Between the Devil and the BBC

Those of us who are following the various debates and news reports, desperately looking for information on the Scottish Independence referendum, find ourselves more often than not trying glean impartiality somewhere between the Devil and the BBC.

Impartiality is something which is in very short supply,but this is fairly understandable as we are asked to firmly come down on either a YES or NO decision.
Given that there is no alternative on offer, even if the NO side are suggesting that there could be, sometime, some place in some alternative universe. Devo Max/Mini or More Devo tomorrow, is more like Devo Not on your Nelly.
The pro union parties conclusively rejected any such thing appearing on the ballot, so forget it, it is not an option.
We are are asked, Yes or NO, and that is what we must decide on.

I make no secret or bones about it, I am pro Independence,and I made up my mind on how I would vote long before we even had the option.
I am Scottish, I regard my country as Scotland, not some region of greater England or Britain.
I have strong regard for our family and neighbours in the British Isles and Ireland,but I don’t want them to make my choices for me, I want Scots to be able to make and be responsible for our own choices and decisions about what is best for us and our children.
It really is as simple as that, irrespective of what political party allegiances we have or what football team we support.

But what of those that are undecided, how do they decide?
Where do they go to find their information, who do they listen to, who can they believe?

If you are one of the undecided, neither I nor anyone else can tell you what you should decide. I do not know your life, your circumstances, your family history, your allegiances, and even if I did, it wouldn’t matter, this is a decision only you can make, and make it for your own reasons.

Whilst I am secure in the knowledge of my own decision, I do feel for you, and I do understand how confusing this debate can all be.

Where can you get reliable information? Who will give impartial accounts? Who should you listen to?

The fact of the matter is that you will not as I have already said, get impartial information in this war of words.

So lets consider a moment who the main players in the daily war of words are?

You have the politicians:
It is very clear which parties are for and which are against,and they all have their own agendas.
On the pro union side, you have the Tories,Labour,Liberal democrats and UKIP
On the pro Independence side, you have the SNP,the Greens,the SSP and the Scottish republicans

You have two campaigns:
YES and Better Together
Allied to these are various smaller groupings on both sides.

What are the political motivations?
For the Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats, retaining over all control of political decision making in Westminster, where Scots have minimal political representation vastly outnumbered by our much larger English counterparts.

Independence is a bad thing as far as our Westminster unionist MPs are concerned,they stand to personally lose a hell of a lot financially, If Scotland gains Independence, as do their counterparts in the House of Lords.

The British state loses its cash cow to the North,a loss of revenue amounting to Billions of pounds every year,whilst faced with souring debts increasing to £1.5 Trillion and more. It also loses influence on the world stage and the loss of its parking facility for Trident Nuclear weapons,which you are sitting right on top of!

So put yourself in their shoes….would you want to lose a very tidy income, perks and benefits,and outside earnings through various directorships? Would you?

On the pro Independence side, The SNP MPs are actually trying to make themselves unemployed for ideological reasons and their belief that Scotland should be able to stand on its own two feet and make its own decisions.

In the Scottish parliament, Labour has most to lose,as Independence cuts off the career progression route for those who want to follow in the likes of Margaret Currans shoes, to the big house of Westminster, and maybe the House of Lords. It also puts their own jobs at jeopardy,with the big hitters who become newly unemployed in Westminster all scrabbling for places in the Scottish parliament.
For the SNP, I would love to say that they are all altruistic, but I suspect that some will by human nature want more power and position.

But be assured, whatever politicians you put your trust in, they all have their own personal stake,and that may not always include putting you first!

It really is not at all about policies,Independence for or against is far more than party or policy.

Politicians would love to make you think that it is all about political issues, but it is not.

They will argue about Europe, Defence, Oil, Welfare, the Economy, and when they are finished, they will go round and round again talking about the same things, as if they are the most important things in the world,and they have all the answers….Again…it is not,and they haven’t got all the answers.

Scotland, In or out of Europe, what will be the state of the Scottish Economy, and how much better off or worse off you might be?
Bunkum… Did they know in 1996 that we would be in the brown smelly stuff? If they did, they sure weren’t telling!
Forecasting the future is for astrologers, and lets face it, the future is always uncertain! Do you know what will happen tomorrow? Will you give a cast iron guarantee that you will be alive next week? If you can, then you too are a politician.

Cameron v Salmond:
It matters not as far as Independence is concerned whether you happen to like or dislike either.
One way or another, their time will be past, and others will take their place. So while their views may be important at this point in time, in the long run they will be footnotes and we shall carry on, but what sort of Scotland will we be living in? That will be up to you and those who follow us. We will either be a region of the British state, or we will be an Independent country.

The Media:
Right now, in the final run in to the referendum, the media is having a field day, and you are being bombarded on a daily basis with issues surrounding Independence.

