The Vow

What’s a Vow, a Pledge, a Promise, what’s it worth?
You can promise us the stars and all this earth
You can pledge you will deliver what you say
and vow that you will keep your word forever and a day

But a politicians vow is better called a bribe
what is promised to you now is but a lie
Vote for me, and I’ll give you what you dream
then as soon as I’m elected, It’s never been

The vow is but an illusion and pretense
the promise made, now simply makes no sense
Conned once more by a pledge that you aspire
When all they really wanted was their desire

Daylight dawns on election day, and the sheep go to the fold
and place their mark against Blue or Red, and do what they were told
The winners and the losers in this game
When you look upon their faces, they all just look the same

Red or Blue or Yellow on their rosette
Horses of a different colour on which you bet
The theatre and their speeches of the election play
Then you wake up to the government, and again its groundhog day

Nothing ever changes, time stands still
Like pigs feeding at the trough, they have their swill
their narrators in the media make a noise
The job is done, now settle down, and be good girls and boys.

Rod Macfarlane

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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3 Responses to The Vow

  1. David says:

    Excellent piece of writing way beyond my skills , but as you so rightly say , Politicians can decieve and make false promises and there is no re-dress , if in business you verbally comment , customers will say ” you said this ” and even courts will tend to lend their support to ` customers ` so why should Politicians not be held more accountable , ? , = the Country is run by Lawyers , no matter which party , in time maybe we as an Independent nation can address this Policy , though that will be even harder than gaining Independence I fear . Keep Well , SNP in May .

  2. jimnarlene says:

    There’s an old, punk rock, saying that seems to fit the poems intent; it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the government always wins.
    Though Scotland sending a large number of SNP MPs, down to the lesser parliament should stir things up.

  3. Thank you Rod,for your poem and for encouraging me to read poems,I do enjoy reading them glad to see your feeling better.Yes its strange but its also true that on facebook friends are friends,just like any other friends anywhere at anytime.We do seem to miss each other when one is not around for a while,and happy when the friend returns.Never thought I was so soft.

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