Tuppence Ha’penny

Tuppence Ha’penny

Tuppence Ha’penny for yer thoughts
at the Chancellors Shenanigans
A right stooshie he has wrought
and all his Westminster pals join in
Oh michty me, the awful racket
But they Love us so they say
But talk of Scotia keepin our quid
And they all shout…. Go Away!
They all say we cannae have it
But they cannae have it all both ways
Darling said currency union was desirable
but that was a year ago last May
Yet noo they seek tae scunner us
And have us cowering in our beds
But cut off their nose to spite their face
And their economy is brown bread
If Scotland says we’ll keep our pun
And we will still have it as our ain
You fine know who will be squealing
and I can almost hear their pain
With nae oil to back their High Speed rail
and over a Trillion pounds pocket light
Nae whisky revenue heading South
Help ma Boab they’re in the Shite!…

Rod Macfarlane

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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