globe to dictatorships and other dubious states, and is itching to get involved with selling arms to the Syrian rebels, in what incidentally is a sectarian war between Muslims,Shia versus Sunni, not as they report good guys v bad guys in a western perspective. Cameron and Hague are taking care of British War business, as the 2nd largest Arms supplier on the planet!

It is extremely clear that British interests in Scotland, the nuclear weapons, the place at the top table in NATO, is nothing to do with our defence, but rather to retain and maintain British interests along with our American sidekicks in other countries affairs. Oh and of course….Oil!

But these attacks, this war on terror, is not only against other peoples and other countries, it is part of an economic warfare programme began by Thatcher and maintained by Blair and the current government in the present day. It is terrorising the people!
This Austerity programme, the attacks on the poor and the weak in our own society, is all part of what is going on, and being ramped up.
Britain is the Worlds 4th most unequal society, and climbing. The gap between the highest earners and the average worker in Thatchers day was 10%. Today the highest earners are 400 times richer than the average earner, and those below the poverty line now amounts to quarter of the country!

Here is Naomi Klein “Shock Doctrine”:

Looking and listening and learning about all this, tells me that we have a real fight on our hands if we are to get Independence.
In fact it is a War of Independence, only one fought thus far without bloodshed.
The Shock and Awe tactics of the Better Together campaign is to hit us with a daily barrage of negativity, to strip us of our spirit to believe in our own ability to survive as an independent people in an Independent country.

This war of independence is not fought with bullets and guns and missiles, it is fought with words and they do not assail us physically, but It is a war for our minds.
On the NO Better Together side, they have the British State, The BBC, the Newspapers and of course their politicians and Lords. Their appeal is to jingoism and the symbolism of the union jack, and the fraud that we really matter to them as people.

The YES side has the Scottish government, the collective grouping of nationalists, socialists, republicans,and internationalists,a small number of journalists, and the foot soldiers.
I hesitate to make the comparison, lest I be accused of being all Braveheart…but the scale of the forces aligned, is the equivalent of Bruce at Bannockburn.We are vastly outnumbered in forces, but we have the people.
Against the State Broadcaster and the vast amount of newspapers, we have these terrible Cybernats, the bloggers, the social media groups, and those who pound the streets.

I said at the very beginning of this war,which began in the early morning of the 6th of May 2011, that this would be a dirty campaign we would be up against. All the revelations of recent times, the methods used, the spying, the propaganda, tells me that I was not wrong. I expect much more to come yet.

But after watching both these documentaries I have put up today, have a good think to yourself.
If you do not want an independent Scotland after all that, then at least admit to yourself that by being silent, by not speaking out, by being part of and supporting the British State, you yourself become equally culpable, and it is all done in your name!
Do you really want to be associated with that? Then think on! I want no part of it.

further documents:

Huffington Post: The Terror Con

Press TV… UK Drone Strikes

The Guardian… Britains Arms Trade

The Guardian: MI5 and GCHQ

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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28 Responses to The Bloodless War of Independence

  1. Eileen Cameron-Kirby says:

    Rod – the links to the videos are not showing up on the posts we receive via email. We just receive your piece but no hyperlinks. Would it be possible to do something about it? Many thanks for your hard work.

    • When you actually visit the site, are they showing up for you then?
      Not sure that I can do anything about wordpress email notification… But thanks for letting me know Eileen. Its much appreciated.

      • Eileen Cameron-Kirby says:

        The links are fine on your site – just a problem with the emails. Never mind!

  2. Stevie says:

    Important post – will share

  3. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I am startled to read that you don’t understand that the SNP is infiltrated.
    Of course it is and always has been – only events and the progress towards the referendum now means that it is almost certainly more heavily infiltrated than it has ever been.
    Infiltration of SNP starts at Branch and Constituency level where low level disruption is the easily achieved objective. Effective infiltrators appear as very committed nationalists, seek positions and ingratiate themselves with sections of the party. They wouldn’t be any use as infiltrators otherwise.
    That is the point to be understood. Plants among us are not doing their jobs unless they achieve the measure of respect from other members which allows them to act effectively against us. I have met quite a few of them over the years.

