The Anti Democracy Parties

It strikes me that there is more at stake for the anti independence parties of Labour,Conservative and Liberal Democrats than the matter of Independence itself.
Not only are they against the intrinsic right of the people of Scotland to have Independence, they are also against them having any real contribution and discussion on the matter too.

Peculiarly for politicians they are also against themselves having any further powers, and the ability to actually make substantial change in the countries progress.

Can you imagine any set of politicians anywhere else in the world saying “No we don’t want to have any control over welfare, pensions, national defense, taxation, or the economy”?
Yet this is exactly what the Scottish MSPs of these parties are arguing against having.
Johann Lamont, Willie Rennie, and Ruth Davidson are all vehemently arguing against themselves having any more say in governing Scotland. Now when you think on it that way, actually they have a very good point! The very thought of any of that lot running our government is almost enough to make even me want to vote against Independence!

They all want to have the appearance of power without actually having responsibility for the real aspects of it, and they would rather just hand over that responsibility to their London masters, hence why you never see any real contribution from any of them when it comes to constitutional issues. They wait and rely on the Cleggs, Millibands and Camerons to make token visits up here to make proclamations and announcements about why we should not be Independent instead, before sodding off back to London on the next available flight out.

Have you ever in your life seen so many visits to Scotland from Westminster politicians?
Not to worry though, once they have their NO vote, we wont see them taking day trips here again, unless it is to go shooting on a grouse moor.

These quasi leaders and their MSPs in Scotland meanwhile carry on with the real weighty issues of government here. Arguing over how many blankets is the stipulated amount for each hospital bed, or how many rivets should be used the new Forth Road crossing.
Sod the idea of actually deciding on getting rid of trident, making a fairer tax system, boosting jobs, making representations over fishing quotas in Europe,or ridding the country of the bedroom tax.

Billy Connolly was right when he called Holyrood a wee prentendy parliament. For a prentendy parliament was all that it was ever meant to be initially, hence why it was called an Executive not a Government by Labour. It was devised to give an appearance of some limited power, but actually just a talking shop for all the little things in life.

The real power lies not here, but In Westminster, and what they give they can also take away. The aspirations of these MSPs who have wanted to better themselves has been to make it to the next step of being a real MP in the big smoke, and from there to the ermine of the House of Lords.

All of this changed however when the SNP managed to get a foothold and ran with a minority government. They proved that we can have effective government, and they could and do stand up to Westminster. The people of Scotland took note, and even those who were not natural supporters of the SNP gave them an absolute mandate to govern and to have this referendum.

This campaign has been educational though, because what it has done is allow peoples eyes to be opened about what has been going on, what the issues are, and it has blown away the apathy that people felt over politics because they had been deliberately disengaged from it. That apathy will not return again once the referendum is over for the people have now had a taste of partaking in the decision making process and like it! They realise now that they do matter, that their voice does count, and can see more clearly what they want their country to aspire to. There will be no turning back, no matter how the vote goes.

Yet those parties, those sub branches of Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems, whose leadership has balked at us even having this vote, have effectively striven to deprive us all of the ability to engage in the debate. The media has been highly complicit in endeavoring to stop us educating ourselves too, while giving the impression that they really do want debate. No they do not. They want to direct the debate, Westmisnter wants us to just focus on what they want to talk about, not what we want to discuss.

The round of subjects they will allow goes like this… Europe, Currency,Separation, NATO membership,borders,and of course the theme of uncertainty.
What they do not want us discussing is aspiration, vision, autonomy, self determination, comparative wealth, constitutional change.

These parties of Better Together who cannot even agree amongst themselves what is better, have sought to deprive us of debate. They have refused on numerous occasions to send representatives to debate with the YES campaign, mainly because they keep getting their arses handed to them on a plate when the audience votes at the end of each debate.
They have continuously complained about YES stalls giving out information and local events, and have prevented some by kicking them out. They have moaned that if they refuse to be present, because they can’t get the support to man their stalls, that the YES side shouldn’t be present either.

Democracy is not something they want to see happen. They dont want people to have access to choices or information. They are against political education. Keep the people dumb.

