Fear Factor 10

Well there we have it, the SNP conference is at an end for another year.
Unless you were actually there,which I wasn’t, (not being a member) , then you would have been very lucky to actually know much of what was being debated. Unlike the Labour and Tory conferences which got extensive coverage by the BBC on a daily basis, the SNP were restricted to the news bulletins and a tiny 2 hour slot on the last day.
Therefore the main talking points by the media focussed on Nicola Sturgeons opening and closing speeches, and a couple of speeches in between.
It is easy therefore for the public at large to think that all the SNP talked about was Brexit and the next Independence referendum.
So much for being the 3rd largest party at Westminster. Even so, the content of Nicola Sturgeons speeches were quite enough by themselves to create a mini uproar among the British state media and the Union supporters.

The mere thought of Scotland having another Independence referendum is enough to get them coming out in cold sweats and minor panic attacks.
Although Nicola Sturgeon didn’t come out and definitely say that there would be another Independence referendum, the implication of one, born out by the statement that a referendum bill was being immediately progressed with in the Scottish parliament was quite enough to set the alarm bells ringing. It was the very last thing that they wanted to hear.

From the perspective of those that do want another Independence referendum, this was good news.
However certain things have to be noted. No guarantee of another referendum has been made, merely that one is being prepared for.
At present Nicola is giving Westminster a warning shot across the Britannia bows,either properly engage and include us, listen to the voice of the Scottish people to remain in the EU and act accordingly to enable us, or suffer the consequences!
Given that all the language and signals coming from the Tory government suggests that such demands will be ignored, and given that they seem hell bent on taking us out of the single market, an Independence referendum is almost a stick on certainty.
The only real question is When?
This seems to be a question which is exercising a lot of Independence supporters.
Within the SNP there is differing opinions, as Nicola Sturgeon alluded to. Some are pressing for one as soon as possible, some are pressing her to hold off. As she said, she hears the arguments and understands them, but she will be the one who decides when.
In the wider YES community opinions are even more diverse. Some want it now, some are more content to wait and see what develops, and a minority of vocal voices are shouting for UDI.

One thing I have noticed in recent times is the upsurge in Unionist supporting presence on social media, and since the brexit vote and now after the SNP conference with Nicola Sturgeons announcement, it is going into meltdown. Some groups have been preparing for this for quite some time, the Broken Record billboard from Scotland In Union was very noticeable at the SNP conference, and they have some serious financial backing behind them. Interestingly enough they established themselves with Company House back as far as November 2014.
If Better Together named themselves project fear, you can bet that lessons have been learned on their side too from the last referendum, and the New Project Fear will be a lot more organised on the internet than the last time. I note that Scotland In Union are using Nation Builder softwear similar to the SNP now.
Given also that the Fear and Negativity factor has proved to be successful for them and the biased media in winning 2 referendums now, it is entirely evident that this will be their modus operandi this time too, only ramped up to Fear Factor 10 because they will be fighting for their lives!
To date they have been using the same old arguments that they used last time but with minor alterations and I anticipate that they will continue in such a vein.
First off they will challenge the legitimacy of the Scottish government to even call a referendum.
They will suggest that doing trade with the EU prevents trade with the rUK.
They will continually disrespectfully name call.
They will bring up borders and access.
They will call the Scottish economy a basket case
They will get on the currency bandwagon
They will point to oils poor recent performance
And of course they will jump on anything that the Independence side may do which they can attack.
Expect it all in spades!

Whilst the polls may suggest that the Independence side is now starting off at around 48% ,you may notice some very odd figures punted by the media. Currently the media is saying that support for Independence has slipped to 39% with 47% against. Instead of quoting with the Dont Knows taken out, they are leaving them in, giving this lower figure they are punting. I don’t trust polls and treat them with a pile of salt,they are a tool nothing more. With different polling figures from using different methods from different organisations, often it is a case of comparing apples with oranges.
While the Bookies on the other hand  currently have independence at odds on favourite, the last thing we can expect is a rerun of the last campaign. This time will be shorter but much more brutal!

We cannot allow for uncertainty among us nor division. This time we have to take the fight to them If we want to win this.
Independence wont just fall into our laps, we will have to give it all we have to make it happen!

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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5 Responses to Fear Factor 10

  1. Giving the SNP mainly a platform of Nicola and Nicola, allows the media to paint a picture of the SNP being ‘all about Sturgeon’, in the same way they painted the SNP as ‘all about Salmond’ in 2014.

    It’s subtle, but for those that don’t know or like her, they will just see that, and that’s the problem. We don’t have a national broadcaster. We have a national media filter with regional branch offices taking their orders from London HQ (who in turn always obey the establishment line), and whether we like it or not, Scotland is out in the sticks to the people that make the news in the UK capital. That’s how they view Scotland, and that’s how they promote the news.

    Geographically, it’s difficult to be critical. Do Scots know or want to what’s happening in the politics of the South West of England? It’s just a region of the UK. That’s how Scotland is viewed by non-Scots residents.

    You can’t educate it out of them. They don’t want to change how they view their own country. If the news was made in Inverness, I imagine the people of London would get less coverage. It’s up to Scots to make Scottish own news *their* news, and not some national after-thought half hour.

    On another point (trade):

    – “They will suggest that doing trade with the EU prevents trade with the rUK.”

    It will come down to who is the most competitive. Scotland can compete with rUK for Europe’s business. It can compete with the EU for the rUK’s business. It’s up to both to compete for Scotland’s business. It’s that simple.

    No Whitehall bureaucracy, and an ambition to beat the neighbours to the siller will make Scotland far more competitive than it is currently. At present it competes with other UK regions for government patronage, based on voting trends. They only real danger will be rail haulage to Europe and all the potential problems that an rUK out of the EU could create. Tunnel to Denmark anyone? 🙂

    Scotland can’t stop rUK being troublesome, but it can encourage it not to be. The rUK will need all the trade it can get too.

  2. Born Optimist says:

    I spent two days at the conference and must have walked past the Broken Record billboard more than half a dozen times – and after looking at the link to STV realised I never noticed it once. I wonder how many others actually got close enough to read it?
    It was seemingly as effective as Scotland in Union in 2014 and the miniscule cairn on the border. This time they have lots more cash. Will that give them more clout? I doubt it, if this was an example of what they will produce.
    Sure, it got national exposure thanks to the media (what anti independence action doesn’t?) but in terms of influence I expect it got through to no more than the 30% of the population incapable of perceiving Scotland as a successful independent country.

  3. Reblogged this on charlesobrien08 and commented:
    No need for me to add anything Rod has said it all (almost)

  4. Christine Small says:

    Watched almost all the conference on BBC Parliament, full coverage Friday and Saturday as well as Thursday morning, obviously not widely advertised.

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