There is a turf war of sorts going on. The traditional media v new media.

The press is not balanced, it is vastly in favour of the British state, and when you think about it, fairly understandably so. Over 90% of the papers we read are owned outwith Scotland. The Trinity Mirror for instance are the owners of the Daily Record, and where are their owners from? I will give you a clue, it’s not Scotland.

The tie up between the media and the British state and Big Business is incestuous, as we discovered during the Levison inquiry. Politicians, Newspaper editors, Banks and Big Business, all in it together, and certainly Better Together.
But do they represent your interests? They most assuredly do not!
They represent their owners Interests, and the Editors follow their owners instructions, and journalists wont get paid if they produce copy which goes against the editorial grain.

TV: BBC and others.

Are the BBC as impartial as they say they are? They should be, we pay for them, but we also put our money into the bank, and does the bank put our interests first?
Answer that for yourselves.

BBC like CBI which they are a member of and have been for over 30 years without our knowledge until recently, both have something in common, and it is in their name, the word British. Lest we forget too that the CBI, the independent CBI as the BBC like to call them, registered to become officially supporters of Better Together until an outcry by Scottish business put a stop to that. Yet the BBC who is impartial you will remember, refused to suspend their membership. What does that tell you?

BBC Scotland has been found wanting, and in an academic report found to be biased by their news reporting on independence.
Meanwhile, BBC Scotland has gone to extreme measures of firing good journalists, and ditching good programmes, to replace them with high earning presenters from London and elsewhere. They will not report in a balanced fashion, and sometimes will not report at all, if there is a mass protest outside Pacific Quay complaining of their Bias. Nor will anyone else for that matter, you need social media to tell you what is going on!

Social media is not balanced either, nor can it be, not with individuals such as myself promoting for my own personal reasons the cause of Independence. So, sorry, I will place an argument in front of you, but I am firmly on one side of the debate, I am for Independence. At least you don’t pay to read what I write, and you can make up your own mind about how accurate I am. I certainly do not tell you anything but the truth as I see it, and you are rightly able to disagree with me if you wish.

I simply want the best for all of us, and I believe an Independent Scotland allows us an opportunity to have a fairer society, with given our resources the capabilities to better ourselves and create better for our neighbours, friends and children. I cannot see Westminster ever putting our interests first, can you?

whatever you do eventually decide, I wish you well in your choice, and I really hope that you make the right one for you,whatever you happen to decide.

I just hope that you will join me, and vote YES, whatever the uncertain future may hold, let us make it a good one, a fairer one, and a just one. It’s up to you….You decide.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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10 Responses to Between the Devil and the BBC

  1. David Craig says:

    All the above is how I personally see and understand our situation , I am also a ” YES ” and have been for years , we must unite as a nation to get the majority ,for the “YES ” vote , first and foremost , then by nature people will tend to drift to what “Scottish ” party offers them the best deal , but the major difference is the parties will be ” Scottish ” and able to decide what is best for the local electorate and not over – ruled by Westminster , London . on the other side of the coin , I personally am not that interested in what is happening in Brighton , Dover , Wales , Ireland ,etc , so why should they be interested in our local issues .

  2. Great article, as usual. However I do feel a need to pick you up on the notion that it is not about politics and political issues because I think it is. The issues of fairness, equality and self-determination are really political issues and are inextricably linked to “Europe, defence, oil, welfare and the economy”, which you discount. Admittedly not all of them and not equally but defence and the allocation of large portions of public funds to maintaining a nuclear arsenal and fighting wars in foreign parts, decisions about the exploitation of oil resources and how the funds generated are allocated and spent and the whole philosophy of welfare and how it is addressed are all keys to a fairer society. Not the only keys but keys nonetheless. Most of your other points are indisputable and clearly it is in the interests for the Establishment, the powers that be, both in Scotland and in the Rest of the UK, to fight tooth and nail to protect their vested interests. The nationalist interests tend to be much more altruistic, even if not always pursued out of altruistic motivation.

    What makes this a difficult decision for the ordinary person in the street is that a YES vote, of necessity, is an act of Faith. You and I both have powerful convictions that that faith is well placed and that faith placed in the status quo is not well placed. The range of potential outcomes is far wider in the case of the former option, in case of the latter it is extremely narrower but more predictable and will be viewed by some as ‘safer’. For me the decision would be easy to make but right now I don’t live in Scotland and so it is easy for me to say. However I do strongly hope that a majority of those who do will have the courage of their convictions because there is potential here to create something new and very exciting and to provide a working example to show the Rest of UK how things can be done.

    • I agree, and possibly I should have made myself clearer by saying that it is not all about individual policies and politics, but rather there are larger issues at stake.

