Beware the Perfidious Scots

As Theresa May and her Tory government continue to channel their Inner Mein Kampf, in their headlong charge to a Hard Brexit a large section of Scottish Scottish society has looked on in a mixture of abhorrent disbelief and a sense of anger at the betrayal of common human decency.
Many Scots pride themselves in their innate sense of justice, fairness and the brotherhood/sisterhood of the common man/woman.
To see such xenophobia so openly displayed by those who would presume to rule over us, is not what the majority of Scots of all backgrounds and history would hope for, nor what many of the new Scots who have made their home and life among us would desire either.

Theresa May in her highlighted speech has made it perfectly clear that the promise made by Better Together of Scotland being valued as equals in Union is nothing short of hogwash. When she on one hand has said that we will be consulted, she has removed with her actions of not consulting us. She made this abundantly clear when she said “we will leave the European Union as one United Kingdom.  There is no opt-out from Brexit.  And I will never allow divisive nationalists to undermine the precious Union ”

By such dismissiveness  she places her Gollum like precious union under maximum threat, and a second Independence referendum campaign must surely follow.
As follow it must, we can be equally assured that maximum effort will be made by the British media to denounce it and everyone and everything connected with the aspiration for Independence, and Indeed separation from the calamity of a Union we find ourselves to be subjects of.

Yet, sad as I am to say so, the threat to Scottish Independence doesn’t so much come from the British establishment, but from Scots themselves.
Theresa May may fear the divisiveness of Nationalists, but it is we who must fear the divisiveness of ourselves, and it is this divisiveness that the British Establishment are counting on in their bid for retention of the Scottish Gold in their hands.

It is by no accident that many Scots made good use of the Union and the British Empire of the past. It is by no accident that Scots have risen to power in the far flung regions of the world on the back of that empire. Creating the Japanese Navy, the American Navy, governorship in Canada, the States, Australia and many other far flung parts.
It is by no accident that Scots have been at the forefront of Industry like Carnegie, nor of invention like Bell or Fleming, and with more Noble prize winners per head of population than most.
Achievements aplenty throughout the world.
But nor is it by accident that Scots have also been involved in the worst of atrocities either, even if we don’t like talking about them so much.
The African Slave trade, The Slave plantations of the Southern States, the involvement in many historical atrocities, some committed against ourselves. The massacre of Glencoe, the Highland Clearances, Scots sold into slavery by other Scots.
As much as that which we can be proud of, there is much that we should be ashamed of too in our part of the British Empire.

Making no bones about it, although the vast majority of Scots were sold down the river by the parcel of rogues who gave away our Independence through bribes and their corruption, there are many who benefited from it, and still do.
In modern day British politics, we see that right wing Liam Fox enjoying his resurrection to Tory power. We see Ruth Davidson calling Scots thieves and delighting in her limelight in British Conservative circles.
But there are many more in business at home who have benefited themselves through the British State.There are many like the Tunnocks and Baxters who spoke out against Scottish Independence in the 2014 referendum.
The same applies in journalism and the media, where control lies in London, and those Scots journalists who have gained personally from it….Stand up Mr A Neill, Cochrane, and their ilk. They are the Defoes of today.

But long before any of the divisions over Scots Independence of today, long before Thatcher and her proclamation that there was no such thing as society, and her doctrine of Self, Scots were acting for their own self interest in the pursuit of power and wealth.
It is such self Interest and drive for personal gain to the cost of the many that has been Scotlands undoing, and continues to be our undoing.

Those that rose to power and Royalty were among the forefront of Scots personal Interest. The fratricide of Kings, the murder of competitors for the throne.
The selfish actions of the Stuart dynasty and their use of religion as a tool of power saw
James 6th from the joining of crowns in 1603, who spent most of his life in England barely venturing North(King James Bible).and  who having failed in forcing plantations on the Outer Hebrides turned to plantations in Northern Ireland building upon earlier plantations with large farms populated by Border Scots ,leading on to Scottish protestant covenantors under Cromwell and the final influx of Scots  in the war between James 7th/2nd and King William who was married Queen Mary Stuart. Then ultimately the Irish troubles of last century, Re imported and refought with the Sectarianism of the West of Scotland which still blights us today.
To finally the conclusion of the Stuart dynasty with Queen Anne who was desiring of the Union of Parliaments which finally occurred in 1707.

