Indyref2 the new Culloden

Looking back into the annals of History, time and time again, we see the perceived victors as being the ones who kept to organisation and unity, while spreading and engendering discord amongst the vanquished.
“United we stand, divided we fall”

Looking back to the time of Culloden and the 2nd Jacobite rebellion, At what seemed to be the point of success,on the outskirts of London. The Jacobites squabbled and fell out amongst themselves and went home. This allowed the British to regroup and eventually slaughter the Jacobites at Culloden.
Lets not get caught up with the politics of the time, which was no Scotland v England thing, but rather the dubious inheritance of monarchy mixed with religion, with many Scots Clans fighting on the Governments side against the Jacobite Clans.
Scotland was utterly divided by this point in time, and the result of all this Scots squabbling led to the banning of the Gaelic language, the Kilt, and the pipes as a result.

To this day in Scotland, there are still those fighting over religious adherence, and the monarchy dispute between William of Orange and the Stewarts, many not even realising that the Scots people were all cannon fodder for the established order.

The first and second Jacobite rebellions both took place within 40 years of the Acts of Union in 1707, the first of them a mere 8 years after.
When we look back at the horrors created by the dissolving of the Clan system, and the many Clan chiefs who stole their own peoples land off them, and became Lords of the British establishment, while helping to oversee atrocities against their own people, we can see clearly how the established order worked, and continues to work. It works through division.

So what on earth has this all to do with a possible Indyref2 you might ask?

Lets look back on our most recent time line and see how it shapes up?

The British establishment, with all its corruption, has been at Its weakest ever in Scotland since 1707, when the people had no vote.

The YES referendum was within a whisker of succeeding in 2014, despite the best efforts of the British government, their Labour and LibDem lackies,and the united unionist press and media. They were being crushed by an ethusiastic and popular peoples movement using Social Media and street presence to garner confidence and engagement amongst the people.
History will show that the British Establishments lies and Vows and empty promises, succeeded in winning the battle, but in doing so suffered unexpected casualities.
Far from YES being defeated, the opposite happened, and people joined the SNP in their droves, resulting in the almost complete wipe out of Tories, Labour and LibDems in the 2015 General election.

Further results of the YES campaign, also led to an Increase of membership for the Scottish Green party, some modicum of extra support for both the SSP and Tommy Sheridans Solidarity, and the eventual creation of a new party rising from the Radical Independence campaign, which amalgamated with the SSP to create RISE.

With Independence supporters all in good fettle entering into this years 2016 Scottish Government elections and the SNP again showing highly in the polls, with even projections that they may gain the vast majority of constituency seats all appeared to be going well and looking good for another SNP majority government in Holyrood, and all seemed well in the YES side too.

It is at this point, that things started to go somewhat amiss…
Some stirring up of conjecture, by the Labour supporting Electoral Reform Society,( who have said this about the Tory supporting David Torrance, “David Torrance brings his usual strong ….. incisive and clear writing combined with the balanced and unbiased journalism we have come to expect from his work. “) Nuff said!!
rewording a report from Prof John Curtis, and reproduced in the Herald, giving thr impression that it would be advisable to ditch the SNP for the List ballot, in favour of the Greens, Rise and Solidarity….All hell has broken loose!

What was a fairly together YES alliance of sorts, has been ripped assunder… with more and more vitriolic attacks on each other on Social media by the respective party supporters, and cheered on by the likes of Bella Caledonia, who seem to have it particularly in for the SNP, and are doing nothing to stop trolling on their facebook group page…

A combination of the less educated, the gullible, and the partisan on all sides are threatening the possibility of not having a majority SNP Scottish Government, and as such putting an end to Indy2 before it even getting off the ground!
The animosity and vitriol and trolling on all sides is alarming and counter productive in the extreme!

I had previously posited that In order to make some minimal gain, that those of a mind to do so, in regions that had a perticultarly strong Green support, that it would be worth voting Green on the List, but voting Rise or Solidarity with projected 1% support across all areas was self defeating and possibly destructive from a YES perspective.
That however, would depend on a degree of coordination and cooperation between parties to achieve a positive outcome… It is clear that no such cooperation exists, and thus it is extremely foolish to consider tactical voting. Rather it is better to simply vote for what you want, and who you want, and leave the rest up to the combined will of the people.

As things stand, If people persist on damaging their own Independence supporting sides for tribal political gain, we risk creating so much animosity and ill will, that the enthusiasm and willingness of the YES campaign cannot be reproduced.
Bearing in mind also, that not all those who are trolling without compunction on sites such as Bella Caledonia, may be doing so because they support Independence, but rather are for the British State! It is an ideal vehicle to take the negativity of others and encourage them to disruptive ends….

And thus at worst… An Independence movement divided, and warring with itself becomes ineffectual, and YES2 becomes our new Culloden!


BELOW: My posting on leaving said Bella Caledonia…..and a classic case of the trolling that is going on there and in other Indy pages!