      What I was endeavoring to do was bring the debate down to the crux of what it is to be Independent.

      Sometimes people cannot see the wood for the trees,and that can cause the confusion and the uncertainties which Better Together are so intent at sowing and exploiting, so I guess I was chopping some trees down to look at the wood.

  3. Drew McMorrin says:

    Love the Freudian slip Rod;
    “whilst faced with souring debts increasing to £1.5 Trillion” So true.

    Excellent as usual

  4. Excellent. I just came across you, via a link from a comment on newsnetscotland. First class!
    I live abroad.
    I wonder, when I notice so much support for an independent Scotland all over the world, really… how you can channel this support? “Write-ins” from relatives or others bearing same name?
    Also: the biggest danger to Yes in September is apathy from the really poor, the disenfranchised, Glasgow and other precariat who don’t go online, see nothing but BBC telly and MSM. The only people as far as I can see getting to this vital group and urging them to register and vote is the Radical Independence lot. They should be supported whether or not we agree with their rather far-out left views, because they at least are engaging an important group that otherwise won’t vote. Money to them will go further than to those preaching the converted. I recommend a tenner or more!

    • I think that different groups reach different people, and yes RIC are doing an excellent job too.
      I guess all support whether it is encouragement, or monetary contribution makes a difference,although we have to bear in mind that there is a limit any group is allowed to spend now.
      Sharing articles, speaking to people, in general passing word on in whatever form gets support increasing.

  5. Tom Platt says:

    Hi Rod
    (2nd Draft..please destroy the first one)

    I hope that you don’t mind me saying so.but that article is IMO another great one. It is so important that as many people as possible attend the meeting outside the BBC in Glasgow next Sunday.

    Your ability to put into words in your articles much of what I have discovered about Scotland since I settled here about 50 years ago has had me scanning my mind wondering if we have met previously . I have not discovered a single thing in that half century that you have written that I disagree with. Your articles have helped to reinforce my own thoughts and saved me the trouble of putting them into words of my own. Many thanks.

    I have said so on a bulletin board that I used a lot before they suspended my account for indulging in legal pro-Scottish Independence activities. Here is one of my posts singing your praises:-
    Their suspending of me means that I cannot complete the thread of Indy internet sites that I was compiling:-
    Sites related to the referendum
    It is their site, I suppose, and it is up to them to do with it as they will even if that involves banning law abiding people like me until after the Referendum. ( I don’t know that I would want ever to post their again when they have that sort of attitude)

    I think that, referendum wise, your timing is spot on to put down the pen.. Now is the time to be out and out about and active, chatting about “Yes” in the good humoured way, common sense and the good natured way that your articles epitomise and have demonstrated. We just need to wave the flag and remind people that, as a matter of personal self-respect, we cannot continue to allow others to continue to run our affairs. We are indeed the best people to look after ourselves…whilst we still have all of our faculties that is..

    The larger, crowd funded blogs certainly continue for those who follow them and participate, this includes me, But your site has been crucial to me personally in converting to “Yes” and becoming a “Yes” activist.. I cannot thank you enough for helping to remind me of the way and enabled me to lay aside briefly my family .bonds with UK because of my English roots and up bringing. .

    To quote you though, using the most important words that I have seen you write:-
    “Roll on September 18th, and please say YES”

    All the best

    • Wow!! Thanks very much Tom, I am so grateful for the support that you and others have given for my writing. I really am somewhat overwhelmed by everyones kind comments.
      I feel somewhat sad not to be able to have the energy to write any more at the present time, 12 hour night shifts working on the chain gang can do that for a person.
      Mind you, it hasn’t stopped me from getting up to Independence high jinks through the night….Reversing all the Lucozade bottles in supermarket shelves so that folks are looking at banks of the stuff saying YES is but one thing that I have been doing.
      However, I do hope to dredge up enough energy to write a small number of blogs in the last few weekends to September 18th. I cannot promise that I will be able to, but I will try my best to push that last mile…Meanwhile thanks Tom, and everyone else who has commented… We can do this! YES!!

  6. Wow!! Thanks very much Tom, I am so grateful for the support that you and others have given for my writing. I really am somewhat overwhelmed by everyones kind comments.
    I feel somewhat sad not to be able to have the energy to write any more at the present time, 12 hour night shifts working on the chain gang can do that for a person.
    Mind you, it hasn’t stopped me from getting up to Independence high jinks through the night….Reversing all the Lucozade bottles in supermarket shelves so that folks are looking at banks of the stuff saying YES is but one thing that I have been doing.
    However, I do hope to dredge up enough energy to write a small number of blogs in the last few weekends to September 18th. I cannot promise that I will be able to, but I will try my best to push that last mile…Meanwhile thanks Tom, and everyone else who has commented… We can do this! YES!!

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