    • I never said that I didn’t understand it Dave, I questioned how such a statement by Margo might be received by non SNP or Independence supporters, with many probably thinking she was being paranoid….It seems such a wild suggestion to the non politically minded, they they would
      instinctively write her assertions off as rabid conspiracy stories…
      It has gone on long before the SNPs existence, and of course will continue to go on….Think back to Daniel Defoes role in 1707

      • gordon murray says:

        Establishment dirty tricks are celebrated on Discovery these days. The McCrone report spiked SNP guns in 74, 78&79. The Scottish Covenant with 2million signatures was kicked into the long grass with the pillar box bombings of the 50s along with the raid on the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey, passed off as student high jinks. Special Branch recruited stooges to carry dummy bombs to be caught with that SB fabricated with the express intention of discrediting Home Rule
        The reported suicide in Glengarry of CND campaigner and senior SNP official Willie MacRae who crashed his car off the road into a burn, emptied his briefcase and tore up his documents, placed them in a neat pile by the car with his watch on top, got back in, shot himself in the head, missed, shot himself again in the side of the head using someone else’s gun, successfully this time, then threw the suicide weapon 20m out of the window.
        The NUM infiltrated by Special Branch agent provocateurs to inflame pickets and undermine the 1985 miners’ strike. Former security officials have openly boasted of bringing down Scargill and his deputies. 30 years later the miners’ leaders ridiculous and outlandish claims about Tory plans to destroy the British coal industry were proven to be absolutely correct.
        D-Day, the man who never was, Bletchley Park and Station X, smoke & mirrors in the desert war, it goes on and on.
        At what point did we imagine the British Establishment decided to chuck it all in and give the suckers an even break?

  4. Stevie says:

    Infiltration of the SNP to high levels has happened – that is certain but it is what it is and we have made progress. Expect the real mud-slinging from November this year and likely from late February / March. The BritNatsecurityserviceshave been spying on ScotNats since forever and listening in on every telephone call and reading every email and post on social media. Just last week the police changedFarage’stimetablebecause of reading about organised protests on social media. Again, it is to be expected and the SNP expect it and aren’t daft. That said – people with skeletons in closets on our side will hear rattling – we should employ private detectives to follow the BritNats and find out the mountain of dirt they hide.

    Youcanalwaysrunyourwordstogether – don’t suppose it will help but it might.

    • Aye Steve but many have had their name’s blackened by the state,so that they wont be believed its good if people find the information by themselves,and as for my skeletons I no longer fear them,maybe even use them as another reason for independence.

  5. The information needs spread around,but it is better to make people realise that they vote in ignorance,most vote along a party line,and don’t know that they don’t know all the facts.People need to be able to search for themselves otherwise they may not believe the truth,because the messenger’s character has been blackened by the state of Westminster.

  6. Stevie says:

    Haven’t seen the Pilger doc before – should be illuminating

  7. Boorach says:

    Yet another excellent article Rod, you really are on good form these days.

    There is absolutely nothing I would put beyond the pond life employed by the security agencies of HM’s government. Only this weekend we hear how in addition to the info gleaned for them by ‘Prism’ they are, as a matter of course, hoovering up emails, which by the nature of the internet, leave these shores only to return again. Hence they are able to designate them as cross-border traffic and claim to be following the letter of the law!

    Thanks for the links.

  8. Brian Hill says:

    AA, your pen is indeed mightier than the spoken word. These are two very important documentaries you have brought to our attention, thanks for your diligence.

  9. Chris Law says:

    Great article Rod and on the pulse of change. I once remembered in an intervention between the Law/Dailly spat that change is inevitable and it got my head around a few things. Looking forward to watching the Pilger link this afternoon. Thanks for the excellent research and well written piece

    • Thanks Chris… Change is not only inevitable, it is constant. I think some refer to it as evolution 🙂
      Even those who think they are the most powerful of all, will find that they eventually succumb to it. empires and systems rise, and thus so they all fall, eventually.
      Now is indeed a time for change, but on this occasion we need to give it a bit of a helping hand, In order that on this occasion Change may be more to our liking, rather than being the victims of it.

