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The Dirt and the Spirit of Independence

I have often been asked why I don’t go for political selection? The answer apart from the daily workings of political life is tedious in the extreme, is that your life ceases to be your own. Those that do take … Continue reading

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No You Can’t have another referendum

Car crash Dugdale in her speech to the Labour conference stated absolutely clearly (at least for a few hours) that under no circumstance would she or the Scottish Labour branch support a second Scottish Independence referendum. Later she was asked … Continue reading

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Labour Resignations and New Party

And  the never ending saga of Labour goes on. Word has reached us this evening from a BBC source that the BBC are in possession of a letter which is embargoed until 7.45am in the morning of Labour resignations and … Continue reading

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Eton Mess and Labour Crumble

Eton mess is a traditional English Dessert consisting of a mixture of strawberries, broken meringue, and whipped heavy cream.Or alternatively the dogs breakfast David Camerons Tories left us with, but instead of broken meringue they used Brexit. Theresa Mays version … Continue reading

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The Disenfranchised

In the run up prior to the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014 a huge attempt was made by YES supporters, In particular Radical Independence, to make sure that everyone was registered to vote. Huge efforts were made by canvassers in … Continue reading

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WARNING: Stormy Weather Ahead

First of all, before I proceed, I would like to make it clear that what follows is from my own particular Individual and Independent perspective. I am neither a member nor supporter of any given political party or movement, simply … Continue reading

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The Bottom Line

Newspapers and Online media all use headlines which are supposed to convey whatever the article happens to be about. On the newspaper stands across the country on any given day, you will find racks of newspapers with their front page … Continue reading

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