Colonial Mail Bomb

Its hard to put into words my feelings of disbelief and outrage at the sheer effrontery and downright arrogance of Ukania, on seeing the news last night of the latest threat made by the British establishment against an Independent Scotland, should we choose to vote for it.

But before I get to that, and before I go clambering into my loft to look out my claymore,and come charging down from the Highland hills to repel the forces of these Westminster brigands, let me address other news from yesterday.
The Condems have decided to act in the utmost urgency and have a Sell off of Royal Mail, this to take place as soon as possible.
In order to try and see off protests from the Royal Mail staff, they have offered the workers shares in the company amounting to 10%, and worth around £2000 for each employee.
It is not so long ago that Vince Cable was in his best Prophet of Doom voice suggesting that an Independent Scotland would see the shut down of our Post Offices, while in reality the threat was about to come very real, but not through an Independent Scotland.
The real villains as we have become wearily accustomed to is rather the Westmisnter government, and the threat is rapidly coming to fruition in their hands. The galling thing is that there is not a damn thing we can do to stop it.
Seemingly around 77% of Scots are against the sell off, and 79% of our Westminster MPs voted against Royal Mail being sold off, and for very good reasons. The Condems in order to parcel it off, and sell it to their pals, have said that they cannot impose the Royal Mail guarantee of 6 days universal coverage throughout the land, nor the fixed cost of delivering the mail, no matter if you live in Sussex or Harris. Which of course means that various businesses would just cherry pick the areas which they would service,and some many areas of the country, the Highlands in particular, would receive limited or no service at all, and at increased prices.
The fact that so much of the Scottish population is against the sell off, the fact that the vast majority of our MPs represent these views, is utterly immaterial. It is yet one more example of how irrelevant Scotlands voice is to Westminster, and how truly little we can influence events there from a Scottish perspective. It is a prime example of why Scotland is Not better together with them. Our views and opinions are less than worthless when the South of England and London determine otherwise.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that having a Labour government would be any different.
Labour in government, were also centrist, and focussed on the South of England and the City of London, and they too were setting the stall out to sell Royal Mail off in the last parliament. Toss of the coin for Scots, and you lose either way.

However, let me get back to my earlier outrage!
What brought out such anger and annoyance in me, was a briefing by the Ministry of Defence, recounted in the Guardian.

“MoD fears for Trident base if Scotland says yes to independence

Whitehall looking at plan to designate home of nuclear fleet as sovereign United Kingdom territory”

“The British government is examining plans to designate the Scottish military base that houses the Trident nuclear deterrent as sovereign United Kingdom territory if the people of Scotland vote for independence in next year’s referendum.”

“the government is looking at ensuring that the Faslane base on GareLoch in Argyll and Bute could have the same status as the British sovereign military bases in Cyprus.”

“The warnings over Faslane come as the British government issues stark warnings to the people of Scotland about the dangers of independence”

“MoD officials are starting to examine a two-stage process to ensure that Britain could continue to station the Vanguard submarines at the deep-water Faslane base and store the nuclear warheads at the nearby Coulport base on Loch Long.

The British government would first tell the Scottish government after a yes vote that it would cost tens of billions of pounds over many years to decommission the Faslane base and to establish a new base in England or Wales to house the nuclear fleet.

These costs would have to be factored into severance payments negotiated with the Scottish government before full independence is declared around two years after the referendum”

“As an alternative, the Scottish government would be told it could reduce the costs to Edinburgh if it agreed to allow Faslane to be designated as sovereign UK territory along the lines of the Akrotiri and Dhekelia sovereign base areas (SBAs) in Cyprus.”

“An MoD spokesperson said: “No contingency plans are being made to move Trident out of Scotland. The scale and cost of any potential relocation away from Faslane would be enormous.”

Sir Nick Harvey, the former Liberal Democrat armed forces minister, said designating Faslane as sovereign UK territory would be the only practical way of ensuring Britain retained a nuclear deterrent.

“If the Scots were to insist on us leaving it would sour the relationship on the broader canvas,” he said. “I think the most practical and likely outcome would be a Cyprus-type arrangement.”

“A spokesperson for the SNP said: “Neither the people nor parliament of Scotland want nuclear weapons dumped here, and we are clear that Trident would have to be removed as quickly as possible – only a yes vote next September will empower Scotland to get rid of Trident, and the money saved help build a fairer society and stronger economy.

“A key argument for independence is that Scotland will no longer have to pay for nuclear weapons that we do not want. A no vote, by contrast, means a new generation of nuclear weapons on the Clyde for another 50 years.”

“This view was echoed by Jim Murphy, the(Labours) shadow defence secretary. He said: “This underlines the uncertainty of Scottish independence. Major questions remain unresolved by the SNP who have a defence policy based more on faith than fact.

“The best way to protect the Scottish defence industry and national interest is for Scotland to remain part of its primary defence alliance: the UK. The SNP are confused on nuclear defence. They seek the security of the NATO nuclear alliance without fully accepting the NATO Strategic Concept. The SNP want to downgrade Scotland’s role in the world and our strength at home. The UK provides Scotland not just with protection but influence.”

How Bloody Dare they!! Acting like they are a Colonial power, and can just tread all over us, and annex off whatever pieces of Scotland they see fit!
How dare they threaten us, and a huge chunk of our population the way they are doing, by keeping these deadly nuclear bombs next to our largest City.
How dare they act as aggressors, and how dare our own Liberal and Labour MPs be up to their necks in making threats to their own people.

What both these stories today tell us is one and the same thing… They do not give a stuff about our interests, and they do not even represent our interests but act in their own self interest.. Scotland has no Voice, no say, no influence. We are NOT Better Together and we sure as hell will not stand for being Bullied by them, should we choose to make our own decisions as an Independent country… And we will not stand for their colonialism a moment longer..

When they seek to threaten us…..they have already long lost the argument, and as bullies do, all they have left is the use of Fear….well we don’t fear them! Nor shall we bow to their wishes…They can take their nuclear toys and Bog off!

We have just witnessed the fastest U turn in history!
David Cameron from No.10 Downing street has issued a denial, and states that annexation of Faslane is not credible…
They have obviously realised that their behaviour and attitude has really backfired on them this one!

Another thing of note… The BBC were keeping absolutely silent on the earlier story, but immediately announced No.10s statement and denial. Which only goes to show very clearly that they are the British Governments mouth piece!

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I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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