The battles of the Jacobite rebellions lay with the Stuart wars. The deposed King James 7th/2nd after fleeing sought his crown back from William and Mary, and the Derry Walls and crys of no surrender which some idiots still sing about today…Where Scot fought Scot in Ireland along with a mix of English and Dutch soldiers….hence the Orange sashes of William of Orange. Where Scots were foot soldiers and fodder for the fighting Royalists using religion as their goad…
The 1745 rebellion with not so Bonnie Prince Charlie was not the romantic episode of Jacobite fame sung so lustily about  a war between Scotland and England, nor did the English massacre the Scots on the field of Culloden. Scots once more were at the forefront of the fight on both sides in this internecine religious royalist war. Scot murdered Scot at the behest of their competing Kings and religions, Catholic,Protestant,Episcopalian. Clan fought against Clan, and ultimately the Highland Catholic Clans lost. With that loss came the imposition of English and Britishness and the loss of much of the Gaelic language being spoken.
The Clan system disintegrated, The Chiefs sent their sons to Eton to be educated and sought the benefits of polite English/British society. These same Chiefs were at the forefront of the Highland clearances for economic benefit through sheep. .

Protestant Scotland was already established, with the Church of Scotland established in 1563 after the Scottish Reformation of 1560 , its own bigotry evident later during the influx of Irish Immigrants, prevailed as the religion of State, until it eventually disestablished itself in 1921.

As the separate Irish influxes through famine created ghettos of sorts, the Protestant and Catholic separate influxes into the West of Scotland, where the rich and powerful made use of religious divisions once more…. What School did you go to was code for whether you got a job or not.
The Scottish Labour Party although created by both Scottish Nationalist  Cunningham Graham who became the first Socialist MP in the UK parliament and later founder and president of the Scottish National party, and Keir Hardie who became the first Labour MP of the Labour party we know today, were the natural party of the working class and stood up for Catholic Interests. Hence the Labour Parties religious hold that it held for many years…. But even with noble intent, we have seen the abuses of power lead to ordinary people used as voting fodder in order to serve Self Interest for those who have lived a comfortable life. Those self interested parties also benefited from allowing poor conditions to continue. They would continually promise betterment for the people and the communities while doing nothing to alleviate the depredation and Ill health when they were reelected. Yet they were quite happy to roll up to VIP seats at football grounds in chauffeur driven cars, and gain directorships from business interests.
And before the SNP get too comfortable, I have seen first hand some behaving in Constituency meetings in a manner not beholden to good of the majority. Whatever party holds power, or whichever folk seek to have their own little status or dominion, they are only there at our behest, and best not to forget it.

Political, Religious, Business and Royal self Interest continues to serve many Scots well.
Whether that be Labour Lords in the House of Lords, or the use of religion and sectarianism to cause division, or in business where many live a very comfortable life through their UK interests, or even for those on the Socialist Left politically who use it for their own personal aggrandizement or notoriety.

The threat to Scottish Independence is not the English, or the Tory party, or even the British state which uses division to serve its own ends…But rather by Scots themselves.
A Scotland that can be united for the good of us all can never be defeated, and Independence is ours.
We can either choose to be Independent or we can choose our own petty divisions, the choice is firmly and entirely ours, just as it always has been.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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22 Responses to Beware the Perfidious Scots

  1. bigirishman says:

    The James who did the Plantations was James 6th not 7th. The Church of Scotland was not established after the 1745 rising. not did it become Protestant. It became Protestant in 1560, and finally Presbyterian in 1689. After the 1745 rising the Original Succession Church split and it was this which lay at the root of Sectarianism (you can blame the Old Kirk for a lot of things, but actually in the context of the time bigotry was not one of them). However you are absolutely right, it has been Scots screwing Scots which has given us problems.

    • I never said that the Church became established after 45…at least I don’t think I did? The Bigotry of the CoS I refer to is much later after the Irish immigrants came to Scotland.
      There was various plantations before James 7th, but the one that he implemented has more to do with the movement of Southern Scots after the Border famines, and had a great deal to do with much of the troubles that followed.