Labour have steadfastly refused to allow its membership to vote on whether or not the party should be for or against Independence. Some Trade Unions have declared against Independence without a proper ballot of their membership. The Lib Dems who allegedly and famously call for all sorts of referendums, for membership views, have been neither liberal nor democratic by refusing their membership a vote on the matter. Although not expected of them, the Tories in Scotland have had no membership view either.

Everything of these supposedly Scottish parties, Scottish labour, Scottish Conservative and Scottish Lib Dems, is decided by London, they do not even have independence in theor own parties, so why should they want Independence for their country.

The mantra is …..Do as you are told and do your masters bidding, you have no say.

No wonder they are against proper democracy and Independence. They do not understand the meaning of either, and want it even less for themselves.

We the people of Scotland will just have to have our debate without them. We will decide what we want, not what someone tells us we want. for we already have the power of independence should we choose to exercise it.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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8 Responses to The Anti Democracy Parties

  1. As always excellent take on the situation of our politics.

  2. David Craig says:

    good read , of course all correct ,in particular the ” Scottish ” Labour/Liberal/Conservative etc ,these are not ” Scottish Parties ” , once we ” ALL ” vote yes ,as a nation , then we will by nature ,divide a little into true ” Scottish ” Parties etc where we can then put into place decisions more suited to our local needs and communities , Sadly I feel that Mr. Connelly should like Mr.Connery , show a little back bone and support and offer a vote of confidence to the people whom have made his life ” comfortable ” with the trappings of success , if the Scottish people had not voted with their money and feet by supporting him at his venues / record sales / shows etc , he to would be working to survive and live an existence , we need more than ever for high profile members of our nation to be brave and come forward with support ,assuring the ” I`m not sure people ” things will indeed be better with our own destiny in our hands , we have the intelligence and the will to succeed we owe it to future generations to be brave enough to make this life changing decision 🙂

    • dennis mclaughlin says:

      David don’t be daft…Billy Connely getting down &dirty with the ‘common folk’ of Scotland.
      From his lofty Ivory Tower viewpoint this Referendum business is just so much noise and interference
      It’s a pity ‘cos I remember a totally different character who with his family were most engaging and pleasant people who I regularly served their Sunday lunches in Drymen,but that was in a different dimension;we the ordinary scum don’t come up on his radar any more.

      • David Craig says:

        Hi Dennis , sadly that can happen to people , I admire people who get the breaks in life and seize the opportunity ,but you should never forget your roots or those who supported you , all I would ask is the guy simply says , look at me I`m Independent and have had success , you can do it also for the benefit of your children , vote ” Yes ” , but he is probably now being coaxed by his ” Financial Team ” and I would think its a reasonable thought they will be based right in the heart of ” London ” . and their probably scaring him with all sorts of stories and he`s fallen for the bait , it`s him now who is ” more to be pitied than scolded ” , but we will make it without him , 🙂

  3. Drew says:

    Meant to leave a comment earlier Rod. Excellent, mind you I expected no less.

  4. Helena Brown says:

    This is the first of what I expect will be many more visits to your blog. Of all those commenting today elsewhere on this matter you have made the point clearly and concisely. Is it not terrible that the Party which was formed by and for the working people of this country, who wanted democracy spread to encompass them has sunk so low. It is a bit much when the Tories are sited as honest and Labour as a bunch of dishonest troughers. Who knows what the Lib Dems stand for, themselves I think. Certainly we have a bunch of second rate politicians in our opposition in Parliament, surely after independence we can do better?

    • We can do much better Helena, but there needs to be a lot sorted out, and that will take time to establish.
      Much of the culture surrounding back handers and nepotism at council level included.
      We have a lot of talent available who currently would not involve themselves with politics as it stands.
      However the enthusiasm which has been generated by the Indy ref can and must be put to good use on Independence. The potential is there for exciting times in a forward thinking country. All we have to do is believe in ourselves.

  5. David Craig says:

    We must simply on Sept the 18 th 2014 put all our thoughts and differences to the side and vote as a ” United Nation ” , once we get Independence then we must try to cleanse our Politicians and vote for those whom offer the most chance of honesty , which I fear will be a big ask , but on that day , no matter what , it has to be ” Yes “

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