Getting the Gang Back Together

Well, here we go again, Indyref 2 chapping on the door of our horizon. To all intents and purposes we have already begun the phony war, with the British media and press and dodgy think tanks all firing off their blanks at us, and making spurious suggestions of the Better together project fear kind.
Already..we see Gove in his announcement for Tory party leadership saying that things for Scotland are about to get better….Aye Right! Pigs might fly, and we really are going to fall for the same lies twice and three times? Ha….think on!

But as we wait through this protracted period of waiting for the official gun to be fired, we need to start making plans to get the show back on the road, and for YES2 to be officially born.
Again, we will need all Independent minded sectors and groups in society to resurrect the contacts and organisation of the old YES campaign, which should be a lot easier to do now than before.
Again, other than the SNP, we will need everybody else joining in, whether Nationalist or Socialist, or from Business.
As before, not everyone has the same desired outcomes from what they want from Independence, but we all share the basic principle that whatever our motives, they need us to be Independent in order to succeed.
Whether Royalist or Republican, Pro EU or Anti EU, Left leaning politically or right leaning, or for a myriad of other stances or causes, those who are for the basic principle of Scottish Independence must come together, and not get diverted by sub issues.

This time the campaign will be different, because there has been a material change in circumstance, which will effect everyone, no matter what we may stand for otherwise.
The sands of time, circumstances and events have changed from Indyref of 2014, and the debate will change accordingly.
This time Europe will be at the forefront of the arguments, and our place in relationship to both Europe and the UK.
The old arguments about what currency an Independent Scotland will use will be resurrected, but this time with more Euro focus.
The old arguments over Borders will resurface, but this time not with the rUK remaining in the EU and Scotland potentially outwith.
The question of whether or not Scotland gets to sit at the top table in Europe has changed, now that rUK has left the table. It is us that get to sit at it, with rUK trying to urinate in from the outside.
From the Brexit campaign, we can expect the issues of immigration to raise its horrible head too.
These are just some of the arguments, there are many more, and this time, we must be properly prepared for each and every one of them.

As for YES2…it has to change from its predecessor, it cannot be the sweeter than honey ultra positive campaign it was. Not everything in the garden will be rosy when Scotland finally achieves its Independence, and we need to be honest and open about that. There will be challenges. Not everything will go swimmingly, We will not become some sort of Civic Nationalist Socialist utopia. It doesn’t wash.
We cannot be nicey nicey, we have to have a campaign that hits back, because we will be hit with the kitchen sink once more… But we must hit back firmly, not aggressively.
We need to take their allegations, and downright lies, and shove them back in their face, all the time pointing out the muck they have made of things, and we have no intention swilling in it with them anymore!

We have to face the hard facts, and admit to them, that we cannot know all the answers, that things will not always be easy, because they will not. We will not all suddenly become nice to each other, or become Greener than the Jolly Green Giant, nor shall we immediately have perfect social justice.
We can aspire to better, to make our own way, to differ from each other, and to come to compromise and agreement. We can have a Nation that brings the best of the Scottish enlightenment, and couple it with Social justice, and allow for personal achievements along with national pride to exist, and be the country that once inspired and shaped so much of the world once more.

We have to allow that further discussion, agreements and disagreements between ourselves will occur after Independence, and that includes how we govern ourselves, how people can have a system that fairly reflects our individual say, and our communities concerns.
It includes further discussions on our continuing relationship with Europe and the EU.
It includes the concerns of our major industries, and that of our workers in them.
Independence, allows us to borrow a phrase from the Brexit campaign… ” To take back control”

So let us gear up, and let us join together once more…and let us strive for Scotland to be equal and free to make our own choices, and choose our own path.
Let us be Independent.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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1 Response to Getting the Gang Back Together

  1. douglas clark says:

    I have had a thought. It doesn’t occur too often so bear with me.

    Perhaps this isn’t even satire.

    I have no idea why right wing immigrant hating, etc, think tanks are given space in the media and the likes of your good self are not.

    It would be great to read in our national press, something along the lines of:

    “Whilst the the overfunded, overexposed and media savvy nutcases at (insert right wing think tank of choice) have this to say…, the alternate point of view is expressed cogently and well here:


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