Pure Gallus

Sunday the 7th of July, reminded us one simple understated fact. It’s gallus to be Scots.
Two Scots, both who have for different reasons had to withstand more vitriol and slagging than any human being should be subjected to, both stood out in their different ways, and stole the show. They were both gallus in different ways, and both intensely proud to be Scottish.
First up…the man of the moment, the man who’s day it really was, and who through real determination, an amazing amount of skill, and the sheer Scots bloody mindedness not to buckle or lie down, irrespective what was thrown at him, took both centre stage and the trophy. Step up one Andy Murray.
Andy had just achieved what the majority of the english press, the BBC and countless others of our southern neighbours has been greetin on about for years….Their Holy Grail. He had only gone and won the mens tennis championship at Wimbledon. Hallelujah…Saints be praised…a British man finally won the championship after 77 years of waiting,and mourning that the English Lawn Tennis association couldnae produce another Fred Perry. They were all duff!
There was only one small fly in the ointment…Andy Murray is a Scot, and made no bones about that fact, so a good number openly disliked him, because he refused to dump his identity. When being called English by American presenters, or anyone else…he put them right. I’m not English…I am Scottish!
Whats worse, in a bit of banter with Tim Henman prior to the World cup a few years back, Tim was slagging him off about Scotlands football team being yet again in abstentia. So who are you going to support said Tim….The answer quick as a flash and tongue firmly in cheek, got volleyed straight back at him…Andy said..Anyone but England!
Suddenly….the papers down south and a good number of their moronic readers went totally ape shit!! And ever since then, Andy has put up with some incredible personal abuse, a whole pile of it in evidence on the social media sites on the lead up to this years final.
How dare Andy be Scottish? How dare he refuse to be one of them?
I wouldn’t dare put up a fraction of some of the bile which was posted about Andy recently, the language is frankly abhorrent,and indeed blatantly racist!
Even in the less insulting personal comments that he was subjected to, such as being a dour humourless Scot, Boring, and not likeable, he wasn’t alone as being the recipient, his mum got plenty, and his family and girlfriend who is English, got some.
In amongst all the clamour and pressure being placed by one bunch of them to win it, and the opposite abuse for being who he is from the others, and despite half the crowd at Wimbledon last year supporting his Swiss opponent…Andy still soldiered on,and still battled through.
To read many of the BBC and newspaper articles about his matches in recent years, you almost wonder about their schizophrenic nature. If he lost, then he was indeed Scottish, if he won, he was British.
Given that for many of them in the press and the establishment down there, British is synonymous with English, their avarice for success would claim anyone from anywhere if they won. So for Andy ( or should that now be Sir Andy, given his Downing street reception with Cameron, Milliband and Clegg yesterday) he is now to be a prized part for them to claim. He not only won Wimbledon, he is now officially British!

The drivel being spouted by the BBC, and the press is something to behold!
A BBC reporter and a Guardian journalist both independently claimed that his achievement should be as treasured as Englands 1966 World Cup success! I suspect that Andy himself would prefer Wembley 1967!

Irrespective of all that drivel, there is no doubt whatsoever, that win or lose, Scots have been proud of Andys efforts, and he has never been anything else but one of our ain folks, and Andy knows it and appreciates it.
So when he stepped up to receive the trophy, he did so in his usual quietly humorous unassuming way. Sure he has had to suffer all the drivel that has been hoisted on him, but I am sure he would rather have just gone home to quietly celebrate his triumph with his own family.
Given what he has had to witness in the tragedy of Dunblane, he has his feet firmly on the ground,and is not about to get taken up with any nonsense or playing anyone elses game.
He is pure Gallus!

To watch him play, is to watch the typical Scottish psyche in action, full of determination, times of self doubt, moments of sheer brilliance, failures and successes, but never once forgetting who he is, nor the folks that matter to him. He is a credit to us all, but mostly he is a credit to himself.

The other moment of sheer Scottish Gallusness came from Alex Salmond in the Royal Box.
Seated in front of him, in prime tv shot, was British prime minister David Cameron.
Every time that Murray had played something really well, the BBC cameras would pan in on Cameron, and nearly every time he was turned chatting to someone on his right. Not really showing all that much interest in the match, at least not till the end.
Behind him was Alex Salmond, Big broad grin on his face, and clapping like a seal! Really getting into supporting Andy.
Obviously someone must have had a wee word in the BBC control room, because thereafter the camera angle changed, Cameron still not that engaged, but a pair of hands belonging to Alex Salmond giving it bellows! Only if you hadn’t noticed previously you wouldn’t have known whose hands they were.
Come the end… Cameron beaming and clapping, but disaster!!
There was Alex Salmond in full view behind him, broad grin on his face, and holding this massive Scottish Saltire!
Like lightening, the camera quickly panned away… I can just imagine the shouting in the BBC control box …..Dammit, move to camera X …..
But too late, soon the photo made the internet…..Cameron being Saltire Photobombed by Salmond…. Ya Beauty!! Pure cheekily Gallus!
Stuff your rules and your protocol and your stiff British empirical ways… The Saltire flies for Andy Murray today!

But you would have thought that some heinous crime had been committed by the OTT reaction of the British Unionist mob. How dare Salmond make such political capital! It was an absolute disgrace!
Camerons usage of British 49 times after the match in interviews, political capital, the saltire suddenly flying over Downing Street, and Andy Murrays reception there…political capital, all the Union Jacks, they are not a countries symbol, but the symbol of a political union. Political capital.

The Oldest Flag of a Country in existence, The Saltire, a Countries flag, symbolising the Nationality of the winner on this occasion… a legitimate display.
Nobody would have uttered any surprise or complaint had the Serbian president unfurled the Serbian flag, had Djokovitch won…
They tried to take down the Saltire from Hampden for the football matches in the Olympics, and no doubt they would like to ban it!
In the press photos of Andy Murray returning to Dunblane after his Olympic success, they showed the few Union jacks that were there being waved, but no Saltires. Yet Dunblane was a sea of Saltires with a tiny handful of Union Jacks..
The Saltire does not belong exclusively to Alex Salmond, or the SNP, but to all Scots!
Alex as a proud Scot, acclaiming a great performance from another proud Scot, was quite right to raise the Saltire.. There is no disrespect to Cameron or anyone else in flying it..
But for the sheer Gallusness, and Cheeky effrontery of photo bombing the British PM….Bloody Brilliant!! Now that was Political Capital!!
But if you can’t laugh at it? Well its not Andy Murray who should be castigated for being humourless…..It is You!

Well DONE ANDY!!!! All of Scotland is Proud of you….But not just for one win…But for being the decent human being, and Great Scot and Champion that you are! Win or Lose…The Saltire will always fly for you, as it does for all who are proud to be called Scottish.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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4 Responses to Pure Gallus

  1. Great piece Rod we are the only nation in the world who hide our nationality because of years of brainwashing,and we are on the rinse cycle now,but for me I see the real problem is “Why are the English not British” for I see that the Oxbridge types have tried to manipulate history and Anglicise Britain and they refuse to join in being British we Scots have tried to be British for 300 years,but England has not,they tried to change Britain into England,I remember the wee maps we got as children in school and it said England and was written from John O’Groats to Landsend.After 300 years it really is time to agree and become Scottish again just like the English don’t want to be British.Why at the All England Club should a Scot not fly a Scottish flag?if it was the all Britain Club (and maybe it should be called that) I could see maybe them having a point but they don’t. Lovely rant thanks.

  2. Great article Rod, many thanks!

  3. Boorach says:

    Excellent Rod, thanks. Hope it wasn’t who you edited out Baxter’s cheeky wee keepie-uppie!

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