I am a Scots Nationalist

I am Scottish and proud to be Scottish. I believe in Scotland and in my fellow Scots wherever they may happen to be in the world. I am also a Scottish Nationalist, or should I say a Scottish Internationalist? The Nationalism that represents me is that of the inclusive and welcoming Scots tradition which stretches back into the annals of our history.
My friends who are fellow Scots come in all shapes and sizes, genders , colours, and religions,many have brought with them the cultures and traditions of their homelands to enrich the modern day Scotland that we know today.
Those that I count as dear friends include and have always included fellow Scots who have come from India, Pakistan, China, Hungary,Germany, Poland, Australia,Canada, Ireland and England and from more places besides.
I would not be the person that I am today without the influence of these fellow Scots throughout my life, and I am the better for having had them there.

The wealth and the richness of Scotland is not only in our Countries bountiful natural resources but in our people and all who have come to help our country greater and to call Scotland home.
It is with a feeling of sadness that I look Southwards to our neighbours today and see and hear from the British government words of exclusion and xenophobia. It is with outrage that I see these repulsive expressions promoted in the writings of the British media and press, and it is with anger that I view the results on the streets.
Where ordinary people have been openly attacked because they appear different.
Where ordinary people have been beaten up, where ordinary people have been verbally harassed and abused.
Where people due to their colour are viewed with suspicion, where people because of their sexuality are abused, where people with physical deformity or mental health problems are treated as less than human. Where people who are struggling to survive due to lack of work are automatically classified as spongers, where the homeless have their makeshift tents taken from them and destroyed by some local councils in the South.
I want no part of a State which legislates and passes Laws which set out to victimise the poor, to worsen the lives and cause greater distress to the disabled ,chronically Ill,and the infirm and elderly. I want no part the same State which at the same time encourages and does nothing about Corporations and the Richest raiding ordinary working peoples pension pots, whilst enriching themselves by  avoiding their fair share of taxes and allows for the slave labour of zero hour contracts.
I want no part in a State which has allowed up to 25% of the populations children to lack in food, basic warmth and clothing.
This is Not my land, this is not a State I wish to live in, All of this is Not in my Name!

Thus it is that I stand as a Scot and as a Scottish Nationalist, not as a member of any political party, not of the SNP or anyone else, but as a Scot who believes in Independence for Scotland. A Scot who believes with all my heart that we can be a better Nation.
I am not a flag waving Scot, you wont find me singing patriotic songs of years gone by, you wont find me singing Flower of Scotland anymore. I am not against the English people but I am against the British government.
I am also against Scots Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democrat politicians who would rather feather their own nests than actively stand against the abuses which they have allowed their parties to allow in Westminster, with barely ever a whisper to denounce the worst of these abuses.
I am against those Scots who glorify in every perceived Scottish failure and crow when they see fellow Scots taken in by their rhetoric to deny Scotland an Independent voice.
I am against those who would promote party political tribalism of any description that puts party before Country.
I am against those who would encourage Sectarianism and Bigotry and more closely ally themselves to the backwards politics of our Irish neighbours history. The politics of the bye gone days of yore do not belong in a modern day Scotland any more than the politics of the Jacobites. These days are past now, and in the past they must remain.

The arguments of our politicians are too often narrow and divisive, placing party and ideology first before Scotland and its people.
Whether they be Nationalist, Socialist, Conservative or Liberal, too often party comes first, and too often with many of them they bow to the orders of the politics of our neighbours and behave more like Scottish Serfs to the British Imperial cause.

Labour is supposed to be rooted in the concept of an International Labour movement, yet they behave like anything but. When you have great Socialists such as Corbyn is now promoted as being in some of their circles, we find that he is in support of Exit from the EU to separate us from our neighbours, yet in support of Irish unification and Palestinian State, but against an Independent Scotland.
When the language of Labour turned from Hardie to being enthusiastic Unionists I do not know. Trying to out Union the Conservative and Unionist party and take on their clothes during the Blair years and getting rid of the voice of the working people for robes of the House of Lords has never been a good thing.

The actions of the Conservative and Unionist party has been evident for all of us to see, and it is not a pretty thing to observe. Yet Scottish Conservatives did once stand more for the Scottish people than they do today, and the encouragement of business and Industry was to be commended. Where once a Conservative Secretary of State for Scotland had clout and would stand up against the worst excesses which a Tory Prime Minister would endeavour to impose on Scotland, we now have a Tory Secretary of state who is regarded by the Conservative government as being nothing more than a glorified Tea Boy to be called upon at their whistle.  With the Scottish Tory leader as nothing better than a sycophantic comedy warm up act for Big T.

The Liberals have so much damaged themselves with their hopping into bed with the Torys and the Lying of their former Scottish Secretary that they have almost become an irrelevance.

The Greens, Rise and SSP all have their ideological causes which often see them promoting these above all else.