      • bigirishman says:

        Sorry, the plantation of Ulster took place after 1609 This was under James VI, and yes the southern Border Families were resettled in Fermanagh, but that was more to do with the Pacification of the Border after the union of the Crowns than any famine. AFAIK there was no plantation under James VII who was only King for 3 years. I suspect that what you are thinking of as a plantation was the Refugeeing of perhaps18000 people from the South West Of Scotland to Ireland during the Killing times. (1660 – 1688) though if I were discussing it in depth I would cut it down to the later part of that time span. That was a mass movement and was very important for the development of Irish Presbyterianism
        The irony is that it was not during the hight of Irish Immigration but in 1923 that the Kirk came over as anti Irish by then the Irish had been in Scotland in large numbers for 3 or 4 generations. The question has to be whether the writer of the Report was really reflecting his own views or that of his society.

      • That is exactly what I am talking about.

      • bigirishman says:

        Well why then did you place it in the reign of James 7 sic who ruled 1685 – 1688 rather then James VI who ruled 1567 to 1625 (or as James 1st 1603-1625) I may not be much of a historian but I would hope that people would get the century right.

      • Woops…..just realised my own mistake….brain must be getting puggled….and goodness knows I should know about this, having written extensively about it before….. you are absolutely correct it was James 1st/6th who was responsible… There was a further influx at the end of James 7th reign and under William and also Cromwell. I stand corrected on this score and will alter.

    • After having a look back, I can see where my meaning could be misconstrued, and have made minor adjustments, thanks for pointing that out to me.

  2. Condensed wonderfully and a few corrections,re previous comment,I think all information and analyses is welcome,for me anyhow.It is a needed read for many people maybe for some who never bother to read too much.

  3. Reblogged this on charlesobrien08 and commented:
    Another comment is up on the original blog.Condensed wonderfully and a few corrections,re previous comment,I think all information and analyses is welcome,for me anyhow.It is a needed read for many people maybe for some who never bother to read too much.

  4. bigirishman says:

    Sorry but your whole thing about the Church of Scotland is rubbish. I’m copying it “Protestant Scotland was already established, with the Church of Scotland established in 1563 , its own bigotry evident later during the influx of Irish Immigrants, prevailed as the religion of State, until it eventually disestablished itself in 1921”.
    The Church of Scotland was not established in 1563, it had already been established far earlier (we could discuss when, but that was in part what the Declaration of Arbroath was about, getting the Pope on side about a Church of Scotland ) it was Reformed in 1560 I don’t know where you get 1563 from.
    The bigotry of the Church of Scotland was not evident during the influx of Irish but several generations later. Given that the offending report about the dangers of the Irish to the Scottish Nation was published in 1923 how could you possibly be saying “its own bigotry evident later during the influx of Irish Immigrants, prevailed as the religion of State, until it eventually disestablished itself in 1921”?
    In any event the Church did not eventually disestablish itself in 1921. You are confusing the Church of Scotland Act 1921 with the Articles Declaratory 1929. If you really want to discuss it we can get ourselves a nice anorak and read Douglas M Murray, “Rebuilding the Kirk Presbyterian Reunion in Scotland 1909-1929”. Edinburgh 2000
    To continue with anorak wearing in Reformed Theology the Church can’t be established by the State as the Kirk has been called by Christ – which is why Christ alone is the head of the Church. If you suffer from insomnia Marjory MacLean’s “Crown Rights of the Redeemer” Edinburgh 2009 will answer all the questions which you ever thought of asking on the topic and a lot which you didn’t.
    Yes I do occasionally get out when they let me out of my cage.

    • Help ma boab….. The reformation took place in Scotland in 1560 with John Knox and Church in Scotland and of Scotland was established in 1563. By established here, I am not speaking of established in its other sense of being the States church.
      But it is really in 1560 and the Scottish Reformation that we can trace the CoS back to…
      Of course, undeniably there was a Church in Scotland for long long before that date….but we cannot equate the Church prior to 1560 as being anything like the Church of Scotland post Reformation.
      I am not confusing The Church of Scotland Act 1921 with the Articles Declaratory of 1929 which were the Basis and Plan of Union.
      The Church of Scotland thus in 1921 was disestablished from the State..‘Articles Declaratory of the Constitution of the Church of Scotland in Matters Spiritual’ were incorporated into the Church of Scotland Act, 1921. Spiritual independence and national recognition of religion were expressed within the Articles. The Basis and Plan of union of 1929 was the culmination of the dicussions with the United Free Church and the Church of Scotland unifying them both and having applied the finishing touches to the articles and discussions between them since 1919.
      So therefore I can cheerfully state that the Church of Scotland was disestablished from the State from the Act of 1921.
      And don’t quote the late Rev Douglas Murray to me….he bored me often in enough in his lectures! Lovely chap but could bore for Scotland, and very much an establishment person.