I have decided to leave this group..I am utterly disgusted with the behaviour and attitudes of some so called supporters of Independence on here.. Whatever good will was built up during Indyref…a number of you are destroying it, and this can only bode ill for any further working towards Indyref2 …. Common ground has been replaced by bitterness, recrimination and tribalism …
If this is an example of what might happen should we gain Independence…I think I would rather emigrate!

Martin Hamilton
Martin Hamilton Most pro indy groups are full of trolls, whose only aim is to disrupt and prevent genuine discussion. Don’t let the likes of them force you out of the group.

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Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson Agreed Martin, I think the admins should be more proactive in Bella.

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Scott T Quinn
Scott T Quinn Right or wrong begone from my sight as I have no respect for “I’m leaving this group” posts.

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Billy Girvan
Billy Girvan Social media. It’s great eh?

Andy Eagle
Andy Eagle Just to let you know, although people make postings here that express opinions other than my own, I will not be going off in a huff or have a song and dance about it.

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Niall Reid
Niall Reid Och dry yer eyes princess, it’s a political page hence differences of opinion! But hey, hang around and look the posts in response to your hissy fit…….

Niall Reid's photo.
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Kenneth Diamond
Brian Lynch
Brian Lynch
Brian Lynch
David Bannister
David Bannister Good luck.

David Dempster
Brian Lynch
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Bill Longmuir
Bill Longmuir What is wrong with some people? Someone disagrees with you so you leave in a huff? Utterly pathetic! Few have had as much abuse as me but as it usually comes from clowns I laugh and carry on. Some folk really need to grow a thicker shin

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Heather Stirling
Heather Stirling The comments in this thread say it all, what a shower of trolling twats

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7 Replies · 3 hrs
Scott T Quinn
Scott T Quinn It’s not perfect but saying you’re off is just a whine at the end of the day. As for disagreements, that’s politics.

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John H Owens
John H Owens Keep INDY2 alive, after divide and conquer, they then turn on themselves, sit back and watch it happen. Never leave our dream of Scottish Independence.

Rona Louise
Rona Louise I agree with Heather. Just no need to wade in with offensive memes, making an arse of the guy. He’s right! Many of us would like to see a new way of doing things, more grown up, and constructive. However, this latest election, mud slinging from every See More

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James Dunn
James Dunn Bye then .. No need for the moan moan moan just like a unionist

Scott T Quinn
Scott T Quinn I agree a lot of the simple meme posts are just garbage.

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Rona Louise
Rona Louise Well you kicked it all off really with the dismissive message Scott. If you don’t care about another member leaving, then don’t comment.

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Niall Reid
Niall Reid Heather, if someone comes to the page with one of these whiney ‘I’m leaving because your all dicks posts’ what we going to do, say ‘awww, there there, did the bad man disagree with you, now, I’m sure if you say sorry we can all play nice’ Naw, we tell them like it is, grow a set and either leave like they said they would or suck it up and stop being such a fekking drama queen!

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Susan Lyons
Susan Lyons It’s an election! People want to win. Everyone thinks their party is the best and wants the best for their own party or candidate. It’ll pass

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Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson Hilarious, the irony of some of the responses of this blog given the subject matter is astounding! Round of applause to all.

Kean McDinnon
Gregor Jamieson
Gregor Jamieson Each to their own I say. You have quite a distinctive name. Strange that this is the only post I’ve noticed it on.

This is not an admin controlled site, it’s an admin monitored site. Subjects change as do moods. If ppl REALLY bother you then block them. If they abuse you then report them. If they post things that you don’t like then just man the hell up and debate your own point. See More

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Michael G Annis
Michael G Annis Oh dear someone believing all the pish you come across on the Internet. If you are sensitive then FB/twitter is not the place for you unless of course you feel the need to tell everyone how sensitive you are. Poor soul😀😀😀

Michael G Annis
Peter Mccreadie
Peter Mccreadie It we were all to emigrate because of disagreements, there would be no one fuckin’ left. Unless, however, folk were to leave their country and emigrate to here because they had disagreements where they came from……………😊

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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2 Responses to Indyref2 the new Culloden

  1. Reblogged this on charlesobrien08 and commented:
    The Scottish left have been tearing themselves apart for many years,its just their nature.The Scottish left jumped on the YES campaign for their own ends and have a different agenda from we who really do seek independence.They have a problem with agreeing and sticking to an agreement,they all have pathetic egos and lack the intellect to realise what they do,as its always somebody else’s fault.

  2. The Scottish left have been tearing themselves apart for many years,its just their nature.The Scottish left jumped on the YES campaign for their own ends and have a different agenda from we who really do seek independence.They have a problem with agreeing and sticking to an agreement,they all have pathetic egos and lack the intellect to realise what they do,as its always somebody else’s fault.
    Then we have the moles as well as the trolls,out to scupper anything that stands in the way of the British State,I am slowly starting to believe they want another uprising like Ireland had to do,Ireland was also cheated in their plebiscite and led to the division of the country.

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