The SNP can not be excluded either, far too often while rising in popularity to achieve government are not willing enough to include those who would share common ground with them and insist that everything should be their way or no way. An example of this was the extortionate pricing they placed for having fringe events and stands at their recent conference whilst insisting that an alternative fringe event across the river should not have any SNP politician attend. Their idea of a National Conversation recently was to send out a tick box questionnaire with no option available for Scots to make comment on.

So for me Scots Nationalism is not for political party or Ideology, all of that should be secondary to speaking out for Scotland and its people.
The very idea that Scots should be culled into voting against Scottish Independence because of their political party and petty political tribal wars is ridiculous.
Why on earth should Scottish Conservatives continue to support a Union which is increasingly against their business interests and reducing their market place I do not know.
Why on earth does Labour who is supposed to support workers, the unemployed and trade unions continue to support a Union which trashes workers rights, endeavours to remove human rights, and excludes their International brotherhood instead of supporting their own people to create a better Scotland. Voting against the “awful” SNP just out of malice is not doing either them or the people they are supposed to represent any favours. Instead of increasingly carp from the sidelines, they should be positively engaging where they can.
Instead of jumping into bed with the Tories for a Union that no longer works and is detrimental to the people of Scotland, and instead of their turf war with the SNP where often they should be agreeing, they should be going all out to create a Better Scotland, not hoping like Darling did to ditch his Socialist principles for an ermine coat.

As for the Liberals …. for a party that supposedly stands for referendums, for peoples choice, what are you playing at? You wont even give your party in Scotland a vote on the issue of whether or not to support Independence, you just tow the Unionist line. hardly very Liberal or Democratic of you.

Well you wont find me on any political platform, nor pontificating on your tv screens, nor adhering to any political dogma like a passive sheepie, nor will I jump to any dog whistle. I am Scottish, I am an Independent Scot, and I hold to my own views.

All of that I am against, but what do I stand for?
We have the opportunity now to live in the days of a Better Nation.
We have the ability, the resources and the people to make Scotland be a Country that we can all be proud of, wherever our personal roots may lie, whatever culture we spring from.
All it takes is to have the courage of our convictions to make it so.
We are Not too poor, too weak nor too stupid as some would have us believe. We are collectively far greater than that.
All it takes is to have confidence and belief in ourselves. Together we can be collectively much greater than our individual parts.
We led the world once, we enlightened the world in the Scots enlightenment, we have travelled the world and made the places we visited much the better for our participation. We can do so again! Collectively we can make it happen, but only if we believe in ourselves first.

There is room in an Independent Scotland for all of us, whether we be black, white, coloured, green or blue. Whether we be able or differently abled, whether we be gay, straight or transgendered, whether we be nationalist, socialist, conservative or liberal,whether we be religious or of no religion at all. Wherever our roots sprung from, no matter who we are, we can all make an Independent Scotland to be proud of, and we can stand on our own two feet and look the world in the eye….and we can all declare the we are Scottish and we are proud to be so.

We can all help to make Scotland an example once more for the World to learn from.
Not to stand alone but to take our rightful place on the Google Map.
We once could do so, we once did do so, we can do so again, and make Scotland a great place to live and to belong to.

I am a Scot, I come from Scotland, and I am Scottish….. We can All be proud to say that!

The future lies before us, the present we can make better, and the past is what has shaped us. Let us go forward with confidence, Let us believe in ourselves, and let us make Scotland a better place for all.

The Haggis Return

The Haggis returned with their bagpipes
Playing Scotland the Brave as they came
They had travelled the world with their party
And Auld lang Syne was their native refrain

With them came back all the old exiles too
With their children from all the world o’er
They all had flung wide from the Spey and the Clyde
But to Scotia they came back once more

The Carnegies and Bells, The Livingstones too
Taking Alba wherever they went
Engineering, Exploring, teaching the Earth what to do
The World had flourished by their every intent

In America they wrote of free Liberty
declaring Independence by the words of Arbroath
A Glenn orbited the Earth,Armstrong stepped on the Moon
Scots blood running with freedom in both

from China to Russia and African planes
The Indies, South America to the Caribbean Main
Australasia to the Arctic, they all left their mark
But Independent Caledonia forever calls them back

We don’t need the Oil, and we need not the Wind
We don’t need our Whisky to make it again
Take all we have, let all our Assets be sold
For our Spirit of Invention Is where lies our Gold

We can survive in the jungle, we can go where none’s gone
Our Adventurous Roaming is what makes us live on
You can chain us and bind us but our Spirit is Free
Our Music, Our Culture and our Scots dynasty

So take All your Tridents from our Holy Loch
Take your avaricious Warmongering,and the lives it has lost
We will take back our children,our old infirm in our care
A Mans a Man for A’ that,with the Earth ours to share

When we are freed from the shackles of all our self Doubt
When we grab our own Freedom the Best comes about
When we Trust in ourselves and all we can do
The World turns to Scotland,and Scotland means You!

Rod Macfarlane


About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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  2. Brilliant Rob you are back to you’re best.
    Very motivational on just right for the start of a campaign could you please post that to my time line I’m in FB sin bin and can’t share. 🙂

  3. Hazel Smith says:

    Really enjoyed your post Rob. Thank you.

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