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NO….You Cannot have a Referendum!

No…You cannot have a referendum! No…You shall not leave the Union. No..You cannot have a choice. NO means NO… What part of that do you not get? We will tell you what you can and cannot do… Live with it. … Continue reading

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Hello Mr No

Hello Mr No   Hello Mr No. How do you do When you can’t see the sun for the rain falls on you   Hello Mr NO You dependable slave who clings to a flag that is torn and blood … Continue reading

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Those That Cannot Be Persuaded

In the ongoing debate between those who are for Scottish Independence and those who are vehemently opposed to it, much time, effort and useless words are written and said. For those who frequent Social Media or who comment on newspaper … Continue reading

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Should YES become NO?

  A few days ago the Scottish Government proposed a new Draft Referendum Bill which will allow Scotland to proceed if necessary to a fresh Scottish Independence Referendum. As part of this draft Referendum Bill they are seeking public consultation … Continue reading

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I will keep this short and sweet. Given all the uncertainty over Brexit just now, and with the possibility of another Scottish Independence referendum in the not too distant future. Let us look at that ballot paper, but let us … Continue reading

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Indyref2…..Why it may not happen

“Talking up indyref2 is irresponsible economic vandalism. Our country is divided enough – don’t divide us again First Minister”, says Kezia Dugdale. UK Govt is saying only a party majority win in a Holyrood election earns a mandate. “Theresa May … Continue reading

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Nearly Time to Go

After almost exactly 5 years since I began this blog. 5 years that have seen me make almost 500 posts and reached 101,000 visitors and quarter of a million views, it is almost time for it to go. It has … Continue reading

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