      • bigirishman says:

        To what event in 1563 do you attribute the establishment of the Kirk? I genuinely seek knowledge I thought that the Reformation was pretty well done and dusted in 1560 and all that happened subsequently were things like fighting over property, and the subtleties of Kirk Polity.
        The reason why it is important to affirm that the Kirk of 1560 was the successor to the pre Reformation Kirk is twofold. It is to be able to disagree with the idea that the Kirk was in some way “invented” by John Knox (who according to that story was a ranting Presbyterian, despite Presbyterianism not having been invented until the year he died.
        It also keeps alive the concept of the Patrimony of the Kirk _ see Andy Wightman the Poor have no lawyers.
        Have you ever actually looked at the 1921 act – yes I know I’m a sad old man. I liked Douglas the most of the Scoto-Catholics of which I’m a part. My argument is that the Kirk was not disestablished in 1921 (or ever) because it was never established in the first place. The 1921 Act merely declares the lawfulness of the Articles – I got writing an answer in my finals on this one. It is Marjory with whom I disagree, and was pushing for Percy. The ey article was article 3 and of course the UP bastards wanted to repeal it. Personally I believe that the union of 1929 was the greatest disaster of Scottish Church History after the Solemn League and Covenant. Great to discuss things and take them into the long crass where rarely people look. I like most of what you write.

      • 1560 was the time of the Scottish reformation, but it took to 1563 to set all the doctrine for the reformed church to come into being…and for the establishment of the Kirk in the eyes of the Law .
        The Scots Confession of faith dates to 1560, and the first General Assembly of the Reformed Church of Scotland also dates back to there.
        There was also the rebellious Reformed Parliament of 1560 where the existence of the Church was recognised…However the legitimacy of that parliament is questionable and many parliamentarians did not attend due to fear of by their attendance they could be counted on as giving recognition to this new church. The reformers had in effect staged a coup on Mary of Guise… So the 1st Parliament of Queen Mary in 1563 was meant to give the Royal Seal of approval for the dominance of the Reformed Church as the religion of State… Mary allowed for several of the reformed acts to be recognised, but fell short of giving full recognition.
        So in a very real sense I am talking of different things here… The Establishment of the Church in the Churches eyes, and the formal recognition of it by the State with Acts on the statute books.
        the period between 1560 and 1563 was spent by the new Church establishing its doctrines and laws….During this intervening period ministers survived without stipends.
        Douglas certainly argued….and I heard him argue it often enough that the Kirk was disestablished in 1921.
        As to whether you consider it to have been established at all, that would be a serious bone of contention.
        However for anoraks….here is a rather long debate from Hansard on disestablishment from 1892

    • I am now going to sleep…and If I wake up screaming about Burghers and Anti Burghers and New Lichts and Auld Lichts I will blame you! 😉

      • bigirishman says:

        I suspect you did history while I did ecclesiastical history. I will read the Hansard item and get back. Interestingly Story’s 7 vol history of the Kirk writes off the disruption in a line. A long time since I worried about the disestablishment debates.

      • The disruption written off in a line? Remarkable!
        No..I studied Scottish Church history amongst my studies, with Douglas Murray as our lecturer. I also studied Early Church history too.
        I must say that I found Scottish Church History utterly boring, and I am no means an expert on it. Given that was all over 20years ago…My memory is not quite as fresh as what It used to be. Even so….for anyone to dismiss the disruption in one line, I find utterly incredible.
        My historical Interest lies much more in the area of Celtic Christianity.

      • bigirishman says:

        I exaggerate slightly, but basically after describing the walkout from St Andrew & StGeorge simply goes on that the Kirk continued on its way. I don’t think that we can really understand the dislike between the various branches. An interesting example is the writer of a biography of Prof Rainey, also wrote a biography of John White. A nice example of compare and contrast.

  5. N. Holmes says:

    I enjoyed reading this…can anyone recommend a good book on the history of Scotland from early times to 20th century, written from a non-establishment, non-Unionist perspective?

    • I am not an expert on which books to choose on this subject… Tom Devine would be a possible suggestion I think.
      Alternatively although primarily known for his fictional writing…Nigel Tranter ….He did a great deal of research and not of the Establishment type.

  6. Pauline Gage says:

    Thank you x

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