  10. Stevie says:

    Well, watched the Pilger document – shocking – to be expected of course but still shocking when faced with it directly. The difficult thing to believe is that Blair, Bush, Cheney and a great many others have not been charged with war crimes and with lesser crimes. They tried to impeach Clinton for having had oral sex in the Oval office, yet they flag wave to the criminals who have cost the lives of 1,000,000 Iraqis and probably more than that. It is sickening and it does deeply explain the BBC’s complicity with the Westminster government’s message and it explains the BritNat newspaper owners’ pushing the UK government’s message.

    If anyone imagines that the BritNats in Westminster won’t use MI5 to attack the Scottish independence movement, should it appear as if they are beginning to make a YES vote likely and whatever bunch of government criminals they employ, is naive and probably a cretin.

  11. David Grant says:

    These two videos, especially Naomi Klein’s, are, quite simply the most shocking accounts of the manipulation of our society by evil men, most of whom have not yet been brought to account.
    I would suggest that that is one of the first things that should be done, because a society with these cancerous components can not be healed. We still have a very long way to go…

  12. Macart says:

    Personally, I’m quite proud of being called a cybernat. It would be a bugger trying to shave without a mirror in the mornings, that and I believe most of us have a conscience to prod in the first place. Jury’s out on those who blindly follow the media’s offerings on the YES campaign and the Scottish Government. As for those who write those offerings and those who issue the releases? I don’t think pleasant company should be confronted with the description I have in mind. There may be small children and pets nearby. 🙂

  13. Is it Treason if a Government agency (GCHQ) breaks the law, monitors an entire population searching for dirt, can monitor all communications from and to a legitimate political party in Scotland seeking independence, would have copies of the various proposals the said party was preparing to make public in the democratic debate before the Referendum, passes the same to Unionist political grouping, which includes the political masters of said Government agency?

    Unthinkable is all that?

    Just think of this, GCHQ can and does intercept more internet and telecommunications traffic around the World, than the USA, France, Germany and Australia together. Who controls these people, evidently not the boy Hague who appears clueless?

    Add to this the fact the Police have had agents infiltrated into all sorts of legitimate political and non political protest groups for well over 20 years and now appear to have been using these agents for illigitimate and ant-democratic purposes. cf Stephen Lawrence murder family smears

    We need out of this fetid dying Union and we need a written constitution to outlaw this Frankensteinian monster supposedly working for the People’s security but now exposed to be working against democracy.

  14. Have read The Shock Doctrine, and seeing what is going on across the world, I believe it.

    You are bang on the money!

  15. I knew as soon as I heard that Margo had written that letter, that she knew

    what she was doing. There is no paranoia in her concern.
    Why would a party that wanted Scottish independence, be infiltrated in

    1979, and not today, when a referendum on the same issue is imminent?

    The Internet is the ideal vehicle for surveillance, and the Security Services of

    every country must have thought they had won a watch when it was set up.
    I’m afraid those who can’t believe that the state they live in could
    regard all of its citizens as suspects, are being naieve.

    It became obvious during the Iraq war that the BBC seemed to be

    complicit in presenting information that suited what the Government wanted

    the people to believe.
    Galloway didn’t call it the ‘Blair and Bush Corporation’ for nothing.

  16. Kevin Coyle says:

    I knew Margo McDonald.(RIP) I still have her personal phone no. in an old contacts book! I also worked with Jon Pilger and interviewed many other politicians whose “common demonitator” was that they “shared different views!”.
    Get in touch, over a bottle of wine with Ruth Wishart,
    I have never met a more astute “Political Observationalist” newspaper columnist in my 40 year long ‘Journalistic Career!
    Close seconds are Ken Clarke (ex-Chancellor), Lord Justice McPherson, Ken Livingstone, Alex Salmond and PA Parliamentary corr Chris Moncriefe..all.for different reasons. Ha!

  17. allen henderson says:

    I have been trying all day to watch the two videos and still no luck, I have tried on 2 laptops, my Samsung Galaxy Tab, and my Smart TV, is there a known problem or have they mysteriously disappeared?

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